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  • Other teams do if we just don’t care

  • Wilder a knock out artist not a boxer I got Fury beating him in February

  • PATRIOTS BEEN CHEATING but NFL Don’t give a fck it’s saddd mannn how many scandals does it take

  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Ok max we will see. vikes makin to playoffs

  • Nobody wants the Knicks not even the new York people want the team

  • That's not the most impressive win of his career, if it is that's sad. The Giants suck.

  • They've been reading our comments about Molly. Lol. I understand it from both sides. Eli is a backup but he ain't just any ole backup.

  • Mike Budenhozer or Jkidd? Seriously? Why?

  • Stephen A Smith is a Uncle Tom who LOVES his white masters.. He is the Equivalent to the Samuel L Jackson Character n Django 🤮 🤮

  • The reason why Mike Tomlin looks like a genius bc he knows the wayyy... AB and Leveon doesn’t. They think money will solve all their problems. Now look at them, one isn’t playing and the other one isn’t producing. Their just kids chasing money, can’t blame them tho.... They don’t know the WAYYY.

  • It would be bad for both teams. Easy answer. Next segment pls.

  • The patriots really worried about the BENGALS!!!!! that they feel they have to record them😂😂 Also Max still salty the Astros beat the Yankees😂😂

  • Funny how this is never a conversation with any other teams..... just the “greatest” franchise of all time 🤔

  • Oh.. here we go again.

  • You have a problem with Bell but not the Patriots cheating? SAS is becoming a trash commentator. He is clearly upset with Bell and it's not good what Bell did but acts like it was nothing that the Patriots were cheating again. The only reason he talks about Bell is because he left the Steelers and Smith wants any excuse to go at anyone who leaves his team. He only cares about a story if it's personal. TRUSTWORTHY like the Patriots. ha SAS is contradicting himself over and over.

  • Giannis should never leave to go the Knicks !! Anywhere but there..... He’s not made to be around dumbsterfires

  • They don’t want LJ to be the face of the NFL. They rather Mahomes

  • Harden is just simply a ballhog who relies on the refs whistle while flopping his way to free-throws. It's not that complicated. It's like when people say Kobe is as good or a better scorer than Jordan, but fail to look at their career fg%. Please stop complicating things for the sake of having a discussion.

  • knicks when will yall learn. no big time free agent is ever coming there

  • max kellerman cant get it through his head that Wentz is literally playing with a practice squad around him

  • I know they're doing a PATRIOT WAY DOCUMENTARY!!! My question is why are PATRIOTS photographers at a BROWNS-BENGALS game??🤔🤔

  • Max showing he doesn't understand the rules!

  • Why does everyone think the key to signing Giannis is Jason Kidd? His first full season without Kidd as head coach he won MVP! Kidd was holding him back!

  • The patriots are cheaters and liars. What a phrase.

  • Win if you can... Lose if you must... But always cheat... 😂 -The Nature Boy, Ric Flair

  • 🔥I agree. Finally!!! 🔥

  • Masai of the raptors is much closer to Gianni’s and his fmioy

  • The most cheating and ethically bankrupt organization in sports history. If they did it to a 1-12 team, you know they’re doing it to EVERYONE. Obviously didn’t learn their lesson in 2007. Makes you wonder just how many regular season, playoff, and Super Bowl games they’ve cheated their way through since SpyGate 1.0. This time, Goodell needs to throw the book at them. Multi (many)-million dollar fines to Kraft, Belichick, and the general organization, multi-game suspension against Belichick, and complete forfeiture of their ability to participate in the 2020 draft. Otherwise this will continue to happen.

  • Ehh he will fail at the next level. He’s not ready. His team is just amazing. 😪

  • Wentz would still be throwing screen passes to Ertz....

  • Patriots will n forever b cheaters . I finally agree with max 🤯

  • Idk if orlovsky can rightfully call himself a qb

  • Gase is screwing bell over

  • You can’t compare them when they were together James harden wasn’t even developed yet nor did he get the ball enough

  • They Didn't cheat the NFL is against them

  • Strip them of all championships

  • Blake is just Jealous🙄


  • That was the second heat title

  • Why's Rachel got a tash in this?

  • Yay no Lakers for 2 days in a row

  • I'd rather have Lamar sit out and have RGIII in to beat the Jets than have him risk an injury in a game that's an automatic win.

  • I am suddenly thirsty for some salt water....

  • I don’t think Lamar’s injury is that serious but he can not keep playing the way he is this season. He goes through defenders and that is not sustainable. He must change the way he plays.

  • As usual! Kellerman showing his anti-Patriots hatred. He should be fired. He's a disgrace!

  • In the words of Stephen A Smith @ 6:50 “If she wants to challenge you, Suck it up and deal with it” Give em smoke Molly!!!

  • What I don’t understand is this... the crew was filming at the game. The game is on tv for everyone to watch. Where exactly does having a film crew there give you an advantage. Such bs

  • Bill needs to be suspended a whole year just like they did Sean Payton , these ppl taped the whole Carolina Panther's superbowl walk thru

  • Honestly the refs were calling against Chiefs the majority of the game🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Easy to be the "most clutch QB in the playoffs" when you suck too much to make the playoffs in 10 of your 16 seasons.

