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Super happy to be your online training buddy!
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Different versions: Beginner, 30min per day, 45min Slow & 45min Hard
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  • Can u do a full body workout with weights? I got some for my birthday and now I'm obsessed, but I'm still a beginner, I can't train arms only:D I'd be so happy😊✨

  • who is watching in 2021 and missing her background

  • what is your weight

  • Wooow this Video is great!

  • Anne Marie and Niall Horan yeeeessss i love it 😍😍😍😍 and Pam is so so beautiful ❤️ more songs from 1D members please ❤️


  • literally the only workout in m life that is more than 5 minutes but finished

  • Pamela the exercise is good,thank you❤

  • My dear friend greetings from his channel Explain your dream with Yasser

  • Puneet SINGH 1 Jahr

  • But why my neck have ab...

  • I love love love this workout! Absolutely effective! Thanks Pam. Where is your shorts from? :)

  • Who else doesn’t have enough space for the grab foot twist 🙌🏻

  • I was like 2 minutes in and my neck really said no

  • feeling so good .thank you <3

  • No this is not a beginner. I collapsed I can’t walk anymore, but it’s a great workout once I’m in the hang of working out!

  • Quick question: what is the estimated burn of calories that would be count for?

  • Anybody who has seen results by doing this?

  • Atleat give us downloading opt plz

  • Day 1.Done. Hard, took a few smol breaks but did it💃💖🚿

  • My friend showed me this and I love it

  • this is incredibly confusing

  • I did 12 minutes and almost died. But I'll be back. I love it

  • That was brutal but amazing I feel great after completing

  • how does she do shoulder push-ups so easily?

  • This exercise is GREAT!!!!!!!

  • I felt so proud when I could do the full side split! Thanks pam for including flexible stretches to your workout plans!! you're amazing!!!

  • This is one of those videos that EVERYONE needs to be doing!! I absolutely loved it, Pam! <3

  • 15 minutes turned into an hour: don't ask me how...

  • If Pamela says " extreme": you'd better run for your life.

  • My fav group of exercises 💜💜💜 hurts soooooo bad but i'm not gonna give up. Thanks Pam

  • no joke guys: i did this workout once and woke up with a more defined line under my boobs separating my abs. they are hard to the touch. i’m doing it again and i expect to wake up with a full six pack!

  • Dame un momento que voy a gomitar amiga

  • love this!!!

  • I am troubled ! Can't find rest anywhere 😣😰😢

  • Pam, please make a K-Pop Dance Workout, their songs are always great and your choreo is always the best! 💗

  • Omg

  • yummy

  • Thank you! May I ask if anyone knows Pamela's first song in this video? It's just so bubbly and bright.

  • 😭😭my belly burns like hell but it's worth it 😊👍

  • Thank you so much❤️🥺🥺

  • maka matay!

  • Perfekt and intense! So love it!!! Thanks as always Pamela

  • Where's the workout plan for this week?

  • The title: 9min The photo at the begining: 8min The video: 10min 😄😳

  • Please stop publishing stretching videos without having proper technique, aligment and knowledge (Technique & aligment has nothing to do with how flexible you are) . The way she does and shows the exercises can lead to serious injuries especially FOR BEGINNERS. Also please make sure you are warm before you stretch ! I really love you Pam but please stick to things you are more educated about stretching is definetely not part of that! People are doing special trainings to teach yoga, stretching sessions etc., there is a reason for that...


  • Very very hard!!! Thanks

  • The best exercise, I almost don’t feel my leegs 🔥❤️🇧🇷

  • soy la unica que se emociono cuando empezó la canción de Paulo? jajajajjajajja

  • The last part feels like everything is breaking hahaha

  • For those of you struggling to complete this workout I just wanted to say that I have been doing Pam’s workout for a year now and today I decided to do the beginners’ version of the full body workout and I definitely did struggle in some parts🤣 so don’t give up 💪

  • Say for Brazil 🇧🇷 pamela✋

  • My right knee is injured so I cant do squats had to switch to this. First day

  • Dear Pam, Not sure sure if I am proud or not to tell you that after doing many of your other work outs I have never called you names until now! 🤬🤬🤬 my but is on fire I almost called the fire department! Gosh, I don’t think I will be able to 🚽🧻 after this ! P.S. I love/hate your work outs ! ✌🏻 thank you !!! You are an inspiration !

  • A *little* concerning I couldn't do the pigeon + thigh; let alone do the pigeon right Heh 😅

  • when Our Song started playing I got so happy that I forgot how painful that mid-split was guess that's the niall effect


  • My problem is my lower back hurts so bad the whole time idk why

  • was this supposed to be easy bc im DYING

  • Niall's music and Pam's stretches were the combination I never knew I needed so badly. Thank you Pam!!

  • that awkward moment when your band snaps -_-

  • We want hıp dıps workout 🤍🌷

  • this is so good. kisses from brazil

  • olmost done my first week of completing this exercise every single day, (attempting to master the splits) and I already start to notice that the burn is fading, thank you so much for the help Pamela!!!

  • hated the music but the workout was fun

  • Her workouts are so hard. Doing week 2 of her 60 minute plan and it takes me 2 hours lol.. least I'm here 😊 love her so much 💛

  • we need a booty and abs with resistance band!!

  • Yay she added the relax section 🥺

  • I'm gonna suit her, I was supposed to feel sexy after it, but I only feel stupid and in pain lol

  • Beginner version it says eh? I had to check the title a few times while breathing fast…

  • Jeeze that's difficult. Guess I'll have to keep working on my stretches. Thank you Pam!! <3

  • she feels no pain, and has too much balance aldkfjasldkf

  • I don't know why I even clicked on that video.. should've quit right after reading the word "hardcore".... 🥲

  • The 🥨 pretzel stretch is a GAME CHANGER 😍😍😍