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Welcome to the TronicsFix CS-tv channel! We believe that repair matters. In an age where it seems like everything is becoming less repairable we're here to show you how to fix it anyway! We think that there's no reason to throw something away if it can be fixed. On our channel, we'll show you what's inside some of the latest tech (and sometimes the old stuff too!), teach you how to fix your own stuff, and also give you an idea of what it takes to make some money on the side if that's what you're into.
We think that broken sucks and we're here to show that repair matters. So if you'd like to learn, fix, and/or earn we'd love to have you as a subscriber.

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  • What about refurbished from Sony? Is it good?

  • Has anyone ever gotten drifting problems from their right joy con stick? I tend to get mine from the left joy con stick.

  • What would cause the disk drive to make noise when disk is in? Son ps4 slim makes noise when game is in disk drive and the game comes on the TV but it making a lot of noise.

  • I always love seeing all those consoles saved from the garbage bin.

  • Great informational video man!

  • I want to restore the plastic case on the outside, not replace it. Has anyone found something like that?

  • When you mention the cockroaches smell I though you were just saying that and when you opened it up I shouted out ewwww as they were literally cockroaches in it, that's so disgusting 🤮. Then I thought to myself I would have saved that one for last to! I wonder did anyone buy it from you... But I wasn't surprised to see you getting both working as I've seen you fix and repair most consoles if not bad then in worst conditions. Still props to you for getting that cockroach PS4 pro working👏

  • Is there somewhere I can get the schematics? of the values ​​and components thanks

  • Why is my ps4 hot in rest mode when i haven't used it for almost a day

  • Luckily, the liquid metal somehow did not leaked out and touched the circuitry around the ic chip. You did not apply Conformal coating or nail polish around.

  • There is another possibility that we all should take note. APU of the PS4 can be bulging and not flat as it should be. This reduced further the thermal transfer rate to the heatsink and potentially overheat below its official ambient temperature max. tolerance. Look out that bulging Apu when you have the chance to disassemble it for replacing the thermal paste, the bios battery and general cleaning.

  • 10:36 you can observe the thermal paste have a bald patch on the center. That means the Apu is not perfectly flat as it should be. In this unfortunate case, the only place with better thermal contact between the heatsink and the Apu is on the center, while the other area is only saved by the much thicker thermal paste (which is a much poorer thermal transfer performance). This translate to poorer overall heat transfer and that's why many people see their PS4 pro overheat easily (the jet engine sound). Sad. The only way to make it better is to sand the Apu flat, or sand the heatsink concave in relation to the Apu surface bulge.

  • Wish you would actually have shown what screws where which as Silver screws aren't going into where you showed.. Silver ones in it...

  • my plates literally wont come off (nvm i got it)

  • I have tried to upload 8.52 on both of ps4 following the steps to the T with fta32 USB and I keep getting SU -41350. Please help

  • What type of blade did you use?🎮

  • How did the bent one even work

  • I took the faceplates off and it scratched the black bit when taking it off is that normal ? Now there is white marks

  • Worked perfect thanks

  • Or play uncharted 4 works too XD

  • Doesn’t work

  • Thanks! That went perfectly thank you for your help!

  • I never had this problem. 🤮

  • How bout the regular ps4

  • Would a dirty ps4 make the system disconnect from the controller? I've went as far as buying a new controller an it still disconnects.

  • I’ve pulled apart my PS4 a couple of times now for various issues. I thought she was a goner this time, but thanks to this video I had the confidence to pull the disk drive apart. It now has new life and the drive is quieter than ever. Thanks mate. You’re a legend

  • This worked perfect got everything back together with no extra screws left!

  • I love how he makes people seethe when he says he puts on the perfect amount of thermal paste.

  • Are you shittin me? I crashed my drone... started watching this... tore my machine 3/4 of the way apart... you end with "Now we've got our drone torn apart and back together, we can go fly!". This is actually the worst video Ive seen on CS-tv. Ever. In my whole life. You sir, are an idiot.

  • The little blacc screws arents screws they’re just to hold the plate down i think, how do i remove those

  • I need help i was trying to open my ps4 slim but 2 of the screws got smashed and i can not open the first area

  • My ps4 slim activated the smoke. Detector ok or nah

  • Get closer

  • So I've never changed the thermal paste on my ps4 and I've had it since almost release I've cleaned it a few times though should I do the paste at all?

  • How do you remove the black screws though? Theres no cross pattern on it to remove it

  • Just wanna say thank you so much man with your help I fully repaired two ps 4 consoles this morning from disk drive to board , your tutorial covered literally everything I need to know and needed to do , thank you so much for all the input .

  • @TronicsFix Steve would love a tear down of the INFINITY4PS PRO. Need to understand where mine is faulty. THanks!

