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CBS Sports Golazo - Europe CBS Sports Golazo - Europe

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Home of the Coppa Italia, Scottish Professional Football League and UEFA Europa Conference League.

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  • 👍

  • 1:34 is that not a handball???

  • That goal from sporting could be a pukas award and will be the most underrated person winning a pukas award (I think)

  • The second I saw that dude do the backflip it reminded me of the guy that died doing that.


  • SPORTING!!!!

  • Great match up..shitty ending

  • What a tie Boniface had

  • this might be one of my favorite games ive wacthed. the way both sides played was amazing. i was really shocked of how good the players of sporting are and their chemistry is amazing. i enjoyed watching them play as a team

  • i like that there are red cards in every game

  • Why do you guys keep saying sporting goalie? Yall never heard of antonio adan? He played in real madrid before

  • If Ramsdale had kept his hips turned toward the goal as he was running back to the ball, tracking the ball with his head turned, as if a receiver for an nfl team, or a baseball outfielder, or even a tennis player running back to catch a lob, then he gets there. That is a skill, not a talent. Arteta's gk coach may want to review.

  • The offside goal was cleannn🔥💯💯💯

  • That was a dope match

  • Martinelli is not that good. Idk how he is so lauded as a better than average player - just saying.

  • Imagine they win and play europa league from the championship 😳

  • Didn't know arsenal signed scott sterling.

  • Sporting has a lot of quality players: adan, coates, inacio, goncalves, ugarte, edwards, trincao.

  • gift orban since the new year has 1.2 goals per 90 or 1 every 74 mins (7 in 6 with an assist). a club like brentford are gonna sign him for 15 mil and flip him for 80 in 2 years bookmark this

  • I'm glad his number1 got beat he should've shown Turner some trust and started him like all the other times

  • Shoutout to the ref for great advantage for both teams, one lead to a goal and the other came with a red card

  • @CBS - please fire the lazy video editor, failed to show one of the most important moment in the game - Red card incident...

  • 5:18 lmao

  • Tuner should have started

  • We can get hype for the resepctive european finals, but how insane would a Sporting vs Benfica supercup be

  • 5:58 poor man i feel for him... regret is screaming off of his face 😭😭

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  • Tillman is ready for a tougher Challenge

  • Arsenal lost BECAUSE every time they seem like they are building some momentum, their coach trots out Jorginho and even worse Vieira. And they lose *every time* he does that. Every.Single.Time. Yet he doesn’t learn his lesson. In this matchup Jorginho+Vieira = subpar midfield. And that’s why they lost.

  • Scp-PT

  • ugarte is a world class dm in the making … ball winning demon no nonsense

  • ❤❤❤

  • See the difference when you can use both legs 👏🏼 crack.

  • magnificent goal from sporting splendid

  • I knew arsenal had no chance

  • This is how Arsenal will not win the league either

  • That Sporting goal was so perfectly placed... Crazy

  • Zzzz…Zzzzz….zzzz…Zzzz…😴

  • Tillman should always start if it’s a match vs Motherwell

  • Rashford ❤

  • As an Arsenal supporter waiting to relive the glory years and yesterday's of the Invincibles, this was sad and hurt to watch. Take NOTHING away from that Sporting CP goal, though--it was world-class in execution and actually went in!

  • Who are the idiots throwing smoke into the field. It makes it difficult to watch. Get some cameras and security.

  • Rashford is top 5 in the world or better right now, incredible in every single game.

  • that ref better not go back to spain

  • ManU Fan: It was good Day.


  • 5:16 Quality sportsmanship from the fans......LMFAO

  • ramsdale humbled

  • Can’t wait for Chiesa to be fully back

  • Plastic Mancs