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Avril NYC DAY 1
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  • keep doin whatchya doin!

  • if I hear this song (Wish You Were Here), always remember the sense of missing her

  • saya ingin dengar get over it versi acoustic... please...

    • i want to hear get over it acoustic version ... please ...

  • Brasil.... \°/ - Oi Avril Lavgne sou muito seu fã amuh de coração Noborys Home, Wish You Were Here, Runaway, Skate Boy, I'm With You, Don't Tell Me nossa T.T gosto muito de vc te acho muito lindah ♡ meu FACEBOOK facebook.com/zerocoolccc

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-dal4dM-Xo4o.html

  • Avril postou um vídeo privado! ATENTO!!!

  • you have not made a song i dont like

  • Vou te ouvir um pouco agora.. ^^

  • You're my inspiration, I don't know how can I live without you or your music. People is so dumb when thinking that your fashional is disaster, they seem really awesome. I dare to not eating for one day but I can't live a day without your music, you're my everything. In my language: Tôi yêu bạn và rất tự hào khi là một little black stars English: I LOVE YOU and I'm proud to be a little black stars

  • retirando minhas inscrição, caso canal volte ativa por favor avisar

  • Sua voz sempre salvando meu dia... amooo :^)

  • Hey Avril, Are You A Vampire? Your Teeth Are Pretty Sharp And You Dont Seem To Age

  • Te Amo... Meu Deus te amo muito..

  • im sorry i forgot to ask permission to use your music in my videos. so i am asking you now. i love this song and could really use it for my videos. may i use this song in my videos?

  • Me orgulho de ser uma Little Black Star English: I'm proud to be a Little Black Star

  • #AvrilDiva

  • Happy Birthday Avril Lavigne! You are so awesome,amazing,beautiful,talented,funny & a great actress in the whole wide world! You did a great job of playing a "Virginia Opossum" animal in a kids movie called "Over The Hedge"! Also I loved only some of your songs except the "Girlfriend" song. The rest of the other songs it's very awesome,amazing & very impressive! Also I just wanted to say congratulations that you married a famous guitar/singer named "Chad Kroeger" from the band called "Nickelback". Also maybe one day I would love to meet & take a picture with you & Chad Kroeger! You are so Amazing,awesome,beautiful,talented,funny & a great actress to! Have a great & awesome birthday & have fun with Chad Kroeger! Andrew!

  • Feliz Aniversário :)

  • Happy Birthday Avril!! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😊👍😃🎶🎂

  • AVRIL, SAYA MENYUKAI MUSIK KAMU DAN SAYA SANGAT MENYUKAI SUARA KAMU. COME TO INDONESIA PLEASE. SING IN MY COUNTRY. i just miss your voice. miss you on stage. you are 31, but still like 24 - 27. princess of punk rock

  • Avril !!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHHH !!!

  • Chad Kroeger has a kick ass singing voice

  • melissa vandella pq parou de postar videos

    • +Miraculous Ladybug eu sei

    • +canal Ah! deixa pra la Atah só pessoas bestas vão acreditar nessa Teoria

    • +canal Ah! deixa pra la Atah :3 Ainda Bem

    • cara eu to so brincando e claro que eu n acredito nessa teoria

    • Ela não é a melissa seu tonto afinal melissa vandella não existe é so coisa da internet que inventam isso so prova que vc acredita em tudo da internet

  • The better !!!

  • avril senbro un mogolo ma questo e il numero di mia finta madre 3454070566 diglielo che vuoi me e chiama con lanonimo e dilli che mi ami che fa finta che ti chiama per un daun e fa finta che lo vuoi

  • ♫*´¨`*•.¸¸.♫My Life¸.•¨¯`•.♥

  • ❤❤❤ www.avril-fan.de ❤❤❤

  • why do you not sing anymore cause i really love you even more than my dad actullary my dad show me you (and when i saided love you i mean like the singing way cause you even beated my love for taylor swift)

    • +littlegamermermaid and i dont mean love you more than my dad i mean i love your muice than my dad does

  • I love you Avril , When will you do a concert in France

  • Avril, Not sure if you will respond or not, but I was wondering how you are doing with treatments of your lyme disease and if you are any better ? I have a gf that is going through so much pain and misdiagnoses's, its very hard to see her go through that, what kind of advice do you have for others going through medical issues and how can I best be there for her? I feel like I don't know how to help her . Thank you. * TaMeRa*

  • black star, forever i will be

  • Hey Avril arent you glsd to see me :p

  • You have a "Charming" movie coming? I'd be looking forward to it.

