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  • Wait now it’s expensive😭😭😩

  • OMG! 😂🤣 I really wasn't expecting much from a supposedly "slash resistant" bag. Except for... I guess I was sort of expecting it to put up at least some sort of "resistance" to being slashed 🤔 (Hence the name...) But from what I see in the video, I'm wondering what kind of "testing" was done by the manufacturer in order to reach their claim of "slash resistant" 👨‍🏫 Like what implements were used to attempt to slash the bag? And what implements actually FAILED to slash it? 🤔 From how easy it cut in the video... I'm thinking a dull butter knife could probably be used to gain entry 😂 A broken chunk of thick, rigid plastic would probably do the trick as well 🤣 At best that bag might foil preschool children from gaining access to the contents... But only if they don't have any access to scissors ✂️

  • hey, i wanted to order the 25 dollar lock pick set off of ur website, but every time i ordered, it automatically refunded and said it suspected it being "fraudulent" please help if you see this

  • You just picked apart some locksmith's ego.

  • This man is a magician.

  • That's literally just an arduino it literally have a sub port on it

  • Where can i purchase one of these? I live in the Houston Texas area.

  • High Security Sponge 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maybe it’s the guitarist

  • I think the one thing people forget about master lock pickers is that they close a lock every-time they have to open one for practice meaning they’re just as efficient as closing than as opening, so even if we do manage to catch this man after he immediately escapes from prison all our guns will be locked the minute they exit the holster.

  • just why do i have this in my reccs?

  • They couldve at least gooped the leads or put them on the other side of the board. Atrociously bad design.

  • Yup, that ending was exactly what I expected, that is the dumbest lock ever. You only need 1 wrinkle in your brain to figure out it should be in a stainless steel container that the carton completely fits in.

  • I have one question is there anything you cannot pick

  • I have my own method to open this, using a chisel and a hammer I can literally deface the keypad and push the selenoid down once uncovered.

  • AmazonBasics Security Safe, get your shit stolen almost as quick as Bezos stealing the surplus value of Amazon's workers.

  • Brutal ram rod!

  • If you didn't taje it apart first you would not kno how it works.. That defeats the purpose of just trying to pick it first.. Totally not a fair pick!! Its hard yes but still!!!

  • The shackles should hammer forged into the hardest and heaviest possible.

  • This is like a game's tutorial lock they use for you to learn lockpicking

  • why not just disassemble the firing pin for safety lol

  • Damn. No Gucci locks?

  • hey I solved and predicted everything before it happened imma buy a chocolate for myself

  • I just love it when he says he’s getting “the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made”!!

  • Ok, so now we know how to rob people who have this lock set up. Thanks LPL 👍👍

  • So now 4.8 million people now know how to get a police weapon 👍🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Haha😅. This was fun.

  • I hate when someone already posts what i was going to !! Lol..lol.. ....i said the keep my bottom safe from insertion of foreign objects, but then hit send and found that one used already

  • Wiki how fore robbers

  • Lol can you imagine that you show up to your bike and the only thing stolen was the lock

  • Can this solution to the key that is in the u shape that you said that is hard to pick

  • Trusty old 10lb sledge always works too

  • Fun fact if something is cut resistant stabbing into will still go through because cut resistance is made for things like slashing even kevelar a material that is cut and bullet resistant can be stabbed through easly because in the end kevalar is a bunch of fibers and a sharp enough point (like a knife) can and have gone through it.

  • How to break into stuff made here's house

  • Looked like the blades were a little out of alignment putting twisting motion to hardened lock shaft. Still though lock still won . But there’s always the cordless grinder with a cut off disk on it that would go through it.

  • Even weaker is the fact that you can just pick the darn thing up and walk away with it..Cannot even attach it to a floor with bolts.

  • Why did I click on this video. Not once in my life will this at all help me I need to just go to bed.

  • No tools JUST A drill Fucking clickbait

  • The cutter blades were misaligned. That's what you need to fix in the future.

