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  • Everyone’s mad at Kesler and he’s quite obviously joking

  • " Buddy I don't know how to build a car but I know to stop at a red light" is the best analogy I've heard for this incident!

  • Gagged!!!!!!!!

  • “Yeah every day exciting” 😂

  • Wait producer drew is real? I thought he was a myth because everyone says he lives with the dragons

  • Gonna be like last time. The Canadiens will come out strong...and then fade pretty quickly...and Vegas will hand the Habs their asses once again. The Habs are just not in the same league as Vegas. They won the worst division in hockey....and now they face real

  • I want the Blues to trade for Saad, but he wouldn't have anyone to score all his goals against.

  • Not interested at all. Is this in return for canning him from tonight's broadcast?? lol

  • Isles fan. Bad call. They made up for it by allowing tampa to score with seven players on the ice ❄

  • Mr Bean

  • Who paid ref?

  • 😂

  • Moronic person with money.

  • Debrincat is a certified beauty eh

  • I like hockey but I'm not really interested in touring rich people's houses whether they play hockey or not

  • flower's glove be like LEEEEEERRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOY XDD good one

  • This is actually amazing

  • I have no idea who that chick is but she's obnoxious af!!

  • Boo Hoo!

  • Yo do you know that fleury is a Canadian 😂

  • The NHL is a total joke now, they don't deserve our money. I am 100% out of supporting this garbage.

  • Bruh, I think he has the sickest house of any NHLer I’ve seen.

  • Salary caps are lame that's why I watch baseball and golf

  • As a Bruins fan I hate to say it but let’s go Lightning

    • @Big Shorts haha yeah I know our fan base is bad but there’s is worse

    • New york is giving you guys a run for worst fanbase

  • Holy cow that’s my dream house🔥

  • *6 one was getting off the ice

  • Young boy did it better! 🥱🥱

  • Лучше и круче Павла Дацюка не было и пока нет. А Блюре это вообще пародия на хоккеиста! Короче говоря "хуйня"👎🤮

  • Best ever!!

  • Easy to score when you have 7 players on the ice and 18,000,000 over the cap

  • Barry Trotz had every right to be upset. Too many players on ice. But the Referee missed the Call

  • Debrincat is one of the most underrated players in the NHL.

  • Kesler that is an awesome, amazing freaking house you have there, I want one to, just like yours, you have a very beautiful life, career, family, friends, home with all the amenities and much much more for you and yours to enjoy

    • He will not bring that in hell

  • Bettmans dream with the bookies Vegas and Florida

  • The problem is that it's just inconclusive. The angle is impossible to tell.

  • He’s got to realize the fix is in highest ratings would be Florida and Vegas bettmans dream

  • Points penalty shouldn’t have counted either, so that evens it out

  • Now watch the video of how hes severely depressed and an addict from his CTE

  • Exactly

  • brinks! dude kes house is awesome, im thoroughly enjoying it

  • Another idiotic call from the refs... It's getting worse each and every game. No logic, no control from the league. Why do they put so much money in video review and stuff if they can't use it properly.

  • Incoming salty Flames fans

  • Really ? Only 1 Canuck jersey 👀

  • What??? No hot dog cart???

  • Him being plastered and abusing his friends and family were a highlight.

  • I mean that's all great and nice, but he still lives in Michigan...

    • @Matthew Jay Evans Mostly Detroit. But still better than Cleveland, OH.

    • What's wrong with Michigan?

  • He’s gotta look at that team usa Olympic jersey back from 2010 HA suck it kesler! Second place loser!

  • 3 blind mice.Bettman we have a problem

  • worst officiated game of the year.

  • OK so when I hit the lotto I still won't have enough. Totally outrageous and Totally jealous.

  • This game was a comedy of errors on both sides

  • Теперь пасы Путину раздает

  • Lol get recked! welcome to the pain of getting screwed by the refs! But hey the refs missed it 🤷‍♂️. Who can count so fast?

  • Tampa is allowed to play with 7 skaters because their salary cap is 9 million over.

  • Maybe show the BS goalie interference penalty that benefited the islanders! That was probably the worst penalty call I’ve seen this year. Just absolutely beer league trash refs. And yes that was a penalty for too many man no question

  • I know you're a gamer and all this, huh?!! This guy is a reporter

  • Good I'm glad, F#$% the Islanders

  • Of course the Blackhawk beats the Canuck!

  • Please make a video about dirty plays of the week- ie TB icing 6 players for an extended period of time leading to a goal- just saying would love to hear your thoughts !

  • mOneY DoESnT bUy HaPpiNeSs

    • @Chris H I agree! If your gonna be truly sad might as well do it in style

    • True, but I'd rather cry in a Ferrari than on a bicycle

  • Miss Him in Anaheim

  • Vancouver took them to 7 last year. Can never count MTL out.

  • Sure didn't seem made when they got a power play when they crossed checked point from behind into the goalie

  • Get a new ref

  • A HocketBall half court?

  • It wasn't an elbow, it was a shoulder. Shoulder to the chin.

  • Jeez that place is bice

    • Soooo bice!

  • a goal scorer but not a play maker

  • This dude is from my home town, and I played under kesslers dad. He’d come out and practice with us when he played at OSU. Good dude

  • If the defense scored 3 last time, wait till the offense takes off. This team is complete

  • Oh

  • realize that the players the rangers kept in the aborted lindros trade, were later traded for pieces that helped them win the 94' cup. the only losers here were the flyers!!!

  • Man I'm sick of seeing this guy in this channel fuuuk

  • Toronto & Winnipeg are no VEGAS, period!

    • Montreal is going to lose badly.

  • way more entertaining than his live streams

  • Alex seems so modest and shy

    • Anyone would beside Kes' astronomical ego

    • It's because he's 5'7

  • Never liked him until he became a hab and now I realize he’s a good person and an essential part of this team. Go Habs

  • How many times does it take now for the refs to actually make a decent call for the lightning

    • @Tony Stank 😘

    • Yea it is bullshit. Stupid blind ass refs need to get fired.