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Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage name Eminem (stylized as EMINƎM) and by his alter ego Slim Shady, is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter and actor. Eminem, along with his solo career, is a member of his group D12, and also one half of the hip hop duo Bad Meets Evil, with Royce da 5'9". Eminem is one of the best-selling artists in the world and is the best-selling artist of the 2000s.


Fall [Official Audio]
Fall [Official Audio]Před 2 měsíci
Revival Pop Up
Revival Pop UpPřed 10 měsíci
Revival Album Art Reveal
Revival Album Art RevealPřed 11 měsíci
SHADYXV - TV SpotPřed 4 lety


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  • you inspire me!

  • Eminem is not just going to diss MGK or Joe Budden... i feel like he's going to drop another surprise album. theres clues being left. i made a video on it.

  • Nice Channel!! I just released a new song, "The Morningside Masscre" that tells the story of a young girl who shoots up her school. Its bone chilling! I would love for your feedback if you have time, check it out!

  • cant wait to see more

  • eminem im ur biggest fan you could compare me to stan cause your my hero. i want you to listen to my rap and tell me what you think its called DOPE by slim shorty cs-tv.org/tv/video-yhL2ag0J4TM.html&t=27s dont forget your the best of the best and,.....FACK TRUMP

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  • Eminem, your profile pic sux ass. Fucking Looser

  • Greetings from Singapore =) Wish you a awesome day!


    • You're going to need a MUCH larger army of wiggers than you already have if you're going to "destroy" Paul Joseph Watson ... but the chances of any of you piece of shit nigger loving twats putting down the heroin long enough to do anything besides sucking each other off is remote.

  • Idk if you'll respond to this eminem, and if feel dumb asking you this in-front of all these people but how do i open myself up in my music??

    • A freshly sharpened hunting knife should do the trick ... just make sure that you hit the jugular so that mankind has no doubt that it's got one less wigger in its midst.

  • My eleven year old son (who is a fan of yours and has your posters all over his room) posted a "Donald Trump dis track" to his youtube channel three weeks ago. So to me, he beat you to yours :) He has so many friends tearing him apart and telling him that it sucks that I wanted to send it you. He wrote it with a bit of help from a couple of other boys. I keep telling him I'm convinced you saw it and stole the idea from him ;) Thank you! cs-tv.org/tv/video-AFwhV1G0euA.html

    • Your son is a piece of nigger trash and should be shot onto the son ... with you beside him, of course!

  • How come you didn't come out a dis on Harvey Weinstein you arse!?

  • Hey lil boy...go get some help! Big shot talking on TV...come up and face a person you wuss

  • Piece of shit Eminem...come up to the UP and talk your trash...you friggin chicken

  • goat is right. not the greatest of all time, but an actual goat. like a smelly filthy animal. white guilt isnt fashionable kid. i have decided........FUCK YOU.


  • blok ekipa ma więcej sub. to tylko kreskówka z polski

  • I Hope Em comes to australia again

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  • Oh hello there

  • Eminem, I ask you one thing that probably not only me wants... Can you please make a song that reminds people today what real rap is

  • Marshal тыоканчательно скатился что ты пишешь мужик давай обратно к тем строкам что вдохновляют на поступки а не отдаляют от них . С уважением Александр!!

  • I love you Eminem xoxoox Love Nikki Goldie Aka CraztiaBoo Aka NikkiBoo1st I did followed your twittter and you followed me back on my damn twitter im fucking love you em! xoxox

  • Hello my name is daniel ramos I am from ecuador and I am fan but my true love my ex girlfriend is your mega fan I made a mistake and I left without reason I know it sounds bad but I actually love it more than anything in the world and I know that If something can make her come back to me is that you tell her to do it please brother if ever in your life you loved something with all your heart help me because I would die for her please tell her that daniel ramos really loves her and that I deserve another chance please A video an email but please do I need your help if there is really something that you should never lose as your daughter thinks of me because I do not want to lose her.