  • Forgot to tell you,... you are looking much better lately. Wait till you see me!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY #AvrilLavigne 🎂

  • i love u. You're my favourite singer

  • I love u song. I know u are passionate people. I will support u. Very few people like you. More for the students to write song, OK? They need u.


  • love you avril

  • IF you believe in optical illusion i do too Avril Lavigne and it's spirit community

  • I love you Avril! GYWTL <3 <3

  • Hey Avril Lavigne if You want to get marriage with me as a Shocky toy or shocky boy i am with you otherwise Kroger is with YOU

  • IF YOU have a big heart and kind behavior forget the bad action from me Avril Lavigne and Kroger

  • HEY Avril i hate to insult to any one so sorry and The bad comments was by me on your web site about the marriage

  • i don't know why Avril Lavigne do not have baby by new husband because she sined ? hmm ()_() +__+ so according to bible in marriage part second marriage is sin but i hope GOD going to forgive her sin +AMEN+

  • HEY Listen ALL friends i said to Avril Lavigne in themselves web site YOUR Husband is GOOD But Not Perfect and i gave her Marriage request But Her ADMIN web site Blocked two user FROM me and i said to them by 3 user No Problem Your Husband is Perfect about over and i wont to test your Love for sure She don't have fall again

  • i said your Husband is GOOD but not perfect so it is insult to you ? okay your husband is Perfect about Over Avril Lavigne ()_()

  • My Goal wasn't hurting her or her Husband or insult to themselves Family or her or her husband But i Got the mean like that No problem because i am funny and crazy sometime Hey Avril Lavigne Friend or Avril >>i am not jealous Just i wont to Test her Love for Sure she don't have fall again by Bad Love ()_() i am careful another because i know now You are Not smart Like me yeah i am come from country iran Not America so do you think is it insult ? hmm

  • facebook.com/video.php?v=474310385933288&set=vb.404609432903384&type=2&theater

  • A+S+A+D

  • who i am Avril lavigne ?

  • I also love Avril lavigne is my most idola is cute and beautiful


  • Merry Christmas, Avril! Hope you had a fantastic day and may your new years is filled with lots of fun and laughter. :D

  • (ASAD MALEKI ) >>>one nice girl had a nice sing like AVRiL facebook.com/video.php?v=773692049376373

  • hi avril i love your music so much, you are my role model.

  • Hey guys i make Avril Lavigne music videos, mind checking them out? :D

    • IF i was instead First Avril Lavigne Boy Friend i wouldn't let her to go in Hang Out in America or Canada and i wouldn't Broken her heart and well that is destination so #Vegas!

    • i Know you uploaded Black screen show about yourself in facebook and youtube for showing Avril Lavigne is dead But You are alive in My heart forever Avril Lavigne

    • facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=796551987074998&set=gm.564734776960846&type=1&theater

    • DO NOT lost yourself by bad Friend beside yourself and maybe your interesting young behavior changed

    • Hey Avril Lavigne i found professional music better than ALL your album but i Love You because you was beautiful young lady and funny sometime ()__() maybe you can remember where you had very HARD life in last in canada and starting life in America ()__() with sport shoes and i live outside of canada and America in country iran but i know it because usually when i loved a person i do searching about him or her like you

  • Hello... you do not know me, but I wanted to bring something to your attention. There is a prostitute here in Huntsville Alabama posting on BackPage.com using your pics as her. Here is the link... huntsville.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/astonishing-arieal-once-in-a-lifetime-and-best-in-town-college-coed-hugsandkisses-21/9538396 Fawn

  • Always loved you and your music from the start was at one of your concerts as the only one holding a lighter! probbably as at the time you had mostly young fans and so I was the only one old enogh to smoke haha ;) glad your still going strong and so brilliant :) heres someone you may like but sadly doset have a record deal :(.... The Promise - Emma Blackery [Official Music Video]... all the best Avril for all time ;) yours a fan always David xx

  • Hi Avril, you don't know me, but I know you! I just wanted to say how much I love you and respect you as an artist and a person! I would write so much more, but I wouldn't want to spoil the letter I send you! :) But anyway, I love you! :)

  • Please come to South Korea once again!! I love you my love!!!!!!

