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  • If Porsche saves us from mad Greens & Leftists, I’m gonna be get a Porsche and be loyal to this brand.

  • Check engine already

  • Sorry but e-fuels don't make any sense. I can see a market for absolute enthusiasts in the future that are willed to pay the the super high prices for e-fuel to keep their beloved combustion engine but for the mass it just doesn't make any sense in the long term.

  • Tesla won High-Extreme Diff.

  • At the end, the Tesla is being charged at 191kw but Matt says it will take one hour to charge. The battery only has a capacity of 77kwh, so does anyone know why it would then take so long to fully charge?

  • This was a thing in the 1950's at fast food places the would hook a tray to the car window kinda acting like this

  • finally i can use my laptop

  • Car and driver and a few others tested the SQ7 at 12 seconds flat. I think the issue here is tires? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I'm sure I watched a video of an African man in Africa with limited tools and equipment show this technology on his clapped out car. 😮 this was more then 10 years ago.

  • I’ve been saying ever since it was invented by an f1 engineer efuel is the future we keep are combustion engines the big oil empires still make money it’s a win win

  • @carwow @thestraightpipes Guys ! Awesome reviews. I check daily what’s new on your channels. And I need your advice. Struggling for 6months to choose a car. What’s your advice ? If I had to spend around 120,000 pounds or 150,000US$ What car should I buy ? V8 is a must 😅 and air suspension too.

  • Like the video, hate all the EV's lol. Electric cars are junk... such poor ranges on those.

  • another big problem with e fuels is that they unfortunately dont fix the efficiency of ICE engines as well. Theres still a lot of excess energy being wasted too. This is a massive benefit of EVs as opposed to typical ICE engine or Hydrogen fuel call cars

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  • I am not too lazy to merely slide my seat back and use my lap. I actually prefer that. Or just have the tray sitting directly on my lap.

  • 200k for a Skyline? LMAOOOO

  • Why didn't you down shift while braking? It's not hard and you stop faster. Heel n toe Matt. Yianni's the toe

  • It's not that nobody ever thought of it before, it's just that it's stupid.

  • I love PETROL ! Long live the internal combustion engine ✝️🇬🇧

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  • your channel has 8 mil subs and you don't even have a drone footage?

  • Catching CO2 in tge is atmosphere is something i just imagined but didn't know that someone is already doing it

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  • Yeah I see idiots driving on they phones w them on steering wheel blind to the road ahead imagine this shit

  • Are we serious about fighting climate change? Because if we are, we should use that technology to fuel commercial airliners and cargo vessels.

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  • Only 1000hp? Tesla is offering this for some time with a crappy car around it. Should a super car manufacturer offer at least one engine per wheel with combined more than 1000hp sustainable for a long time and peak sustainability of even more? Well I guess it comes down to the price tag, that’s something you can’t expect for 150k USD…

  • 7:44 is it just me or does that speedometer look really slow going up? My mini cooper jcw stage 2 climbs faster than that especially starting from a 50, even at 100+. Why is that?

  • Love form India for tuk tuk😂

  • Eu? Italy and germany did that... We build the best cars in the world... 😂😂

  • McLaren

  • The last time one person put all his hopes in Porsche was Hitter and good for the rest of us he screwed up all for him 😉 Porsche is trying but it is simple matters EV it’s the best way to safe the future of this planet! ICE car not just emit gases it generated a lot of BTU of heat that warm the air with inefficient way of extraction of energy front the fuel less than 40% the rest is wasted as heat to the ambient air !!

  • FORD: "The pinnacle of laziness"

  • The Golf is still better.

  • In other words, if you own an EV, you have bought a lemon.

  • F**King Porsche !!😤

  • Hi, I think you forgot to mention a couple of huge downsides with E-Fuels: - Energy demand is 5 times higher than powering an EV (funnily enough you mentioned that beeing a problem with EVs) -> Will always be more expensive - There are things that need E-Fuels more than cars (planes, large ships, industrial etc.). Meaning: Every E-Fuel driven car takes away from other use cases until scale up is complete. - Did we not learn what happens when you are overly reliant on energy from foreign countries? Why not take the route where you depend less on that. - E-Fuels do nothing to make air quality better and have no way of reducing brake wear through regenerative braking Overall Im no fan of a ban, however this wont matter much in 2035. The law of the market and economy will dictate what technology wins.