  • Try that when the door isn't seethru and see how easy it is to really do. I would imagine a whole lot more difficult

  • It's probably faster if you lock pick it than if you use the code

  • That’s not a normal lighter m, that’s a jet lighter

  • Nah this dude was a career criminal, specializing in safes, then got a new identity and rebranded himself as the LPL

  • Just remember, If it's a Master lock, it's a master of nothing. The more you know 👍 ®

  • It does say any-tech

  • Do you crack vaults?

  • Repent to Jesus Christ!! “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” ‭‭James‬ ‭1:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • 0:59 is what you came for

  • He’s real good the only thing I ever picked was me nose and I got a slap of me mum for doing it which was somewhat embarrassing cos I 35 at the time

  • Anyone ever tell you that you sound like Byakuya Togami kind of? With everything you say sounding like nasally and condescending? /pos

  • They used to use tubular type locks on the early PCs as keyboard locks to prevent a keyboard from operating. I was often called upon by friends in the early 90's to help out friends who had lost their keys. (You could either pick the lock, or just open up the casing and clip a bridge wire in!) Needless to say, most manufacturers did not use a high quality lock.

  • This problem has been fixed by Vaultek. I bought both the 2.0 and the smaller 1.0. The 1.0 came with a notice that the program button will not work with the lock engaged. I tried this on both units and verified that this problem is fixed.

  • I understand the click. I have yet to attempt to pick a lock. What does "binding" mean?

  • Great visual punchline with that awful looking U-lock 😄

  • I've never seen a match glowing white

  • Vaultek's spam ad for the 2.0 appeared when I was browsing on Facebag with my mobile browser, so I commented that you defeated the original case with a fork. They deleted the comment. That tells me they didn't fix the flaw. You should test the new 2.0 version.

  • Yo I have a 2021 explorer st and I’m in love with it

  • He didn't do it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke... :(

  • Can you do an updated picking of this lock?

  • It's easier to open an Onnais box from its anus.

  • “Curtain rod thickness” can’t get lower than that 😂

  • I've never seen a door gap that huge, pretty sure this was a setup/fake.

  • You should have told me over a year ago!

  • You do realise you could be training thieves, rapists and murderers to gain entry to peoples homes.

  • this is not ok, you said specifically in the title "Lock defeated with a paperclip" and that is just not true, you used a Screwdriver AND a paperclip.

  • I only use zip ties. I can easily tell if they have been cut and they are cheap.

  • Okay, so this is not impressive in the slightest. This is some bottom of the dumpster, garbage access control system. What kind of trash biometric reader has a board that is that easily accessible? I've been in the access control industry for 15 years, and this blew my mind. I'm impressed for the absolute trash you found to do this with. What kind of shit mag lock is wired through a trash reader like that in a normally open circuit? Can you try to do something like this with the latest HID reader, and an assa abloy 1200 lb lock; with power back up and all security anti tamper switches in place remotely? I would actually be impressed with that. This was an absolutely atrocious access control system that offers no security at all.

  • My doorlock can last 2 minutes. Nice. That's a surprise.

  • How many nights did you sleep on the couch?

  • Slashing is piercing and cutting now?

  • Deadbolt 100% stops this.

  • so basically this isn't as hard as it looks

  • I can just see it now, a 20 something year old crying looking at an empty bike spot. “Oh dude did ya get your bike stolen?” - “yeah but it’s the Surpreme lock I had on it that I am going to miss”. I swear the older I get the less I understand people. Back when I was young everyone wanted a pair of Air Jordan’s. The thing was it was an actual product and not just a freaking name. How people can go so goofy over a product just because some company leased that product the name… I don’t get it. Supreme pinball machines, Supreme bike locks, Supreme breath mints, Supreme douche, Supreme wheelchairs… where does it end and where is the line Supreme fans won’t cross?

  • Ron Swanson would be proud

  • not only did he lose his pride but also a part of his wage too

  • The owner of the business is assuming that people actually lock their locker. If you don't lock the locker, there is no need to insert any money. This might be why the owner is collecting so little money.

  • You stabbed it...not slashed it

  • Only problem with this method is it won’t work on locks with super tall shackles