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Mahalo My Dude is a group of friends from the West Coast of British Columbia who travel the world to film and ride mountain bikes. If you love bikes, cameras, music and good vibes you've found the right place. Mahalo my dudes!
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  • Y’all should Do a collab with Peter McKinnon

  • Yeeehaaa my man!!! you did it fucking did it! haha you have restored my faith that I can pop a sick wheelie too!

  • God damn this is incredible

  • Wheelie a fixed gear. And bar spin doing so That's my goal.

  • It's not bad enough to be good and not good enough to be good. Amateur comedy?

  • salute to the videographer of this video...excellent framing!

  • ASMR here

  • I still can't bunny hop... Been trying since I was a child.

  • It makes me really sad to see you guys riding with Jordie at Steve's park after he passed away, with Jordie getting a park of his own now. RIP to two massive legends. :(

  • This is simply fantastic

  • Amazing video !

  • When I heard Waterloo I just straight away thought about NICA Wisconsin lol We had a race their last fall for our championship race

  • I am now 14 learned how to wheelie at 12 and it took me over a year non stop to learn.

  • Seth is such a cool ass guy...👍👊👊👊

  • If you want some gnarly 🤙 rock rolls you should come out to Springfield MO and do the omba coramba at sac River and race

  • He said the little harry 15

  • i put a fox sticker on my girlfreinds dildp and yes the dildo is smaller than my 10 inch

  • im also on my life long journey learning wheelie, this video gave me tears when I see matt finally wheelie!

  • We need a I only ride park sweater 🤘🤘🤘

  • He wheelie did it!

  • Well now im hungry

  • 1:42 so he basically started already being able to do it

  • wow...Jess taught you well!! You're killing on the trails!!!

  • lol high fiving is so 20th century, idiots

  • “It’s big and white” Me: *WYOMING*

  • Very expensive $6500 wtf

  • 5:00 mins in - i just want to hear the bike, less music = more bike sounds, more immersion

  • keep the peace

  • I Dream To Be At..... The Island Your At In The Video! Scenery Is Very Natural. btw I Am Quite New And Now Interested In MTB because of your previous videos! I loved the First Backpacking Vid You Posted. Quality Content and earned Subscriber.

  • Content. 👌(˘▾˘)👍

  • Is the first song in this video from Scott pilgrim?

    • Oh wait it’s from Zelda, which got put into Scott Pilgrim. Right?

  • This editing style.. I LOVE IT!

  • i learned all my friends how to wheelie

  • What’s up with Jason ? Why isn’t he in a au videos anymore ?

  • Holy product placement Batman!

  • Lol Seth at the end

  • when are you going to do another?

  • on motorbikes its easier

  • I have never seen a pencil do such thing to a innocent letter. One like equals one 🙏.

  • His willy is good

  • Gnarly Dude

  • Send you dudes some love from germany. ❤

  • God, that´s gotta be alot of work to always pack out the gimbal, set it up ,then film, then packing it up again and that About 6 times down the Trail...and probably the same thing with the drone... And btw: did the gimbal survive that crash?

  • Wait a minute I've been to nanaimo before

  • Nice man

  • Pleas more of this kind of Videos

  • My fan mail from 2 years ago hasn’t been opened, kind of dreading the cringey stuff I said!

  • That trail is better than any of the trails by me

  • Matt didn‘t watch Seths Sticker Hack

  • I'm watching this at big white

  • i broke my collarbone on a giant trance 2011 the first day i rode it

  • Whats the name of the backround song?1

  • that's why I like this channel

  • i love this channel 🤙🤙

  • This video just reminded me why I love these guys.

  • Was that Anthony Fantano?!

  • That guy broke the red bikes dropper post pissing about in the car park " see my new trick!?!:/ thanks mate..

  • Fucking LITT

  • 'pump' out the vids

  • 13:41 Nice.

  • Alligators not Crocs but I can agree about the fact that it is buggy

  • Vancouver is the GOAT, saying this as a Calgarian. I also love your videos!

  • Brooo hats are so hard

  • The red probably runs hot enough where it might run better in the snow

  • Boxes are like skinis

  • Take a drink every time someone says sticker in this video lol

  • What is that background musiccc???

  • Where is Jason?

  • Expect my fan mail soon...

  • pls do vlogs again

  • I made a clock out of wood and laser cut the ifht logo onto it would you guys like me to send it to you? For some stickers in return of course.

  • Yo that frame and photo from the how to be a mountain biker. Is ther any way yall would give it away on insta or something?

  • it's just not the same without jason

  • I just got a Bronson when I could’ve got this for $59?! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • as a bloke from sydney that is the most disappointing accent of all time all 3 of you... disappointing

  • Linus tech tips has å lot off spare hardrives he has to use one making a storige server to someone. And you are in the same country and im almost certan that you need some tb ekstra storige. Ask him for a collad. Just saying. Mahallo my dudes 🤙

    • Im gonna send you guys someting. Just wait.

  • When I saw the thumbnail I at first thought that Andrew was Jason... :( Still cool to see some fanmail though

  • bringing back an oldy but a goody

  • You both seem brothers not in looks but the way you talk to each other and get along that’s very sweet you are a very tough cookie that’s severe damage and u said no pain relief your a warrior

  • Where's Jason?

  • You should go to Mammoth Lakes this summer the trails are really nice!

  • hey guys can I have an “I only ride park” sticker?

  • Damn, Probably the best vid yet that I've seen. Excellent visuals and music

  • where's Jason?


    • Anton Hofstadler he works for Pinkbike now I think

  • I thought you did a fan mail Friday when you guys were riding in Squamish. So isn't this #2?

  • Kaz definetly

  • Those are some sick lap dance chairs! You even have appropriate mood lighting.

  • IMO the best MMD video, and an integral inspiration behind my quest to vanlife. Cheers lads

  • The Revival.

  • Will you can watch early Seth’s bike hacks videos,he used to live in Florida.

  • I remember when you guys featured my letter in the rock roll video. I was lil Jimmy C from Colorado. You guys showed a clip and I laughed so damn gard

  • That was like the best designed line rider level i’ve ever seen

  • 18:15 volume up did Andrew and kaz and no one else watching this video catch it?

  • For the decent you should’ve stood on the seat

  • 4000 dollar starter kit

  • Mahalo my dude loved the video on Hawaii and want to move there one day with my girl friend if I was to live there would I ever get bored of the trails up there other than that love your videos and have even started to make my own edits thanks for the inspiration keep up the good work

  • could you sell patches of the bear logo?

  • And hello guys m creek and totally not sure what I’m saying 👌🏼

  • Mahalo my dude friend* smashes into tree

  • 🤙