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45:57We will always talk about LeBron | The Elle Duncan Show


  • Number 81 and Number 77 are blocking no one. Number 65 gets absolutely blown up by a smaller defender. Number 0 on defense rushes free. Poorly executed blocking scheme. Just as bad were the previous plays.

  • Before new media clown just shows up. Just a calm sane conversation

  • Kenny Picketts number look like he's playing in the 70s 😂. Flacco has just as many td passed as his career in 5 games last year

  • Only if my coach cared this much I never would of joined the military

  • Very smart cute girl

  • Fields has 38 fumbles im 3 years. Yall tweakin.

  • Shaq and Charles Barkley might be some of the best athletes on the planet they’re both down to earth. Nice to see once in a while.

  • They wanted KD attention and they got it.. smart move. Now he got something to talk in his "sports podcast"

  • I would’ve so challenged him to a one on one basketball game loser buys lunch

  • 😂😂😂😂 that’s because it wasn’t targeting! The video replayed it! You must be an OSU Fan! GO DAWGS

  • I am glad to see Oscar still looks so healthy

  • Someone that big should not be able to move like that lmao

  • ❤❤❤

  • This funny because OSN was right beside them LOL🤣🍻🍺

  • Poor guy. 😢

  • Well if jordan is serious you would see his tongue out.

  • Still better than Doc Rivers

  • I love Sabonis game. The skill level in the NBA today is ridiculous

  • The other girls wearing "Black History Month" sweatshirts. This is how they celebrated it.

  • If you have to put money in their face then get rid of it altogether. Because that wasn't the case during the early 2000's. You got way too many frickin corporate sponsors (who take up most of the seats during the game anyway) involved. As soon as they had Mountain Dew sponsor the Slam Dunk contest a few years ago, I stopped watching altogether.

  • I'm of the thought that the Bears should trade Fields and draft Caleb. But to even question if Pickett is better than Fields is crazy. Steelers should be begging the Bears to trade Justin to them lol

  • That's great! Love the enthusiasm!

  • The IMMEDIATE switch up 😂😂😂. KD nicer than i am, I'd let security kick em to the curve.

  • who????

  • Level 70

  • Shaw is the goat!! In his prime if you had Shaq you had a chance

  • Idiotic take. Get mike evans over keeping Chris Jones? Crazy

  • That's a new species it's called manhood, Half man half kangaroo

  • These dudes k ow but won't say it. LA always has that refs advantage. Take out the 20 FTs edge and lakers are azz😂

  • All of this Justin Fields trade talk only for the Bears to keep him and trade the #1 pick, lol. The media will lose their minds if that happens, especially ESPN.

  • ESPN would be better off without Stephen A. Hes not afraid to call out anyone and everyone, but when it comes to Doc he says nothing. The biased behavior is absurd

  • He sound like a little whiney kid