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Greedfall Review
Greedfall ReviewPřed 4 dny
Gears 5 Review
Gears 5 ReviewPřed 11 dny
Control Review
Control ReviewPřed 29 dny


  • blood sounds like a mexican

  • A lot of people here hyping up fl4k but y’all for real sleeping on Moze

  • I laughed so hard when he fell back

  • The hud kinda reminds me of Bioshock.

  • “Realism” and you heal within seconds? Has a long way to go. Step in the right direction tho

  • Reviewer winged the review (and the game) sounds like. There were some factual errors even. The dismissive tone as well feels like the person didn't really gave the game a chance nor understood it and just did a quick throwaway review because it was an assignment.

  • what? snake coil into a darkness of springs and the universe had a parachute?

  • 1:44 sneasel is an Area 51 raider

  • They should make the battles more complex, like the ones in the anime. Like maybe pokemon can heat the ground to gain advantage

  • Ill be coming out of retirement to buy a Switch and this. Getting too old for this

  • Can't wait for this to come out

  • Wait so they rated this 2 points higher than the original because it had better graphics? tf?

  • Ghost Recon isn't what you think because Ghost Recon is now The Division 2.5.

  • Fuck Konami

  • “There are some rather strong Pokémon out their...” Pits a lv. 12 Scorbunny against a lv. 26 Machoke...

  • i hope the FOV can be set much wider than this, almost like quake since the guns look massive in comparison to the actual screen estate. Also please add UI resize option or even better a optiion to turn off tooltips and hud frames so its just the numbers and bars showing. borders around UI is just clunky!

  • I think I’ll end up getting it used . The gunfights do look engaging, and it may be fun to enter a camp that’s way higher level than you. I’ll wait for reviews first. Question! Can you go prone? Just wondering..

  • The resources to build our future are just sitting out there, but we have to come up with good ways to harvest them. Hope we can do that before we do something permanently stupid on Earth. :: logs into EVE and goes to hunt space rats (NPC pirates) while avoiding Pirates (Players who like shooting other players). ::


  • 0:48 those faces getting progressively more turned on

  • don't use your brakes, they only slow you down.

  • ME1 a painfully flawed game? Nah

  • Imagine if they remade every Nintendo game like this. I would be broke but very very happy. It gives me da goose pimples just thinking about it.

  • Good god these games looked so much worse in this trailer before they released shit.

  • Love you cdprojekt red waiting for cyberpunk 2077

  • So I’m hoping Khee Hoon Chan is going to be looking for a new job soon due to inability to review games right?

  • How is that a game like this has problems with frame rate? I understand something like Doom, but this game. 🤦🤦

  • Vote: after watching this video would you play wildlands or breakpoint more? Lmk in the comments

  • Doubios food

  • graphics looks cool, gameplay lets see, but epic games made me to say to me NO

  • Ps5 + cyberpunk? I wonder if i be still a healthy human if i sell one of my kidneys.

  • Of course Gamespot bashes the game for not handling political themes how they want. Seriously, nobody cares.

  • There is a Moze build that has her tossing grenades in Carnage 3 without using the iron bear

  • Kinda sad how the game die

  • Top 10 Anime Betrayals.

  • This game had THE BEST trailer man.

  • This is an "All you had to do was follow the damn train!" moment. Why didn't they just do it right?!


  • so Mass Effect Andromeda more innovative than Greedfall? ME:A got a 6/10

  • Did she play it? One of the best quest system since witcher 3, great music, great voice acting, player animations leave alot to be desired,combat is fun but not reinventing the wheel, if you like old bioware you will LOVE this....

  • I always and will always remember the original. To hard to forget. Where was this when the DX version came out?

  • Don't like Gamespot, they always give bad score to decent games.

  • How do I fill those cruddy holes?

  • I... I'm sorry but does Pox kinda sound like Zim to anyone else?

  • Oh Gamespot... Of course different opinions exist, but this review is just wrong. Also, only 33 hours? You definitely rushed trough the story...

  • Is Sephiroth the baddest FF character ever? Yep.


  • I wish I could dislike this review twice

  • Did the mongols really invade japan ?

