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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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I'm losing control.
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  • Minecraft

  • This is Mega Man lore. Nothing he said is really a theory but i still enjoyed the video, great job!

  • “Ain’t no seeing this...”. #5 trending

  • 6:24 is that Arin Egoraptor grump Hanson

  • Btw, the combine wanted Aperture Laboratories' portal gun.

  • Meanwhile in the Battle Network series where Wily does get chosen for the grant over Light and he still turns evil because the university eventually cuts his funding. Humanity lives in that timeline because Wily's netnavis aren't as immediately dangerous as robots, but still Wily is bad news no matter the timeline.

  • Remember when school in person

  • I feel like an underpants gnome. 1) destroy humanity. 2) ? 3) profit Why is dr. Wily doing all this?

  • I saw this in my recommended.

  • Ah, the pleasant sounds of fandom still strong in the comments tearing 'facts' apart. It is good to be alive and more than a robot.

  • Also play mega man x4 to get more info bout zero matpat

  • As someone who has dormant tb, im very happy to see some light shed on this important topic. Much love, -Yuji

  • That’s every game because THE BAD GUYS DONT DIE so the good guy always loses

  • Why is ur pitchure ruby from Steven universe

  • Great approach to the theory, but it discounts the fact that Joel reveals himself to be a sociopath right at the end. The end of TLOU has Joel taking control from the player, if the player doesn’t do the action themselves. Try it, you’ll see.

  • Rock didn't doom humanity with evil intention, per say. He doomed it by refusing to help it after... **ahem** _Wily._ But then again, there was no helping us in the first place. *_There are no heroes left in man._*

  • Ah so it's the great coronavirus prophecy, the video game

  • Matpat: "We're gonna talk about a franchise no one cares about..." Me, a Megaman fan for almost 25 years: Excuse me WHAT!? Jokes aside, i'm aware that capcom has transferred most of their efforts to remaking and developing resident evil games, trying to revive street fighter and marvel vs capcom which to be honest marvel has the entire blame, hopefully we megaman fans get something at the next anniversary

  • Ahh my favorite game when i was a kid

  • the jump scare god

  • Oh dear...Game theory’s on a lot of reels again. [Try and guess what reference I maaade :>]

  • there is a connection between them you fool

  • I agree to an extent. Basically it comes down to perhaps they would've been able to salvage a cure, perhaps not. Like in the I Am Legend it might've taken years and years- but I still think if they had done they eventually would've come up with something. I was one of the players who hated Joel for his choice. I tried to die to see if it would result in him not doing it. The main moral debate is not SHOULD he have, but did he have the RIGHT to do it. Ellie, Trish, Marlena, Sarah, maybe even Tommy would've given up their lives for the cure. Ellie is furious (like I would be) because he made the choice she would not. By taking her away and killing so many people he also dooms the Fireflies and perhaps humanity. That's I'm still pissed Joel made that choice.

  • Matpat: If you want to inflict pain choose Ridley. Me: *Laughs in pk fire*

  • Oh ya I bottle flip fizzy drinks all the time it’s easy

  • 4:54 just so you can get to the theory quicker ;)

  • where does battle network series come in

  • Tip for playing mario kart keep 2nd place near you because that way if a blue shell comes, stop! Then it will go to the other person. ha ha

  • Whoever sharpened the forst stick into a spear says this guys are just amateurs...

  • I'm not even allowed to play fnaf... But that does NOT stop me from staying up to midnight watching a grown man can't about killer teddy bears! My main source of fnaf content is this and gacha life lol

  • I totally forgot that there were more games in the series than just mega man 2


  • Reply what your favorite animatronic is ⬇️ For me it’s nightmarionne

  • I've already heard all of this. This sounds more like a rehash of a plot summary.

  • What did the youtube algorithm do lol?? I found this video because it was on my home page. But it may just be because I'm subscribed.

  • 5:58:43 *Jaws theme intensifies*

  • Umm so remember when you said that the twisted ones Is the sister location ......... well think again go to Google type twisted fnad and see what they look like

  • Anyone else here for the memes?


  • Ahh, I remember when my bro and I figured this out way back when MMZ were new.... good times.

  • Iether the boots are magicall or Chell has legs of iron, like the bombing grandpa that is Dynamike from Brawl Stars.

  • MatPat: That’s just a theory... Megaman fans: A theory we already knew and figured out.

  • Wait how would half humans result into extinction? What am I missing here?


  • Bruh why can’t fnaf just be jumpscsarrs and good times with friends? Like wtf is happening now?

