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  • That coach always eating coach prime Eminem’s 😂😂😂

  • “I’m not going to let you be average”, coach Prime said. We need to teach our children and grandchildren this.

  • 0,1,&2 must be designated for his sons and Travis.......but everybody else has to compete for a #. That's a lil iffy

  • The powder puff conference

  • Why did reach the people take off comments?

  • They gave you generational wealth and you blew it all Warren Sapp

  • Will be a lot better if you wasn't feeling it all the time. We know he's putting on a show for the camera.

  • Preparing for a game... this is not the most important thing in their life... Chillout you're the only one getting a check not the players

  • Deion Sanders is pure motivation!

  • Deion Sanders really getting these boys grueling ready they gonna be great for sure. Old School teaching is the best they need that hardcore discipline. They gonna be solidly great for sure. I also like when Coach Sanders said Colorado is a hidden Gem. I can cosign on that I felt the same way in 2020 visiting out there during covid. It was peacefulness all around at least for me. That air and water and that coolness and food, it was great! Good for family raising. Even the po- po , they was cool, freely go and freely come touring on my breaks checking out the mountains. It was a different cool experience.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He said "Tricc or treating"

  • Great content but damn them practice jerseys big asf..

  • Jimmy Horn jr gone have a single digit

  • Men teaching men…tough but with love

  • This man is naturally one of the best leaders ever

  • Nobody forgets a good coach.,

  • Bro please don't tell me deion got jealous of Jimmy getting media attention??? When he's speaking on people walking around like they the man.... who else is he talking about. Jimmy was interviewed by the media yesterday.... and I think he was the only one. This is narcissistic rage.

  • CP: No one is getting a 0. What numbers do you want? Player: 0 Like seriously,are you paying attention?.

  • As a coach I ain’t running no where, u tweaking bro and you ego trippin! I’m putting in my two weeks

  • Every coach on this staff are great coaches

  • Pads on coach limp gone. It’s time to PLAY BALL 🏈🥾🏟️🏉👠🐾

  • I sure hope they can win some games. I am praying for Prime and the team.

  • Lol off the field! Coach prime always on their assss

  • A hold lotta talking… ijs yeah it sounds good

  • Not everyone loves his monkey ass ripping off the poor kids in South Dallas.... Alabama State football had no respect for them because they can see right through Prime and they know his dirty history of snaking people.

  • Let's not get DS was an original cowboy 🤠🤣

  • “You Trick or Treating”🔥🔥🔥

  • WOW! That’s the only work I think of at this time.

  • Reminds me of boot camp

  • 1:33 “Yall want to be the man until it’s time to be the man”

  • That fight speech got ready to kick some @ss 3am in the morning while in route for work. Coach Prime is pull out the best in these men…….But Damn press that man at the line, $hit his feet don’t even touch the ground.

  • D line coaches always loud no matter where u at 🤣🤣

  • He saying “funky” so strong it almost sounds like well, explicit haha I remember having my car and my dad would be like Dad: “hey I need to get picked up” Me: ~ enters car…skkrrrr ~ So cool seeing them joke it out in the end ha

  • Time to bring in some real dawgs , and you know where to find them

  • ISH just got real for real... real quick. I live this. Keep non keeping on soldiers 💪

  • Song is tough buck 🫠🫠


  • The whole interview with Neely was fire 🔥 three different channels even with them all in the same room haha

  • Fire 🔥 Content Great coaching whole coaching staff 👏 👍 👌 🙌.... Great work program 👏 👍 👌 💪....

  • Coach holding them boys accountable

  • Wonder if Darius gon post the 1 hand grab by J5. I just knew I was gonna see it on here

  • “Wilfred got a onlyfans😂😂😂”

  • Coach Prime: LEAD!!!!! ME: Hops up from my desk, and calls a team meeting and spoke to my supervisors about the importance of leadership and communication

  • One of the biggest myths in the hood is that they fight more and can fight better than suburban or affluent kids. Not true at all. I grew up on both sides. Suburban schools with y kids had way more fights. People just made less of an issue out of it. No one was arrested. No tickets. Sometimes you didn’t even get in trouble.

  • This video got me riding my workout bike in the living and running from the front room to my bedroom lol Let's Go Buffs. I love seeing the process of becoming a Champion. Bucky you got the Internet on Fire Keep Grind Young King.

  • Coach said some of em' is trick or treating. 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • Good job Bucky...see you tomorrow 🙏🏽👊🏾

  • Come on Buffs stop playing.. Go hard... This ain't no joke... Let's win now..

  • Why don't Shedeur gotta earn his number? (#2)

  • Boys WORKING!! 😤🔥