  • This video deserves a 4/10 rating

  • Moze goes hard🔥🔥


  • I thought this was a survival horror game

  • This is such a ripoff of Oceanhorn

  • “Sauce Magic”

  • Damn. You can tell the characters don’t know what else to do

  • That score is just Bullshit this is one of the best games of this generation period

  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Disgusting

  • I can always rely on GameSpot to give me a good chuckle over their poorly written reviews. Here's a more informative review: Pros: Solid RPG mechanics, choice matters, fantastic world building, solid story, fantastic writing, side quests are all unique and have their own story, gameplay is good if a bit janky, multiple paths to take, music and voice acting is great, feels like an RPG of old. Cons: can be a bit buggy, facial animations can be lacking, not the best looking, combat has it's issues, reused locations (but it's AA so not really a big deal), not a large amount of enemy variety. Overall 8/10 or 7/10 depending on how much the small things annoy you. There you go GameSpot I just did your job for you. I do accept checks or PayPal.

  • Who can I make a pistol build with 🤨

  • Who take serious gamespot and ign reviews anymore.we all know what is going on!!!!just like with critics in marvel movies who happens to be above all above 90 even though they deserve at least 60!!!

  • Eh guys is there a way to have fl4k n not have the pet for certain situations like evolving varkids where he will always attack the pod? I send him towards other enemies but gets annoying

  • But why did the psychos turned into psychos?

  • Fuck Khee hoon chan

  • Anthem gets a 6/10 and this game gets a 5/10.... I’m just going to let that sink in for everyone

  • It's dumb Ubisoft said it was a tactical shooter not a looter shooter im just glad theres no bullet sponge enemies

  • He was the first character I've ever play in any borderlands game and I don't regret it

  • This is the Hero ofPlastic! Everything is Plastic! Link is Plastic! Tiny Plastic Toys! The depth of field makes it look like you are looking at something really tiny!

  • 1:37 shiva attacks

  • 🗡

  • Did anyone realized octane picked up a wingman instead he ain't using it

  • Minsc 'n Boo stand ready!

  • American truck simulator walking edition

  • Is this still available on the PS4 beta? Can't seem to find it

  • Everybody watching screaming go up the effing ramp.

  • Arabians are overrated.

  • Would like to play this but not paying £40

  • Parvati kinda sounds like *Ashly Burch* for some reason..?

  • 5/10?! What a mediocre reviewer, THAT'S BULLSHIT!!!! I better don't trust this Gamespot Reviewer.

  • I hope they make a Bowser game

  • 0:54 Julie got that booty.

  • In your video You have 8short cut but There are 11 shortcut !!! What are you doing??

  • It’s actually not as hard as he makes it sound

  • I'm hyped for this but I'm not gonna get it until next year just so I don't get screwed by another post-launch microtransactions patch.

  • I'll never forget the moment Todd said it's "all online." That is how to demolish a billion dollar company who made their money off incredible single story games over a decade.

  • How is everyone level 40 and 50 already??.. game just came out.. im still level 17. loll

  • Breath of the Wild was the first Zelda game I got really into. I tried many others in the past but they were all too slow for me and I found myself getting bored rather quickly. Breath of the Wild upped the action and movement mechanics enough to get me hooked. I love the art style of this one but I know I'll just get bored with it.

    • Botw is overrated, Twilight Princess and Ocarina are much better

  • Ok, so now we have tiered weapons and gear with magical properties. :( Is this Final Fantasy or Ghost Recon?

  • 60 bucks for this,?

  • That being said I’m still gonna but it because I just love any Zelda game lmao

  • I think this game is 60 because of the switch cartridges being expensive, if it was on 3ds it would only cost 40 tops

  • A quick question guys. Would you buy Tetris game on Nintendo Switch if it would cost you 60 USD instead the free price? No? Then why did you buy Link's Awakening? I am just curious.

  • Every goddamn cellphone from the cheapest to the expensive have a touch screen, PS VITA had it 7 LONG YEARS AGO and Nintendo couldn´t incoprporate this YET?????? I´M NOT GETTING THIS OVERHYPED CRAPPY PIECE OF SHITTY CONSUMERIMISM.

  • My favorite thing about Zelda games is how Nintendo isn't afraid to experiment with different art styles and stylistic changes. I honestly can't wait for the day we get a Claymation style Zelda.

  • I want a remaster of Oracle of seasons/ages and also maybe the ds games would be amazing remastered

  • Halo reach assault rifle I see:o

  • This game is so not free to play

  • Esta cancion identifica a los chilenos .

  • 🔥I always forget you can push those spiny guys with your shield. If you don’t do that it’s pretty frustrating trying to get your sword.🔥