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18:09NBA Finals Game 1 Highlights + Analysis 🏀 | Get Up


  • Its not a crocodile 😂

  • America f*cked up on this one 😂😂😂 viktor will gonna sell a lots of guns for crazy people that will enter in U.S....mass killing on its way

  • Who does he think he is💀💀 he had 1 good game against the bucks and from then he webt back to normal jimmy and he is alway droppin 13-25 points and still wins cuz he is getting so much help from role players, which is what people dont see. Guys that was just 1 game he isnt him

  • Thats her mom guys chill

  • Stats can be deceiving. I thought he was awful. He missed too many easy lay-ups.

  • Vogel will be the Suns downfall. Ask the Lakers. Lol.

  • love how his eyes widened at the thought of KD

  • Bomani's insight with this was amazing here. Using his personal experience to illustrate the danger in Ja's behavior was selfless and more people should hear it. Bo's skill and ability to communicate that and to balance it with the empathy he showed is a skill very few people, let alone people in media, possess. I hate that despite being a Bomani fan and watching his HBO show I thought he was gone from ESPN completely and had no idea he still had this pod and youtube show until now May 4th. Espn needs to push more than just Stephen A into the limelight. Giving people a chance to watch and listen can't hurt.

  • i want butler isolated 1 on 1 with jokic or murray, especially jokic cause he moves slow when he's up to the 3point line and butler can dribble right pass him causing easy layup, pass, or draw a foul from jokic and get him in foul trouble. heat should attack them both on offense and make those 2 guys work

  • Good job for lettin the russian arms dealer, Make his living back to life.. 😂😂😂 Do they have conscience on what that convicted russian can do after selling illegal fire arms to terrorist. ..

  • Malika is a baddie, holy christ

  • This is television people 😆 it wouldn't be entertaining if everyone just agreed the heat are going to destroy Miami ! People say he picked sun's in 6 and Lakers in 6.... he gets hand a sheet of notes prior to the show... he has to play devils advocate and represent the half of the country with hope for the heat. These guys make great headline news clips. Stephen A primary plays the role of exactly what the majority public sees and if I'm wrong. Lord help Kendrick Perkins cause this man is beyond wrong.... now keep in mind, the refs control what happens as they work for the NBA. We will see Scott Foster, who now literally plays the role character of the villain in NBA basketball with it being known he has rigged games, and the NBA has ran with it 😆 he doesn't rig games for the mafia anymore... he does it for Adam silver and vegas 💰 the nuggets should and will win this series. It isn't gonna make money to go 4 games. The nugget didn't need the refs help. 20-2 in favor of the nuggets will help when they are calling fouls in favor of the heat for the rest of the series.... as a betting man, this has completely thrown my philosophy off because I know the need the heat to win. But we all know that now 🤣 so nuggets in 5

  • The problem is no one thinks of womens basketball. Ever.

  • I see right now Denver gone had to take they respect. Joker and the gang foreal 🤘🏿🏀🏀

  • u should see the one where he jumps out of airplane and goes ahhhhhhhhhh😂


  • Jokic is so skilled he makes it look easy. All night he made the right choice with the ball. I still can’t believe joker didn’t win the MVP. 🤦‍♂️ The heat will bounce back and prob take 1 game. They haven’t shot this poorly on uncontested shots all playoffs. I want this Series to go to game 6 but I don’t think that’s a possibility with how deep and dangerous this nuggets team is.

  • As a cavs fan who lives in Cleveland, we got the best Kyrie. He got us a chip in 2016. The kyrie that the basketball world expects only existed when he played with Lebron, he should go play with Lebron and win another chip

    • Without Kyrie making that shot we are just the bills of the NBA. Without him making that shot the warriors with 4 in a row and are the greatest team of all time. Without him making that shot curry wins fmvp and is considered a better all time great than Lebron. Without that shot the city of Cleveland still hasn’t won a major sport championship since the 1940s

  • Clutch 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐- 0.

  • Nuggets Legend AG.

  • I didn't know seconds silence means 'elaborate'.

  • Melika needs to go

  • Keyshawn can't stand that the best player in the league is White,if the Joker was Black,he would love Jokic,,but anyway who cares, every sensible person that knows basketball knows that the Joker is the best player in the world 🌍

  • 😂😂😂