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Double, double toil and trouble!
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We're Getting Married
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  • 6:27 she's a viscounts girl sksksksksksksk

  • I wanna see your mom on camera if she's able to be seen.

  • Sarojini nagar of Hong Kong 😂 Any Indians in here 👀

  • Who is subscribed to Safiya and Sssniperwolf?

  • This entire channel is a fever dream

  • You were supposed to cut and file your nails

  • I am so in love with that wild jacket. Wish I could find one here in the states. Fun video, thanks for sharing.

  • the crowds market is nothing in front of India's Delhi Atta market PLS VISIT INDIA

  • I love your vids

  • Safiya has very good style !!! Approve !

  • I was looking on shop miss A and as a chemical engineer the ingredients in this makeup aren’t bad some things sound scary but aren’t they’re from plants basically and the lipsticks are probably drying on the skin because there’s a lot of alcohol derivatives in there but if your oily that’s good you’ll get more wear that way I’m impressed it’s safer to use than some high end brand lip stains that contain glues etc


  • iPhones are WAYYYY more than 300$!!!!

  • I live in hong kong!!

  • They have this in California also!

  • Gurl, los mercados in Mexico have the same thing too. I have fake Coach, MK, and LV bags.. I also have real bags, but that's another thing.

  • I salute you ladies for your sacrifice in the name of procreation. Thank you.

  • You could cosplay as cousin it from the Addams family with this.

    • I just got to the part of the video where they talked about cousin it. They beat me to it.

  • I believe the clothes maker just want to print whatever- look- good on the internet on his T- shirt . Brand is not a thing to consider.

  • First time a CS-tvr I like came to hk

  • Tom Holland

  • Thanks for the review. Please do not let water run while you soap. Clean water is a scarce resource ...

  • this whole japanese system with vending machines would NEVER work here in Sweden! they would get smashed immediately.

  • I love how she quoted from princess bride

  • TSA heaven

  • OMG I’m a ravenclaw too !!!!

  • 2:40 I disagree. This totally looks like a cohesive outfit. Yes, it's bold, but a lot of people like bold, and it looked so cute on you. Every piece individually, and altogether. I'd wear the shit out of that.

  • Here’s a tip , ask for a lower price and pretend to walk away, they’ll think you’re really leaving and they’ll accept your price. It works every time✌️🤡

  • Safiya reminds me of missy Elliot

  • I love your video and your so Beautiful

  • Can I just say I loved Jessie’s outfit except for the hat and knee high booties but whatever still loved it

  • It's done well.

  • That Chanel Pharrel was great lowkey want one

  • Me: Ooh cohesive outfit? *crickets chirp* Safiya: Just get as many brand names on there as possible! Me: *crickets chirp again*

  • *points at shirt saying "Gccui"* "Is this real GUCCI?"

  • Hey safiya idk if u r up for this but can you but another abandoned storage unit because I really loved that video.

  • how do you decide what swear words to bleep?

  • Those Chanel adidas human race actually exist FYI

  • B A I E N G L A C A

  • Taylor looks great in hats

  • I love your hair! ❤️❤️

  • Best dream for nerdEcrafter SHE LOVES BOTH Y'ALL!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜

  • mix every single eyeshadow from Sephora or cvs together

  • Me meme

  • All those prices could of been cut in half and they would of still sold it with a smile! You guys got ripped off! Colab with the Hagler guy.

  • Kylie lips lol Similar tho

  • I feel like organizing my room right now👀

  • Omg I can't believe I missed you being in hk!!! I live in hk and I'm so sad I really wanna meet you 😅😭

  • am I the only one that thinks safiya has lost weight since this video?

  • I liked this video Tyler is a hoot he likes everything! RinRin not so much. Hope y’all had a great time

  • I bought Sterling Silver Jewelry. Ha. I wasted my money. No good. Not SS and from China. One thing from USA turned black in the envelope. I do not recommend anything from there.

  • Really want to know if anyone pick it up in Whole Food lol

  • The year I was born 🖤

  • “Thank you, happy birthday!” I’m dead, that was so cute XD he probably didn’t know what that meant, he most likely meant to say “Thanks, Happy day!”

  • Ok but saf’s BAWDY

  • Ok but saf’s BAWDY

  • please go to the philippines

  • Safiya: There might be some beetle juice in here. Me: **starts singing the Beetlejuice soundtrack**

  • I am Aquarius ♒️ Like if your an Aquarius ♒️ as well


  • In the olden days or campers cook bread in cans. Its good. I know its late but friday. Hope yur having fun...or some serious chilling.

  • Can you please do more melting lipstick videos please?

  • Saf's look to Tyler at 5:30 after saying "we can always just do that on our own." 🤣🤣

  • VSCO girl backpacks, sksksk and I oop, and I oop-

  • How is she like now cranky during this PERIOD of time?

  • I love these little history moments

  • OMG I know that Charlie Brown Cafe 😂 it’s on the street parallel to Prat in TST, right? I love HK!

  • Funny thing is, a girl in my grade had "Baienglaca" shoes, so I legitimately thought they were spelled like that until I learned they weren't.

  • I sympathize with you. Those dresses fit you like "off-the-rack" suits fit me. Your beauty still came through. Thanks.

  • OMG, gav3yardgirl!! I have not heard of her for LITERAL YEARS

  • Safya looks so cute in 16:28

  • Nike outfit😎 Smh

  • I LAUGHED SO MUCH HAHAHAHAHAHA you're hilarious😂😂 glad i came across your channel

  • oof

  • You should do a Franken ebrow

  • Pop and Sweet Lolita are DEFINETLY My favorite styles! As always, amazing video!

  • what has life come to?

  • these are all over Italy, I was in Florence and an entire market was set up that had like fake bags and Gucci belts

  • Did you have to capitalize all starting caps 🤣👣

  • That makeup look is so cute on you!!!! I liked the dancing, the swishy finger guns are A++

  • LOL I had to laugh when you said you went to SM entertainment xD As a young teen I snuck into that building hoping to see SuperJunior. This was before kpop got so famous as it is now with BTS, like a good decade ago . The office was rather inconspicuous back then since it also contained the recording studios. One of the workers there was shocked that I managed to get in and even more surprised that I basically just used google maps.


  • "You look like a condor!" is an amazing comment.

  • mixing every liquid foundation of the drugstore

  • Zozo bad news:

  • Thats pretty much every street market in Mexico lmao

  • I think they put it in a tube so you can take it anywhere you want

  • Who wants a part 2?

  • Please lipstick

  • The reason they are FREE is because their not really free as they charge more shipping instead.

  • I feel bad for your wallet 😬

  • The shop lady was so sweet and friendly. I remember shopping in Seoul and having this lady pull something out of my hand saying that I was too fat to fit into it. She didn't know I spoke fluent Korean and being a young teen who wasn't fat but bigger than Korean standards that STUNG for eternity.

  • Safiya just made a stranger things reference she is my new best friend 😂

  • Every time she says hello friends I say who said I’m your friend!!!!!

  • GIRL! You looked amazing! I loved your make up and outfit, truly beautiful!

  • i was so in the emo scene and i miss this style so much.. But now i'm 25 and my mother would laugh at me :( and probably everybody else that i know -.-

  • I live in the East Coast and have never seen a Primark. I guess NY is not strategically placed on thier selling list

  • Use all of ur mixed makeup and put it on for a day