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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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The $1.7 Million Lie
The $1.7 Million LiePřed 9 měsíci
They stole $1.7 million
They stole $1.7 millionPřed 10 měsíci


  • Jedi Academy did have force Speed though, which was pretty much time slowing down around you as it does here. Unless I'm totally misremembering how that worked, it's been ages

  • Awwww u guys are amazing oh god I’m getting a bit emotional from what the poor kids have gone through earlier before St. Jude children’s hospital 😭😭 I’m happy that children are being saved from that deadly disease

  • I'm safe in the comments

  • Any chance using carbon fiber to carry the current? The resistance is pretty low so you can go with thinner components thus saving the amount of mass needed.

  • I play the game

  • U are not aloud duplicates in the deck

  • Maybe he's crying because his sister died.

  • I don’t think The guy is going super fast because things slow one at a time and gravity would still pull you at the same rate so when he jumped and everything is slowed he would fall very slow but he doesn’t

  • I think its fair to say that susan is the most hated woman on the internet

  • lets all just move to a different platform

  • My favourite theorist talking about my favourite CS-tvr Gronkh? Did this really happen? btw: Gronkh and many more german CS-tvrs just did another charity stream where they raised over 1 million Euro (including exclusive charity merch sales) for doctors without borders, climate organisations, HateAid and a few more. For everyone interested, look for Friendly Fire. This year was the fifth charity stream.

  • Kylo Ren has force slow.

  • I think we can all agree one answer from this CEO answers almost every question we could possibly throw at CS-tv, and I quote her words "CS-tv as a platform, we act on behalf of our Advertisers." Thanks ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't really matter what the problem is, as long as the problem doesn't directly go against the whims and wishes of advertisment companies, CS-tv will probably be more than happy to accomodate you. However, nothing will ever be done that goes against the wishes of advertisers, because that is CS-tv's revenue. So whenever asking yourself what direction CS-tv is heading in next, just go see what the advertisers are saying. Quote from 19:18

  • MatPat : calls parkour man senpai Senpai parkour man: *Am I a joke to you intensifies*

  • 2:50:19 Oh my god, BROADWAY!

  • Can’t wait for the Super Mario Maker 2 theory

  • Mat gets to have some more fun with FNAF AR

  • Great questions, MatPat! But yeah. You won't be invited back anytime soon. Your questions hit her hard. She also avoid *a lot* of them. But, all in all, you did marvellous. Clap and a half to you!

  • I forgot you made this video lol

  • But I don’t want you to change your content 😢

  • I under stand what you mean my video is for all but they might think its for kids because im an admation will i only have 13 but thats ok i know it will grow so i understand

  • It’s 10

  • I... Don't think you know how Minecraft works

  • "We really care" ...Unless you disagree with me.

  • whoooooooooooooooooooooooo 1,000,000

  • steph looks so small when the try guys are there lmao

  • Thanks for all of that I almost cried

  • shes talking alot to stall for time even on questions that should be a quick response XD

  • {\____/} ( 0▪︎0 ) > 🧁 < ¿ ~`~`¿

  • Notes that CS-tv shows 3 commercials while I watch. I hope you are getting paid MatPat.

  • Bravo!!!

  • I am a muslim and I approve of everything, but the fact that says it is mandatory to visit Al-Kaaba nah, you don't actually have to.

  • EA is still somehow going to include microtransactions into this game after promising they wouldn't.

  • I hate here nataliely valley voice

  • 0:48 lol

  • Flamingo is in this, he recommended it to us

  • Susan: Es fair MatPat: But is it? LOL

  • Well isn't that just depressing?

  • I feel very sorry for you because UnderTale is really beautiful and loving but also very toxic fandom

  • Bro you nailed it! Nice work!

  • :doctor who in 1963 :the frist doctor you say its all over thats what you said

  • I guess her team would not let you ask about coppa or the Pscore.

  • will we ever get an episode two

  • Restaurant:Health inspector Games:Lore inspector (A.K.A MatPat)

  • Great interview. I mean great interviewer.

  • Ff

  • Kal slowing things down is realistic, from a certain point of view.

  • F f

  • LETS GO MATPAT you going ham on the questions!!!

  • That haircut...

  • Mat: what are the rules of youtube Corporate stuge: yeah um you know um we are um doing um.

  • also, +1 to flow states!

  • It's ribosomes

  • That’s what I thought bowsette would look like.

  • not that she would've answered it, but i do wish you had asked about the broken copyright strike system

  • I listened to this more than 20 times maybe 30 and I always cry this helps me with everyday day it gives me strength I always hide my feelings but this this hurts me it keeps me happy it gives me joy it makes me forget all the bad thing so thank you, thank you for your videos, thank you for not stopping, and thank you for doing the best that you can in every thing. May Ronnie live a great peaceful future in heaven. R.I.P

  • Assassin's Creed origins goes further back than Odyssey .

