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Android Q hands-on
Android Q hands-onPřed 6 měsíci


  • don't upgrade if you have iphone X

  • Most people? most people should waste their money on something that originally was designed just for making and taking calls? 1st world issues lol

  • I am going to go hold both pro and max before deciding plus have to see green vs blackish.

  • A CPU that won’t be leveraged in all its processing power except fo video? A RAM that is 2 gens behind at least where today’s phones are already heading towards 12GB or more? Screen resolution like Samsung that features almost 1/3 more res? No. Truth be told is that Apple is all about the software and you are paying for highly specialized software engineering not hardware. When talking about hardware we can only say that, perhaps, quality wise is top notch but not when it comes to actual utilized performance.

  • This guy is a great reviewer

  • I am more than happy with 8+ thank you!! I don’t need so many camera holes though!!!😀😀😀

  • I wish you had the iPhone 11 in your photo line up, just to see if difference from iPhone 11 Pro

  • Getting my first Apple Watch! Series 5 gold aluminium. GPS + Cellular. Super excited!

  • "the iPhone 11 is the s-upgrade from last year's XR" - which is the s-upgrade of the X.

  • Great vid

  • Anyone who has the 11 does it run very well? I’m getting one but right now I have the 7 and want to know if it’ll run like the 7 or be much better

  • I like it 🔥

  • Compare it to other smart watches

  • The WORST looking smart phone...

  • LMAO it’s like this guy is reading me, I’m watching this on an IPhone SE looking for an upgrade and not willing to pay 1k, how are you so accurate

  • Im never getting one. Not a fan😑

  • Omg so nice green and blue earth and they will to go to sand. Save this earth we have no reserve.

  • I’ve had an iPhone for many years and will probably stick with it but the note 10 pictures look better than 11pro imo

  • The camera now is better, but still need to improve on the HDR.

  • The iPhone 11: it's totally fine.

  • I need it plzzz😭😭😭😭

  • Dose it have Animoji?

  • Who’s watching on their iPhone 6? 📱

  • So... basically little to nothing has changed... no wonder Apple disabled comments on their content

  • She IS the future!!

  • loll...

  • Still no ultra HD lmao

  • I had a paid off 6S and I just upgraded to the 11 for only 20 bucks added to my bill a month. I really like it so far. It holds battery life literally all day, and the picture quality is great. If you are eligible for an upgrade, it is a good choice fs.

  • 50% off right now through Sprint - such a steal!

  • Just forget the bloody Charli XCX. I’m here waiting for ADELE’s comeback. ♥️🥺

  • Loving this music show verge producers. Thank you everyone involved. It's really informative and gives me access to a world I would never otherwise know about.

  • What do you think about the iphone 11 and iPhone X?

  • I just upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I've already noticed that the video quality is completely different....I watch alot of videos on CS-tv and I'm kind of regretting getting the iPhone 11....bummer.

  • Ans and➕➕

  • Anyone knows where I can find the wallpaper featured on 1:01 minute

  • Akoa nanang isa bi

  • بيش

  • Iphone 11 $699 720p loll Watching on my 1440p s9 $450

  • If they have a purple in max I will get in

  • Nothing special

  • Apple worker: let copy the body of the iphone 10 and add two cameras. Other iphone worker: good idea. Lets do it.

  • I freaking love the name! Your just a pretentious.

  • Omg Prometheus is my favorite

  • Perhaps I missed something but what’s the purpose of sleep tracking if you remove the device at night for charging?

  • I just dropped my S10+ and it won

  • What's the model no. ?

  • Should I get this I’m planning too since my old iPad doesn’t really work that well? But I see many comments saying how it’s still looks the same and their haven’t been many upgrades

  • But aren't you gonna wear a cancer fighting anti-static wrist band so your iPhone doesn't get damaged???

  • Nobody commented in this video🤥🤥

  • seriously the only thing holding me to buy the new generation of iPhones literally is Touch ID. Even if I like Face ID, I think Touch ID is way more useful. So yeah I guess I’ll keep my iPhone 8 lol

  • I am ubgrading from the iphone se

  • So it's basically a LG G7

  • Pixel 4 is gonna wreck this phone

  • The problem is ............ Kids who ear rape in Xbox live

  • 10:35 mate I have an iPhone 5S lol.


