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Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let's player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live action and sketch comedy videos.


30Před 17 dny
Burn It With Fire!
Burn It With Fire!Před 21 dnem
Awful ASMR #2
Awful ASMR #2Před 25 dny
Australia Is BURNING!
Australia Is BURNING!Před měsícem
Human Simulator
Human SimulatorPřed měsícem
Deeeer Simulator
Deeeer SimulatorPřed měsícem
Happy Wheels #101
Happy Wheels #101Před 2 měsíci
Satan Called Me Daddy...
Satan Called Me Daddy...Před 2 měsíci
Stop This...
Stop This...Před 2 měsíci
I'm REALLY Good At This!
I'm REALLY Good At This!Před 2 měsíci
I'm In An Anime?
I'm In An Anime?Před 2 měsíci
Gen Z Culture Is Scary
Gen Z Culture Is ScaryPřed 2 měsíci


  • Please tell me im not the only one that immediately realised the duck/goose video music is the intro to death note

  • Two things. One, I'm a genZ that regularly drinks plain while milk. It's fucking delicious. Two, "brittle little" is so much fun to say

  • 6:36 wtf I've never seen this (I'm german)

  • Who tf calls cereal sauce milk?

  • Does anyone have a link to that bend over video. I absolutely love it

  • Boy he really likes doing A LOT OF DAMAGE

  • To show you the power of flex paste I cut this chicken's head off


  • -moogoterbating Lol i diiiieeed😂

  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Jse:I WANNA EAT IT

  • Star at 2:29

  • 6:12 step bro im stuck help

  • Sean McJoblin I’m so sorry Dad

  • We need Jontron to do the Flex Paste please


  • HEY JACK, can you play unravel 2 on your channel. Like a let’s play.

  • I remember my mom watching malcom in the middle so I started watching it and now that i remember it that show was weird

  • I got very strong Chase Brody vibes from this. I'm probably just imagining stuff that isn't there but the speculating sure was fun! Also, I love these vids.

  • the hjonkining begins brothers

  • Phil swift is a gift to the world


  • hi jack

  • Hi from Instagram

  • Nap time commercial: now you can kill your child cuz of being so Annoying

  • strong bone juice

  • Jack: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! people back then: why you screamin' nerd people now: yes, more daddy, please...

  • Billy Mays was a better salesman, also you're a millennial Sean just cause you turned 30 doesn't mean your a Boomer

  • Also there’s a game called afterlife After this game

  • I’m probably not the first one to make this joke but 15:18 = 1000 years of death

  • I drink milk all the time and I a gen z

  • I love your vids

  • Jack watches the nap time video Me: "wait this is cloriphorm"

  • No its billy May's

  • To show the power of flex paste I sawed this chicken in half

  • Great performance at vidcon

  • wait... is Phill Swift is any way related to Taylor Swift??? i am questioning this beacause their last names are the same.

  • when youre too lonely and u have imaginery friends. 9:01

  • Jack did you make a mistake at the beard?

  • It’s sad that he can’t swear anymore ;-;

  • Jack/Sean just want to know you used to upload daily but now you have stoped just want to know why have you :)

  • Question for the comments section, would 17 be considered a millenial? I want to call my sister a millenial.

  • I thought he was shirtless in the opening scene i was like Ok not mad

  • I'm calling it, Flex Seal Movie

  • It could be 'musterboot' if you're Canadian, I guess...

  • Is there going to be any more please???

  • Is there a download link for the intro I need it......

  • “The Mona Lisa isn’t naked” “She should be” Watashi wa Kira Yoshikage-

  • Milk: good for you drink me Me: But milk is bad for you I know The FBI: Keep an eye on him

  • The German Ad was just saying: Sauerländer (the Sauerland is a region) Gurken (pickels), knackig im biss (i dont want to explain this with the conection to turtel dicks)

  • 14:43 yes,we did

  • The pickle commercial means: "Sauerland (Region where they are from)cucumbers. crunchy when biting in it."

  • Can you talk Irish plz

  • Phil swift has a mental break down?

  • Hey jack fun facts here , while the millenial not drinking milk thing is pretty ridiculous, there are serious talks about how to drink milk you have to pasteurize it under really high heat, but that kills all the bacteria AND nutrients. So we now actually have to add nutrients back IN, which is sparking a conversation on if real milk is worth it and substitutes are more sustainable.

  • Jack needs to react to Phil swift has a mental breakdown

  • Who else slapped the screen 😂😂😂

  • Please play more Dying Light

  • Jack casually flexing on us with his phone... bruh 🤣

  • "Germans are not that easily offended" Oh wenn du nur wüsstest

  • “Phil Swift is the best salesperson” Jack, you’ve betrayed Vince

  • I LOVE drinking plain milk, what’s that one guys issue XD

  • Feel bad for his neighbors

  • Oh my God! My girlfriend is going to love that "Release the Quacken" video. 😂

  • I need a top of the morning to ya laddies alarm clock

  • 0:04 when jack try's to have a French acsence

  • Amazing intro

  • ROBER:*breaks into house* ME:SIKE THATS THE RONG HOUSE BOI!! *pulls out shot gun* wellcome to the losers club ROBERS

  • When where playing that so do we😂😂😂😂((mostly me))

  • Jason Momoa looked like a young Wheelchair Willy! hahaha

  • Millenials are *KILLING* the milk imdustry

  • That's what i like to see people defending boo.. i mean art...

  • I want a flex paste boat

  • Hey Jack you can now make dad jokes.


  • You don’t grow out of your generation jack

  • 15:52 who are they from?

  • 'Powerthirst' is what you were thinking of 😀 Brilliant advert. Also watch 'Terry Tate Office Linebacker'! Oldie but goldie 👍

  • Bruh

  • But

  • Mom: Sweetie, can you cut the cake please? Me: okay. *Cuts it fast as hell* Mom: STOP, 28 STAB WOUNDS

  • I picked vince

  • You sould make a video of all the jfv together and. play them at the same time

  • Hijak it would be really cool if you listen to another Irish Drinking Song

  • Laugh

  • Omega sign is in the title in of the game

  • 15:14 is OFFCANNY they're really funny i would recommend :>>>

  • Chloroform, th e best tool to stop annoying kids

  • “There’s no other salesmen that is better than Phil swift Vincent from slap-chop: Umm

  • "I'm having some meme deja vu." 'Memeja vu'.

  • 10:35 there is some in America( New York ).

  • YoU hAvE tO bE 60 To Be A boOmEr

  • @jacksepticeye Séan, thank you do much. Today is my birthday and this was the first thing that I've watched today and I absolutely love it. I always lose my mind laughing watching JSEFHV and this one was there best one in my opinion. So thank you so much for making my eighteenth birthday that much better. I absolutely love your support of all your fans, so O just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me as a fan, so thank you for making the people you connect with better people and thank you for spreading the joy of your words and laughter.

  • What was the actual meaning of the weird picture of the Neighbor and the hipster guy?

  • Why is every: comment formatted like this: "whatever happened to" this format

  • 15:37 "Subnautica is the toughest game ever created." **has flashbacks of Getting Over It**

  • I got slightly offended by the boomer joke

  • What about the slap my nuts guy?

  • 30 cheerleaders and a blackbeard makes a tornado

  • I legit laughed in begining when jack got serious after the song and said laugh xD

  • I'm part of the Malcolm in the middle squad that show is hilarious