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Welcome to Trap Nation, CS-tv's number one channel for a unique and diverse taste of trap music! If you like what you hear, support the producers and show your feedback by liking or disliking so I know what to upload next!
My name's Andre, you're more than welcome to call me by my name whenever you'd like.
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"Can I use this in my video?"
Unfortunately I don't own any of the rights for the music I feature on Trap Nation, so you'd have to ask the artist.
"Is this copyright free?"
Again, it's not up to me. I personally receive written permission for every upload, but it doesn't apply universally when someone else wants to use the song.
"Do you make the music?"
No, I only feature music I like.
"Where do you get your backgrounds?"
Unsplash or Adobe Stock. All backgrounds I use in the videos are paid / licensed or royalty free.



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