  • well willy could of been bleeding out And manage to put the robot into the chamber

  • Wily already lives on in different reploids, like Serges from X2 and Isoc from X6.

  • "and that's how we get ant's" ha

  • "Bass and Treble" Haha Puns

  • It sucks he’s not continuing this anymore I really liked this

  • Niceeee

  • Best intro ever

  • Are minecraft slimes plant cells or something? How slimey are they really???

  • Who else is sad 😞😪 we haven't had a minecraft theory in a month

  • Legends isn't in the classic timeline though... Also: 7:30 "none of this is officially stated" you didn't do your homework Matt, it is stated in megaman 2 the power fighters that wily made zero Edit: which you say later in the video so... Tf man??

  • can u imagine if mat just did a theory on slender man

  • It’s pretty interesting but if you’re right, then I like how you have to “melt down” every book so far to piece it together into something that works. But be careful Mat. These things tend to work in the stories, but they don’t so much work out for those that build them.


  • I find it so interesting that a lot of (usually)random and simple design choices in a character can almost always be traced back to an already existing creature. Like I doubt they looked up what a monolophosaurus was to base Yoshi off of it but it's wild that he ended up resembling them so closely while also taking evolution into account anyway. That's so cool.

  • I guess this means Dr. Light fighting Dr. Wily creates the world's destruction TL;DR: It was Light's fault for making killer robots

  • wouldnt yoshi be in thyreophoba cuz they have shells idk im not thats smart

  • Hey umm I should’ve told you this earlier but I have a magik theory and well only vengeful, poltergeist, possessed, holy, and demonic spirits can posses things and they are scaled but only magic inducing things can possess things So he was taking in either magic essence of soul power OR taking pure soul power and when I say essence I’m talking about not what they emit no what they are MADE of *ectoplasm* so he was taking something made of spiritual energy which is of course terrifying that’s what I know about spirits hopefully it can help

  • What i still wanna know is what happened to the original Megaman And i am surprised no mention of Battle Network or Star Force, then again that is in a different time line, not connect to X and after, but still connected to original Megaman

  • reminds of the plot for nier: gestalt and nier: automata

  • #5 on trending ...... YOU DED WORNG MATPAT

  • This is what he does in between fnaf theories.

  • Wow i play this arcade mega man lol I'm only 15 hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wily does actually defeat Mega Man before he dies. In the Mega Man titles for the game boy Wiley steals an experimental Time Machine and goes to the future where Wily had reformed, the future was peaceful, and Mega Man was converted back into a house hold robot somewhat similar to the beginning of MM9. Anyways, his present self convinces his future self to capture Mega Man and together they reprogram him into Quint. Since this revelation was shown too Wily relatively early-midway through the series, this would have given him ample foresight into changing the circumstances of his failures and even give him a timeframe to a period of peace and utilize the money donations he extorts from people at the beginning of MM9 to complete Zero and Virus.

  • Arceus is the God of Nintendo.

  • 14:18 imagine this but change the robot institute with art school the bam! HISTORY

  • Glitchtrap much Dr.Wily? U copier :D

  • What if mike Acton was the older brother and not the crying child?

  • We all know Bulbasaur is the best in the games

  • I just want a timeline, a story, a lore, i want fnaf to be explained

  • What if tape girl is Vanny? O.O

  • Petition to have mat pat acknowledge that his persona 4 theory is wrong and he needs to do more research

  • What if David is the 🐶

  • The Elf Wars aren't the plot of the Zero series, they're the BACKDROP. The Elf Wars took place a century before Zero is awakened in Mega Man Zero 1, destroying most of the world in the process; the Zero series instead is the Neo Arcadia Rebellion, a rebellion against Copy X's totalitarian and genocidal policies, and later against Wiel himself brought back from the dead.

  • Man, this theory brings me back... about two years, actually, to the first time I watched a Game Theory.

  • I do care about it but only the mega man x franchise

  • Matpat is the best youtuber ever he is nice and reasonable and has the best content ever I'm serious BEST ever

  • CS-tv's algorithm hate megaman Screw the algorithm, megaman is literally my favorite franchise

  • Doctor lefty

  • I don't think wily won anyway... he wanted to be the world ruler not destroyer I don't think anyone won that battle...

  • I really wander about mat pat sometimes.. 2017: is crash trash? 2019: movie sonic is the best

  • *ASSHAT*

  • Hes about 6 years too early on that 2020s time line

  • Mega man more like blue guy

  • I want more fanf!

