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I bleached my hair
I bleached my hairPřed měsícem
How to Crash a Wedding
How to Crash a WeddingPřed 2 měsíci
Oops I'm in New York
Oops I'm in New YorkPřed 4 měsíci
I went to prom
I went to promPřed 4 měsíci
Let's talk about school
Let's talk about schoolPřed 5 měsíci
Meanwhile, in Canada
Meanwhile, in CanadaPřed 6 měsíci
Dear Mom, give me a dog
Dear Mom, give me a dogPřed 7 měsíci
It is exam season.
It is exam season.Před 7 měsíci
The History of John Cena
The History of John CenaPřed 8 měsíci
A HOT AND SPICY Q&APřed 8 měsíci
I painted the Mona Lisa
I painted the Mona LisaPřed 8 měsíci
Playing A Horror Game
Playing A Horror GamePřed 9 měsíci
URGENT: Hair Tutorial
URGENT: Hair TutorialPřed 9 měsíci
A very productive weekend
A very productive weekendPřed 10 měsíci
Homealone.exePřed rokem
ROAD TRIPPřed rokem


  • Can you pin me for no reason? Thanks.

  • Lol I thought you were like 14-15 years old 😂

  • vsco omg Joana after university be like And I OoOp skskksksk

  • spam

  • regret

  • me everyday thinking about life

  • physics teacher

  • “Usually you need to have 4 words for one second of footage.....I have 1 minute of footage then I’ll have to wright 400 words” Cause one minute defo isn’t 60 seconds and 60 x 4 defo isn’t 240 😅😂

  • cheese

  • *papa don’t preach*

  • You reminded me of me 😂 so confident and funny ! Love you<3

  • I would’ve gotten grounded for months if I did this.

  • 9:11 Welcome to Brazil!

  • Fuckkk i hate VSCO girls, THEY'RE BITCHES


  • This video has been released a day after my birthay

  • haha the casino scene in percy jackson became relevant in the 3rd book with nico and bianca lol

  • What happened to your room joana

  • Also a physics major and my name is Samantha!

  • I think the bleach got inside your brain

  • Joana i wonder if you know portugues because you where born on brazil or do you remember any of it jaja just wondering

  • Hiya I’m here from 2019 and um yeah

  • Omg Joana reads pjo!!!!

  • is she like the female filthy frank?

  • And her name is JOHN CENA!!!!!! Pum para ra pum para pa!

  • Your listening to michael Jackson

  • I saw a 65 year old woman with a hydro flask. So let's not stereotype 😂

  • i read percy jackson when i was 10 and i am still IN LOVE with it I RECOMMEND THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS OR ANYTHING BY CASSANDRA CLARE


  • *Eu sou do Brasil e você se for deixe seu like!*

  • a creeeper was originally a bug/glitch but soooo many players like it so Mojang kept

  • im so happy someone agrees that don't call me angel isn't even good

  • anyone else was dying as they were watching this i could breath for laughter because to me minecraft is LIFE LIKE I WANNA BE AN ENGINEER OR AN ARCHETICT AFTER PLAYING MINECRAFT SINC I WAS 4 but this is basically the best minecraft reaction i have EVER seen

  • I love the percy jackson series and the harry potter to. I see what your saying about the Lotus Casino, but I personally really enjoyed that series and both books are good. I didn’t know you read percy jackson so john cena, i need to say something that’s completely irrelevant and it’s that YOUR THE BEST CS-tvR EVER

    • 7:00 'because he's aDoPtEd' iM DONE 😂😂😂😂

  • Me :Realizing that she didn't make a bed so she had to wait all night


  • Im more terrified of the $11.99 gas sign at 5:09

  • the earth is getting hotter than Shawn Mendes

  • road to 3m!!

