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  • theres no mistake cause its not real.

  • Also thunders pickaxe is called kaiju cutter

  • and the exotic weapon the spachula

  • BRUH AINT NO WAY THEY COPIEING WARZONE ON THE ZONE SPLIT and I thought the zone split was a bad idea now in fortnite bruh

  • Ngl m and m is kinda mid all he does is bloat about he can rap fast.. we get it

  • Imagine finding all three llamas in the exact same area. Or finding all three llamas in one game at different spots by pure luck

  • I miss Fea4rless so much and Tsm

  • I have a friend who has an earn jager skin, and a skin that hasent came out!

  • COOL

  • Is it just me getting the heisted heavy shotgun

  • "The smart pistol will lock onto enemies" Am I the only one getting titanfall flashbacks

  • R.i.p Faulty Splits 2022-2023

  • It's attack Titan

  • I loved this update

  • *anvil rocket launcher has left the chat*

  • My Name is emin

  • My Name is emin

  • How will we do first person with building?

  • I once found two Lammas right beside each other crazy in this season

  • 3:01 how is that 200 iq

  • Oh cool, modę study stolen from apex🎉

  • he just snapped back to reality

  • if peter griffin launches in fortnite i'll play it

  • im currently making a challenge that i can only use swords and heals no guns or grenades i currently found no one honorable at all that will sword fight me fair and square

  • Why they copying warzone for the two zone thing they could of thought of something different at least

  • wait what, whos clix

  • There is an secret that no one almost no one knew about the kevin (only og one)when he touched the ground an mysterius person walked by and fortnite was originaly an horror game

  • At that point epic should’ve just deleted the whole game

  • I think it's BS that we can't have jiggly physics for girls, it's literally a part of reality

  • 4:38 or place a cone or other build

  • Shouldn’t this video be posted after season 2 ended?

  • I guess I was fortunate enough to get this because I had the chicken from the vending machine

  • U forgot about Voxhunter, a skin that is in the Fox clan with Vi and Catalyst along with the new battle pass skin Stray

  • fortnite added yamato but forgot vergil and dante


  • that last one tho😲

  • I still don't get why he's number one I would personally use this skin out of all the skins on the list that's the best-looking skin people are just odd

  • Did you know one of these facts is fake

  • I'm tired of Fortnite not fixing the Naruto skins. It was the first anime to be introduced to fort. Thanks to Naruto y'all got perfect anime skins that look good. Like MHA and dragon ball. Naruto never got a mythic cuz they never thought of doing so until other anime collaborations.

  • At 2:01 Ive had the spinning car thing happen to me except when i did it the car spinned for 12 seconds and also landed

  • I am not so excited for first person mode, I like Fortnite how it is.

  • 6:30 Fortnite would be lucky to be a mw2 lobby


  • They be copying call of duty left and right if that is true

  • Have been watching ur videos the past hour im obsessed

  • yk snake eyes hasnt been in the game for 584 days and i own him i also own every other rare skin but i also got him and just now released its been a long ass time since we seen him

  • Jordan Pickford is Everton’s goalkeeper

  • That's too bad about the fake skyscrapers. I'd be happy even if they just duplicated floors.

  • Keep up the great videos ❤