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  • Your southern accent is flawless. 😂😂

  • Wait a minute.. why does the curator remind me of the storykeeper in DBD? They sound oddly similar..

  • Oh there’s a rock band named fanny cool haHA

  • The thing that pisses me off the most is that she cheated on him and here's Jack trying to get them back together like she didn't do that

  • Love this game good work

  • Jack "this bird should be white"you mean red

  • Stop the accent


  • Hi -2021 Eythan

  • 2:51 jack your lucky you dont bullets you would've missed


  • Literally watching you make decisions in this game made me cringe. You made Jason so unlikeable in part 1

  • This game has been redone you can actually play as bigfoot now you all need to play this again ASAP

  • very well pronuciation

  • just watching a grown man draw a penis in his yard in a game is a sentence I didn't think id ever say.

  • I don't need to skip ahead to know that the background is fake. The green parts of his chair are still there.

  • “Look at me, I’m a video game” *Jack’s true identity has been revealed!*

  • Sean can go from Grandma's got arthritis to Larry the Cable Guy in 2 seconds with his American accent in this video. It makes me laugh every single time. You're Queen Bitch to me, Sean, if that means anything.

  • Better commercial than the ones you see on TV. lel

  • 9:44 sean!! how dare you!! have you no heart!! have you forgotten what MEME TIME has done for you?!?!?

  • Why didn't he use the subway thing to go nearer to the picture thing?

  • Sean please play hellblade, I need to see you do a series on it.

  • brad really didnt take 15 seconds to put shoes on??

  • I like that they're going full on creatures in this game, I like the Little Hope one but still disapointed, Man of Medan, I didn't bother knowing about that game, but the models in all of these games still looks.... off to me, it looks plastic, their expression look a little unnatural and sometimes it looks like they're not looking at whoever they're talking to but ehh, I'm still enjoying this game, even tho, I'm not playing it

  • Is the guy called Todd because he is a prick to androids like Detroit Todd?

  • 11# trending for gaming

  • 4 mil views as predicted 👏

  • I will never get tired of a bunchh of adults on the internet scream at eachother for 30 minutes straight.

  • 53:38 Is that Dune reference? Lol

  • Ms. Tisdale is a JOY. 😊🎃♥️🇵🇭

  • 1:32 my mind: and pogo Pete with a swanton bomb!

  • Big spooky monsters, 10/10.

  • I just love how 2003 the dialogue is. Really sets the tone. Quite dedicated to the early 2000's motif.

  • Man it's exactly what Jack wanted XD about a certain thing in this game.

  • 2021 still watching old happy wheels video!!!

  • rolling whiteboard friend

  • Let’s go queen bitch

  • Coke and pork in a crock pot makes a great pulled pork. Put a big chunk in the pot, dump in a 16 oz bottle of coke, and leave it all afternoon. The sugar in the coke breaks down the tough meat and makes it nice and light.

  • I don’t wanna wait until the next episode 😢

  • Seán I need help in the little amount of time on this world im losing it all my friends are toxic and constantly bringing me down I turn to u as my only sign of hope and I see u play and it makes me realize there's a chance that I might amount to something I've been watching ur vids for a good while and I feel like I know u personally and if it came down to it you would be on top of my world im only alive bc of u keep going

  • She just got vaccum cleanered

  • So they’re all supposed to be speaking Arabic in an Iraqi accent, but every single person is speaking in an Egyptian dialect. Needless to say, its incredibly annoying.

  • Good to see Sean do an actual Let’s play again. ☘️🇮🇪🍀🌈☕️ 13:52 I can’t be the only one who thinks that Eric looks a lot like Albert Wesker from The resident evil series

  • t 4:45 I was drinking Gatorade what he said made me spit it out from laughing 😂

  • raid shadow legends popped up when he said that XD

  • I really want a military veteran or someone who has been in the military to do a play through of this game(maybe with Sean ) and point out the mistakes the game made in portraying the military

  • 1:16 he looked back (bad luck)

  • Alright I was already a slight Susie simp and this just.. well, I got the fevers 😅

  • I’m sad he doesn’t start the video w the slap and saying top of the morning to ya laddies

  • Let’s be honest, Sean crying when Frisk hugged Asriel made all of us cry

  • I remember this show. The source of some of my ‘issues’ is becoming clear 😬 Jesus, the tripe they used to hypnotise us with 😂

  • It's almost like Until Dawn with the choices in dialogue, plus the little tablets that show when something is going to happen.

  • I think they hired anoyher voice actor for her part in speaking arabic

  • The Arabic spoken was so annoying. Theyre supposed to be Iraqi but they spoke in an Egyptian dialect smh

  • Jack confirms, he is in fact the Man From Mullingar

  • I cannot take the man who always keeps his sunglasses on even a bit serious Jeez dude chill

  • The fight around 33:30 reminds me a lot of the Joker. Seán would make a good one.

  • I so just want you to redo Mervin WWAAAAAAHHHH

  • I remember following you at 1 mil

  • I did leave for some milk why do you metion it?

  • Currently 24 minutes in... does Jack not realize that by clicking the mouse he is in fact killing this man??? lmao Update: No, no he did not and I'm over here wheezing.

  • dafuq did merwin do thoug?

  • "the enemy of my enemy is my super enemy" i'm saving that

  • Nice

  • Jason sounds like Shane from walking dead

  • The butcherd my corps motto semper Fi "always faithful" and the salute is fuckin wrong"

  • Love how Jack always just goes, "ASHLEY TISDALE!"

  • To be honest her Arabic is pretty damn good

  • Juega dead rising en mi xbox one tengo dead rising 1 dead rising 2

  • Judo is using your opponents inertia against them. Usually good for bigger opponents.

  • Anyone else notice Catwoman sounds like Serana from skyrim?

  • Jack, the they clearly died, lol. The dynamite simply couldn't be used.

  • This just reminds me of Until Dawn with the optional dialogue and even the premonition stones.

  • Hold on, I might be mistaken, but wasn’t there a older couple who went on a safari, paid for by a dating show, that got mauled? Around the eighties or nineties.

  • Gosh most of the characters in this series are unbearable, the only ones I really care about are Kolchek, Joey, and Salim

  • 4:45 69/10

  • what was that starting song called?

  • can’t even get to the game because Turtle back won’t fix the problem with their servers. I keep getting “Failed to sign in” after restarting my router, changing my MAC address, restarting Xbox, redownloading the game. And it still won’t sign me in.

  • Top Quality, also known as Chuck Woolery.😆