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Linus Tech Tips is a passionate team of "professionally curious" experts in consumer technology and video production which aims to inform and educate people of all ages through entertaining videos. We create product reviews, step-by-step computer build guides, and a variety of other tech-focused projects.

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  • most boring WAN show I have ever seen. I'm not looking to sit through your creative meetings where terrible boring ideas about videos get pitched over and over again. Really phoned in the WAN show this weeks guys....

  • The startup theme song for the OS should be Ronny Dio's "Holy Diver'

  • Pimp my boat! Put some spiny wheels on it!


  • Geez Microsoft solving a problem that doesn't exist. Heck, Windows 7 was perfect already. Now we gotta deal with more bloatware and adware...I hope they didn't force the installation down our throats like W10.

  • I fully expected Linus to drop something in the water.

  • Alternative Title: I turn a boat into a Gaming PC

  • THANK YOU <3

  • mac and apple suck! an honest opinion

  • Those plushies are amazing. One day I'm going to throw $200 at the store. (Shipping to UK)

  • linus should not be above any water considering he drops everything, including shit he isn't even holding

  • Their worst pc...... is 100x better than my : / i dont even have a real GPU... barely playing minecraft.... cant even play Gta san andreas....

  • come on bro off cause it is an old laptop you blame everything.

  • "I was one of those people that not only carried a cellphone, but also one of these" *Laughs in Nokia communicator*

  • Hey Anthony i have used both pop os and elementary os which is my current os....i use snap store for unavailable in the default app store apps.( Pin this so everyone can see)

  • better put some cheap ssd disk instead of hdd and it will bring old pc back to life. But setting up the windows and moving files would require tech specialist, because grandma won't do it. And the video playing would still require some time because hardware (cpu or dedicated gpu) is old and videos are nowadays encoded heavier to minimize use of bandwidth

  • There is some win 11 on linux based windows it was released before win11 beta

  • Lol I remember watching this when it came out. I wonder what these prices are now days

  • linus i need to know which gpu was it?

  • Add a public comment...

  • All i have is a laptop with keyboard problems

  • Turn off "Cool N' Quiet" to LOWER temperatures on the 5900X, ironically.

  • I'm curious, what do you do with the computer builds that you do? I would venture to guess you sell them; however, where can we buy them?

    • And to add a comment after the "Spit shine", how can we buy the OTHER computers? LOL

  • Awesome chapter of life for Colin and his Dad, fair winds and following seas. Great video idea 💡

  • Is that a damn steam machine running those things

  • Brother please just shave it off!

  • i see Anthony i hit like

  • We need to overthrow Windows.

  • Ah the world of computer scam where youtubers are well implemented ... many games are not optimized just to force you buy a new card ! . **100%** What shows New World is that games CAN BE MODIFIED for any sale purpose ! There is no investigation but just stupid big mouth youtubers ! Where is your investigation on empty polygones objects or **EMPTY TEXTURIZED POLYGONES** ?, why empty object need so much power?, ... it's only textures on empty objects with rasterized physics, shadows, lights & false A.I (pathfinding) ... so many cores, so many huge & energic demand graphic cards ??? ! **You're a seller** ! These stupid cooling system **this is where you can find the scam **THE ILLUSION** ... you guys, **are scammesr** because you swim in this system without real investigation !!! It's simple ... **New World showsw it** ! **We have eyes to see the scammers, those who deviate the truth to technical fables ... bastard sellers ... from father to son ? Make a better world is right now ...

  • rather than destroy the LTT Desk PC V1, why don't you guys just give away that table to your fans?

  • And 2 months later we get the steam deck

  • wears a suit also wears sandals XD

  • Hard to believe you unboxed the processor I'm using in 2021 :)

  • Check out the Linux distribution called Windowfx 10. Mimics windows vary well

  • Watched to try to get into Linux, still confused as hell

  • The boat is named Fiddler, I guess he is a Malazan fan.

  • Why does this feel like Minecraft redstone in real life?

  • Everytime he says the word 'graphics card' I get the feeling you get when you fall in your dreams

  • Time to add a raised floor to the basement if you're running conduit everywhere


  • Can WAN show get it's own channel? So I can block that one.... No way for me to filter this out. Always with the 2 hr rants in Recommended

  • White socks and sandals, go Linus :)

  • Glad I let my Amazon account be automatically suspended due to inactivity.

  • nope. clearly the wall is needed for doom eternal. how else could you possibly play it.