  • Hello my name is daniel ramos I am from ecuador and I am fan but my true love my ex girlfriend is your mega fan I made a mistake and I left without reason I know it sounds bad but I actually love it more than anything in the world and I know that If something can make her come back to me is that you tell her to do it please brother if ever in your life you loved something with all your heart help me because I would die for her please tell her that daniel ramos really loves her and that I deserve another chance please A video an email but please do I need your help if there is really something that you should never lose as your daughter thinks of me because I do not want to lose her.

  • Mom's spaghetti

  • Alright, I'm just gonna get this out of the way and tell you that as a 13 year-old, it's probably not smiled on that I've watched all your videos multiple times. But you've saved my ass, dude. I've come from a pretty shitty background and your music has been my medicine. When I was six, and only a few weeks from turning seven, my Dad passed away from a year-long battle with cancer. It's not fun when you literally see the life leave someones' eyes. Me and my four (yes, four), brothers and my Mom moved to Texas after that, which was where she was raised as a child. We moved into a big two-story house and we were home-schooled by my Mom. Though I didn't realize it at the time, even though I should've, my Mom was suffering more than she opted to show. She re-married a friend from high-school, my creole bastard step-dad, Aaron. Because of her depression, she happened to miss the fact that he taunted her and at certain times, assaulted her. After about a year, our family (or at least me and my Mother), came to understand that he drank, WAY too much. He also began to sell and do Cocaine around this time as well. However, it was almost a month later when they finally divorced after a particularly nasty fight involving him putting his hands on my mother. Many more fights followed after the divorce until the police stepped in and kept the two apart. While this was going on, me and my brothers were kind of forgotten and many nights we went to bed hungry and upset. Time passed and my Mother had had enough of Aaron. She drove to his apartment where he had moved in with his ex-wife and her son. She brought a gun with her. Planning just to scare him, she threatened him before he called the police. Outside, the police circled around my mother, who was still holding the gun. Scared for her children and herself, she shot her head before they could take her. I've never told anybody this before, but what you did for me kept my suicidal issues at bay. I remember listening to 'Not Afraid' right before planning to hang myself from the stair-case. I completely broke down and followed a new mind-set. I can't thank you enough for stopping me that day and the many days to come when I would feel hopeless. Though we've never met, and I doubt we will, you've done more for me than anyone else. Keep rapping and keep sharing your talent. ☺

  • hello

  • Oh wow nice channel! You make some great content. Don't ever stop making awesome content because you are already on the track to greatness. All you need to do is keep up theincredible videos.

  • allo slim shady ive been listening to you n all the crew d12 since 99 iwas 10 years old then! YNTIL today your music expresses me!pleease continue rapping n the concerts ive never seen u live! theres more places in the world you never permormed like GREECE where im from! or at least in europe again!!!!!!!!!!! lm sure its still fun rapping!!! ha ha

  • Hi Amazing channel, Im enjoying your stuff not gonna lie. I might try something like you got hear soon. Keep up the amazing work.

  • allo slim shady you have to do more concerts pleaseeeee start rapping again there more places around the world you never performed...... like greece or at least a eurotrip again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sure its still fun rapping ha ha. eminem d12 2017 in a eutrip! kisses waiting for good news

  • EM is bobby flay NM up!

  • greeceeeeeeeeeeeee

  • waiting to see concert dates kisses

  • ooops still fun rapping i meant not so good in english

  • eminem you have to do more concerts pleaseeeee start rapping again there more places around the world you never performed...... like greece or at least a eurotrip again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sure its steel fun rapping ha ha

  • yo, please help us out.

  • This Flintoid claims you a Shill sellout. Michy spits you out.

  • Happy Birthday 🎈

  • Why Eminem not coming to Russia?

  • Look up in CS-tv Hoodlum JFK he's white and he's nuts!Crazy but he's the best white rapper in cananada upcoming

  • if you could sir I would realy appreciate it if umade another pop song please like you said its not hip hop its pop

    • I hate to break it to you, but he is quoting 'jealous' 'confused' people

    • hello

  • you have a beautiful daughter btw many congrats. I have sisters I try to take care of as a man since my dad has lost his ability for life. I get our situation. Once again where can I get an autograph.

  • hey I just wanna know where I can meet you to get some autographs


  • Really looking forward to your next move EM!

