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15:04The NEW $25,240 Tesla Model 3 | Here's The Problem
16:09NEW Tesla Model Y With NEW Features Shipping NOW
16:28DO NOT Buy This Tesla | EVs To Avoid In 2023
15:25Tesla HUGE Battery Issue FIXED | We Can’t Wait
17:49NEW Tesla Incentives Are HERE | Don't Use Them Yet
14:08I Sold My $130,000 Tesla Model S Plaid | Here’s Why
14:38Tesla Raises Prices AGAIN | This Is Getting Confusing
15:35Hacked Teslas Are Here | It's A Good Thing
Hacked Teslas Are Here | It's A Good Thingzhlédnutí 91KPřed měsícem
15:20MORE NEW Tesla Model 3 LEAKS | It Keeps Getting Better


  • I ordered a model y today! (I’m in the uk!)

  • I just bought a MS. I love it, including the yoke and not having stalks. The turn signals become very intuitive pretty quickly. It rarely rains where I live, so I haven't needed to use the wipers yet, but I'd probably just control them with voice commands.

  • “Malfunction head unit” 😂

  • My battery got issue right before warranty expired, which was year and half ago. The new battery i got failed again this week. They want me to pay 14,000 + tax for refurb lol

  • Shifter should stay a physical object not on a screen in my opinion.

  • So, it's considered to be degradation and loss when the vehicle is still rated to go around 300 miles at a full charge, which is still better than 90% of the EVs on the market? Looking at a lot of the other manufacturers and competitors, they are boasting around 200-250 mile ranges. Even with Tesla's loss of battery life, this is still superior to most of the market. I am not worried...

  • As much as a fan I am of the model 3/Y lineup. The possible removal of the stalks is a deal breaker for me. I hope if they go that route, they at least have some kind of option to have the stalks. Kind of like what they did for the yoke.

  • Instead of new features, how about reinstating the feature we once had before going all vision? Any answers on when we can expect items we actually paid for?

  • Great video. Well presented with many interesting facts. On insurance I would add that there are lots of ways to save. If you have multiple vehicles and are a homeowner, you can benefit from a bundle. If you are over 50 AARP offers some well priced plans. Of course driving record and where you live will factor as well.

  • Awesome car, and I am thinking about buying one, but using that screen for everything seems really annoying.

  • Not only do I not want to shift onscreen - I want vital info projected on the windshield - not using this modern tech is potentially a deal breaker!

  • The rear of the Model 3 looks great! The new front seems uglier than the current model...

  • I live in Wisconsin. The laws here are not welcoming for Tesla & other EVs. An old State law bans Auto manufacturers from owning a car dealership. In Wisconsin Tesla has showrooms but no dealerships. When I picked up my Model 3 Long Range I had to pick up the vehicle up at an Illinois dealership. My other choice was to drive to Minnesota. There are no State incentives to purchasing any EV. While I charge at home I can note there seems to be fewer Supercharges in Wisconsin than in other States. There seems to be yet another arcane law that impacts charging stations….sigh.

  • ⚡⚡⚡🧙🏻‍♂

  • Just say frunk... Resistance is futile. 😂

  • Oh no! No turn stalks is a big NO from me. Indicators on the steering wheel is a stupid design that I don’t want. That is a major reason why I didn’t update my model S

  • Tbf it doesn’t even need the steering wheel anyway so I see no issue (for the Americans, I’m joking)

  • Elon please leave the stalk or I’ll be knocking on your office door for a big debate!

  • They could tell people to use hand singles and they'll sell. Heck most of if you don't need turn signals you don't ever use them.

  • I want boombox! I want it loud. Also i want the light show in the app . Im very happy i can vent the windows with the new update.

  • Could you speak slower please. It's difficult to follow you

  • Other than Tesla, Polestar, Rivian and LUCID seems to be the only one pushing regular software updates

  • My 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe engine blew up after only 66k miles. Purchased a Model Y and never looked back. Forget ICE!

  • Ford is sending Tesla charging adapters to all their EV buyers. Did you not hear this this or last week, Ryan?

  • Wish we saw the blue cruise from initiation and not skipped to in progress.

  • Regarding the Model 3 with on screen shifting and lack of stalk, to me the lack of the turn signal stalk is the biggest issues. My 2022 X has no stalks and the Yoke steering wheel. I adapted to the yoke and lack of stalk for direction control pretty quickly, there are also P-R-D buttons on the X's center console. But the lack of a stalk for turn signals still bothers me over a year later. Imagine this, you signal to change to the left lane by pressing the left signal button, there is no tactile feel, so you are going to look at first. Then a car comes up on the left, so you want to cancel the left signal. With a stalk you just flip it to the center position. With the button you press the left button again! About half the time I get this wrong and press the right button which turns on the right signal, and then have to press the right button again to cancel the right turn I was never going to do. Meanwhile everyone behind you is saying WT&*%^& is that guy doing?

