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The best of technology from gaming PCs to smartphones and everything in between. Whether it's finding out if that new gadget is worth it, discovering the coolest of retro and cutting edge tech or testing the latest smartphone you'll find it all here.

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Austin Evans
112 Harvard Avenue #49
Claremont, CA 91711


Presenter - Austin Evans
Production & Ops Lead - Kenneth Bolido
Producer - Matt Ansini
Editors - Josh Blackey, Griffin Schiller, Jamie Manzano and Jimmy Champane
Production & Color Specialist - Wesley Knapp



  • I’d give anything for a MicroCenter in Phoenix.

  • That last part sounds like something you'd hear in redo of healer

  • i just love the broke vs pro challenges

  • I am pro

  • i dont think 1k is exactly broke to spend on a laptop

  • The “Ken Collection” labels are killing me

  • "" Literally to the 1% who's reading this , god bless you , and may your dreams come true , stay safe and have a wonderful day . ♥️♥️♥️❤️

  • "" Literally to the 1% who's reading this , god bless you , and may your dreams come true , stay safe and have a wonderful day . ♥️♥️❤️❤️

  • I would rather be honest about what I think then beating around the bush

  • I'm waiting for the one where he just slams kens setup into the ground because he lost

  • I wish my micro center looked like this 😭

  • 1:10 funniest and the best walk ever😂😂👍

  • "I should have won 3 Broke vs Pros in a row" ... Need I remind you that you cheated 2 Broke vs Pros ago?

  • I wanna see one where austin is pro and ken is broke. Anyone Else?

  • ken be fresh asf

  • "Reopening 11/08/2021" Something tells me this video is out a couple weeks later than it's supposed to be

  • Austin is the peoples champ

  • When he said price performance i laughed lol for normal people there is none of that anymore PC is for the ultra rich

  • Ken is gonna burnt his you know what

  • Can u ship the pc to Fiji

  • The Ken Collection should be an official merch.

  • Nicee

  • Can you tell me a gaming computer that is less than 1000$ I’m 11 and want to do pc gaming starting on Christmas

  • I just love how spending 1,000 is broke I must be super duper broke

  • That is a real push pull AIO .

  • Public humiliation of your boss sounds like dream job. 😁

  • noice

  • That crate was low-key nice

  • What the Different Between PS4 Slim and PS4 Slim Limited Edition

  • i was there in august and it wasn't that built and now I'm sad because it was my first time lol

  • Wait, a broke setup with MKBHD black and red theme?? that doesnt make any sense :P :P


  • Nice k-on tee shirt

  • Great video but you talk too much!!

  • duck

  • This guy is not just a gaming nerd he is one that can rival even thanos himself

  • why didnt u actually do a 1v1?

  • what game is this?

  • I feel sad for Austin

  • That's really neat that you live near one of the paltry few Micro Centers. The nearest one to me is nearly four hours away, and I live in the seventh largest city in the nation(San Antonio). It must be nice. Enjoy your good fortune, Austin(I wish there WAS one in Austin...Texas, that is).

  • Does my heart good that you guys used the price vs performance idea I tweeted :)

  • umm technically , shouldn't it be performance to price ? , *raising glasses*

  • I don't understand why they never eliminate the skill gap on gaming by swapping setups during tests.

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  • *austin roasts ken for getting a ryzen 5* Me watching this on my pc with a ryzen 5: 👁👄💧👁


  • Reasons why Linus is better than Austin number 58 Linus knows how to paint properly

  • I never knew who used the "Search by highest price" tab but now I know its people like ken

  • finally

  • what is the name of the beep sound? where can I get it?

  • Austin you literally bought the laptop I bought myself in August to play VRchat lol

  • my pc was built this year and im not compatible WHY?

  • Ken’s Yoasobi shirt though. 🔥🔥🔥

  • I like ken's shirt 😂😂😂 who here is a YOASOBI fan? 🖐️🖐️🖐️

  • apple did kill the PC Laptop space. but for developing countries like indonasia india africa etc, where budget is tight, not everyone can afford 999$ laptops let alone 500$ laptops.

  • Damn Austin u good first it was pspenis then it was smelling the case like you were a drug attic sniffing coke

  • "in broke vr pro my employees help me into my coffin" 8:25

  • Bro I guess I am better at being broke than Austin

  • 15:48 it should be a tie at that point because ken didn't have that level of creativity

  • The Azeron is great, I love mine. You get the comfort of a controller and the precision of a mouse at the same time.

  • I hope that they keep the base M1 as a option at least in a air version. Just to allow possible new customers coming from PC to have a low point of entry to this new ecosystem possibly. The thing that the base M1 does so well is it gives you great performance and battery life but not break the bank. For 1000$ or less the base M1 is probably impossible to beat

  • i love his accent of speaking makes my day better

  • Noice

  • the ps5… dont you mean the PS5000s

  • Wish, a gateway for scammers.

  • Austin actually chose my laptop and i feel so good about picking the laptop i did

  • Austin can you recommend the best PC at every price range starting at 450ish or lower or higher that are custom or pre built however you like

  • Why does Ken look like a introverted anime protagonist

  • I have 2 of those MSI cases and they were pretty dope for a budget case. I had no issues installing anything 100% recommend!

  • always good to see one of these.

  • I honestly I feel like Matt is against u Austin.

  • best series

  • I know that my MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017) can run many awesome games but what I am wondering about is if the games are healthy to the computer? I tried World of Tanks Blitz which is because it is a quick and easy grab from the Apple play store and it has good graphics to test it out. I noticed that the graphics was very good! No lag, smooth movement and fps. The problem that worried me a lot though was while I was playing WoT, I suddenly can hear the built in fan of my Mac, meaning the fan is working harder when I play. I also notice that my Mac can heat up hard and since the Mac is metal, it can burn my wrists that are resting and it heats the most near the charging port (even though I am not charging) and also the rims near the screen. I am very worried that though Mac runs the games well, it is slowly killing itself faster and I would have to start worrying on how to pay for the ruined parts of the Mac that I invested. Pls pls help @Austin Evans :(

  • i love ken's k-on shirt asuza

  • 192 dollars…..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • That laptop is dell

  • is there a cube shaped tower? if so someone should paint the sides like a rubik's cube if they haven't already