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  • Registrace 6. 08. 2013

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23:44I Surprised LE SSERAFIM With 5 Custom iPhone 15 Pros!
16:31I Surprised ITZY With A Custom Galaxy Z Flip Mural!
14:35I Surprised TXT With A Custom Samsung Galaxy Mural!
21:36Human vs Robot Fight For $100,000!
Human vs Robot Fight For $100,000!zhlédnutí 6MPřed 6 měsíci
22:51I Spent 7 Days In Total Isolation
I Spent 7 Days In Total Isolationzhlédnutí 4,5MPřed 6 měsíci
18:37I Surprised aespa With A Custom iPad Mural!
I Surprised aespa With A Custom iPad Mural!zhlédnutí 8MPřed 7 měsíci
9:17I Opened An Apple Store!
I Opened An Apple Store!zhlédnutí 4,3MPřed 9 měsíci
20:03I Customized 100 iPhones And Gave Them To People!
12:24I Surprised Travis Barker With Custom Bags!
I Surprised Travis Barker With Custom Bags!zhlédnutí 1,9MPřed 11 měsíci
8:22Customizing A School In A Day
Customizing A School In A Dayzhlédnutí 1,9MPřed 11 měsíci
18:25I Surprised My Girlfriend With 1,000 Gifts!
8:01I Customized MrBeasts Warehouse!
I Customized MrBeasts Warehouse!zhlédnutí 6MPřed rokem
12:11I Customized A Coffee Shop
I Customized A Coffee Shopzhlédnutí 5MPřed rokem
16:31Last To Stop Customizing Toilet Wins $30,000
10:53I Surprised SEVENTEEN With Custom Outfits!
19:09I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom Boat!
I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom Boat!zhlédnutí 14MPřed 2 lety
12:33Draw A Lamborghini, I’ll Buy It
Draw A Lamborghini, I’ll Buy Itzhlédnutí 3,3MPřed 2 lety
20:45100 Homeless People Get Homes
100 Homeless People Get Homeszhlédnutí 16MPřed 2 lety
39:47$100,000 Art Competition! - Day 8
$100,000 Art Competition! - Day 8zhlédnutí 6MPřed 2 lety
37:54$100,000 Art Competition - Day 7
$100,000 Art Competition - Day 7zhlédnutí 5MPřed 2 lety
10:09I Customized A $1,000,000 Pool!
I Customized A $1,000,000 Pool!zhlédnutí 34MPřed 2 lety
35:46$100,000 Art Competition - Day 6
$100,000 Art Competition - Day 6zhlédnutí 4,7MPřed 2 lety
40:05I Made A $100,000 Art Competition - Day 5
37:52$100,000 Art Competition - Day 4
$100,000 Art Competition - Day 4zhlédnutí 4,4MPřed 2 lety
39:44$100,000 Art Competition - Day 3
$100,000 Art Competition - Day 3zhlédnutí 5MPřed 2 lety