  • cell wall or lysisomes

  • "youtube" is "themtube"

  • I thought it was Susan wobajack

  • It seems to me that all her answers are long-winded but pointless. I'm not even halfway through this conversation and all I heard and understood up till now is that the questions asked are hard to answer and that article 13/17 will be very hard to do stuff with. The moment one country decides to put the thumbscrews on all other countries will suffer, and honestly not every government will be understanding towards youtube creators or online creators in general. They are corporations almost, only looking at how to make more money while spending less.

  • Most likely one of many creepy theories of pokemon.

  • I havewent watcht part 2 so 18?

  • Why do you have half a haircut?

  • The GBA Trilogy has Luke using Force Slow (time manipulation)..... missed that one bud 😅

  • Her face when he's asking the first question tho

  • Ok B o o m e r

  • Me crying so much

  • I have one If Vanny aka Vanessa is real then she is because when i was playing Ar Special Delivery i got a message from “Luis” saying hey Ness as in vanessa that means you are playing as the killer what if henry owner of fazbear entertainment purposely sent malfunctioned animatronics to stop Vanessa from murdering But thats just a theory

  • but if he gets faster shouldnt evrything get slower not just one thing.If he points his hand to a bullet the bullet seems to slow down but trooper doesent. love your videos btw

  • The janatores son is nuget ....... janatores head is shaped like a chicken nugget

  • Henry fakes his death?

  • Pure waffle

  • what about bedrock edition do you have a theory on that?

  • why can't sans be himself?

  • Bendy

  • 6:15 if you drop a cow it drops like.. cow flesh

  • Gotta love the BS she pulls when answering Matt's questions. I can't wait for the follow up vid about this. If Matt doesn't do one saying how he felt about this I'm going to be a little disappointed. If I was in his position I would have called her out for the long drawn out responses. But that's also why I'd never be allowed to interview someone like her.

  • Number 2 is probably somewhere in Russia

  • This is awesome matpat is now sucked into TN is with us but also WHY MATPAT WHY NOW I CANT STOP THINKING OF THIS

  • Ff

  • Umm... Isn't it normal that goner kid talked about raining? Like, it wasn't raining and we had an umbrella...

  • So essentially it's not like KOTOR's Force Slow, but Force (Burst of) Speed? Oo

  • I wish you went a little deeper into Fair Use and companies abusing the Copyright system

  • tbh*

  • thb he's talking about protecting the gold or what so ever, but what if they are just protecting the material that the monument is made from, he even said it himself, its the only place where prismarine spawns.

  • Vocal fryyyyyyy

  • I'm sorry but watching this, seeing and hearing her say that gaming creators are just as important as any other genre, about how gamers shouldn't feel like second-class citizens on the platform and defending youtube's (and by default: her) choices do explain why the platform demonitizes some content and creators, defending her platform by all means. I get that it IS difficult to check everything at all times, that youtube as a platform is hard to control with all of it's users, gaming or not. But how can someone sit there, telling everyone that gaming is not a second-class genre on the platform, how youtube does everything to make gaming more interesting by adding more features and what not, saying that gaming is important for the platform (and this is proven if you look at the stats!) and still with the CS-tv Rewind 2019 where the main focus is likes (because 2018 was a total bust), gaming gets 'most viewed' instead of 'most liked'. This, to me at least, proves that CS-tv still thinks that gaming is the weird little brother everyone loves but they don't want to consider it a part of the family. It really is annoying how a powerful adult of a giant company tells something and then proves to herself that she didn't mean it by doing something completly else on a video where CS-tv does have total control. On the plus side: great interview, loved to see someone asking rough questions on a gentle, respectfull way.

  • Biology exam tomorrow, that big glob looks like a weird vacuole to me.

  • You think ‘New super Mario bros U’ is long But then you meet ‘New super Mario bros U deluxe’

  • Riiiight off the bat- your question about gamers being second class citizens- either the intent has to be ask the question and get the answer, or ask the question in order to introduce extraneous details and have it be heard, regardless of the answer. It felt like the latter, but I think your intent was for a real answer. But I'm not saying your wrong to have your comments heard.

  • Arnt the hyrogriphics on the end christles the same on enchantment table

  • 15:28sword art online freddyzation

  • You don't get invited to the MET. It's a fundraiser, and you buy very expensive tickets.

  • I just saw that it is donated 1,340,000 dollaes out of 500,000!!!!!!

  • 19:18 she said it! They don’t care about creators they care about advertisements

  • I'm 11 but.... *My account is set to 1 9 9 8*