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  • New EP

  • MICHAEL JACKSON child molester

  • Wish the kid well upon release, but i'm not going to be celebrating this dude home like he's some Hero or anything, given what he was charged for...

  • What he need to be worrying about is him front and center in this Epstein shit but that's how they do all the time turn that spotlight away from him Donald Chump does that same shit that's what they do

  • Charlemagne also was making fun of Raz B and discrediting his earlier days of getting molested/raped. Never a good move from an accused rapist.

  • I think Charlamagne is the type of person who almost forgets he's being recorded. He gets invested in the conversation and isn't afraid to ask whatever question is on his mind. If you get offended by his question, then TELL HIM! I've listened to plenty of other interviews on the BC and other people who don't like the question being asked or HOW it's being asked speak up and let their feelings on that be known. People also have to understand that sometimes the way a question is asked, it puts a person's answer in a negative light.

  • Char, you were déclassé, yes you were a jerk.

  • the man is delusional.

  • The queston about "who raped your sister" was inappropriate. The question translate right after that to his sister's private business. So if that's not what you said , good.

  • C the God use to punk niggas on the show

  • Charlemagne is a troll and always talking about about meant health. He's just always disrespectful. I wish he would STFU forever like he always liked to say.

  • The Biggest problem with this Generation of rap is that People actually think it is so "COOL" to not be able to even Speak english and Speak properly and walk around BRAINDEAD on Lean all day...And the Music is absolute GARBAGE...Many years from now people will look back on this generation of rap as a Skidmark on the underwear of Music and be very Relieved that it is OVER...Also very tired of EVERYONE wanting to be referred to as an "Artist"....Writing immature DUMB repetitive lyrics and barely even able to say them in english over a Beat is NOT "Art"...Stop this nonsense already

  • play the race card.what man wants😐❓🙉 foo

  • That was 5 6 months ago

  • Who hasn’t beat off in their car before?

  • There is no salvaging this potato salad laughing my ass off 😂

  • Damn I thought your car was your property

  • A strike out should be masterbation, because you don't even make it to first base

  • New EP

  • Charlemagne do be running out bruh

  • ...hope there wasn't a playground in the distance cause THAT would be all bad

  • CtG stfu!!

  • I think Karen Bass not only understands the flaws in our institutional infrastructure better than the other candidates; certainly she has more experience in dealing with those issues. I also believe that, on a personal level, she's more relatable to African-Americans than Harris or Rice. There's a difference between being black and being African-American in the cultural sense. Kamala is only half black, the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant. Both Harris and Rice, based on reading about their parents, grew up relatively privileged. Bass grew up in the 60s during the civil rights movement. She remembers MLK Jr., John Lewis, Malcom X, the March on Washington, the 1965 Watts Riots, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Her 50 years in activism/public policy literally began on the streets when she campaigned door-to-door for Bobby Kennedy. Now she's on Capitol Hill chairing the Congressional Black Caucus, and was in charge of drafting the policing reform legislation. On the ISSUES alone, she makes more sense than Harris or Rice.

  • Bump all you we don't want to hear about the Rock we want to hear about Bobby Shmurda I see y'all lames in the comments want to hear about those other rumors report move around lames

  • He’s a catcher just doing some public hand exercises 😂😂😂😂

  • Hoped he washed his hands and wore a mask!!👍🏽👍🏽

  • Logic has been so supportive of the LGBT community? Charlamagne really does need to improve his professionalism and apologize

  • Didn't fit the narrative

  • AllahMuhammedAli12İranHizbullahŞie313QasimSuleymanispXameyni


  • couple weeks ago Charlemagne said if you unintentionally offended someone you should apologize... He already forgot about that

  • Ahh... the obligatory question about her looks🙄

  • Angela Yee is soooo over these two... that Al B Sure segment was too funny

  • J Cole getting to try out fir an NBA team is a slap in the face to all those G league cats grinding

  • Red Letter Media

  • Angela Stanton one/won - Breakfast Club nil.

  • Omg!!! And HE PLAYS for Toronto. Prostitution is legal in Canada my guy what you doing?!

  • Envy stfu bro. Just like people have opinions, artists have the right to not like those damn opinions! If I put my everything into something and somebody shit on it, i can feel a way about that🤷🏿‍♀️That’s human nature.

  • 😝 yuck. Sadly thats the view of so many. Smh 😩😖

  • Auntie Charla you were wrong. Just admit it. Bro ..

  • That man was catching nuts that day!!

  • Charlemagne "Mental Health" tha God..

  • Soulja boy acts like a gay man on the DL. He's over compensating.

  • DJ Envy needs to argue forever

  • The guy is loaded and he decides too jack off in the parking lot!!!

  • Logic is dope

  • That testing protocol should be in place for all the schools that are looking to reopen across the country. Amazing...

  • Bobby Shmurda getting out you mean we have more destructive and terrible rap music to look forward to ohh wee can't wait🤪

  • He getting out today

  • You are an inspiration, all great Black Leader have face persecution. Through it all you have remain Buju The Great. You are one of the greatest mind that will walk the face of the earth. Much Respect.

  • lol I feel like this dude screws a lot of black chicks

  • I don’t even know who this mayonnaise is🤦🏾‍♀️

  • LoGiC was a very rare individual 💎👟

  • Do you guys do any kind of research before asking questions? "I'm not even sure if Budden has even listened to Logic." Budden saying Logic is trash, is from them reviewing a song that Logic is on. And they have reviews on Logics albums. I swear, you guys see a headline and just run with it.

  • Respect for Logic man💜 real proud of him

  • Charlemagne the Idiot

  • Charlemange, is the real Donkey Heehaw say no more...please.

  • Logic sucks at rapping, though. Who cares about him retiring?!

  • Wow wow this is very heavy very heavy I agree 100%👍🎯