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  • i think we need more butter

  • And still the meat is unseasoned and tasteless. Come to Balkan kids and learn a thing or two about preparation of meat.

  • I wonder if those guys make a living wage.

  • И как это есть?

  • Nice pie.

  • Cook everything with clean, fresh ingredients. Fine tune your recipes, take the time for each ingredient to be well prepared. Nothing out of the ordinary for any respectable restaurant, yet always amazing to see !

  • Ok ok. You've perfected the Cheesburger. No weaknesses, none whatsoever. Perfection at every aspect. One day I wish I will be able to try one.

  • Huh cutting cooked meat on a green board???? come on... Green is for Veg. Red is for Raw meat/bloody.

  • А люди жрут и жрут... жрут и жрут...

  • I hope they have ended its suffering faster instead of explaining it with words. I usually can't differentiate East Asians the way they slaughter animals as if it doesn't feel pain. Octopus are one of the most intelligent animals and definitely gets scared and feel pain.

  • Wow

  • god damn why not just put a whole raw onion on my burger while you're at it

  • 메이플 베이컨 도넛은 갠적으로 전혀 안어울거 같음.

  • Idk how I went from a keiichi tsuchiya video to this but i couldn’t stop watching

  • God Damn! Shut the fuck up an take my money! Man!

  • Fucking form art.5 stars michelin.

  • look delicious but TOO MUCH SAUCE 😭

  • 팥인지 검정색 떡이 잘 팔리는것 같네요

  • looks cold and disgusting

  • looks great... until i saw this chemical cheese that taste like 🤮... There are so much great Cheese out there like Peccorino, Mozzarella or Brie that taste so much better... this looks more like an fast and cheap midnight snack

  • Não tenho palavras para descrever o que vi, uma cozinha tão limpa produtos e qualidade de outro mundo sem dúvida é um hambúrguer que nao é necessário provar para dizer que é o melhor do mundo

  • Is impossível that burguer dont win every time the best in the world, so clean kitchen amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • 아 댓글보고 슬퍼짐 뭐냐..............

  • 它來自台灣🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼

  • McDonald’s eat your heart out 😂😂

  • This video is bullshit best burger in the USA changes every year their is no 3 time winner and this places doesn't exist in the USA.

  • Макдональдс отдыхает

  • I can see why they won, of course they did, compared to how a burger is made in the USA and then you get dirty burger from a Van stall in U.K., no effort but making sure it’s cooked. This is a masterpiece of burger making, I mean, look at the way they made the onion rings..well done

  • Wow

  • Appreciate the work to do it from scratch, but there’s way too much sauce, the raw onion is much too thick, and mainly the pork belly is ultra flabby. The texture of this burger is gonna be mush between the sauce overload, tomato, juicy burger itself, floppy bacon, AND fried egg. There’s no texture aside from a lightly toasted bun (which is smothered in sauce) and shredded lettuce which is also bathing in sauce, which is just a mistake. Also, not crisping up pork belly is the silliest thing ever and so many restaurants don’t do it. You’re not gonna lose any flavor and the texture makes it substantially better. Meanwhile bacon done like in this video has a weird mouth feel and can legitimately be gross if the piece you happen to get didn’t render enough, which is going to be like half the entire belly if it’s cooked like in this video.

  • Every burger is sold out in the states every day, fatties

  • After adding that butter to the dough and mixing I realized as he lifted that dough and placed it on the counter, this was the brioche baby I never had. As a dad my life is still incomplete.

  • Omg 🐄🐄🐤🐤🐖🐖🐗🐗🐶🐶

  • 화면보다 자막이 빠르구만😂😂

  • This is real quality over quantity

  • these burgers are slightly more expensive than fast food junk in the U.S. they should be at $30 a piece I'm dying over here

  • DAMNIT, I'm hungry. How did this win 1st place in America three times when it's in Korea? The food prep is incredible. No shortcuts or cheap ingredients, even the Romaine leaves were selected and any brown edges or whatever was discarded. This is how food is made with love. Got to go now. Got to get my passport to go to Korea, LOL...

  • South Korean cooking videos is what made me get into cooking, so much passion for flavor.

  • Me hungy

  • de la merde !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • do you know why its sold out everyday and won 1st place 3 times? simple it's fresh burger not some frozen thing u all eat everyday

  • 케이크 장식하기 좋겠네요 ㅎㅎ 어렸을 때 동네빵집에서 케이크 사면 설탕덩어리 동물과자 올라가 있었는데

  • 어딥니까... 이건 먹어야해...

  • i live in southern California can we please get some foodieboy restaurants over here please

  • So much care. They deserve to be number 1.

    • Even not puncturing the yoke of the egg👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Türkiye ye bekleriz

  • Robsom

  • I need a girlfriend so we can travel and eat all this fire you be postin man!

  • I find it hard to belive they traveled to the U.S. and won some competition, i've never heard of. 3 times? Sounds like click bait to me.

  • I would like to own a burger restaurant one day

  • It’s Korea, not the US

  • so bigmac and whopper still dare to call themselves king of burgers... what an audacity 😏

  • I just realised I watched a 25 minute advertisement willingly.

  • 21:47 Wow, they recreated the Nasty Patty from Spongebob. Looks horrible!

  • Now THAT is "Seoul Food"!

  • 으으 땅바닥에 패대기 치는 순간 식욕 다 날라감;;;

  • 저울무게 뺏소?

  • Вот от такой дикой жратвы морда шире плеч получается.

  • Sauce overload

  • luvv the preparation! 😍 they do it all there! not like fastfood where there are so many preservatives

  • And then the butter went in...

  • What is that?

  • 0:09 I'm so obsessed that I saw this sign as 'Elden Burger'. Ohhh...

  • Co za idiora tłumaczył na Polski? Pisze czerwona papryka a koleś ładuje miskę zielonej

  • жрут всякую дрянь китайцы а потом то Ковид то Эбола

  • juhu

  • "😝

  • I wouldn't change the flavour of the wagyu beef with cheese, possibly not even the bacon although it looks super delicious.

  • Times before humans found fire...:)

  • That is my ASMR :D