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Weird Unban Requests
Weird Unban RequestsPřed měsícem
Am Fish
Am FishPřed 7 měsíci
So I Googled Myself...
So I Googled Myself...Před 8 měsíci
I tried to find love
I tried to find lovePřed 10 měsíci


  • she became fat

  • cat at beginning of video, me like

  • 6:53

  • ikr

  • This is 20 minutes of niki getting told what to do lol

  • I a video of these but with George that would be awesome 😂🤣

  • Noooooo… ist n bisschen Ausbaufähig Love that krkr

    • 10:07

  • I cant stop laughing

  • Its funni xd

  • Gorege Is female since when........................

  • Oh no no no

  • today i have learnt that websites are complete *S I M P S*

  • I have never laughed at a video this loud 😭😭😭WHAT WERE THEY THINKING LIKE LMFAOO

  • Ima die soon I wanna laugh but humans in my home are asleep

  • THATS SO HONKING GROSS (not you Niki)

  • Die Antworten 🤣🤣🤣hahahahaha tf

  • Niki I’m so sorry for you I honestly makes me wanna cry

  • Ah that’s why I probably I clap when somethings funny ok

  • hi i love your videos and streams iknow you mabye wont see this but just want to say that i love your streams :D

  • hOrNy LiGnInGhT

  • Niki your the best person ever if someone did that to me I’d be balling my eyes out


  • 5:43 ah yes, I am a britisher too 9:47 I COULDNT HOLD IN A SNORT AT THAT OMGGGGG

  • Nihachu: Gamer Georgenotfound: Gamer Tommyinnit: *GAMMER*

  • my heart 💜 I love hearing her talk it makes me happy

  • watchers are talking or saying bad and dirty things to her, thats ungrateful:( btw niki your so pretty and dont mind them saying that your fat!! fat but at least healthy!! ilysm nikkk!!💞

  • Cutly stops crying

  • D n f

  • He has hair now?!!?!?!

  • Video

  • Please just mention me on one vidy

  • Niha

  • Niha I just play bedwars with you

  • "sad smiley face" niki you are adorable

  • You look very pretty today niki

  • Nihachu This Born To My Life 🥺🥺 This is a People Nihachu

  • I want to play wit you on minecraft but can't 😭

  • I love it nikki good job

  • Niki i love the shirt, skirt, and fishnet! They go well together and i love the headband too!

  • is it just me or am i the only one dat understands german

  • A M F I S H

  • Nikki you just inspired me to try eyeliner I failed but I’ll keep trying

  • I did it in half an hour. 😄

  • Niki I think you’re so cool! And when u grow up I wanna be just like you! I can explain how much you inspire me everyday and it’s my dream to become a streamer like you, thank you for everything❤️

  • Dang she got the best outfits ;-;


  • 😭😭😭


  • notice the meme on the second computer where we see a cat looking like ranboo... "RANBOO FACE REVEAL!" 🤣

  • Nihihu

  • The alternate title: Nihachu dying of laughter for 10 minutes and 26 seconds straight

  • Ranboo and Nihachu are such an underrated duo

  • Wow Nihachu Your People and I Love U 🥺🥺🥺

  • I'm so sorry Niki for taking those comment's. you absouletly don'y deserve those comment's you are so sweet and kind <3

  • Let's make this even more interesting, at 5:57 she says SAPNA and sapna actually means dream in hindi (illuminati music starts playing)

  • Jack is a comedic GENIUS and Niki’s hysterical laughing tops it all off personally, I love this duo 😂 /p

  • 8:44 send it to wilbur

  • Jack sounds like Gordon Ramsay

  • Bro what the cat doin?

  • Are you and Wilbur actually dating?

  • lol jack called us out

  • Some rude mindless twitch viewers makes fun of Niki in a water box. I hate them.

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Niki the sun of my life ☀️

  • She is sooo pretty!!!

  • Get yourself a friend like HBomb ♥

  • Aaaahhhh

  • Aaaaaahhhhh

  • Aaaaahhhhhh

  • Why i watch this: I wanna see BOTH OF THEM SUFFER

  • Are you crying?…wow, pathetic.

  • "I'm a good man, I wouldn't do such a thing" *Remembers cows*

  • This was so funny lmao :v

  • Hello Niki

  • It means thank you

  • Hey do u know danke