  • SAS proving why he's a clown and shouldn't be listened to.

  • Team doctor he determined he had the flu sent him home so he can’t spread it. He feels better goes bowling. Still can’t be around the team until doctors say it’s ok. They didn’t send him home to get better, they sent him home because they didn’t want it to spread. This is no topic.

  • Max can handle all 3 of yall!!! He Bruce Lee'd everyone

  • Stephen A. Smith is a buckdancing, bootlicker, with no ethics.

  • As far as I'm concerned, Julian Edelman is a just as much of a Hall of Famer than Eli.. Theye were both relatively average at their positions and both had great postseason accomplishments (Edelman is actually more accomplished on that regard).

  • absolutely no way such a classy organization like the patriots could let this happen, they never do anything like this !

  • steven A. A is for A hole!

  • SAS.....just shut up

  • Jason Kidd is staying put with the Lakers

  • Wentz wasn’t even the reason they won, it was that rb fresh off the practice squad who got thirty yards every time they pitched it to him

  • What is the point to this segment????? Boring with bogus info about Giannis

  • Tuas a bust

  • Ohhh baby! Max getting spicy with the takes and I love it! Let em know...they cheating like a muthafkr

  • There a difference between blaming Carson Wentz and explaining why he looking so bad this season. Max is viewing Carson Wentz performance as a hater instead of a sport analysis like others and think he being objective about it.

  • We blaming Spike Lee now? 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Pats know very little, if anything will get done about it, so they are just gonna continue to cheat.

  • & he will be a flop like Baker unless he gets a great, great, coach.

  • Max = an intelligent guy that sometimes drift. Dan = an idiot that always drifts. Stephan A = an old intelligent guy that thinks everybody is wrong and don’t mind telling them why

  • What😂😂😂😂

  • Side note: is it just me or does it seem like Rachel and Roz the main 2 women that seems to get an equal say on the floor alongside their Male counterparts? 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • I want will and Dan to go at it soooo bad

  • Mans is 20 why do they want to compare him to legends yet let him be him

  • NO fan here. Wentz gets way too many excuses when he doesn't have a great game. Last night he was good but c'mon. No critiques? Gtfo. If it were Matt Ryan, Goff, Prescott, etc they'd be under fire. Ryan last year had a bunch of injuries on offense, and this year there's been other QBs who also lost key players, Russ, Carr, Brady etc.

  • Yo a comment brought me here.

  • Who's the idiot with the glasses?

  • The knicks lol funny

  • I don’t have any evidence or anything I just don’t think the players have anything to do with this, they just go out and play. That’s on the coaches & scout guys etc.

  • How long has Tom Brady not had a running game, but when he is giving weapons this man shines and this is as someone that hates the Patriots.

  • Curry and Giannis are good friends and share the same agent. Knicks are delusional to think by getting Kidd they will get Giannis. Bucks need to get to the finals at least or he is going GS with Curry, Klay and o my. Knicks........with four power forwards starting right now 😂😂.......they not an option.

  • The knicks are straight trash. Nobody is going to play for them until Dolan is gone, which will be never

  • Yes Cook was having a great game but scoring wasn't exactly Saints problem when he went out as they scored on most drives anyways, just sayin'

  • I'm sure Daniel Jones is smart enough not to run into the endzone for a safety Orlovsky

  • It’s cause he’s a prototypical white qb

  • Miami won a chip and it was like it never happened, explain that.

  • An the Patriots dynasty continues........

  • Stephen A. Smith, screw you. cheating is wrong and should be punished. just cause 1 teams gets away with it dosn't mean every team should do it.

  • Us Knicks fans all know by now that no major free agent will sign with the team until the ownership and management is all cleaned out.

  • 6 Rings! Hold that L Max

    • Brett Kozlak Whahahhhahahah

    • He will hold those L and lend them out at interest. Hes jewish.

  • Why would Jason Kidd be the head coach for the Knicks. They won't win that much games and they will not get Giannis in free agency

  • Lol Stephen a made this rumor up himself like usual. But I do think Jason Kidd can be the answer. They were good the last time he was here


  • SAS is a Browning nosing clown lol

  • First time ive ever agreed with molly on a topic!!!

  • Stephen A "we get all of that" Smith

  • Greek is not goin to the knicks under any circumstances, I’m sick of the media bs

  • Harden is a great player. Offensively he is gifted. Probably the most exciting player to watch but he needs a better coach to bring even more out of him. He DOES iso too much. That's fact.

  • I don’t believe that if you aren’t cheating than you aren’t playing. This isn’t news that the New England Patriots under Bill Belichick are cheating in a hundred ways that we don’t know of, they’ve only been caught publicly with Spygate, Deflategate, & now this... essentially Spygate 2.

  • Wait so in America if your team is garbage you can change teams????

  • Max, c'mon dude. Weak take.