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I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.

My dog Charlie is the cutest dog in the world, fyi.

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  • there needs to be more respect put on the ending song of this video, alex put his entire bussy into it like damn

  • Like, how is anyone even able to take this movie seriously? The main character's name is HARDIN for effs sake

  • Lol this is one of your best recently, keep it up

  • Dude broke into dorm room Doesn’t leave when asked Throws up way too many red flags Clearly husband material

  • A new title template, how exciting 😆

  • 🤣🤣🤣 I love these so much The after series you make is my favorite

  • I don't know how they manage to make their relationship more and more toxic as the trilogy continues 💀

  • I actually enjoyed the books. They aren't my favorite but it had lots of ups and downs and I knew from reviews it was going to be shit but I was bored throughout quarantine. I was so disappointed when I watched the movies. I legit hate them and am so disappointed. I hate the recasting not even mentioning that the original cast wasn't the best to begin with. they did this series so wrong smh.

  • to be honest, I am more on Hardins side for the entire movie. Tessas behaviour is just as toxic as his ("come with me, I should be enough" shows her entitlement).

  • 12:50 “Get more fingers in here if you have to.”


  • Wait! Three more movies 🤯☠️ no no no

  • Together with iZombie , they are most underrated shows CW shows and also maybe the best ones.

  • I think it’s one of the better shows I’ve seen…probably bc im a serial killer fanatic

  • I had no clue there was a third one.

  • 13:27 that was so out of left field .

  • I am horrified that I am impressed at how many movies that they are able to drag this out so much.

  • The musical number... *Cheff kiss*

  • 11:34 what offends me here isn’t the “acting” but the way he disrespected mangoes

  • 2:34 but for real tho, why is the kid wearing like 3 shirts. Imagine all the laundry they have to do

  • Candice.... Heheh

  • Who is the worse boyfriend: Hardin, or the guy that keeps saying "Are you lost *baby girl* " from 365 Days?

  • Did he forget his characters design.

  • LMAOO I read too much fanfiction because it’s always either they forgot to use *protection* once and then bam they get pregnant OR the writer makes them “infertile” and there’s all this angst then they do the ~devil’s tango~ too much and oh my gooood who could’ve seen this coming i guess they really aren’t infertile the doctor was wrong and they’re pregnant now! 😭😂 only these two scenarios happen in young adult novels. Come on now lmaooo can I just read a story where no pregnancy is involved? PLEASE

  • Is this the last one??? Please tell me it is.

  • The last song... Just... *Cheff kiss*

  • Dylan= gorgeous, I now kind of want to watch it just because he's here

  • As someone who read the whole book series, I was really disappointed in the movies. They left so much out…and actors didn’t do the characters justice 💔

  • Y’know this reminds me a lot of Terrible Writing Advice’s take on writing Alpha Males!

  • The firetruck thing gets me every time 😂😂

  • Both character are immature, toxic and as$hole

  • I get that Clarke is the protagonist but geez, wtf, the shouting, the arrogance, the toxic femininity, the "I'm always right" moments that happen throughout the show makes this an annoying protagonist.


  • the Final fantasy music at 7:48 really threw me for a minute lmao

  • Can't wait to see the review for the 3rd movie lol

  • I actually thought S1 and S2 were better. Also, the fact that Joe never wears gloves at the crime scene takes me out of the show completely lmao

  • Random but I love Kevin's voice

  • how tf nobody suspects joe.

  • The best thing in this video is the music Alex dropped at the end

  • 2 days??? In love in two days???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Honestly, if my money is used on Hamtaro Heartbreak, at least I'll know that person has good taste.

  • Unpopular opinion - Seasons 1 and 2 were the best!! After that it gets really realistic and depressing. All amazingly written. BUT some of us just want cheesy escapism! Still my favourite show OF ALL TIME though 🖤

  • Am I the only person not rooting for Joe?! I want this man to get caught and go to prison. He killed so many people and ruin so many lives

  • 6:40 "I can steal you away from our boyfriend" Lol what? 😂

  • Ahh yes the third of this series “after I threw up”

  • So i watched the first two because i knew Candice King was in the second one, thank god they change actor and i dont feel the need to watch the rest of them. Bless

  • Omg, he plays Wally West in the Flash! I had no idea!

  • All I can say after this season is... I truly didn't expect much anyway...

  • 3:47 Hardin bringing up some valid points... never thought I'd be thinking that ever

  • 3:50 she was offered a job when she's like this?!

  • Can you do squid game

  • It feels like the very heart of this series has been lost. Like yeah, sure, the first movie was bad, but it had a plot that kinda sorta made sense... but this just feels like several smaller, insignificant events shoved into one big movie for the sake of making more money

  • omg i remember this

  • And anywase since my opinion is the only one that matters 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The wife is soooo toxic.Wamen stop making excuses for bad behaviour 4:06 no waman starts a converstaion with a man for NOOOOOOOO go up to wamen for no specific reason at all not like they are interested and flirting.And men and wamen are so diffrentAslo wamen falow men they are interested in.Opesed with famous men.Yeah its weird i know

  • Ambrose was the f*cking worst. He was so annoying.

  • Jacob "dramatic abs" black 😂

  • The end music!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • We know how toxic Hardin is the scary part is that I know someone like him. He's my friend ex boyfriend , He's so toxic you can't see any saving grace on him but my friend still choose to stay. He hurts her not just emotionally but also physically. The reality that relationship like this exist anywhere, kind of scary that I just want to be single for the rest of my life 🤣

  • I had to sit up to prevent choking on water jesus

  • Sorry to say this but Tess in movie 3 looks like a run down stay at home mom who made too many vinyl cut designs for starbucks cups. Look out ladies, this aint no love story, this is a cautionary tale to NEVER date men like this bc the'll ruin ur fking life before youve had a chance to even live it. Yikes This movie annoys the absolute shheet out of me bc this chick doesnt see the GINORMOUS sign in front of her that says "YOUR BF IS ABUSIVE." ANNOYING!!!.

  • Do Game Shakers

  • Pretty sure those knifes are made in China when you Google them a bunch of articles on them being a scam pop up :/

  • Why do they keep on changing the actors for characters..

  • That song at the end lolll

  • The song was so good. The vocals were amazing

  • I read summaries about the second and third book…the author needs help. Like the relationships between Laura/Massimo and Laura/Nacho skip toxic and go straight to psychotic.

  • Hardin tattoos come from a cereal box or a package of cookies? Looks like they got inspired on cartoons like Popeyes lol

  • this sounds like an extended long drawn out cross between a hallmark movie and a dahrman video

  • Okay the comments convinced me to actually carry on watching this past episode 1 xD

  • This looks worse than Twilight smh

  • I hope s2 is a lot better with a bigger budget, bc this was horrendous

  • Next movie Tessa finds another better person to be her boyfriend Or maybe not 🐱