  • Got one beated up PS4 PRO for a cheap buck yesterday, and I'll be sincered I never played PS4, I jumped from my PS3 to a decent PC and since Red Dead Redemption 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroid Become Human, Days Gone, etc was also release to PC I didn't felt the urge to buy one, but Oh well here I am with a PS4 PRO for Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, and Sakura Wars, and first thing I notice was the fact that the console gets so hot and the fan so loud I basicaly needed to put a fan right in front of it so it could cold of while playing Ghost of Tsushima. Also mine doesn't have the front led working and has something loose inside, well that's the PS4 PRO we get for 100€ I'm waiting for a PS4 screwdriver kit so I can open it up and see what's going on under the hood.

  • 5 years later, this bloke clutched up hard for me. video is only 16 mins but this took me about 2 hours cause I didn't have all the correct tools etc. my rollers were in place but quite dusty inside. I recommend for people who's rollers are in place and can't see any errors to clean the laser reader thingy while you have it all disassembled.

  • Thanks. Can a power supply provide a good value for the first minutes or so and then suddenly start being faulty for some reason? I'm asking that coz my PS4 (12xx model) is starting normally and then always after 5 minutes the screen scrambles then it stops working. From that point on I have to unplug and restart again but won't work till it's cools off. It's a very clean PS4 as I did the whole cleaning and Thermal past application by myself two days ago. Thanks 🙏

  • Great video. Super quick to do (took me less than 2 minutes to do). As long as you lift up from the front, it comes off relatively easily - you have to be a bit forceful on the front corners but once you hear it lift off the clips it just lifts off.

  • Can someone tell me, from which moment of this re-assembly we are loosing our warranty? I have done everything till 3:30. Right now I am scared to go further. Also, where can we find the same screws like for the fan sony used?

  • He replaced Mega Man X’s buster components with Zero’s buster components. Now it’s more powerful. lol :D

  • Nice video but I have a screw left 🤣

  • you shouldve named your channel ronics electronics

  • Nice now i know that i should not to use the new screws :)

  • Easy peasy

  • Just take it to geeksquad.

  • lmao eBay are thieves, in Belgium we have our own 'eBay and we pay literally no fees and just use bancontact so if I sell for 60€ I literally just get 60€

  • Ok so you said 10 years but ive had mine for 8 and its super loud and heats up like crazy. I cleaned it out and got rid of lots of dust, cleared the heatsink and gave it a general good clean. Just waiting to also replace the crusty thermal paste

  • I would have thrown it away and washed my hands 10 times

  • I was a smoker for 15 years and I can smell my mom from a mile away after she has had a cigarette 🚬🥵

  • That console was not premium! I've been lucky,none of my pre-owned consoles have been smoky. Cigarette smoke smell is terrible!

  • Me: ah, that port is definitely broken Him: these two are broken and this one is fine. Me: Me: obviously.

  • Overall best video to do it your self I appreciate you really helped me out I thought my PS4 pro was done for ....was able to to replace in under 15 minute first time

  • i know this sounds weird to ask but i have the original ps4 and when im playing my games with wifi somehow it interferes with my ac and heater and my health making my room super hot. can turnning off the wifi on my ps4 even in rest mode will that help cool and warm the house? or just stick with my Nintendo switch?

  • anyone not have a t8 and used something else? thats my current issue at the moment

  • Worked for me at least for rn! Thank you sir. Had a question about the high pitched noise that comes from the washer screws being too tight. Would I be able to hear it even if the console is fully working and playing a game?

  • Thanks you i was absolut to bit a new controller you are a legend ❤️‍🔥

  • Oh thank you, I just swapped out the retimer chip and got power!!! But no video, hope it's the hdd

  • How can I get a circuit board with that power strip so I can replace it???? I need help

  • $90 each is a lot for broken

  • A true professional master at work I hope we have more guys like you in this world I am in my 4th college year in electronic engineering and I swear that half of my class won't be able to do this work

  • ty for this video , I got the stuck disc out but now the system won't take in a disc ..

  • 🤢🤮

  • Took the sticker off attempted to open it until u started taking about special screws heads then I knew i couldn’t get to my fan

  • On the antennas can you just pull them off?

  • This also works with a toothpick lmaoo

  • Who else is thinking "F&@k THAT"! when watching Step 3?? I hope to god I never get to do Step 3 haha taking out the fan got my anxiety going crazy

  • So how do you stop it from over heating?

  • 6:00 - Stage 3

  • lifesaver

  • Do I have to take the fan out? Or can I just remove the faceplate and clean that way

  • thank you

  • who in this world has the money to buy and break 23 Nintendo switches?!?!

  • my ps4 takes it nicely

  • What fan of the 2 shown does the ps4 pro 7200 model come with?

  • Hi, i have this problem with an Xbox one X: shut down it self after 8 seconds. I tried to check the fan and not run during this 8 seconds. Somebody can help me? I can pay for your hand ;)

  • bruh i punched,dropped, kicked my ps4 and i’m glad he made a video about this