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I review technology from the inside.
Electric cars are the future.
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  • Hi brother please sell the phone to me , so that I can afford it

  • We are waiting for a review of Google Pixel 6 Pro!))

  • The drawing is mewtwo


  • If you catch my drift LOL 😆😆😆😆

  • I don’t know how long it has been but i have had my phone since the iphone x came out

  • "Scratches at a level 3 and deeper grooves at a level 4" Well .... that's new

  • whats that pokemon "It's MEWTWO", good drawing Jerry

  • You drew Mewtow

  • mewtwo 😬

  • What is the exact location ? It is so beautiful!!

  • that mewtwo is sick as fffff🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Little Jerry looking cute there huh ! xD glad to see you both progressing happily !

  • Wheres the z flip 3 teardown? It has been a month since the durability test.

  • lol, i was dying at this part😂😂 2:26

  • Happy for you man 👍

  • Hi, i'm a Agronomist, and i can help you: Chicken eating their own egg is a signal of calcium deficiency, you can add oyster shell powder or a little bit of limestone to the their food, this will supply calcium to them and will stop the problem. :) For the "white fungus" problem on the leafs, probably powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca fuliginea), you can apply Bordeaux Mixture, its composed of copper sulfate, water and lime, you can search a lot of videos about. It's a very good fungicide, and at least in Brazil, allowed in organic agriculture. You can use Bordeaux Mixture as a preventive in a lot of cultures, but not while flowering, because it can drop the flowers and reduce the yield.

  • x gon give it to ya

  • does anyone know that the box was from indo lol

  • mew 2

  • 0:04 Holy fluck those are some huge pumpkins!

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • mewtwo

  • This Nintendo switch OLED JerryRigEverything edition have a Mewtwo embossed into it!

  • They r not the first one to implement that kind of stabilisation in a phone tho

  • Good program though :0)

  • why are all these electric car have white interiors, i will not own a white interior :0(

  • Awesome Mewtwo drawing💜

  • Hi

  • The art is MEWTWO From Pokémon

  • I'm here for Jerry's magnificent Art 😎😮

  • リンク瀕死で草(そこじゃない)

  • Mewtoo

  • 16:06 I already knew once that watermelon 🍉 got cut, the aroma would fill the area of it's scent

  • Drawing mewtwo on a razor is another level.. its fireeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • This is good nugget

  • Hope your going to do this same tests with the Stream Deck

  • Press is going crazy about the scratch test

  • MEWTWO!!!!

  • Changing a tyre would be complicated by having the tray full of gear.

  • "...If you catch my drift." Smooth.

  • 4:40 hope u recycle all that glass

  • is mee to from pokemon the drowing

  • They a decent drawing of Mewtwo

  • LOL, Zack. You don't know how many snowflakes you triggered with this video. These N fanboys are screeching in their basement from the torment they witnessed.

  • X gona give it to ya , nice 1 😆

  • Nice Mewtow

  • waiting for the humvee episode.......

  • Bro may I ask you a question? What happened with your wife ? Can she walk on foot in future ? 💖💖

  • Thanks a lot for your contribution in the ever growing garbage menace 😂😂

  • Plot twist: Tim cook is watching this video

  • You've opened my eyes up and I now think that the OLED model is a good switch, though the new (switch 2) is said not to be backwards compatible so I'm still on the wait, after all Metroid Prime 4 is a AAA (triple A) game with God Of War mixed with Halo 4 graphics so I think it's going to take some extra power. Also love the Mew 2!

  • 1:19 Wtf did I hear wrong or did he say BOTW2 released.

  • the drawing is clearly pikachu

  • Mew from pokemon or beerus from DragonBall

  • useless testing... why buying if like this

  • 4:48 don't you mean Samsung is probably taking notes for their flip phone....

  • Nice Charizard drawing

  • Art class with Jerry is always fun, but this time I'm mindblown, Zack really drew a Mewtwo in the back of the Switch... oh boy :O I knew it was a Mewtwo @ 6:52, I guess I'm somewhat of a Pokémon enthusiast myself

  • Congrats Daddy 👍

  • Congrats to you Jerry, you’re gonna be a good dad

  • 03:05 Bro. That’s engine looks more nicer than my dads v8 😔

  • Japanese engineers taking notes

  • I can’t wait to see the tank turning on this thing

  • tbh.... I wanna know what he has to offer... but the pain of watching him do things to Nintendo Switch........... T_T

  • The coffin clicks into place like a little lego,


  • Mewtwo

  • congratulations, can't wait for the durability test video j/k

  • i swear jerry speaking on the left part of my headphones almost made me fall out of my seat.

  • Meto pokemon

  • How about matte black

  • What's the point of this video. Nobody scratch their mobile with different instruments?? Or do they?

  • what do you do with all the phones and stuff you get like this video do you just throw them away?

  • You were scratching the anti scattering film that protects *you* from getting cut when the glass breaks Not the screen itself

  • 5:20 enjoy with high volume 💥