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Paranormal-Comedy Videos with Spencer and George 'The ParaBros'


The 7th Barn
The 7th BarnPřed měsícem
Creepy Sonic
Creepy SonicPřed 3 měsíci
The VSCO Witch
The VSCO WitchPřed 3 měsíci
How To Find Pennywise
How To Find PennywisePřed 4 měsíci
Jojo Siwa SPOOKED Us!
Jojo Siwa SPOOKED Us!Před 5 měsíci
Let's Try Barf Soda
Let's Try Barf SodaPřed 7 měsíci
He Did A Bad Thing
He Did A Bad ThingPřed 9 měsíci


  • It is real? Pls answer

  • I got a jump scare 😅

  • Gave me a heart attack lmao

  • LOOK from 7:55 to 7:58

  • Are the bros even scared

  • Anything of concern in Target this evening 🤔?

    • ParaBros The shirts! Advertising works!

    • 😳😮 how did you know?

  • 10:00 😑

  • At 0:12 second I swear I almost Pee in my pants...⛪JESUS CHRIST!!!⛪

  • Daaaaaaaaaa

  • There was a little girl next to the water fall with a doll and the girl had black eyes...

  • The morgue was also filmed for the hospital scene in season 3 episode 10 that why there was numbers on the wall

  • 틱톡보고 온 사람 조용히 손 들어

  • Hi

  • Wait why was it called the 7th barn?

  • OMG

  • Kings 🌈🔒

  • R they brothers? Their tooth looks so much similar

  • oh so the hospital scenes were made here

  • If that is abonded why r the lights open

  • Haahhaahah

  • 0:13 HELLO ITS ME ZOMBIE -jumps into a graveyard- parabros: OMG

  • Wtf, i was shock my phone glass broke some😢😢

  • I come into the bath its too scary when i pee

  • Thats my school

  • How to tell if a creepy video is fake. Did Chills post it? If yes - it's fake

  • From TikTok

  • Lol

  • You should sell the dirt on ebay lol

  • I came here cause of chills if u as re to hit that button

  • Hi

  • haha fake it's a hoax

  • This was so funny

  • Fake Fake Fake......whoever believes in this crap must be famous

  • how you fake that? must took hours just get hte make up on the hand alone and moving the stones

  • Made me jump well done


  • I saw it from tiktok

  • I see behind the glass

  • I came because of chills

  • Xd craycrzh

  • But the 3rd one tho I can’t stop LAUGHING

  • So I got the funchills to lmao so funny and scary

  • 0:13 SURPRISE !!

  • Chills sent me here and because of that, you guys now have a new subscriber!

    • ParaBros nice! I brought some chips!

    • That’s awesome! Make yourself at home, there are drinks in the fridge!

  • Someone showed this to me on the bus and the bus driver almost crashed bc of my loud scream.

    • Pets and Friendz #loveanimals 😳 yikes!😂

  • 😱 Y'all are featured on Chills channel...lucky #13. 💀

    • That’s awesome! Perfect number too 😂

  • is this fake

  • Ok, Nice trick, but it won't work on me. shallow grave, good makeup and fake story and even I could pull a stunt like this.

  • How you did it? To me it looks like you’ve got your friend to climb in someone’s grave for a few views..

  • 😂

  • When the hand came out I jumped then I watched it 5 more times and I knew it was coming but still jumped.. what about just a turtle one?

  • I dare you to go in the scary places

  • I bet it smelled

    • Ruby Price it did 😂

  • I still wanna know why the fans were on underground

    • So do we! We were planning on going back last weekend but they were there filming season 4!!

  • I you .true🤔🥴

    • Not sure what this means, but we like it

  • I just turned on notification just to be updated

    • Awesome!! The reveal video should be up in a few days since we're getting close to 20k subscribers!

  • The hand Jump scared me and im shaking haha😂

  • Omg this hilarious 😆

  • I Ben alrededor in that place

    • this comment sounds German, love it

  • Thats creepy

  • You don't get subscribers for stupid stunts. Smh I just unliked you'r video. You guys are annoying. Sorry. ✌🏼👎🏼😕

    • Well we appreciate your honesty 😂 and we love you

  • fake

  • What is that figure at 4:50? (In the background.)

    • Welp, now we’re even more scared of that place!😂

  • Wtf I live like 15 min drive from there and been countless times.. that place isn't haunted?! Tf?🤣 Ppl used to get baptized by the church there. I mean yeah all GA is haunted cuz racist Confederate soldiers but this place ain't no paranormal shit 😂

    • Have you been at night?😳 also we live about 15 mins from it too 🙌

  • 𓅂S M O O T H ツ

  • Du schuldest mir ein Handy

  • That scared me 😱😱😱😱

    • Sorry about that!😂

  • I saw that on Tiktok

  • I jump

  • Ok I know that dog was your. I know your acting.

  • Hey I love your TIk rock

  • Who else shit their pants when he opened the door at :20?

    • Don’t worry, we did too

  • Could you guys sub to me and follow me on tik tok. My name is JohnJohnnyboy55 on tiktok and CS-tv

  • Just watched the tiktok

  • I love you 👑

  • Fake


  • Where was that school it looks nice if it was decorated and not abandoned

  • Omg wtf


    • As soon as we hit 20k subs, which should be soon, we’ll post a reveal video 🙌

  • Is this real or a joke bc dis never happens if you die and you life in de ground

  • Fake

  • I'm from tik tok;)

  • Wow 0 thumbs down I guess you are cool well really cool

  • Que miedo 😱!!

  • In the hole I also saw a man look down ahhhhhhhhhh creapy right

  • I saw a honest for real please believe me

  • Lol why is this so funny

  • Just came here from the tiktok

  • I pooped my pants;-;

    • @ParaBros i cant wait till part 2

    • It happens to the best of us

  • Part 2?

  • Im from tik tok

  • I live your video

  • That scared me so bad I got junpscared 😅

  • Who is from tik tok too?

  • Én azt láttam Tik Tok on de szerintem nem lesz folytatás csak feliratkozokat keresnek (Bocsánat a helyes írási hibákért )

  • Fake dude

  • Is anyone in 2020! ?

  • Hi

  • WTF🤮🤮😱😱😱