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What's In My Bag
What's In My BagPřed 9 měsíci
KENDALL X KYLIEPřed 11 měsíci


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  • The fact that her garage is bigger than my house

  • Calma q vai cair minha cauda de sereia

  • Kylie tu recebeu a parcela do auxílio emergencial?como foi sua experiência?foi pelo menos aprovado?😂

  • "So cyoo !"

  • I always hear that rich people work over 40 hours a week and poor people are lazy... Thats not what it seems like...

  • Wow, they can hold their liquor ! I'd be waaay more sloppy and crazy on 5 shots ! I'd puke by 6 !!

  • No te entiendo kiley jener

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  • Hello

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  • merry crismas stormy

  • Ela é perfeita

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  • The kendall so so so funny

  • Follow my Kylie fan page on tiktom guys its called: Kylie._.Jenner12

  • house tour holmby hills please

  • hosue tour holmby hills please

  • Kyyliee bonjour

  • Wey kayly tiene menos seguidores k Kim :o

  • Stormi is the cutest baby ever

  • I need that hand sanitizer

  • Kylieeee💓💓💓💓😍😍

  • Siempre que veo gente maquillando me encanta porque me da ese efecto de ASMR y más cuando se tratan de los videos de Kylie, me relajan y me dan sueño (NO EN EL MAL SENTIDO OBVIAMENTE) ❤️✌️

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  • Your baby's cute.

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  • No entiendo absolutamente nada, pero Kendall borracha es mi religión 🛐💫

  • I think everyone is rich except me. LOL

  • who's here after watching hyram's video?

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  • Oh my god she’s gorgeous

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  • Da your such a good Mom,you don't spoil stormi with your money you make her kind and sweet and she isn't even crying like other kids I love chu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • That tree is more then me

  • omg :') Stormi is SO CUTEEE

  • 3:57 once kris said that stormi had a lucky life bc kylie her mom..i believed her

  • I just don't like Kylie's energy here, she's not paying attention to what kourt's talking



  • ihola Kourt

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  • Kendall is incredible ❤️😍

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  • I can't handle so much cuteness together ❤️🤗

  • There's no such thing as God, get over it! You people still talk about God as like it exists and I roll my eyes🙄 COME ON

  • Omg kylies

  • Kyle please give me schollarship im broke college student

  • They are so cuteeeee

  • Well done 👍

  • Omg stormi just rollin around in her car is the cutest

  • Kylie is literally seems super sweet and kind like she doesn't deserve the hate she gets.... Like why do people get hate for having surgery ?!?!? THATS RIDICULOUS ... someone feels happier and better like that we should be happy for them but instead ya'll haters got to come at her for everything she does, like WTF?!?! And the only reason she got surgery was because she got hate for looking ugly before surgery and she go super insecure like let her live !!!! Anyways, STAN KYLIE OUR QUEEN <3

  • really nice😩

  • I luv how simple Kendall's outfit is but yet its super cute

  • khloe is hilarious

  • Yall saying that Kylie is not a good mom, ever thought why stromi is so polite and kind?? Its becuz of her parents yall stop hating on Kylie✋🙄

  • #kylie

  • house tour

  • house tour

  • *please stand by. * Kendall inside her head “I need to “do my make up better” so I can drink more”😭😭😭

  • I'm working so hard on my channel but not even 1 views😭😭. Please give me some motivation!!

  • ok but kylie is a greattt mom like she raised stormi soo well like stormi is soo polite and sweet I LUV THEM SOO MUCH :) <3

  • This is the vid where they have an emotional story about pimples then plaster their face to cause them to GET... PIMPLES😆 THIS IS ALSO THAT VID WHERE Kendall turns into KENDOG!🙈👀👁🤛🤜👊👊 And Kylie, waaat was that at 11:06 🤣🤣🤣

  • OMG, I don't like them!

  • Is she having the same pair of sunglasses which Stormy just had b4?

  • I LOVE YOU GUYS! 😭🤣❤❤ Omg, you guys are freaking hilarious!! Please more videos, I'm dying 🤣💀