  • I love your music!!!... and you too...

  • Ur music has saved me in many ways. I have too an addiction problems and ur music has saved me from so many dark situations. Listening u gives me strength and ur music makes me happy. Thank u so much. And I think it was ridiculous from the media to be so "surprised" about the fact that Hailie has and is succeeded in her life..and when they interviewed u and asked that does ur sobriety effect ur life as an artist and does it effect in ur songs. Well, let the media be stupid sometimes... U are doing great and keep doing things that make YOU happy, that way everybody who loves and cares about u are happy also. 😏 And u are the exact opposite of ur father, u have done an excellent job as father. I know it, my dad doesn't give a crap about me, he's abusive and ignorance we haven't seen in 3 years I've also been hospitalized because of drugs 3 times and he still does not care. And I broke up with my ex - he was lying too much.... And Marshall, I think u have nothing to apologize from ur 'Relapse' - album ; I've gotten so much comfort and safety from that album. Some songs have made me smile and some has given me "deja vu" feelings like yeah been there done that too.. So I can relate on many of ur songs - which many of them tell about ur own real life and I don't mean just the Relapse album, I can relate in so many things in ur life. I'm just 25 years old woman from Finland but u know it doesn't matter where people are from, they still are human and they go through hard things too. But I don't need to tell this to u because u know these things already. Ur heart is gold, broken but gold.. But I wish all the best to u, Marshall. My biggest wish would the fact that I could see u, but I'm just a regular woman from Finland no money no nothing, so its impossible.. But keep up and keep on going - be happy. I try that too. 😏 With love : Sini Huuhtanen. (Facebook account: Sini Turunen) PS. I "love" u the way u are.

  • hey M got a new hook for you, which i gladly like to hear on a hopefully upcoming new album: "as empathic as britney spears' songs are full of tears, well maybe it was just an emphasis of what was just rotten rat." hope u gonna make anything outta that.

  • "He will browse thru these jus 2 c is any person of interest but like all accounts 1 reply showz favourtizm and that wud cause fukery az there some crazy mothers in the world!!!....

  • Thank you so much. You saved my life. I was this close:() to committing suicide, I already had everything set up. Then, an Eminem video popped up. It was When I'm Gone btw. I put the items down and listened. I started rapping along and eventually started writing my own songs. Turns out, I had a talent for it! I'm now competing to be the top rapper in my school district. I know he won't hear me. But, thank you Marshall, Slim, Eminem, whatever, I'm eternally great full. No matter what, thank you so much.

  • The best raper alive!

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  • You.... WoooooooW... You are Blessed!!! <3

  • HAPPY B-DAY MARSHALL!!! We lovee you <3

  • HAPPY Birthday, Eminem! I hope it's beyond stupendous, something like splendiferous, cuz you deserve a great one, the best yet under the sun!

  • Eminem your profile picture is illuminatic. You all are in the Illuminati.

    • No , actually he does that on purpose to piss people off because thats what he wanted to do xD

  • Yo Shady, I know you probably hear this every day but you need to check out this young rapper named Sik Kid.He has a channel named Sik World and he has the best young potential I personally have seen and if by some miracle you read this and to anyone who is, he is one of the realest dudes rapping out there

  • you rule m&m xD

  • nice rap

  • hey em! love your songs. my favorite is probably legacy or best friend with yelawolf. ive been writing to you but have had no reply. I get your busy, but im starting to feel like stan over here. hope you get to read this. -jason

  • Hey...Could you do another live stream? Cause yeah that would be awesome.

  • Hey does eminem actually read this...if you do...iv got some next level shit to give to you...can't get ahold of you and this isn't easy.. Its .zenith Osiris the nephew remember??? So hit me up on face book and I'll give you all you've ever wanted brother....god is here...and god is good...get with the program....its not just about music anymore...moving up Bray up now..quit violin around...show bizz is just a blimps...we have much to discuss buddy...hurry up..don't let me down.... Thanks for reading this all an to all have a good night..

