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What's In My Bag
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  • Copy this into comment section: I am so proud of Kylie and all of her accomplishments

  • Oh goodness, you couldn’t even create decent skincare, and now you’re making crap for babies? All these moms are going to buy it just because it’s from you, while the babies skin will be burning 🙄

  • Im happy for you, but when you said that you were looking for affordable products, I didn’t believe you

  • When she’s announcing baby’s products but she promotes her face instead of a baby

  • S

  • Cute

  • Sooooo 🥰

  • I dont get the seductive face concept for baby product, I wish she had stomi in the ad it'll make more sense to the target audience

  • ''wait khloe looks so f crazy'' wow such a nice friend

  • 0:28 researching safe and affordable product.... Affordable products?? Affordable??? Seriously

  • Why not stormi baby

  • success always Kylie Jenner I support from Indonesia

  • Holllla

  • Hi

  • Stormi is so cute

  • mamãe do ano simm😍

  • She’s such a boss babe!!!

  • very sweet! always wished i had a sister like this

  • Her voice 😟🤮

  • So whose going to buy the ridiculous prices when you get a better product for a fraction of the price… branding

  • Oii 🤩

  • I’m not using any of this on my child.

  • So there were safe products but she couldn’t afford?

  • bro they got drunk off of 10 shots? my balkan brain is confused af and bitch said don julio doesn’t taste good … comon

  • Legends say if you say Stormi's name three times Kylie will pin you Stormi Stormi Stormi

  • Legends say if you say Stormi's name three times Kylie will pin you Stormi Stormi Stormi

  • POV: kendall le pregunta a la reina de los labiales si tiene gloss. Ok.

  • You're obsessed with everything Kylie

  • The background is so pretty!

  • 0.36 hhhh

  • i just love the way she says “teaaar freeee, hypoallergeniiic, pedriatrician-testeddd, veeegannn, paraben freeeee, sulfate freee.”

  • The people who made this commercial did not have to create the angel in heaven theme........These karTRASHian groupies would buy her junk if the ad was filmed in a garage.....

  • she’s stunning and i love her stuff

  • Best marketing strategy

  • Nail clippers should be involved in this line you can’t take care of your child with those nails

  • As a mom of 2 toddlers it’s been a struggle to find the right shampoo and conditioner that’s not drying out there hair or irritating their eyes thanks Kylie

  • Wow 🤩 yasss such a need for babies 👶🏽 hair

  • Khloe is the most savage sister out of all the 5 sisters watching her in keeping up with the Kardashians 🤣🤣🤣

  • I think Kourtney is the only one who still looks like she used to look in the initial episodes of keeping up with the Kardashians

  • Guysssss. . . . Looking at her shoulders it looks like it's widened 🗿

  • la amo a ella y a stormi y a la familia kardashian y a jennner definitivamente compraré

  • “I searched everywhere for safe and AFFORDABLE products” girl be 😭 her products are barely “affordable”

  • The colors, the packaging, the studio set up and the product images are perfect. The only package I think I like from her brands.

  • Why isn’t Stormi the face of Kylie Baby? 🥺

  • Kylie ur d best mother ....stormi is so blessed to have u❤️

  • ❤️❤️

  • I love you

  • Ishu

  • To all the haters.....she is a good mother nd dats all wut matters

  • Aw

  • Your Just wasting money tbh Launching a new brand KYLIE BABY LMAOOOOOOOOOO ANYTHING CAN BE DONE IF U R A BILLIONER

  • Love this😻

  • This Baby gonna be so beautfiul

  • so proud of u ky :))

  • Funny how this is a product for babies yet we don't see her any babies or her daughter for that matter. All we see is her holding the product making herself look cute with bubbles.

  • Funny how this is a product for babies yet we don't see her any babies or her daughter for that matter. All we see is her holding the product making herself look cute with bubbles.

  • This would be great if she had Stormi trying it out like a montage or something.

  • Hmmm. Kylie Baby or Cetaphil? Kylie Baby or Johnson's?

  • Many celebs have had cosmetics/perfume that have been a total flop so, I know her privileged background did help her take off, however the success has been all on her. Girl POWER 🖤

  • 🏠🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • This is about babies but all we're seeing is her 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • I love Kyle skin

  • Is no one going to talk about how beautiful she looks?!

  • look good, I like it

  • If it’s available at target I’ll buy it but if I have to buy online I won’t

  • Ariel and Kylies friendship is everything

  • And here I was hoping it was a clothing line

  • Kylie will sell your mother for you if the price is right

  • Kylie, please please create a Kylie baby fragrance/perfume. My two boys always want me to spritz them when they see me put on anything that smells good and I just think there is a huge need for a smell good spray formulated for their skin and sensitive little nose

  • Don't read my name

  • I literally felt so uncomfortable watching this that I had to stop. Did she really just use sex appeal to try and sell baby bathing products? Worst marketing strategy I’ve ever witnessed! Please just go back to selling your shit makeup and leave these poor babies alone.

  • This is not how you advertise baby products......

  • Nah Kylie I wouldn’t trust you with any products, you don’t even use any of them. You rely on dermatologist to keep your skin like that. Fraud

  • I bought it! How is the baby doing and stormi

  • Beautiful ❤️🥰

  • I wouldn’t buy any from this brand based alone on how she treated other people in that zoo and shut down a ride twice for her child when other children were waiting for 45 mins or more. You can’t advertise products stating other children deserve this but then doing the opposite in person. Gtfo

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  • Next - mandatory updated federal beauty and cosmetic standards #NaturalOnly