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Hollywood Undead - Enemy
Hollywood Undead - EnemyPřed 8 měsíci


  • Dead Bite out here lookin like Jason Voorhees is auditioning to be part of the band

  • Just like the good old days! Also the masks everyone has is just awesome

  • パパローチのとこ神

  • All about the Tech N9NE!

  • 🙇🏻‍♀️ yes!!!!!

  • I love that it’s like the old ninja turtles and power rangers arcade game, also, this whah dove and grenade should truly be🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • We need ice nine ft danny for one song frfrfr

  • Coming home is a great song

  • I had to do a double take when I saw INK in the title. Great song, amazing collaboration 😍

  • Love this 🖤


  • The hook beat.Sounds familiar. Just had a brain fart .. oooo we ooo who is that .. jeckel and hide

  • This gives me real FNAF vibes

  • Courious if the deadbite mask is a sign there is a new member coming in or an old one returning.

  • Feel like it should be longer

  • I wish that i could fly Way up in the sky Like a bird so high Oh i might just try I wish that could fly Way up in the sky Like a bird so high Oh i might just try Oh i might just try..

  • Did anybody else get introduced to them at a young age? Cuz i did. I still listen to Undead and everywhere I go! Btw y'all are lit as fuck!

  • So, im dutch, my mom always says i need to listen to happier music, if i listen to this my mom would not listen to the lyrics and say this is good music, so ty for making this

  • Did anyone here ever smoke some dove & grenade?

  • right know it helps me to breathe thank you for all this songs they were saving me for all theese years thank you

  • Stuck on repeat

  • MASKS ARE BACK!!!! YAY!! this is so badass!! you guys rock!

  • this was dope

  • I wonder what da kurlzz is doing

  • Crazy to see masks again, fuckin love it

  • I grew up on Hollywood undead and papa roach

  • I will never forget your concert in Poland in march. Last concert for me before everything got closed because of corona.

  • Такое ,банально слегка


  • putain de Covid19, je devais vous voir à PARIS

  • Please for the love of god and everything holy make that into a game I'd play that every day

  • Holly shit this is fucking sweet

  • I've been apart of HU Army since I was like nine. These guys have been a big part of my life & I will always love them <3 The new music is amazing and I look forward to future albums :-)

  • ok when the little kid started singing at the end made me wanna kill myself even more....😀🙂

  • This is the combo we never wanted but always needed

  • I hope this will be in NHL 22!

  • My mom did not want me to go to treatment so I took pills and she let me go

  • Fucking tech is the goat... murdered this

  • Papa Roach, Hollywood Undead and Ice Nine Kills together, it's like the last 20 years of my musical taste fused into one tonight.

  • This is so fucking epic. One of the best songs they've ever made

  • Awesome song, Awesome video! Keep rockin'!

    • Songs on repeat... atta boy spencer

  • This music video is Fucken Epic!!!! #HollywoodUndead 😍

  • Holy Fuck! I'M IMPRESSED!)

  • A mask band not wearing masks during COVID. These guys are true rebels. Great song as always gentleman!

  • Legendary ❤️

  • theas is facking cool

  • 👍👍👍

  • I love all there songs so dope❤❤❤

  • Love undead

  • Jacoby in my opinion hasn't sounded that good in a long while. Fingers crossed we get another album like Infest soon.

  • 2020 be like 😶

  • So who's behind the dead bite mask cause I'm still confused

    • I don't know but you can see in the live chat dead bite account before he was even announced was telling everyone to attack Hollywood and dead in the live chat comments

  • What 2020 needed

  • Wish i could but i dont have a fuckin gun

  • best colab ive heard all year

  • When I'm feeling a certain way, I jam this song. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Damn...okay.... Such a Great jam. Great job, love the energy!

  • Sooooo 'Deadbite' has his own IG page. Mask looks sick AF on it

  • that was LIGHT!!!!!!!!!HU4LIFE

  • Songs on repeat... atta boy spencer

  • Would have never expected this colab tbh, but glad it happened

  • I didn't think anything would remind me of my 'I'm not like other girls' phase so quick but HU and papa roach in the same song did it (All jokes aside this is another banger of a song)

  • Oh shit this is so good! I’ve loved your guys’ music since I was 12 and I’m gonna be 22 on Wednesday. Thank you for your music, it helps me keep going.

  • Nothing would make me happier than if I could sing one of these songs with you guys, just a special guest like jacoby

  • The only song that makes me sad and wanna vibe to...

  • That song reminds me of the molotov song "Cerdo"

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-qu28VlD7Tj4.html

  • Hollywood Undead unofficial game?!?!? I need this now😂😂

  • Gone gone gone

  • That was sick! 🇦🇺❤️

  • How many times have HU said “belly of the beast” in a song 😂

  • Algum BR aqui pra me salvar🙏😎😍


  • Johnny’s verse hits harder than the others’. J-Dog and Charlie both are like “something’s wrong and this shit sucks” but Johnny? He’s up at 3 am, sitting on the edge of his bed in the dark. His head is in his hands, and he’s been silently crying. He goes between thinking and asking God, looking at the ceiling as he does so, “Have you forgotten me? Why can’t you let me leave this behind?” It’s silent in the house, ear-ringingly so. Nothing but empty walls to hear his shaking breaths and quiet pleas for help.

  • Gods i cant wait until i get my dove and grenade tattoo!

  • Laynnnn Efso Olmuş Brolar 👊

  • Did this may just be me but the guy who had like the black leather jacket and the red eyeshadow looks like the lead singer of Panic at the Disco and if it is that's interesting


  • Hollywood Undead or Bring Me The Horizon. You choose👇