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Welcome to your Daily Dose of Internet where I search for the best trending videos, or videos people have forgotten about, and put them all in one video. I upload 2-3 times a week to keep video quality high. I always ask for permission to share videos that I find!


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  • 1:12 Rare footage of master oogway getting mad

  • 0:08 forgo dogo lol

  • You should try making a you laugh you lose challenge or try not to laugh

  • 1:41

  • A Good news is when the cop is death.. Get Normal !!! ACAB!

  • 1:13 "spare chaaangee?'

  • having a fake heart must be terrifying

  • poor sheep

  • its all fun and games until the dog goes hiking with you and you're near a cliff

  • Thank you for always making your thumbnail the first video instead of somewhere random at the end

  • leafy

  • 1:04 kinda scared me

  • I want skin like this

  • X d

  • What do I do "monster voices" smack

  • Me, inmediatelly adapting a good posture.

  • That shark jus like me frfr

  • Heyyy... Nice beaver!

  • Frog dog

  • Mmm bird chiken

  • I loved from bottom of my heart that police saved people lives

  • Looks like the sand shark from hungry shark world but gray

  • I'm rich

  • Wow

  • I have black chiken

  • " cloud behind the jet... called leprechaun " My french ears & brain trying to process the narrator explanations

  • Awww, cute doggie!!!

  • The reaction of the baby was hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cat be like: Steve help me I'm stuck

  • New title: Doggo the Froggo

  • 1:00 The people were probably thinking "we hit the motherload!"

  • RIP the nothern lights

  • Video proof cats are trying to kill you.

  • If I was a shark I would be a Ford car with no wheels and no engine and no car I would be nothing I wouldn’t be a car

  • 1:07 So did the cop get laid or not??


  • 0:27 The only explanation is that Hagrid is the father

  • i really want a frog but this i want it

  • Wait until that dog sees something cool on the side of a mountain

  • My guess with the cat thing is that when it picked up the cup it’s vision fixated on the inside so he like thought he entered a white void and it broke it’s brain

  • When you buy a dog off wish

  • Why did i think the caption was about hungry shark world evolution

  • Actually that Shark is in pain

  • 0:33 I’m sorry, what behind the jet?!?

  • I can do that veins

  • 2:08 I saw a hecker

  • Kinda wanted to see him bump a glass wall....im horrible

  • You call that close? That wasn't even near him.

  • cat: *stuck* other cats: *hes our ancestor!*

  • Meanwhile in Canada A MAJOR TORNAD0 IS ON THE OUTBREAK

  • 0:43 I can confirm

  • legendary

  • 0:33 bro wtf ist this

  • That thumbnail made me sit up straight

  • To the person who told you to stop putting cat videos.......................then stop watching daily does of internet because he will always put cat videos because all of us want them.

  • "The girl wasn't hurt" My guy, that hit was as clean as it can be

  • M’Shark over here is like: “Tell me to Straighten myself up one more time.”

  • How much did you think that scared them

  • Coitado do tubarão

  • 0:34 SONG PLEASE???

  • 1:14 Entzüde den TORNADOOOO !!!

  • this isnt scoliosis, but hypokyphosis...