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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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The $1.7 Million Lie
The $1.7 Million LiePřed 7 měsíci
They stole $1.7 million
They stole $1.7 millionPřed 7 měsíci


  • Sans or pipiras

  • Wouldnt it be strange indeed if i proposed that theres probably an enitity that created The End, eyes of Ender? Ender dragon? Endermen? Where they transformed by this entity? A large sentient eldiritch being that creates majority of the agressive mobs?

  • War war never changes... ohh look shaving cool

  • Ah man. I know Sans makes references in Earthbound, but... *You so wrong*

  • minecraft planet is a cube

  • Hey, I'm surprised you didn't talk about Eevee, who has the same ratio, and the ACTUALLY EXTINCT POKEMONS who also gets 7males for 1female.

  • People were violent before video games

  • If someone make this vid into a math exam... I'd dig straight down.

  • This all makes sense but of course, whats more dangerous? Space blobs that are significintly weaker off of their home planet or smaller space blobs that if someone who knows how to fly a ship takes a trip for whatever reason to sr388 without knowing the threat than the entire galaxy could be at risk. Otherwise good video.

  • If you haven't played this game yet. Regardless the theory. Play it. It's really awesome. I grew up playing probably every system that came out and games like this really make me happy. I like the menu changes too. It's only going to get better.

  • Nerdstalgic is such a good yt channel to check out. Each video feels like a fun English lesson

  • OBJECTION! Trumps Brians doesnt function different..... he dosent have one :P

  • 1:26 WARFRAME

  • tf2 better than over you

  • Videos games are in some way a escape for people to get away from things like bullying abuse neglect and other things its a way out for most but thats my opinion.

  • So many underaged CHILDREN have started playing the popular game “fortnite” because of the the fact that it is popular and probably still getting EVEN MORE popular!!! Yes I have tested fortnite and pubg but let’s compare the age rating I have gotten from my five games in each one! pubg has more mature and older people/toasters BUT I did find that about 2% of under aged players are at the age range of 10-13! But on the other hand... the game currently trending... FORTNITE has a whopping range of average players ages are 5-17 has a matching whopping percentage of 78% underaged players per round!!!!! So that information makes me to decide to believe that in the near future more suicides will happen as the years keep coming in like flies and mosquitoes going towards my insect zapper on warm and cozy nights!!! Also!! Please like and subscribe to mat and like his video don’t forget to do the same for me I would appreciate getting about 2 likes on this comment or even more! Love you guys and go to more of his videos to see if I have commented MY IRL theory witch is ™️ ed btw! So don’t go using it! Also good day/night and luv y’all baiiii!

  • Mixer can suck felix small IKEA lol.. love you guys

  • ... I just played halo 1-3.... So I win

  • school? nah i just watch game theory

  • Comic Sans

  • Sorry to late is the joy of tue creation apart of fnaf

  • omg I'm hearing your voice for 6 hours non-stop, I'm gonna dream with genetic modified mouses that eat quantum phisics or something like that and your voice will be talking in the background

  • No one literally nobody Horsey the dead animatronic never came back :(


  • Don't let this distract you from the fact that you're owed a Petscop 2

  • One thing that will always happen is the popular thing at the time will always be blamed for other people’s violence. Movies, tv, radio and even books have been blamed for the same thing.

  • Wha tha hell is a font =-=

  • Thank you for the doing the research and information you've put forth! Is it possible to give links to the statistics and the reports you've shown ? thanks!

    • sorry, you already have!! thanks !!!

  • Another option is their family!Family's behaivor is so importent.

  • You should do a botw 2 theory

  • matpat is really sucking obamas balls this episiode

  • They say Video games make people violent, what about movies showing horrific scenes, what about the toy guns and knives made for children to play with. If video games truly made people violent then all 12 million of us subscribed to Game Theorists should be violent people, that is a lot of people and I am sure the demography of people who play video games is extremely large.

  • A theory I have believed in is that the news plastering the faces, names and manifestos of these mass killers ( I say killers not shooters because mass killings are done with alot more things as well) is in part to blame for the increase. In exploring all these things what are the odds of you doing an episode on that? I would love to know the fact weather they back me up or not.

  • Wait a minute who are you?

  • Not only is the day night cycle fast, but everything is. You mine and contain a cubic meter of dirt in a few seconds with your bare hands.

  • I live in Australia so I don’t have to worry about Fallout 4 bomb drops

  • Who agrees the jump scare in the beginning didn't scare you and for me im watching this video during night lol

  • Destroying our social institutions cause violence. Fatherhood, motherhood, and marriage Saying masculinity is toxic and educating kids liberal dogma is making this hell

  • I stopped watching as soon as I heard it was my boy ✌

  • I think I know why the FNaF 2 animatronics never attacked William Afton A) He was the day guard for the resturant and was always near kids, and the animmatronics couldn't kill someone infront of kids B) He was never caught by the authorities for the murders, so he wasn't put in any criminal databases

  • When i played ac odyssey i chose to go the route of a mercenary,i was neither with athens or sparta, anyone who gave the most money, best loot,ect.

  • I can't get over the fan LMAO

  • but. . . i just like minecraft ending

  • Personally I think it has something to do with it. Once a Random kid That I meat like 5mins ago punch me uh down there. His Mum called him away but before he left I asked him if he plays Forntnite and his answer was yes

  • Well now Minecraft BEAT TETRIS

  • I knew that they don't teleport like accually only chorus fruit and ender pearls can teleport

  • Why is this a Sit Down Episode??

  • Oh, my GOD! Enchantedmob got it right!

  • Video games don't make us violent, ping does.

