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Learn how to fix your own car with my easy to follow, step-by-step how to style videos for both beginners and experts. Save money, know the job is getting done properly, and feel great after you fix your own car!

I publish new videos around every 10 days so stay tuned!

I take a lot of pride in my "How to" videos because I like to help others learn how to fix their car. I film, edit and publish each video on my own. They are concise with all of the essential information so anyone can follow along and fix their car from beginners to experts. I have had many viewers comment and let me know how I have taught them how to fix their car themselves and save them $$$ and I love it!

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  • What happened to the turbo del sol chris?

  • Mine blocked the radiator my car overheated a couple of times after and I replaced it I have no leaks for years (coolant leak)and for over 100k kilometers

  • what you see in the video: chrisfix talking normally about the video what you see in real life: a man holding a camera shaking a head gasket and pointing without talking *assuming its voiced over*

  • What a comprehensive video! Beautifully summed up!

  • Ive used blue devil before with great results and i had a friend that used it on his boosted accord. 2 years later and 5 more psi it was a piston ring land that failed..the headgasket was still sealed even under 15 psi of boost.

  • Awesome job Chris!

  • @ChrisFix that's BS....cliff hanger

  • 25 years + in Aircraft engineering. My guide is snap on for smaller sizes, cheap end tools for larger sizes. Just like your analogy.

  • I was hoping this was going to lead us to the in depth head gasket repair video we were promised in the "piston return spring" video. It was a little sad to see you tear into the Jag instead of prime us for a detailed head gasket repair video... But it makes sense to get rid of it if it's not worth fixing. A warped head means you'd have to fully disassemble the motor and get the block and heads resurfaced... And I guess a full engine rebuild is probably just too much.

  • so premium isn't better but it's better

  • Hey Chris fix what about rear main seal repair goo stuff

  • 🙌🏽back in action, love this! Im having this gasket issue with my vehicle

  • I've used the Bars before and it kept plugging up my heater core. Thankfully I was able to simply flush it out.

  • Powder dishwasher detergent in hot water cleans carpet and interior perfectly

  • Chris, is that actually a real phone number? Because with your sense of humor, that'd be a rick roll number or something. I want to call it and find out! But at the same time, I don't want to call it just in case this isn't a prank, and that actually is your number.

  • Could you seal it again?

  • Oh damn. You could have charged $9.99 a minute though for the call. " Hi, This is Chris." Caller," What are your wearing Chris?" Chrisfix," Um. Blue Gloves!"

  • I love how enthusiastic you are man, if definitely shows are proud you are of the work you do because you trust it

  • Hey Chris I've been looking for videos on how to tow a car with a pick up or similar vehicle. Can you please make a video about it. I live in Queens New York and I plan on buying a few cars.

  • Getting Wall-E vibes from that thumbnail

  • This is still a banger of a video to watch even almost 3 years later

  • Did you sell the Drift sting

  • I like the fuzzy paint job on your new old vehicle.

  • I never thought someday I grow up and have the knowledge and ability to change out a power steering pump...this is insanely awesome!

  • I miss watching your videos

  • Chris, how do you adjust idle on a carbureted engine? Do you turn the idle mixture?

  • Maybe how to put ABS in your viper?. I dunno lol.

  • Nice talk Chris...thoroughly enjoyed and learned from it!

  • anyone know how to know what socket mm to use, is it based on size ?

  • 8:36 If I were to do that movement on the hose, for some reason, mine would have cracked

  • hey whens the driftstang gonna return?

  • 13:55 I'm worried this will clog up everything... Chris think I'll go with this one?? 🤣 🤨🤔🤔😒

  • Thanks Chris !!

  • I got my car dirt cheap because of alot of electrical issues, radio, lights (interior) key fob didn't work, all it was was 2 fuses😃🤣

  • easier to tell the customer NO at the front desk.

  • I’m guessing the new car is Tavarish’s Ferrari

  • what a greaatful dad

  • It works I got 2 years out of blue devil

    • Thank you....this is a great video. Very informative. Overall would u say that particular sealer is better that the others?, I have heard the Blue devil is the best out there.

  • Thank you Chris, your videos are always full of useful information

  • What about the drum brake to disc brake conversion video

  • I would hate to vandalize a car only for chrisfix to super clean it :-b

  • Subaru owner joind the chat...

  • What a awesome video!! Keep up the great work

  • From the sound of your over the top voice, you should probably have a little more fiber in your diet.

  • Anyone else got rickrolled when they called that number 😂

  • Hey Chris, where can I find the Soapy Wooder sticker you use on your bottles? I know you sold them at one point but I cant find them.

  • That a viper?

  • Brand new to your channel. One question...... What's up with the helmet? Great video tho, imma bout to try it on my 03 F150 that has 270k on the clock. If it works I'll keep on truckin If not, it'll be for sale. It's the quad cab with the shorty bed Alabama truck with zero rust.

  • It’s a Viper lol

  • I own a junk yard diehard is the worst battery I get them brand new bad . Walmart ever start always works even 15s

  • Thank you!!! Such a beautifully detailed tutorial. My dad’s disgusting old sentra will be road-ready again in no time

  • “Owner or stealership”…gotta love it.

  • I hate rain

  • I used Blue Devil gasket sealer and it wound up plugging my radiator completely. Had to buy a new one

  • “I’m gonna dirty the floor” I was laughing

  • When i turn the wheel and apply the breaks i hear squeaking. It doesn’t happen every time though....

  • I love your dad’s reaction! That’s what happiness looks like 😊 And I actually bought an Alfa Romeo GT. Pretty much everything’s wrong with it, so I really need your videos 😂 even if it’s just for the courage to do things on a car that I’ve never done before

  • Anybody else notice that "near catastrophic failure" on the dash temp gauge was only half way up? And normal operating temp was only a quarter.

  • On a road trip through Mexico my Tacoma broke down in Nyarit, in a tiny jungle town. Local mechanic did this exact fix for us. Gave him 20 bucks and a buck knife for it.

  • stop talking so much

  • This man straight runnin around town stealin pump octane labels

  • Pretty complicated

  • Thank you....this is a great video. Very informative. Overall would u say that particular sealer is better that the others?, I have heard the Blue devil is the best out there.

  • For 7k you could probably buy a used engine and pay a dealer to put it in

  • chrisfix @ 2:15 “let us know how bad your head gasket was”, let’s just say i own a subaru

  • The extractor vacuum has many bad reviews yet still holds a 4 star rating but if you’re willing to possible only use it 3 times or so for 80$ go right ahead

  • Bruh this saved us so much time

  • You have to pull the plug in the cylinder with the leak for exhaust in coolant. It pushes the stuff out because of the pressure in the cylinder. You got very lucky that it worked at all.

  • Did you ever try some whole pepper corn?

  • dude i put 10k miles in 3 months so i would have to do a real fix

  • After I wait to see if the low pressure gauge increases from -29 and find that it mover to 0. What do I do after. Do I add the refrigerate with dye to find the leak?

  • If you hungry you can lick the potatoes

  • Love seeing ChrisFix videos! Sometimes i just back and watch them for the fun of it. Thanks Mr. Fix!

  • Forgot to include replacing blinker fluid in the video

  • A+++ video

  • I used k seal in my 2003 Ford Felcon. Worked well!

  • would love to see a video about what you do if your cylinder head is warped and how to go about rebuilding it. i have a 4 cylinder motor in my garage i pulled out of my car, and it has a cylinder head warpage and small amount of block warpage... ive been doing alot of research on the subject and the amount that it is warped is past factory recommended spec... love your videos anyways. peace from canada