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What I use:
I draw my pictures on Paint Tools Sai and I edit it all in Adobe Premiere. (Really? You don't use any animation software??) (Yeah, I know it's ''''not real animation''''')
I have a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24
a Smudge Guard Glove.
I record on a Shure sm7b,
I have an Scarlett 2i 4 Audio interface
and this thing called a 'Cloudlifter.'

If these items are out of your price range then this is what I use(d) (The cheaper stuff)
-My first tablet was a Bamboo Create for ~$100. Really good tablet 5/7.
I know alot of people like the intuos's
-A good Microphone that a lot of people use is a Blue Yeti (keep in mind where you record is important.)


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  • Turn on Irish /English subtitles 😂

  • Idk why, but I just don’t understand how you can take somethings or some people, and make an interesting story on it/them. Dunno why, I just like those details you put in the video.

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  • I worked at a subway for 6 months from 2009-2010. Came in one day and everyone was sick so I ended up getting sick too a day later. It caused me to lose the hearing in my right ear which ruined my attempt at joining the military and sending me down a dark path for the next 8 years until I met my girlfriend who saved me, but that's besides the point. Ended up getting fired a month later for taking 2 days off that my manager and store owner told me to take and she lied right to my face that she didn't tell me to take the day off right in front of the regional manager who was there to witness the firings (everyone was fired because the Assistant Manager stole from the safe and they couldn't be sure it was only her so they just fired everyone but said I was fired for being sick). I should have sued honestly.

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  • I get the whole customers coming in after closing. I work at a car dealership as a lot guy and part of our job is washing the car after they sell. We’d get customers picking out cars 5 minutes before closing and we’d have to stay 30-45 minutes late

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  • You didn't get the math teaching job because "Do you understand?" is a closed ended question. "Yes" can mean "Yes I understand", or "No I don't understand, but I don't want to feel stupid so I'll say yes because your question doesn't require understanding to answer the way you expect me to". Instead you ask a question that requires them to explain how to do the problem, then you can determine if they actually understand, and if they don't, what needs to be reviewed.

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  • As a bee keeper who got his Apiary Science certification at Young Harris Bee keeping Institute, the whole "bees are dying at an alarming rate" is pure fake news. The honeybee population has increased globally by 5% each year without fail and has increased by 15% in the U.S for the past 50 years. Yes more colony collapse happens due to the introduction of Varroa distructor mite, however the number one killer of Honey bees is still the winter. Approximately 60%-80% of bees that die are killed by winter (which means global warming would increase honey bee populations since they are better tailored to hot climates anyway). With the remaining dying to wax moths, mites, fungi, viruses, bacteria, pesticides, and negligent bee keepers. Approximately 30%-40% of bee colonies in the U.S die each year, however each colony produces at lest 3 new colonies from swarming during the massive honey flow in the Spring and Fall. The real victims on the decline are all the other North American pollinators who solely rely on nector (Except the Bumble Bee which is the Native honey bee to North America, they are dying off because of lawn cutting and wild flower fields being replaced with corn). The massive fields of monoculture crops and constant lawn maintinace (yes cutting your grass in the spring is killing millions of pollinators a year) is starving these pollinators to extinction. So please stop spreading the fake news about Honey Bees and talk about the real issue at hand which is monoculture. Responsible farmers already plant Pollinator Gardens in their fields however most don't because Pollinator Gardens don't turn an immediate profit. That sort of short sightedness is what is going to kill us all. Short term gains *ALWAYS* lead to long term problems.

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