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Pixel Buds 2 hands-on
Pixel Buds 2 hands-onPřed měsícem
Apple iPhone 11 hands-on
Apple iPhone 11 hands-onPřed 3 měsíci


  • ...carriering my “Shi...,to school?!

  • Dikiz aynası nerede

  • I see the only obstacle here is humans. The only way this development will make money is military, I’m quite curious where their funding comes from and I’m not talking front companies.

  • I think it would be better to show road and car, not the host.

  • here an idea put petn bomb in it and wala you have remote control bomb that can climb up stairs and traverse any ground it can even do a dance before it goes boom

  • I could really see this working great as a tethering solution for us pro photographers.

  • What is her name? She is very good. I want her more

  • Just act like you are propelling with your foot

  • 1:24 Savage🤣

  • Halo Steez

  • I remember drawing it when I was a tesla oh I mean toddler 😂

  • How do you feel now iPadsOS 13 is now out?

  • The difference between snobs and pragmatists.

  • How hot can it be in summer lol 😂

  • It’s a cheap looking phone for 700$ .. when u pick it up you end up buying pro .. it’s bulky not worth upgrade .. ideally Apple should sell pro for 700..

  • On the 14, can you charge over USBC?

  • Simple design, great energy efficiency, easy access for people with mobility concerns, easy to clean, and not overly expensive. Not a tiny house by any means, but size is not as important as layout. Getting back to basics.

  • It's a temporary fun to ride thing. In end I will not trust some wires than my strong bones body.

  • Found this and thought that it was a rip from a low-budget movie from the 80's

  • What a backseat driver

  • ARM is the future. The word to focus is future.

  • Alphabet must launch Waymo in New York City, to unleash it's full potential as a driverless vehicle! Probably, head to head with Tesla and Uber.

  • I thought this was a good video until he used compute as a noun

  • Idiots, no car as in no catridge.

  • this car does never fall in Terrorismen hands o.O

  • amazing

  • Baby Yoda was literally lightning in a bottle for Disney. Like most things that just explode and go viral, it's not something you can force through marketing alone - it's normally born from an idea and creative passion from the people who made it happen.

  • this video is a total waste of time

  • 7:02 Lol, that's the best reaction you can have when you realise someone is filming you.

  • yeah xD

  • I'm ok with the back and the hinges but it does need a lot of work on the screen profile and ratio against its body and bezels. Looks terrible in that perspective. Overall I'm glad it's coming out.

  • Well, try that in India, in states like UP, Bihar, Haryana if you really really trust this AI

  • ya, hot air balloons NOT satellites..... did anyone catch that...

  • Who ordered the Baby Yoda plush?

  • jabra kadabra

  • Tesla: it's my pleasure to be your joker

  • Are the cars electric ?

  • It has to be some kind of joke!! Or was designed on an etch-a-sketch :-)

  • Excellent analysis!

  • because communists.

  • In EU:Asks him a question and lets him talk In Us:How facebook works? Zucc:Well we-.. US:Ok shut up

  • I am a technology fan, but I don't support fully autonomous. Level 4 autonomous is where we need to stop..

  • Im a Kid This is my Second Phone why would you ban my phone.

  • It does do damage though.. but for a person who can replace the battery after 2years its not a problem

  • Should I get this or spend an extra $30 for the wh-1000xm3

  • Elon musk is my favorite millionaire

  • 2:06 "I did that thing that Dickheads do"

  • By killing each other of course

  • Q : How to game on Surface Go? A : Get Gforce Now

  • When it's coming 😭😭 am so impatient

  • Pause at 1:46 look at how many shaved heads there are

  • MI for 100$ rules?!?!

  • Literally don't buy Apple products if u have self-respect.

  • Very nicely explained. The way the information in video is presented is praiseworthy.

  • "-What do you do for a living? -I'm a phone case expert." Humanity is ripe for extinction.

  • Last comment is the best one. Windows should focus on to be a super customizable OS

  • 1950:we will have flying cars in 2019 2019:cybertruck

  • Im thinking of buying a USB-C dock to connect all my peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headset and monitor. My laptop only has usb-c (no thunderbolt). Will there be any latency issues or delays when playing games? The reason why I wanted a docking station is so I can just leave all my peripherals connected to it and easily take my laptop with me and a spare mouse then just replug the dock when Im back home.

  • Elon Musk: Hold my Cybertruck

  • what's up with the twitching at 3:27 ?

  • So many of the things we use daily won't be antiques. We probably won't be able to find any iPhone 6's in the future while WWII rifles, Zippos and some watches function like the first day.

  • Cybertruck will look even more awesome with 6 wheel drive!


  • Driverless Robots ( Car) are quite possible now on national Highways..but for city rides needs more test drives.,👍

  • your background music is too loud to understand your your topic

  • Pues será que estoy muy anticuado, por que no me gusta nada. Lo veo aburrido y muy feo. Es más feo que yo y mira que eso es difícil.

  • Would've wished to see a more interesting route. Anyone living in the area knows this is a 3 mile straight route.


  • Disney is scary.. They know business of making jillions of dollars. Good for them. Time to give their employees a little raise then!

  • Nikola Tesla🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  • I wish they'd roll this out quicker

  • Big waste of money. Sux. If it actually worked well i could see the appeal, as a skater myself. I'd rather have a Mercedes anyway ;r) Ha 👑

  • Another 10 years and we might see this in almost every car

  • 6:30 battery low notification ..😂😂

  • Tesla motorcycle

  • I don't got time for Negativity.

  • albertzal_ on !G got my iWatch bypassed successfully after several attempts. Wats App him on +1 (406) 530-9088

  • albertzal_ on !G got my iWatch bypassed successfully after several attempts. WatsApp him on +1 (406) 530-9088

  • albertzal_ on !G got mine unlocked WatsApp him on +1 (406) 530-9088

  • Way behind tesla tough ...

  • This is like Bill Gate's Window 98 launch, "That's why we arent shipping windows 98 yet!"

  • Did I hear that WayMo just let go a bunch of employee in Arizona so I guess the driver is not needed anymore 🙉.

  • Hmmm. Freemasonic crimes are always interfered with by influential lodge members.

  • only Apple can define what an ARM-based computer should look like, and their "Project Catalyst" is a long-term plan for such seamless transition in the future

  • No driver on the driver seat 💺 but still strapped with the belt ohhhh come on now. 😂😂😂

    • Most modern cars have seatbelt sensors. Rather than disable it, it's easier to just put the seatbelt in.

  • Aibo is real jealous right about now

  • 2020!!!!! Futuristic

  • Am I the only who thinks buying Marvel was the best decision Disney ever made?

  • Skynet is near

  • *ara ara*

  • Wish I had the car

  • this is how many people buy cybertruck from elon musk

  • WHY! on this Planet did TIM NOT! give us an SD Slot and just ONE! USB Port in addition to the new usb c ports Knowing there are Millions! of Photographer's and Video pros who actually NEED! them....WHY!

  • And be sure to hit subscribe to the verge? Or nah?

  • This is a 3 mile trip and approximately ~ 7 minutes to destination. The road to Baby Kays is just a straight shot from the Watershed. Don’t be fooled with this video .

  • We now need moustachless Verge reporters.... not just driverless cars...

  • It’s kinda odd seeing Google act like Apple and extremely safely test self driving cars. While Tesla is acting like Google and letting anyone use self driving and just improve the AI.

  • Too much video of us watching you talk inside the car. Show us the view outside while it's making manoeuvers.

  • You can also breath inside.... Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • I just bought the iPad Air 3 so happy hehe