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Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let's player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live action and sketch comedy videos.


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  • 17:05 jack: dont look at me also jack: dont turn away from me jack is a middle school non logical teacher exposed?

  • I love this game..I love watching him play it. But I hate it too. On one hand I love that it makes me feel not so alone, not so ignored or blown off for the mental issues I do have. But on the other hand..it’s really triggering...its seriously like exactly how it feels. I don’t know how they did it.

  • If your going to the dragon not praperd your going to die and don't jump in the portal or your stuk there inteall you kill the inderdragon

  • You should start a public Minecraft world

  • everyone talking about what jack should do but does anyone els wanna cry coz Padraig died :'(

  • Pink slime plort mixed slimes are better because they eat anything

  • in your next video put my commit in your video to know the end of the world

  • 31:51 when the fight starts dialoge anyway

  • Hey, Jack, please notice me. Play more Hot Lava because it's out of beta now. Please!

  • Is no one gonna comment on how jack sounded exactly like a gnome in the intro.

  • Jack finds gold, The heart of the sea, crystals, and other stuff, And he gets excited about a fox?

  • Jack named the monkey "Bok". 19:10 But the thing he didn't knew is "Bok" means "Shit" in Turkish language 😂

  • Storm Area 51 Filipinos : meh THIS VIDEO Andres Bonifacio: Lusob mga kapatid!!!

  • 23:58 How the frick frack did he mix up pornography with photography

  • You lost

  • 5:40 Irish man discovers fossil fuels.

  • Padraig needs a wifey

  • R.I.P. Podriag

  • You need a rock to get the meat from animals

  • im hiding in the comments rn

  • Creepers dont grief when they explode in water BIG BRAIN

  • Hey jack use dye on your signs pleasr

  • Make a fire place build a dungeon and a luxury bed room with an on suite

  • RESPECT CHUCK you're supposed to be PMA

  • Paurig needs a wifey

  • *who's knocking the door?* Jack- josh wanted a pizza maybe he ordered one 😂😂😂

  • Sean the gaelic gladiator. He did get a dnd name

  • Respect and love from India!

  • jack, i just love you xD ! Why does you live so far far awaayyyy its haaerd !


  • You can spruce your bedroom up with some paintings

  • I died when he sai😂d “I don’t wanna go on a dating app If it gonna jumpscare me”😂😂😂

  • You can get all of the original Tomb Raider games on GOG

  • Bruh


  • attack on titan be like: 0:02

  • Comment s akin na filipino kayo ito mga filipino hugot "pwude pumasok 2:saan? 3:sa puso mo

  • My OCD is freaking out, please just extend the portal to the right by one block

  • F

  • Tf I actually jumped at the party room

  • Oh my god, I cried watching this again because it hurts me so badly to see someone who helped me deal with depression and self-loathing, go through the same kind of thing a year later...

  • Cola and meal please no bread

  • No i am nordic an me neim mims fier

  • So kautch is basically jacks ver for water sheep

  • This is how many people quit this video 👇

  • Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🥺🥺🥺

  • Connan obrien is 100% irish. His doctor told him he was inbred

  • iyot titi

  • *Fs in the chat boiz...*

  • Jack: “My brain is a singularity.” Singularity: Is literally tons of mass compressed into a small space Jack is very smart

  • /locate〈name〉

  • Dope jack

  • For the mob farm put slabs, then hoppers

  • One is the colour of Jack's eyes, and one is his pride.

  • if the exp farm has 1/2 of an block place where you can hit them the creepers wont blow up

  • Felix:*looses joergen1* Jack:*looses padraig* Felix:*blames another pet* Jack:*blames another pet* Soon he'll lose chuck and he'll praise him,just like wat felix did to watersheep

  • Hey jack you need a bed for your villager or they will despawn and yes you can put name tags on them also you need to feed them

  • 4:57 for me it is accually a friday (=

  • Jacks tree fell let’s fix that with a controlled shock

  • Play Deltarune Genocide 😃😃😃

  • Tomb Raider 2 was also my first ever game and thank god I bought it again from the Apple Store, best 6,99€ ever spent.

  • The villager probably despawned because he didn't have a bed nearby

  • detention movie have came out today in taiwan and it is really goooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This was very chip chop of you

  • My teacher is Irish

  • To not get scare I only look at the heart rate

  • Seed dosen't work

  • 8:00 i am choking on my food and crying with laughter

  • Jack,mahal ko kita....bilang youtuber English:Jack, i love you....as a youtuber

  • You could put your pets in that extra room

  • Ideas for Jack (some of these others have thought of too); Bird Sanctuary. Great Hall w/ fireplace. A Giant Potato statue. A Doggo House. Aquariums to decorate or plants. Maybe make a war room with armour stands and chests with weapons. Just to decorate and use the space on the second floor. A Village that surrounds the kingdom. "Unpaid workers" in the windmill that act like shopkeepers (might be hard to get them up each level so cool idea but not practical). Ideas to fix problems; Use obsidian to fix the problem with creepers blowing up your xp farm. You could make a little light show on top of the tower with revolving lights. Its redstone work which could be difficult but it would look cool with all the Irish colours and it would work as a beacon as well.

  • 15:13 glass hits steeve in nuts and he screams

  • Put slaps over the hoppers and creepers can’t see you

  • The dolphins

  • Get them fish

  • Skulls

  • 2019

  • maybe in the ireland room you could use coloured concrete, it looks more vibrant and neat <3

  • X : -15 ; Y : 64 ; Z : 228. there's a wierd ice swamp biome

    • X : -90 ; Y : 63 ; Z : - 231. There's a underwater monument

  • HAHAHAHAHA!!! "Kainin mo ang titi ko"

  • Dogs did 9/11

  • The arts and crafts looks really fun lol

  • Get a anvil put you enchanted sword in it and a regular iron sword in it to fix the durability

  • I thought they loved hatchets...

  • 800K+ views but 0 comments? That's a bit STRANGE...

  • Every time Jack starts video top of the morning Irish noises

  • Jack: “Padraig came from a great ice palace” Jack: *destroys the great ice palace*

  • While you're still in LA you should have Arin and Dan come over and voice your cardboard cutouts.

  • Ah, shiet here we go again....

  • jack you didnt take fire damage cuz it was your own fire by the sword

  • Everyone’s reaction When fighting undying for the first time Aw shit

  • Hay I'm also Irish I LOVE IRLAND btw shout out for my idol Jack I'm only like 14 but love your vids Hay you need to play five nights at fuckboys it's funny and rude but you will love it also play the game drunk for better experience

  • "Everyone go use my seed." -Jacksepticeye 2019

  • He deserves a true warriors departure, his remains to be cast off in a ship and be cremated by the flames of an arrow..

  • Um, Jack, I don't want to be difficult about this, but the fact is YOU are in MY living room. And you're very welcome here, of course, always are...but not if you're going to make it weird.

  • Sam or sVeN?

  • change the green in your rainbow to Lime Green and it'll look more vibrant

  • I can't believe they changed the voice for Robin the original voice is better than the old one

  • Can you pls play dragon ball xenoverse 2

  • Hi I’m am a animatronic