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  • Why to waste precious space for wind turbines, hidro, solar for something that will be inefficiently burned at the end, will still need logistics and emit harmful particles NOx. I don’t see it cheaper than fossil fuels and will be for niche cars. By the time this will scale, battery tech will advance and will be just good enough.

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  • it's fucking ridiculously high quality lie 🤥🤥🤥, c mon tf is this story 😂😂😂😂

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  • Porsche is the only traditional car maker setting a great example. Making serious EVs AND attempting to make e-fuels scalable. That said if e-fuels can actually scale that would be amazing. At this point though EVs are scalable it just takes more time.

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  • I love the car, but i feel like it still resembles the aventador, i thought they'll go with a complete different design language, the same way aventador first deputed

  • I commented on a Porsche video you did a while back and I. Mention Porch new type of e fuel but no one said anything.....🙃🙃🙃🙃

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  • F*ck,n how much??? £17k?? Jesus I thought he was going to say about 6k and even then I thought you might be able to negotiate that down to a packet of P'nuts and a ride on my dirt bike.

  • Bruh… I don’t eat int car ever, so I’ll pass.

  • I'm interested if there will ever be a way to make smaller carbon filters that can simply be added onto a car, suck the carbon out of the exhaust system, suck more carbon out of the atmosphere, add water and make your own fuel on the go. The technology is there, we can now make carbon out of pollution, and like all tech, once that technology has been refined and minimised, it could very well mean newer ICE engines are ran on 'water'.

  • I did this to an 08 Astra 1.6, It did nearly fifteen minutes being driven around the yard, although it eventually went off with a loud bang.

  • Haha people not being from Germany don’t actually know what is happening! The whole synthetic Fuel debate is big in Germany. And the main points why most politicians still are against it are, that making synthetic Fuel is extremely energetic and the energy can be used in better ways, the efficiency of the fuel it self is not that good as well, which makes it very energetic to make for only getting out like 20-30% of efficiency. So from what the debate is like at the moment I think this whole thing won’t work in a big way

  • Never going to happen, e-fuels are prohibitively expensive and in extremely short supply...good in theory but not for the masses

  • Bring on the new ice engine ban I reckon. The car lobby has the money to influence regulation (face it, corps run the world not govt). Many won’t make the shift…either through cost or not fit for purpose…older will gain in value and without uptake of the latest iPhone on wheels large automotive companies will either go broke or change tact. Our NZ govt brought in a ‘dirty’ car tax for Utes…blanket rule. My ute that’s euro 5 complaint and gets 7.9l average…has a $5000 tax put on it but a sedan that averages 12l per 100km dosent. This makes no sense at all, but instead of ruining the value of my ute it actually increased it as every ute went up in value. Thanks Labour Party…I’ve got 3 utes (farmer) and you’ve actually done increased their worth thru your idiot manipulation

  • If Porsche pulls this off..they will officially be my fav car brand😢

  • I hope this actually comes to fruition. As an EV owner, it is blatantly clear that EVs aren't for everyone and an alternative needs to exist to be able to sustain mobility. I am not too convinced about liquid hydrogen cars as of yet and it would pose a similar conundrum to EVs with the infrastructure to support them. But e-fuels really do hold a lot of value as the transition to them is not as far fetched and maintains a lot of the current infrastructure intact for petrol vehicles. Good luck to all pushing this forward.

    • Apart from the actual gas stations non of the infrastructure beforehand can be used. You need: New power plants (solar, wind, storage), Water supply or desalination plants, water purifiers, electrolysers, storage for hydrogen, Carbon capture plants, E-fuel plants The larger projects right now (Chile) als need transport infrastructure.

  • This is not news. Sabatier produced methane in 1897 and it was well understood that heavier hydrocarbons could be made from that. The US navy has made jet fuels from sea water and nuclear energy generated electricity for decades. Of course it can be done. But it will be orders of magnitude more expensive than using electric energy through a battery. The same KWh used to produce petrol, can deliver many times more miles stored and used from a battery. This will be a niche market for petrol heads at most. If they still exist in 2035. Because who wants to drive a noisy smelly ICE car when you can drive a faster, cheaper, cooler electric vehicle for a fraction of the price?

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  • 😂 nice try, the idea sounds great, but the technology to take carbon out of the atmosphere, is way off and expensive, green hydrogen through electrolysis is massively energy intensive and also hugely expensive, and methane is also wait for it a green house gas, maybe just maybe in the racing world or highly expensive cars, but every day use, no I am sorry to say ICE is still dead, and not just the Co2 emissions the oxides the cars produce that we breathe in everyday aren’t any good either

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