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  • While I am waiting patiently to hear from Joe Montana to shall insight on why Tom Brady should not leave New England; I'm left with Max Kellerman sounding a presidential press secretary.

  • I've been praying for Kobe Family and as well as all of the other Families and their loss, and Ice Cube always was KOBE, so I know he is hurting, as we all are. God bless the Families, and let us keep them in our prayers. Amen.

  • UN-mambamenrality ...

  • I’ve known people who ran into Kobe at random places and he would acknowledge them with a hey how’s it going to complete strangers when he could have just stood in line and went about his day he loved to give back

  • At the age of 21 he deserve to retire and enjoy his family. Job well done 35 years.

  • Still sad, but I know when it’s my time, I will get the chance to meet Kobe. Until then Mamba 🙏🏾

  • Come to Dallas we got 40 million dollar a year contract for as soon as you touchdown 😭🙌🏾

  • Random fact: Since Patrick Mahomes became starting QB of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have been down by double digits 8 times and have come back to at least tie or take the lead 2018 season: Week 4 - Broncos - down 23-13 Week 6 - Patriots - down 24-9 Week 11 - Rams - down 13-0 AFC Championship - Patriots down 14-0 2019: Week 2 - Raiders - Down 10-0 Week 8 - Packers - Down 14-0 Divisional - Texans - Down 24-0 Conf Championship - Titans - Down - 10-0

  • Only for his lack of defense.

  • I miss you idol kobe 😢😢😢

  • Steven A on point beating Max Kellerman once again

  • Conspiracy

  • That zipper is driving me crazy when he talks!!

  • Not going to lie, it really pisses me off that ESPN and fs1 all but forgot about Kobe, or when they did mention him it was disrespectful garbage being spewed. Does it really take a legend like him to lose his life before ppl show the respect he always deserved?

  • Why does Molly feel like she needs her voice to be heard?

  • What surprised me what not that Kobe was in a helicopter crash, but that Kobe himself wasn’t piloting. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe was taking flying lessons. Because that’s who he was . This was a man who admitted to studying hours of tape to notice that certain areas of the court refs couldn’t see so it was in these blind spots Kobe could hold or foul an opponent to force a turnover. He was a sponge always soaking up knowledge. People say Kobe always lived for big moments. Because he spent countless hours preparing for them. He put in the work.

  • Scarnecchia from E.L.A. 💪💪💪

  • Why is his nose so wide dafuq

  • Ice cube always looks like he's angry.

  • I Swear This Just Seems Like The Weirdest Thing. We Are Really Talking About The Death Of Kobe Bryant 😔

  • Ryan Clark is right... Mahomes ain't even close to one of the greatest yet... Gotta beat the 49ers first...

  • These guys have such a massive raging hard on for Brady. At this point, if he comes back to NE, sports morning shows should just go off the air for a little while. Take a timeout and think about how bad they suck at their jobs.

  • He is scary

  • Huge props to jojo, the great Bobby Jones and the Sixers for this homage paid to the late Great Kobe Bryant

  • Get all the coaches and assistants on the field and tell me how much of a coach's game it is when it come kickoff time

  • The thing is defense wins championship BUT MAHOMES THIS BROTHA CAN BALL *Stephen A Smith voice*

  • It really can't be this offseason. Their over the cap only 19 million. They would have to decimate the team to have it kick in for 2020

  • Can't wait for the Rachel monologue when the Lakers win this chip for Kobe

  • Brady move just confirmed if he stays he's ignorant and nieve

  • Kobe was great I respect him for everything he has accomplished in his career and he will always be remembered but I’m sorry I never liked the Lakers I will not be happy seeing them win any rings just cause Kobe died doesn’t mean I’m changing my team let’s go Sperms!!!

  • Wow this really does hit different... Didnt even know at the time of this interview this was Kobe's gym... the place he was heading to...

  • Thank god they won before he past away... 🙏 Rest in Peace Mamba!

  • After retiring from the Lakers, Kobe never really lost his passion and love of basketball as maybe inferred by some. In one interview, Kobe revealed that he stayed away from attending or commenting on NBA games because he wanted the limelight and the focus to be on the younger crop of NBA players-he wanted them to chart and carved out their own niche in the game as he had done. He went to a few games with Gigi because she took an intense interest in learning and pursuing the game-and Kobe indulged and mentored her. After his NBA career, Kobe’s passion for the game continued by way of mentoring young aspiring players not only in basketball but in other sports and beyond. He founded his Mamba Sports Academy for that purpose. He reached out to former and current players on how he and them can help out “give back” to the community and share their knowledge and passion for the game. Behind the scene, he helped, supported and advised friends and players who needed it. He was happy doing it and was at peace and had few regrets when he moved on to eternity. Tragic as it maybe, it’s difficult and painful to imagine Gigi surviving and growing up without Kobe. Gigi became the closest to Kobe among her daughters, they became inseparable in their passion for the game. In trying to make sense of this tragic accident amidst our grieving and sadness, a consoling thought is that perhaps fate would have them go together even in death to continue on their journey in the next life. God bless them all.

  • Kobe was a corporate sell out who got what he deserved. His daughter would have been a sellout too

  • Online on my channel, the italian's tribute for kobe

  • Also read your caption describing your topic today. The gentleman's name is Donte Scarnecchia not DAN. You guys are a joke!!!!!

  • Allen Iverson was there, Shaq was there wow . I am so happy that Kobe received his moments of appreciation from the Laker organization and fans. Most of all, his daughters adored him!. Rest in peace Kobe Bryant and his beloved daughter.