  • :Eminem-RapGod-Isumonwannadiahwuislhfduifsik :Me-Reaction-Holy Fuck Dude

  • Hey check this link forreal forreal: youtube dot com slash watch?v=UobDrD5NNo8

  • i love your music i know almost all by heart

  • I LOVE EMINEM i and my sister i love

  • hey i just watched the shady records story and i wonder if you have some time to check out some of my music i just heard that SHADY RECORDS build new artists so i wanna be part of that.

  • Its 3 A.M. and here I come, So you should probably run! :D

  • search bragadino

  • Eminem I love you You are my God. From argentina

  • Cool thing you did for the kid with the disease Em. Much respect.

  • Dear Slim, I just watched the Ice T documentary Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap. I know it is 2 years ago but you shared in the documentary that you go trough some nasty stuff in your life. You look different, wearing black clothes and your look in your eyes was sad. I'm not your biggest fen or something I just wanna to tell you try to find some happiness, overcome all your problems and put the puzzle in right order. I miss the Eminem who just grab the mic and just flow with the beat like in Forged about Dre, Lose Yourself, The Way I Am etc. All the Best .... Stay Positive !!!

  • What do you know about Islam Why do that to yourself

  • eminem your tunes its very nice

  • Hey em I've seen what you try to send through your music and I can relate almost entirely if you get the chance and happen to see this can you give me a text I'd like to know how to put my...... roiling emotions into what calms me music like you are able to do and to learn how to be a rapper and producer from the one true rapper who doesn't care what others think but speaks his mind it's 908 342 7080 if you can thank you

  • Whad up, Marshall. Dude, look, you are amazing, and your music is the best music in the world. Keep it real.

  • Where is slim shaaady?

  • Satanism is real on this channel

  • hello eminem from russia


  • I am a really big fan of eminems I love all your music , I myself like to rap I am 15 I have just finished my first song off my album wich I wrote , please tack a look like and comment as I need as much support has I can get thanks



  • Eminem, i do not know if you will ever see this, but i hope you do. this new stuff is not working, you seem like you are trying to adjust to the style of todays style of music. I think you should blow up again and start rapping like you did in slim shay lp or marshall mathers lp or curtain call. Dont be slow and positive like macklemore. And dont be too fast like in mmlp2. Be your normal self, get in root with your old ways and rip the mic violently but also gently, dont scr,eam too much. Hell even rap like you did in infinite..that shit was tight! The world is ready for a new old slim we've all been waiting for it! and we NEED IT. Hopefully listen to this even if this is a producer or co worker, we need old shady

  • Came to Russia please

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  • Well I think that it is a little bit difficult but i want Eminem in Greece for a live concert there a lot who hear your songs !

  • did u ever realizes that none of these african american rapers get credesied for what they rap about but eminem did and the african americans rap about way wores stuf then eminem does.

  • Eminem (for me Em: 3), are the best rapper in the world, you are the best at everything, every time I hear your songs move me into your world, you've got me in taught to never give up, you never did why these where you are. Thank you for existing. You're the best thing that could have happened. I love you. Come to Peru please: 3


  • Absolutely love the Eminem of now <3 the "recovery & matured Eminem. Love your honesty in interviews & your lyrics. I saw you @Wembley, 12th July, best night of my life, with Dre - just wow! #respect on everything. Of course I see your fb & twitter posts, but someone told me its your manager that tweets or posts on fb for you? I'd love to know if this is true? Also, mb one day if you ever read this, please relpy to a comment here & there :-) As you sang "we're the one's who made you" #fanappreciation <3 Love the new track ft. Sia, wow her voice is amazing! The Monster Tour I followed also, just wish I could have been there, but hey, I think you gave us English fans the better deal with DrDre <3 2 Legends on that stage <3 "Nuttin But Love" ... Til The Next Episode ... <3 #Eminem #Shady4LYF <3

  • Man i love you.

  • I have a brother named nathan

  • can you make people know about my video

  • eminem talk to me please

  • will be in Austin texas (3rd) for his performance. BUCKET LIST....perforem 'BEAUTIFUL" for bugsme10 ?????? for my 60th birthday.

  • Like if you'd like Eminem to team with Hopsin for an epic song.