  • should i upgrade to the xs or 11 🥺

  • Same phone every year, boring. Huawei rocks!!!

  • That’s a very good project but like 100 mile range with the Bug and 80 with the Bus is not useful, but i hope they will improve that for the future and get at least nearly 300 miles on both, by getting more efficient motors and batteries.

  • What a surprise this comment section not get disabled

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  • Why does this guy remind me of Tom Hardy from venom?

  • Great vid. Its always the same story. Early adopters: this is new, I like it. Everyone else: its rubbish and killing the better way things were but then 5-10 years later, what a great time!

  • Hey where my iPhone 8 Plusers at??

  • Hi

  • Dude, where's your motorcycle?

  • Jesus Christ is Lord of all

  • Where is huawei photo shoot?

  • 3:18 the guy on the left is Sam from Game of Thrones

  • no lie the note 10 got better camera

  • Most useless thing on earth and you say nothing can get closer to it at start??? Google watch is 11times better than it and whole world know it

  • Fossil Gen 5, or any Android Wear that has Snap Dragon 3100 and 1GB RAM, runs snappy, and the watches just look better, IMO. I hate the square shape. Overall tho, the Apple Watch is Apple's best product. iPhone and tablets have gotten way too boring.

  • I mean its the same phone jus upgraded camera apple runnung out of ideas samsung all the way

  • I recall wish you guys did this video after the Pixel 4 released.

  • Can you Switch off the “Always on “ function?

  • Bring on the Waymos!

  • *slaps her leg* i want to do that to you charli

  • Did Siri get any better with watch OS 6? Also this doesn’t seem like a game changer compare to s4 after s3 ... would you upgrade from the s4?

  • Note 10 takes great pictures

  • So they basically put a filter on your photo so you don’t have to. Lol... Jesus Christ

    • Best camera until the Google pixel 4 or mate 30 pro comes out lol

  • "You can pay an awful lot of money"........... for a phone that will be superseded in less than 12 months time with a whole new design. Think about what else you can buy with that money.

  • Is it better than the galaxy watch active 2 ? For an android user?

  • 👎

  • Anyone agree this guy sounds like Seth Rogen? 🤔

  • Goodbye/RiP IPhone 6...thanks for the five years as my phone 📱..getting iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 in the next couple of months.. FYI Apple support ended this week, for this specific phone

  • Idiots sleeping over night in front of the apple store to pick up a device promoting 5G Microwaves.

  • It is a pleasure to watch this video. The visual quality and how well prepared the script is and the topics that it covers, all that creates an excellent review. Thanks for this great job guys 😎

  • Great review, I too have had many fitness watches over the years but once Watch was released that’s all I have had everyday since series 1. To putt it that’s the only one I haven’t upgraded since series 1 release. None of the watches had what I was looking for and well I have never had issues with battery life granted it has been replaced Twice by Apple once for a scratch under AppleCare and last year for the screen popped off. I paid 92.50 to have it repaired. They sent a brand new series 1. All in all I have been happy. But now my series 5 is on the way still not all the features I want but it’s time.

  • who is going to upgrade from a iPhone 6s?

  • Got mine yesterday, it’s beautiful. I love it. Got the purple one

  • Mate 30: But it doesn’t have 7000fps slo mo!

  • "If you want ios and you dont want to spend $1000 then you should get iphone" What are other choices?🙄

  • Watches video... Fitbit ad plays after end of video... oh the irony... Apple Watch 5: hold my beer...

  • Im going to call cap.. Pixel 3 still has the best overall pictures to me.

  • I was on the verge (heh) of buying a pair since they added the ability to order them from an iOS app (only on iPhone X or higher). Now I think I’ll wait for the next version or significant os updates

  • Keep up the good work I've been a fan since 2010 I wish I had some earphones but I can't cuz I can't afford them🎊🎉😭

  • so it's a camera?