  • I sure hope the new Model 3 LR ships in July. Our current model 3's lease ends at the end of June. We can get by with one car for a month or so, but not longer. I would love to have assurance that when we ordered we would be getting the new version.

  • No stalks, means they won't have to worry about selling the car in countries with roundabouts.

  • I'm on the cusp of getting a model 3 now. Do you think it's worth waiting a month or two for them to unveil the new model 3?

  • I’m really questioning all of your driving habits if you have to replace tires 3 times in 100k miles. I have a model Y PERFORMANCE and I am at 4mm out of 8mm new on all 4 tires after 30k miles

  • How does the front bracket hold up in auto car washes?

  • 11:00 WRONG over 100 Equinox Ev's are already built, it will be THIS YEAR

  • How much longer do you think the full $7500 tax credit will be available for Model 3's? Is it worth waiting until the end of the year to see if they discount them more with the tax credit still available?

  • Removing the stalks in favor of the screen for shifting is just foolish... it will be a deal-breaker for so many, myself included most likely...

  • OK...here's the obvious must-have feature Model 3 SHOULD be capable of without any aftermarket upgrades: AUTO UNLATCH DOOR UPON APPROACH. If the door can be unlatched using the Tesla app, then why have to use the app!!?? This should be automatic by sensing presence of your phone upon approach. This would avoid the super-stupid double-move door opening process. And no need for expensive aftermarket self-presenting door handles.

  • Don't forget tax and delivery fee on top of it. 😅

  • Lets remember that Tesla Model S is a vehicle developed from 2010ish Using engineering and concepts from back then, to receive new tech as time went by. But the vehicle itself, the chassis is a 2010 era (before the car was officially sold) Imagine the Taycan is a sedan built by a performance and racing oriented brand with A LOT of on track experience at the highest competition level, and the Taycan is built with all that knowhow. Even being close to it, let alone beat it, shows that the electric tech from Tesla is far superior to Porsche electric tech. And Porsche has been successfully running race car hybrids for a long time and have the knowhow to do it. Amazingly, the guys from Lucid came up with an even more innovative new electric motor for cars that beats anything previously.

  • Eff apple CarPlay. CarPlay is so ghetto

  • As someone who just went through a cracked screen issue. Not being able to put the vehicle in drive because of a cracked screen would be a big problem. Is there another way to get the car in “gear”?

    • Yeah there are backup shifter buttons at the base of the wireless phone charger. Same as Model S/X

  • Not a fan of the redesigned lights. Reminds me of a 92-96 Honda prelude.

  • The new model looks better and the hardware is probably a nice improvement. Removal of the turn signal stalk, etc, is however a dealbreaker..

  • Any idea when the M3 refresh will be coming out where will it be built?

  • Must emit I was all in on getting a Tesla as my first EV but that new smaller Volvo EX30 that looks brilliant and cheaper is winning my vote now. Just too many things just in question with Tesla including price of repairs just now and like that seal letting in water. Still think Tesla is very impressive. Had a test drive the very first time driving a EV Polstar 2 (Volvo) and it was brilliant if not a bit big for me personally but this wee Volvo EX30 looks great and is coming in at £32-38k on the road depending on what you want range and performance. Who really needs 0-60 in 3.5 seconds but hay nice to have in the Volvo giving the model Y and 3 a run for the money.

    • Polestar is made in China, who USA will be in war with in a few years, enough said!

  • I have NEVER owned a vehicle that let me pause music from the wheel.

  • EV's are not suited for towing trailers on the hwy, none tested can go more than 80-90 miles, including Tesla. Many EV tests are on YT, watch them yourself. Recharging on the road is 4-5 times more expensive than at home. Electrify America's rates are 45-65 cents per KW, do the math yourself.

  • An 11 month window for the Model Y and they only think 137 vehicles were affected? If I were a MY owner, and my vehicle was built in that time frame, you can be damn sure I'd have them check the steering wheel had indeed been torqued down properly and not just "marked" as torqued. As for shifting on screen, I will never purchase one of those. So stupid. Tesla, keep fixing shit that doesn't need fixing. 🙄🙄

  • I would like to have stocks. Changing on screen and not having stocks would be a deal-breaker for me.

  • They really really need to offer more colors. These cars are becoming like silver Camrys. So boring and mundane

  • Shifting on screen? Seems dumb, but okay. Signalling? With a stalk, it's easy to signal while you're turning the wheel. Without a stalk, how? No, I'd find that really frustrating. Wipers? If you're meeting a truck on a two-lane road and it flings a whole lot of muddy water onto my windshield, I want to be able to flick the wipers on instantly. Give me a stalk, FFS.