  • Seniors: *n o o b*

  • Chicken hearts are yummy

  • 12:25 I hope someone did

  • Me:turns on Subtitles Subtitles: *fake smile* Me: *smiles*

  • I loved your reaction when you read the question “how do you feel about the Logan Paul vs ksi rematch” hahahahahhaah

  • "it's because he's adopted" DEAD

  • 100 subs? How about 2 million?

  • can’t wait for the 3 million cookies video

  • Same I have a long hair love/hate with my hair I get medium Than I got bangs I don’t like my hair is cause it gets messy easy

  • I would 100% want to see a video of you shooting arrows to paper.

  • The only right answer when someone asks you if/when you're having kids:

  • Anyone else agree that she needs a yellow hat?


  • 3:44 but then that someone will sit on your bed, die on it in an uncomfortable position and trap you under there FOREVER

  • Omg I love it

  • I’m still waiting for my Undergrad 2.0.

  • This is the most serious I’ve ever seen John Cena

  • Jenna + idubzz = John Cena

  • 7:16 i dont know either please tell me

  • 4:49 So we're not gonna talk about this? Ok.

  • Congratulations John Cena's dad

  • Love you so much

  • you forget to says hello my dudes!

  • Joana: YELLOW IS DISGUSTING NO ONE SHOULD WEAR YELLOW also Joana: *is wearing a yellow shirt in her profile picture*

  • I live in Michigan and I know that’s it’s not like Canada winter but it’s BAD ITS SUCKS SO MUCH I HAD TO STAY IN FOR A WEEK SNOWD IN IN MINUS 31 DEGREES

  • Joanna your an awesome John cena

  • That's like 👍 me !

  • "its shrek" pulls out hulk pic

  • when you last stopped thinking say 1 minute?:D:D

  • Wow nearly onto 3 million what the-

  • I though it was Joana dancing but it was her mom....

  • I’m sick to I hate it 😕

  • okay now we know that your dad is adopted!

  • cuteeee

  • ExCuSe YoU

  • 7:00 'because he's aDoPtEd' iM DONE 😂😂😂😂

  • Correct IB should stand for international bs TRUUUUUUUEEEEEE!!! (I go to an ib school now and it is bs)

  • “I love my small boobs” Arise itty bitty titty committee we have a new leader “I don’t know what idiot at Apple decided to get rid of the headphone jack” SOMEONE! GETS IT!

  • I love this 💜

  • 2:58 I feel you...omg

  • Why is her blind painting better than my sighted painting 😶

  • the thumbnail looks like an album cover lol

  • Excited for 3 million cookies for my 3 million subscribblers

  • What do your use to edit?

  • Thanks CS-tv for recommending this talentless woman with zero personality

  • in what video did john cena start eating tortilla avocados

  • You look beautiful ❤️ Dont mind the mean people

  • 9:04 i just choked on my tea

  • I, an American, got my driver's license at 21. I got tired of riding 2 hours at 5:03am everyday to get to college, and by the time I got out I was sick of the bus (literally, I developed motion sickness but only on the bus, I don't get it while driving)

  • what camera do you use? and also, where did you get the mini mic?

  • your favourite colour is shrek? mine is apple.

  • I love it when she says "hello my dudes" and "mother goose" I always call my mother, mother goose..

  • GET READY TO MAKE 3million cookies 😂🍪

  • Joanna: and then my calculus teach spent 10 minutes telling us why socialism is bad Me drunk af at 3 am after the club and a bowl of chili in bed with just socks: *snap snap snap*

  • You should become a comedian

  • I just wish to point out that this is the first video in which she uses "What's up, my dudes?" --Thus capturing the hearts & minds of CS-tvrs everywhere.

  • She is so pretty 👀

  • Ear rape in 3...2... Me: **Frantically pulls out earphones**

  • She mentioned Lorde and billie eilish. IM OVER THE MOON

  • Now I go to study English more for understand you P.S. Polacy, jesli tu jesteście i rozumiecie Joane bardzo Was proszę: zróbcie napisy 🙏

  • Have you heard about the tunnels under your school? 🍴