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  • Force pour la ceinture, stp nous fait pas une YOKA.

  • Grand respect pour un grand champion. Toute la France est fière de lui. J'espère vraiment le voir un jour avec une ceinture, si quelqu'un le mérite c'est bien lui !

  • Haney has that look like he wants to knock him out and then eat him

  • Put some respect on teo 🎉

  • The last round

  • Stupid referee he should deduct points to this Guillermo. Do boxing not dancing and holding stupid Guillermo. Guillermo is a dancer not a boxer. Arrogant Guillermo have no match with Loma.

  • He is scare of spance.

  • Floyd studies his opponent when he sits down during a break,very powerful

  • Spence be Crawford come on let’s go 🔥🔥

  • yup...that was the best fight I have ever seen.

  • Everyone talking down on my man Jake like the ain’t go the distance with Tyson’s younger brother who happens to be a great journeyman boxer. Hell you can argue he won plus he knocked his ass down with a jab if it was a 12 round fight ole J.P woulda laid him out cold I’m sure. Ole J.P is getting fucking good and he is here to stay all you motherfuckers talking shit would get stiffened out by J.P. You the type of motherfuckers hating on the side for a reason I’m putting money on Jake if they have a rematch y’all just like to hate because your perfect little worldview was thrashed when ol J.P come in and start knocking out your heroes. LFG Jake Paul my man. Keep collecting jaws can’t wait till your MMA debut when you start shouting up the haters with your great boxing and all pro wrestling background Jake Paul FTW.

  • I thought he was going to quit again because of how he voluntarily went down the last two times.

  • 2 also ran fighters

  • Little did we all know after all this chat Tyson lost he's bottle

  • La cobra. Que tipo genial.

  • Usyk ko'd Fury in the psychological battle and Tyson filled his pants.

  • Two rat 🐀 bums goin at it straight 🐀 PIMPS!! TRYNA PAY THE LIGHT BILL

  • It should be Manny Pacqioao is the winner

  • Commey can be really basic and predictable, but if you overlook him, that guy has an EXCELLENT right hand and his hook isn't bad either. So glad he became world champion during his career.

  • That fight was Legendary.

  • Carbajal is very slow fighter

  • I've never seen anything like this before

  • 5:55 Gerry Cooney assuming George Foreman would like to try a Burger wrapped in lettuce

  • Is bob arum on the smokes again?… lol George Foreman would have put fat belly into row z within 3 rounds

  • Ali would have made fury cry in the first press conferences and run to his head doctors. Theirs no one around now that would been top 10 back then.

  • Jeff horn is a dirty boxer, he hurt many's head twice with his head. He should not win this fight to be honest. Even orfinary people could see it.

  • ,Robeissy ramirez vs stevenson,stop fighting unknown fighter bro🤣🤣

  • Referee is bias

  • Naho Naho Naho

  • Teo can say what he wants, but cutting off the ring is part of the sport. What does he think Haney and Shakur are gonna do to him? They're gonna stick and move. At this moment, Teo has ZERO chance.

  • keep beating, let's beat that arrogant man

  • When they told Floyd to go downstairs he turnt up🔥😂

  • all Clean KOs against Pacquiao is just 2. in all weight division. another world record right? 😂

  • I wish he wasn't under Arum, then we'd get to see Bud get those iconic fights he's been wanting like the Spence fight. Arum is cancer to boxing, just wants to siphon off as much money as he can off his elite boxers, so he won't risk them getting in the ring with another elite talent. The only way he will is when they're about to retire and if it's against another one of his guys so he can cash out on the guy retiring and use the promo to hype his new "star". Look what he did to Manny when he said he was going to retire, sets him up in the Bradley fight with some of the worse judging boxing has seen, bc he was planning to cash out big on him and thought Bradley winning (on a decision) would make him the next Manny/biggest draw in boxing. He will try to do the same with Bud, just watch.

  • Ray had admitted multiple times publicly that Tommy won that fight.

  • Big baby Anderson is a young n up coming heavyweight in the making

  • usman is best boxer in ufc let him fight canelo alvared joe rogan want to watch this fight 😅😅😅😅

  • 5⁵⁵56

  • 😊k9ĺp98😊07b

  • Lmao this is exactly what I'm talking about, actually fighting someone his age and is still active in boxing. See? He ain't winnin lol, he can only win by beating the sht out of elderlies lmao

  • Marry me Jaylen Dominguez

  • In one ear and out the other.

  • Floyd paid for this guy's funeral. RIP.

  • you gained a Fan Haney

  • Ramirez vs commey reminds me Ramirez vs hooker

  • Acara tinju memang ku suka

  • I still can't get over how small their legs are 😅

  • what is the score?

  • Knock the fuck out him