  • Heey Aviie give one "hi" I love you so much my princess <3 you are my world. i loved your tour here in Brasil day 30/04 in São Paulo , was my birthday present, so I did 20 years 29/04 I LOVE YOU !!!

  • love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......... foreverrrrrrrrrrr

  • Please come to Czech Republic, to Prague - the capital of GOTHIC <3


  • ah, i've got you're photo. I'm a your fan. will you be in italy.?

  • Avril I'm so happy 'cause i will watch your live Show in Chile (5/9/2014).... I just lament haven't more money to go with my boyfriend, its our dream........ I love your music and your style.... thanks for everything.

  • Why did you quit your tour Vlogging here? :(

  • love you

  • Avril is great. I've listend your music since at first time I've heard about you. Oh God.... so much time.

  • avril i love u plz come to America at Maine state

  • Left You 2 Videos Mobile and knocking heavens doors

  • Merry Christmas, Avril! Have a fantastic day! :D

  • GO TO BULGARIA PLEASE!!!!!!!! *cries*

  • My name's Eva or Eve, I'm a bulgarian and I'm 98,9 percents sure, that I'm going to Canada! YAY!!!!!!! I'm also a singer called Rainbow Dash Eve. COMMENT!!!! PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! HOW THE F*CK CAN U BE SO PERFECT?????

  • you... are... just killing me. I don't know HOW THE HELL can you be sooooo.... PERFECT???! I have on 26 th September birthday! Almost the same date! I looooooooove punk - rock! I'm gonna make a song dedicated to ya. Answer this comment! - Rainbow Dash Eve

  • We love your music <3 !! Many Greetings and all the best :) ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Yaway

  • hey avril I'm ur biggest fan!! your music inspired me to sing.. you r an inspiration to me a wove u!! (and pleassssee come to qatar, it will be a dream come true to see you!! :D love from leo <3

  • Avril, hola soy una de tus mayores fans, y me gustaría que algún día dieras un concierto en Madrid, ya que nunca he podido ir a verte, te lo agradecería mucho .I love you for ever.

  • Hey, Avril. I'm a fan of yours and if you're going to release a new single. You could release Give You What You Like in America for you to have new fans then release Hello Kitty in Japan. So everything is a win-win. Hope you like my idea. :-)

  • hey Avril I'm your fan I love you so much..you are for me the queen the music thanks for exist!!!! I looooooooooooooooove you forever <3

  • Hey Avril! I love you very much! His voice and his songs make me every time I get to hear more your fan. kiss

  • i love music u rock love you

  • You saved my life Avril,I will never be able to thank you enough <3 Can't live a DAY without listening to your songs.

  • hey avril ! ♥ i have a question: when are you coming to Germany the next time and where? thanks for your answere your celina from Germany ♥♥♥♥

  • used to like you in skaterboy, but alas you succumbed to the norm, unsubscribing >.> bai

  • i love you dsahdsabhjdkandsa

  • love u

  • feliz cumpleaños avril de parte d jim

  • I love you Avril <3 Brazil Loves You <3

  • i love you

  • happy birthday avril!

  • Happy 29th Avril !!!!!!! 09/27

  • I made a video for my Diva Avril Lavigne * - * Come on my channel \ Õ /

  • I made a video for my Diva Avril Lavigne * - * Come on my channel \ Õ /

  • I made a video for my Diva Avril Lavigne * - * Come on my channel \ Õ /

  • Fiz um video para minha Diva Avril Lavigne *-* Entrem no meu canal \Õ/

  • Fiz um video para minha Diva Avril Lavigne *-* Entrem no meu canal \Õ/

  • Fiz um video para minha Diva Avril Lavigne *-* Entrem no meu canal \Õ/