  • It’s really weird to see a person shoot 53% but in reality it was a bad 53% he only had 14 points on 13 shots? Hmmm..

  • Kobe is gone just like Stephen A. Smith Hairline

  • They need Sonny Weaver Jr

  • He means hand off 😂

  • Kobe slapped the backboard...Next time i dunk on someone ama slap the backboard

  • WRITE TO THE NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION AND SAFETY BOARD!!! Helicopters are not required to carry a BLACK BOX. When a helicopter like this crashes the officials learn very little about what caused it and WORSE they do not learn how to avoid it in the future. Write to the NTSB and demand that they take action to resolve this situation. We can make Kobe's death mean something, if very little!!!

  • Has Smush Parker commented on the Kobe incident?

  • Take me not Kobe

  • Is Mr. Smith a bonafide scrub? Lol

  • dude i know it’s real but I don’t wanna believe it’s real


  • I see no Stephen a Smith.... I click to watch!

  • i'm sure he held his daughter and said i love you i love you i love you till the end...

  • i dont think this NBA season will be the same from this point. Kobe was a God in a lot of these players lives who are in their 20s, early 30s. The pain will be too much, the effort put in will reduce by about 10% and its totally understandable because there are much bigger things than basketball, and Kobe's death will last mentally for at least another 6 months

  • Dominating the rim at 19.

  • Jerry West stunned by Kobe Bryant’s death "We all assumed he was immortal"

  • It is amazing that neither the 49ers or the Chiefs have Donte Scarnecchia and yet they are in the Super Bowl. Amazing. Do these guys have any idea how many quality coaches are out there that can get the job done?

  • Beautiful words Fish!!!

  • Umpire is pretty, but horrible as a umpire.

  • Now I can’t believe kobe leaves

  • Max wakes up in the a.m. looking forward to being stupid.

  • The Great One’s go young. Jesus Christ died at 31, Kobe at 41, and GiGi at 13. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. There souls will live forever!! May comfort come to all the families involved.

  • I dont know man since kobe died i cant enjoy every highlight, so sad

  • Fisher was one of my favorites he also hit a few game winning shots for the Lakers if I remember correctly he did his part also Fox who isn’t talked about much was dope as fukkk fukkk in them early 2000s when the Lakers balled too hard for others

  • Stephen A right about TO crossing the line

  • Agree w Stephen A.

  • I can see Jimmy G out performing Mahomes but only because Mahomes will have a hard day with this defense. He will get hit and maybe throw a few picks plus a lost fumble. if that happens then Jimmy G doesn't have to do much to out perform him.


  • went to search some funny kobe commercial despite the devastation.

  • Bill Also Throw the Ball🤦‍♂️ Bill was about to get fired from the Patriots but Brady came to the rescue when Bledsoe got hurt. Even Craft said it on an interview.

  • When did the coach pay players

  • What if ?? just bare with me ?! If someone shoot the ball.. lol

  • Dad Gang feelin it the most

  • Kobe :(

  • That boyy be cheeesin 😂😂 i love it

  • Poor guy let him retire

  • He will be more surprised at the crowd reaction when the Pelicans dont make the playoffs for the next 3 years

  • Once again, "What does it say about the social fabric of America that someone would give a "thumbs down," to a fallen deceased legend?" (and a child) smh

  • So according to Max, when Jimmy G was traded, Tom was not good enough for his contract. But after that Tom won an MVP title, made two Superbowls and won one. Now Jimmy G made one Superbowl passing only 8 times in a game and he makes it look like Jimmy G would drag this Patriots team to Superbowl by himself. And BTW, Jimmy G would have demanded bigger contract than Tom had in the last 3 years, so they would not even have the roster they have now.

  • It’s been fun watching the patriots become the laughing stock of the NFL 🤣🤣🤣

  • When he retired I remembered saying "I miss him already". I'm fucked up. Still doesn't feel real.

  • Tracy and Kobe would have been crazy!!

  • Because everybody wants him to lead the league in interceptions 5 times

  • Huge fan of Fisher back in the day. Killer 3 PT shooter. 90%+ pct

  • It's TRUE. Taking less gives money to other players. Not rocket science lol...

  • I'm pretty sure Stephen A. Has NO IDEA who drew Pearson is..... He just likes to act like he's old school.

  • 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍

  • We all appreciate Dana, but I have to say the fight with cowboy seemed a bit setup for Connor to win in terms of cowboys recent fighting history.


  • Eagles fan here and had no clue who tf this dude was or is.

  • IAM crying too.

  • Amazing how the ONLY story ESPN is puts out that isn't celebrating Kobe is one celebrating Lebron. They can't help themselves, seriously.

  • Lebron james being like a father there

  • It’s been fun watching the patriots become the laughing stock of the NFL 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lord knows if kobe woulda came too duke

  • They all smiles😀Great friendship!!

  • I just can't believe he's gone

  • I dont believe it because it has been reported that the lakers tried to recruit zack lavine and derrick Rose. Sorry lehelp you got caught. Facts are there.

  • Kobe's basketball legacy is complete. Outside of NBA, I'm sure there are already people in place to continue what he started ( Bryant family foundation, Mamba academy, family in general, etc.).

  • Hand the man a blank chack and call it a contract. Done!

  • Take him to the cowboys

  • 127th comment 🔒🔓🔏

  • I still cant believe it. I wake up each morning hoping it was just a dream the best thing if we can do is inspire the next generation move forward be the best we can be for kobe