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Executive Producer: Eleanor Donovan
Supervising Producer: Phil Esposito
Senior Director: Vjeran Pavic
Directors: Becca Farsace, Alix Diaconis
Audio Engineer: Andrew Marino
Design Director: Will Joel
Senior Motion Designer: Grayson Blackmon
Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori
Social Media Manager: Dilpreet Kainth



  • I'm highly disappointed because Oneplus never sell their product officially in Indonesia..

  • Uhhhh what happened to rose gold???

  • This is a Great Review.

  • Subbed

  • So who cares??? Cops have qualified immunity #!! They are above the Law !!!!what happened to freedom of speech ?? That's right .. No-one cares !!!

  • Southeast asia will it cry with TCL

  • Ooo so no more bad boys stoping you 😂

  • Seems the 5 is a downgrade from the 4XL?

  • Wait, how is the point of super-fast charging for nightly charging? Surely the whole point is charging during the day, when out and about, on those days when you kill the phone before the end. A quick burst on a train for example - or in a cafe?

  • I just want to draw on my Samsung J6 so which pen is suitable?

  • OK so technically they are slaves. Facebook and the contractors remember u are stupid

  • You might want to show more of the phone and less of your face. Otherwise good video.

  • As I hate wires I’m glad it’s out

  • In the Sony Full frame Camera line up you forgot to mention the Sony A9 and Sony A9ii

  • At the end of the day it's a phone which majority of people use for FB insta and CS-tv and still not good enough for most people . Still using the 2 xl. My fav phone of all time.

  • I’m watching this on the same iPad, and I use aluminium foil instead of Apple Pencil

  • Can I use this phone for atleast 3 years?

  • because of new tax import regulation in Indonesia... pixel 5 gonna cost more than a pixel 4... so.. yeah.. no new pixel this year 😔

  • democracy now

  • Good stuff, I never done this myself so I'm no master, but I'd probably try and dampen the spacebar sound with some plastic, or smt. idk :)

  • My ears get clogged is that because of earphones?? How do I fix my blocked ears?

  • I have reduced using earphones but this morning my right ear clogged. Is that because of earphones?? I cant wait for it to unclog T_T

  • So, I have a question. My little brother pushed the button a few times to see what it does. So now I don't know in what mode my beats solo pro is in. Is there some way to see if the transparency mode is on?

  • Apple did the right thing so just ban fortnite

  • Now imagine having to do this for Instagram meme pages They would be ready to kill themselves in in a week.

  • Apple:Telling prices Me:Doing calculations for my country's currency.

  • With neuralcam, iPhone SE can take night time photos better than pixel 4a...

  • yes, well, there is no doubt about the camera, but hardware, a much lower processor at a price that I really consider high. for me a fair price the Pixel 4A (without 5G) would be around € 250, € 300 and the Pixel 5 between € 400, € 500

  • Well yeah, that's what we expected

  • years? 🙄🙄🙄

  • 7t has a better camera system

  • If you can see racist people attacking their own people then imagine what they would do to you any other people of color out there that think they won't be touched if they act racist or if they agree with them the truth is you're not

  • Elon: watching his kid draw . . Also Elon: I have an idea 💡

  • "I just like charging my phone overnight ". That's where i stopped watching this review. And yes, you ARE old-fashioned LOL

  • No one : Literally not even a single soul: Me: I’m too broke to buy any more books 😔

  • Good camera but the S8 is better want to sell the A51

  • where is that cop now on paid vacation???

  • good

  • Look how bold they are knowing a camera is watching. Imagine what they did when they knew cameras weren't around....

  • Dont buy.. cameras are not that good for the price.. more over colours arent good..

  • Remember when people around the world still had faster downloads than ours and they paid less than we did. It's like they were way ahead of us. But screw technology and 5G.

  • I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I would really love to get a new phone. I can't really think of anything I do on my phone that is really apple centric. Not sure I would really miss it too much and they are just so expensive, though I am finding in my research that other phones are too! I am really considering this phone and switching over to android as a whole

  • galwaygirl ride cashshit riddles


  • What do you mean they were free

  • Remember when you just made a call? If you needed weed you would beep the guy.? Yea I do too

  • That looks just like a Iphon come on Samsung do better 🙄🙄

  • Every time i get a new iPhone i just love getting new headphones can't wait.

  • Dude moto released stylus phone back in 2004. I owned moto A780 which came with stylus approx 15 years ago...

  • 1000!

  • I really wish they didn’t take out the neural Engine and I wish the speakers would have been better, but I still think it’s a solid device and can’t wait to get it.

  • Dieter, where is the FE review you mentioned?

  • 5gs great you'll be able to get an RFID Chip mark of the beast as well,,,,,,,fools

  • No hate to echos and I like them but the privacy 😬 that’s why I’m getting a. HomePod mini

  • My S8 is already on it's last life and I want to get myself a camera as well so I'll give the xperia a try and if I like the camera I will give their cameras a try.

  • Go get a 5g phone you wankers you'll get cancer quicker , but your phone will be faster

  • $1000 hahah real cost $100 or less, but hey... Apple is for saving the planet.

    • Yeah no thanks. What environmental conscious BS would make it so that you wouldn't include an adapter BUT still change the cord so that it would only connect to the new

  • Why no pixel watch? I'd buy one

  • only putas wear uniforms and use guns!

  • black, white, product red, green, blue. wtf is with the red?

  • How much money dollars

  • Another you tuber said the 5 has clicky loud buttons is this your findings

  • The more that cops feel threatened by being watched, recorded, the more they should be. I fear cops but I do not trust or respect them because they are too often NOT held accountable. I want "Good cops" to do well, be effective and also safe on the job. But the "Thin blue line" of protecting "Bad cops" is what makes it so dangerous for the good cops. I am an old retired white guy yet I strongly support the goals of BLM. When bad cops act as thugs and criminals no one wins.

  • Do not reinvent the wheel.

  • Me and my girlfriend want a little robo child!!!!

  • I guess I'll keep my 4XL.

  • I am between the Google Pixel 4a or the OnePlus 8. In the market where I live, these 2 phones are around the same price.

  • The phone is bigger so the battery should definitely be better, it doesn't really make sense

  • I juts love the manimalist look of the pixel 5 very elegant , simple buttery smoothness 😍😍😍

  • Why are y’all down playing 5G? They passed laws and installed it in almost every city during this pandemic without doing actual research or tests on it!

  • We don’t need 5G

  • they act like its so damn cheap I CAN'T LMFDAOO

  • Where can I donate to the Verge? Thank you for the good and important work you are doing!

  • I like bubbles.

  • Nah I'm the final comment for months to come

  • That spacebar...


  • that spacebar is rattling way too much

  • iphone 12 has 6.1inch screeen. 6.1" minus the notch that is

  • What's that huge lens you are using? Sure takes away from the discreteness of the cameras design. Though I'm not knocking it and may end up buying one.