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  • I heard a thing on the radio yesterday. The guy said you could ask pretty much anyone in Canada and especially Ontario and a great many of them have had some type of encounter with Walter Gretzky . Thought that was pretty cool.

  • Great family and terrible loss.. peace be with your family

  • I hope Wayne and his family are doing okay, my condolences to them

  • What a thug

  • So sorry for your loss. I never met Walter but I met Keith while he played in Rochester and his father's influence was very evident. Hopefully my brother gets to meet Mr. Gretzky as he just got there a few days prior (2/26/21) and they can play hockey together. I wish all the Gretzky family my deepest condolences.

  • I had the pleasure to meet Mr Gretzky at a maple leafs practice in calgary when he traveled with the team. He was such a nice humble man, I hung out with him for a while and it was just like talking to my own grandpa. Once the practice was done he took me to the dressing room and got the whole team to sign my jersey as he introduced me to the players. I remember him more than any of the players I met that day.

  • Lol dude threw a hissy fit after

  • Trent tryin to make a name for himself by taking on someone leagues beyond him. LOL! Now he can't even have kids. Go back to the minors ya 3rd line schlub!

  • Walter was an amazing man. You would always see him around town and at the rinks. He was always talking with people. I remember as a young boy in that same church walter would bring in collectibles and things for the whole church. No matter how many times you saw him or talked with him it was always special and he always had time for everyone. He will be missed by all. He is a legend of the game and a legend of life.

  • 0:23

  • Thank you Calgary Flames for developing Brodie so well. What a solid player.

  • I got to watch jimmy vesey at lake placid when he was in college. Lake placid has the best beer ever.

  • Lmao cant believe someone gave myers that contract. Worst defenceman on the team.

  • 0:47

  • 0:23

  • Sad

  • Feel pity for the losers who down voted this video. God bless you Wayne and your famitly. Walter will be missed. Classy dude.

  • toe to toe huh ? what a load of bs

  • If you’re Ovechkin you can do anything LOL within reason. Kelly’s getting all upset because his goaltending feathers are getting ruffled LMAO. Fleury’s whole mindset was changed, winner Ovechkin

  • " There would never been a Wayne without Walter" RIP Walter. Brantford will definitely never be the same

  • On the next episode of steves dang it's:

  • RIP

  • The deep roots in family are the strength that sees us through may his grandchildren remember him well.

  • Now that’s a dang it

  • Solid tilt you don't see that much anymore

  • Sidney Crosby just suffered a concussion by watching this

  • And the reasons to thumb this down would be? Wow how inhumane some clowns are out there unbelievable people

  • This was a average play not a pretty play

  • LETS GO BLUES!!!!!!!!!! 2019 Stanley Cup Campions

  • Fuk philthadelfia .. LET'S GO PENS!!!!

  • You've got to be kidding me to the clowns who thumb this down you are not human simple

  • What is it with goalies leaving the nets at the most unexpected times this year? Isn't this, what, the third time so far?

  • 0:41

  • I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out!

  • Tavares better

  • Anyone believe me when I say Habs still lost

  • ❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️

  • 🙏

  • Myers on D. Clinic.

  • DANG IT!!!!

  • Thank you so much Wayne, you where such a big part of my childhood and I know your dad was instrumental in your success. He's in a better place right now with the Lord so take comfort in that.

  • Coach "We pay you to be a GOAL TENDER" not a puck chaser... do better🏒😉

  • My knees broke watching this

  • R.I.P. but no only reason to be proud is CANADIAN💪💪

  • That’s nice respect to your dad to sing the golf balls Wayne you where raise great.❤️

  • Rip.

  • I don’t watch hockey so can someone tell me is this actually ALLOWED AND EXPECTED ?? Cause they really let them do their thing

  • 0:52

  • Hellybuyck is the worst goalie in the nhl 100%

  • and then it was 5-0 all of a sudden

  • Sign David Ayres, Toronto's jamboni driver. At least you'll have a feel good story and a positive with all these loses.

  • Canada loves you and your father, Wayne. I am not even huge into Hockey but you are a great, great Canadians. If COVID had not been around. The streets of the town would have been full.

  • get a life you "this will be on dang-its" nerds, who cares, like who cares, like who cares.

  • Mmmmmmm

  • Watching this made me get Emotional, Gone but never forgotten!

  • where are all bobrovsky haters?

  • got 10 g's on a leafs win. Lfg.

  • Rip yes

  • Damn Marc is a gentleman! I wouldn’t have been nice at all with these stupid questions 😳

  • R.I.P. Walter Gretzky. You were a special man, and a pillar to Brantford, Canada, and the world.

  • Sending my condolences to the Gretzky family. Well done Stephen Brunt and the team for this beautiful tribute

  • did he hit him with the stick?

  • Walter Gretzky was a Great Father, Grandfather and a super great caring human being. The world would be greater if there were more people like him. May he rest in Peace.

  • Great job Wayne fr a family of 5 boys and 3 girls we lived to skate and you could imagine

  • That's a Hat Pick

  • Tootoo made him look like he was just born

  • I will see you in Hat Picks.

  • Vesey heating up!

  • My Grandfather used to say that all his wealth was in flesh and blood. Walter was always such a friendly soul. My deepest condolences to all the family. Rest easy Walter

  • That's a dang it.

  • Give Viana a couple.... fists that is. What a cheap shot from behind as the guy holds his head... greasy

  • Im sorry for your loss 99 and your family's God Bless!!!

  • RIP Sir

  • That's "toe to toe?"

  • "Score!" Sounds so odd hearing non hockey people saying it wrong.

  • 11th comment

  • You better know how to fight when messing with these Russians !

  • 4th comment

  • If there wasn't a pandemic they could've held the service in the Skydome

  • This makes me feel better about Dansk’s clearing attempt against the Sharks last night lol