  • this video broke my brain.

  • Honestly best video ever .. thank you and everyone behind the research and staff for always keeping a float that I'm not just the only one in this world.. especially in this time , in the U.S, in New York City surrounded and for the lack of a better world by the people that I am surrounded by .. thank you

  • What about dunguns,shiprecks ect.

  • I literally save Chloe every time because of her, not our relationship. I mean her life has mostly gone down the shitter, and I just can't see someone so resilient and yet so unlucky die in such a terrible way. I guess I just relate way too much with Chloe to do anything else.

  • I miss Ronnie

  • Only here to listen to this whole playlist while I'm doing my homework, don't mind me

  • I'd be "Times New Roman"

  • Bruh the video didn't get ad revenue frick off youtube video games dont cause violence

  • *plays farming simulator* *THIRST FOR BLOOD INTENSIFIES*

  • Honestly, this whole situation is probably just a passing phase. People used to think rock music made people act badly, and now, it's video games. It's just an excuse people use to explain violence and crime. This will probably just blow over in the future when people find a new scapegoat.

  • Why is there other moon cycles if we’re the center of the solar system

  • Hey matt you should team up with Adam ruining everything he already did this bro I think it will be a good episode if he's with you also people need to know that bullying and mental health is the problem of this

  • Flapjack

  • If i was a font i would be banther

  • The hype to watch this died quick after i heard the sound of Austin's voice. I don't know why, but i just find his voice annoying and I prefer the one's with Matpat instead.

  • Or the parents of these kids who shoot up these schools could just teach their kids good morals and follow the esrb rating

  • Geometry??? That's it I am joining the Spartas and murdering all the Athenians

  • Sorry I'm tipping fast so if so words are spelled wrong

  • 1970s parents are more smarter than their kids 2019 kids are more smarter than their parents

  • And here I am in Minecraft playing with my dancing parrots

  • TF2 and Overwatch players battled it out for an entire year trying to prove which game was superior, until we all joined forces to combat a game with a community saltier then the Atlantis ocean Fortnite!!!

  • Creeper Do it

  • Reality check: you guys all would have been team killed then ddosed

  • How Educational can Videos Games be? This would be a question i would ask and what game genre are more educational.

  • why does the media only focus on violent video games, what about violent movies, sports etc... the media's logic makes no sense

  • I don’t need sleep I need answers

  • Well Sans being Ness AND Sans/Papy being Gaster IS ONLY A THEORY NOT A THEOREM. It's OK MatPat. There's a lot of theories on something like, how the Universe was made.

  • Mass shooting happended because the Left and the Democrat want them to be that violent. They want people to feel fear, they want the people to vote for them and trust them blindly because why not ? And they always use videogames as a scape goat because it is very easy to do so and do not have to spend time and money to actually investigate it at all.

  • My cat died on the 11th September 2019

  • This whole topic makes me mad, there’s no right or wrong answer to it. You definitely can say that video games have made the youth more numb to violence, because that is how to brain works if you see something enough times it won’t have as big of an effect on you each time it happens. While on the other hand you can also say that the video games don’t increase anyone’s wanting or pursuit of performing violent acts. I think we should spend less time worrying about the effects video games have on the youth and more on personal impact. Don’t buy your son an X-Box to show him how much you love him do something that is more personal. Video games are an outlet for kids to escape from the real world, so why don’t you instead of making the virtual world less dangerous make the real world more enjoyable.

  • Haven’t raged once in a video game I will try to find your game and challenge myself, GAME ON!

  • Me after peacefully farming and mining in Minecraft, and then dying to a creeper. *grabs gun*

  • i guess im an idubrz. i play a real shooter called halo, and the only br im concerned with is the battle rifle.

  • Me after giving my Minecraft dogs a wedding “I’m going to go commit mass murder”

  • am i the only one who wants to hear mat say “welcome to game theory” but like cant?

  • Every robot master is bound to asimov's three laws of robotics when built. What you should have said is he made them so easy to hack that the laws didn’t matter in the first place

  • 12:12 i cracked up so hard. rly, i did

  • Fun Fact: if anyone wants to be heard by the president or higher degree of power, it's best to start with your state Senate. Example: you'd like to suggest a new law? Start with your State Senate. Alzo, Love the video Mat! Alwayz enjoy! Learning something new from your channel! Itz a great way to learn something new through thingz I like! :D

  • Well I do the opposite I take my violence out on video games *_R.I.P. Stardew Valley. You will be missed_*

  • Shooters where jeans *surprised Pikachu face*

  • Now we need another theory about the new gens

  • 7:37 remember the simpler times before Freddy was staring at you from the toys section in every Target?

  • You could've just said this..DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.*drops mic

  • I don't agree with the whole "I'm not qualified to say a solutuon" statement. I'm paraphrasing. Sure, you aren't a psychologist, but with that logic, you might as well shut up about the rest of the video. Who's to say that you are or aren't qualified on an issue? This extends to other political issues as well.

  • Over-analyzing in a nutshell.

  • Nintendo, nintendon't mess with our timeline!

  • See videos games don't cause violence he uses violence to teach people, and a lot of games are based on real events like call of duty WWII which obviously based on world war 2

  • Kid: (getting bullied by other kids) Also Kid: (gets violent on bullies) Parents and the Media: *V I D E O G A M E S* Depression: Am I a Joke to you?

  • What about video games causing mental illness? Such as depression, anxiety, etc

  • “I attack with my emotions” That’s true for me, Except it’s out of stress from working on videos 👍

  • Yeah not like I'm ganna punch someone's head off. Yeah heh heh...