  • Of course you do the pain staking research… I not going to trust a bunch of ‘egg heads’ [get the pun? 😆🤨👌😂]

  • Me with a 710 : (

  • 12:30 and now take a walk around town :P

  • did you just call Apex Legend a triple A game?

  • Hey! I use Radeon instead of Nvidia.

    • So just install the none Nvidia version.

  • And the Porsche Taycan was too expensive?

  • Is there any reason for a Home user to keep windows?

  • That aged well even after 8 months you cant buy one

  • Paisa ho to kya nai ho sakta

  • Sooo cool! Now I wonder what else is in line for tecing out thing you don't think about in everyday life to tec out.

  • Anthony speaks Me:I don't understand but still amazed

  • I just made the switch back to Linux as my daily driver after 10 years away. My god have things improved. PopOs is perfect for my needs and since I'm very familiar with Apt, it 's all second nature. Only issues I had are... Default font is not good, imo. I switched the defaults to the Ubuntu font which is perfectly fine for now. Mouse scroll wheel only scrolled 1 row at a time and it drove me nuts. I had to do some command-line gymnastics to fix that. Also needed to install some non-free repos to get full support (expected). It's Linux, so setting up my dev env is the gold standard. Getting my Steam and GoG games working was incredible (I do wish GoG Galaxy is officially supported). I got everything I tried working, but I needed to use ProtonDB for some clues- while I was working through some problematic games a Steam and Nvidia update came through and fixed a bunch of things. Winning! I personally like to play my games in widowed mode on my 4k display, and had almost no issues with that (most games need to be restarted when going to window mode or else things get glitchy). I'm not sure why, but IO performance feels substantially faster than Windows. Loading Paradox games is shockingly fast compared to Windows. I'm not sure about FPS since everything plays fine, but my NVME drive seems much faster (maybe due to EXT4). At the moment I literally have no issues, which is something I could never say about my Linux desktop. My windows install had chronic corruption issues... time will tell if that happens here, but my hunch is that NTFS sucks ass and was the culprit. One final thing, if you have a reasonably large thumb drive (64gb+), run PopOs in demo mode, install steam and try every game you want/need to work. I demoed about a dozen games before I was satisfied that this was going to work. The game will install to a volatile area on the drive... the games will work fine, but will be wiped when you reboot. This is perfect for making 100% sure that you can get everything you need working before making that commitment to blow Windows away.

  • It's that stuff in the end you run into really fast with linux. And you have to clean up after yourself if you installed something custom, and a package containing the same is installed. Installing unsupported packages can create conflicts too and they all depend on eachother. The major gripe is that you need to break out of the ecosystem to get what you want

  • Buy it!

  • Dive the radiator into a bucket full of ice improves the cooling?

  • Im getting some nostalgia from this vid

  • BLIZZARD Yet another "woke" company that is actually the scum of the earth. Seems like those 2 things go hand in hand.

    • You have no idea what "woke" means. Conservatives have corrupted the term.

  • It took TWO WEEKS to receive my 240Hz/1440p Eve Spectrum pre-order refund. They took so long with these panels that I just bought an Asus ROG Swift 360 PG259QN panel.

  • Just stumbled on this video again and decided I might actually want to buy it this time. Sadly, it's out of stock on the website. Any info on whether it's discontinued or will reappear?

  • I don't have anything against Linux just because its Linux, it works and the install is (nowadays I might add!) a breeze. However: I use Windows and always will since it just works whatever software or hardware you throw at it, whcih sure as hell is not the same with Linux. I just don't want any hassle I just want things to work so I will never use Linux for my main OS, I have some versions in VM just for fun, but I never use them. One really good ting about Linux though is that if you have any old computer, or new, put Linux on it and it just detects pretty much anything that is in it, even obscure things, driver and stuff might be something totally different though.

  • I would keep the lan area simple without too many rgb craziness going on. Think it would be too much if multiple people would be sitting in it

  • I feel like Hostess Brands, Inc. may have paid for this video.

  • Eh.. Lazy Boy for Life

  • “I lost the game.” Fuck you Linus. Goddammit

  • It’s called self checkout

  • I've been using linux proudly for 7 years, I used to switch back and forth a lot. But windows has been erased fron my computer for years now. I use i3wm as my desktop environment. and have a ton of custom scripts :)

  • The bottleneck might be my i7 920

  • Time really flies. Here I am, using an Nvme gen4 as my steam library.

  • i'll stick with an 85" i guess

  • Can last pass hold my passwords captive if I don't pay the subscription?

  • A creeper computer lol

  • Missed opportunity to throw all the boating terms into the video. Needs more sole!