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Pixel Buds 2 hands-on
Pixel Buds 2 hands-onPřed 9 měsíci


  • Dont just display windows 10 itsels. Try to show some reduced ui interactions

  • What is handwriting? 🤔😂

  • Duh

  • What a life to come to an end so soon. Your greatest feat was being the coolest guy I have ever watched ever. Thank you man, much appreciated, now legend.

  • Electric car racing I knew these would renew interest in racing and that sound ohh!

  • el PRECIO ?

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  • RIP

  • Basically you can use Android but on a costlier phone?

  • Can’t wait for iOS 15

  • One simple solution to all those worries: don’t use any electronic devices!

  • Thank you Grant for giving me and my das an amazing time watching your shows💔

  • The Surface Duo should run Windows 10, imo, I don't need those apps when I have such a big screen and can do my things on the browser, social media, CS-tv, etc. The only app I can think of that works better on a phone is Audible, which has no stake in this battle, you can do most things on the browser anyway. Didn't people say the browser was gonna take over the OS industry before phones got big?

  • I planning to buy that SE and your video convince me to buy it. T.Y.

  • Imahara was brilliant and radiated niceness! The moment he appeared your body liked him. Your mind had no say in it ... Amen

  • Seams like the new ps5 is geared more towards kids i guess its time to get a gaming computer

  • RIP

  • they dont want you too touch the software because they want to make you pay a subscription fee... yuk!!

  • Him: How to 3D print fingerprints to open a phone. Thiefs: Interesting

  • I work thiere.

  • He inspired me to go into science. God bless Mr. Imahara. ❤ A true American legend in STEM. ❤ Now, he'll design the universe for God.

  • 2019: Shareable scooters 2020: Did you disinfect that?! Are you wearing mask?!

  • So thats why i cant hear anything

  • Rip


  • The Inboard M1 had a braking resistor to deal with the full battery regen problem. As far as I know no one takes care of this serious safety issue or even really communicates about it.

  • I’ve installed ios14 Beta 2 on iphone x. Comparing to previous Beta its great but still need to be improved. I have severe battery issue and the phone getting hot while screen is on. 2 hours of screen time may decrease battery level from 100 to 25% with 87% of actual battery health status.

    • And also some time with changing from dark to light mode the widgets wont change the mode.

  • Top priority of ipadOS should be multiuser (you, spouse, kids... or personal, work)

  • RIP

  • Rest in peace young man 💯💯💯


  • I use my phone to make phone calls..strange I know; I prefer a dedicated camera to take photo's.

  • Sadly he passed away two days ago ! R.I.P Grant!

  • It's a camera with a phone!

  • No camera yet .insread of nodding up and down you are nodding to the side and layers into your eyeballs .so no again

  • Er no

  • It has happened many times to me. When I am talking about something with my friend and I open facebook and suddenly my feed starts showing ads related to the topic I was talking about. Also, they definitely track your browsing history.

  • In Whatsapp there should be a limit to how many times a particular massage can be forwarded.

  • Rest easy Maestro 🙏🏾

  • R.I.P. Grant, you will be missed.

  • Rip

  • Rip Grant

  • What I want out of an iphone? Sorry I'm out of a budget ☹️

  • so sad

  • Does the keyboard only work for typing?

  • would vector keep my cat off my table when i'm gone for work?! :3

  • R.I.P. Grant

  • Could you do a 'how to' video on your home studio setup? Lighting, camera, etc.?

  • RIP :'(

  • Yuk 30fps

  • er

  • Is this an update or new phone

  • May you Rest in Peace Grant 🚀

  • Here missing you Grant

  • I was super interested in this program to continue. What a loss. Rest in peace.

  • I'm a Samsung guy. I have a Samsung tablet and I'm my 3rd Samsung phone (S9+). I though about the S20 Ultra. I instead purchased a Panasonic G95 and a Mavic Mini. I've been really happy with my purchase. I will probably get a new battery for my phone and wait another year.

  • Wow

  • BOOM goes the dynamite.

  • why are you zooming in in their faces. i know its for the details but, they look so creepy

  • I loved him in walking dead RIP

  • Iam using s8...good phone but battery life is little bad

  • Tablet ✔️ Stylus Pen ✔️ Good Art ❌

  • At start : he looks confused Middle : fuc now I am also confused At end : okay now he is not confused but I am still confused!! Watched the video again : ooooohhhhhh now I get it!!

  • OMG I'm saying YES YES YES to the "release non-major changes periodically"

  • what if im Android person tsk so one sided

  • Very costly

  • Man RIP Grant, mythbusters was my favorite show as a kid

  • I'm glad Sony launched the Xperia 1 II (mark 2) and Xperia Pro for Photography and Videography enthusiasts.

  • RIP man

  • I actually prefer the note because of the stylus. I use it to draw and the sensitivity is freaking amazing. Its like have a mini drawing tablet in your pocket

  • give the link to that selfie stick

  • Tatti

  • Rest in peace brother. You will be missed.

  • Rip see you in the other side brother...

  • This pos is a tarnish to America

  • I hate the CS-tv algorithm sometimes 😓😓

  • The last point hit very hard. That’s what I love about the iOS 14 “hype”. It’s taking an already working idea and adding another level to it. You don’t have to add widgets or remove pages at all. You can keep a clean experience or add a bit more texture. Awesome review!

  • RIP grant! You inspired countless lives including myself to get out there and tinker! Thanks for impacting all of our lives in a positive way!

  • may he rest in peace

  • yeah right. climate change will stop this being the home of the future

  • Bad Mouth

  • Great video 👌🏻

  • rip 🙏 Grant, thanks for making the world a better place with your talent, smarts, and charisma

  • Rest in peace grant 😢

  • Rip

  • Rest In Peace...

  • RIP Grant

  • What an inspirational show, and RIP for the host.

  • Rip grant :<

  • Could you tell us about the battery improvement!

  • Love how almost every CS-tvr says "You should never put a beta on your main phone". Y'all assuming I got more than one phone at the same time?

  • Why does that truck look like its from the 90's or sum?

  • youtube should show the number of dislikes on comments. yeah that sounds right,

  • RIP!

  • RIP Grant Imahara 1970-2020