  • how bout halo forward unto dawn

  • 10:26 so your saying aliens made monkeys intelligent with a virus.

  • Randonautica theory

  • "Ain't nobody seein' this video!" (Get's #5 on Gaming Trending)

  • 4 major chunks. There were also only supposed to be 4 fnaf games I rest my case

  • I got logician, intp-t


  • The four main parts: MegaMan Classic, MegaManX, MegaMan Zero and ZX and MegaMan Legends: All of us starving Battle Network fans will be crying in the corner if you need us

  • It would’ve been better if it was “Fred E Fazbear”

  • There was one part theory that I felt you really glossed over. The jump from Megaman X/Megaman zero/Megaman ZX to Megaman Legends. You explained that Wily's will was locked in the virus. His will... is too limiting. You see as the series of Megaman X5 goes on there are two important things to take note: 1) Zero gets STRONGER when exposed to the sigma/zero virus. and 2) there is multiple endings in this depending on how you beat the game. My theory is that the virus was Wily's attempt at creating an undying copy of himself (a soul of sorts)... and Zero was to house that copy, but had to have basic principles that made it revolt against Wily. The Virus became a sort of literal Cybernetic DNA (as referred to later in the Megaman ZX series). The importance of this comes when you beat the game as Zero and you see his ending... he locks himself away again (where he is found in Megaman Zero). The problem that cause issues with this ending is that there are multiple Megaman X games after that. So how is Zero in them is he is locked away? The answer to that comes from Megaman Zero 3 where literally Megaman Zero fights Omega Zero. In Megaman X5 Zero wanted to keep all that made him 'good' but knew his body, for lack of better terms, was flawed and the source of the Virus. He copied all that was good into a new body (Megaman Zero) only using the original body (Omega Zero) when necessary. Once the conscience was copied over it was left to become Megaman Zero. His original virus riddled programming was used to make an antivirus (mother elf) but the elf became corrupted by the sigma virus making it the dark elf. This was obvious because in Megaman X8 where the sigma virus overtook reploids that were capable of resisting the sigma virus Axl confronts Lumine (a reploid that is suppose to be unable to be infected by the sigma virus) and later Lumine becomes overtaken by the sigma virus and thus creating the need for the mother elf. The original body of Megaman Zero becomes Omega Zero. Confused yet? The Dark Elf having contained the sigma virus starts the elf wars... it was needed to be stopped, to do this Megaman X becomes an Elf himself to try and stop the Dark Elf. With Megaman X and Zero gone... Ceil decided to try and make a perfect copy of Megaman X as a emergency remedy to after math of the Elf Wars... only to have it go very very wrong. It turns on reploids and sses them as the problem. The Copy X (keep in mind that this is no longer the original X or Zero... or anything made by Wily or Light) turns out this way because it lacked the combat experience or the years of testing Dr Light put X through to instill a moral standard for X. Copy X Created his 4 commanders, which were like combinations of Megaman X and Zero, and this is where Megaman Zero starts. An unfinished Megaman Zero guided by Megaman X in Elf form... take on Neo Arcadia. Flash forward to Megaman Zero 3... Dr Weil Recreated Copy X MK-II and his generals to seek out the Dark Elf. This brings us up to the end of Megaman Zero 4 with the destruction of Zero, X, Copy X MK-II, Dark Elf... etc. Right? Wrong... This is how the Megaman Zero series link into the Megaman ZX. Ceil created the Biometals of Megaman ZX to allow reploids to become Megaman X and Zero... as well as the generals of the Megaman Zero series and unfortunately a special Biometal . These Biometals would only respond to those who had a specific Digital DNA that was planted on them (Megaman ZX Advent). There was also two W model Biometals (one carried and one that was the real one) which could 'corrupt' other biometals. My guess this was because it was main one that housed the Virus and the one carried around was just a way to access the power of the main W biometal. This brings us up to Megaman ZX Advent secret ending... Thomas says: "Give humans robotic bodies and reploids mortality..." (sound like the carbons from megaman legends) and that "This world needs to be reset..." (sounds like something at the end of megaman legends 2). He has the 4 Megaman that where Copy X's generals around him... unaltered. This is where I lack any knowledge... was the megaman that became the megaman in megaman legends? Is the protagonist of the Megaman ZX advent the last human alive at the end of Megaman Legends 2? The Megaman ZX series takes place in the year 25XX while the Megaman Legends series is set in the year 80XX (3000 years huh?)... apparently there was a flood which wiped out all that wasn't in Elysium, but how was that done by Wily, His Virus, Zero or anything associated with the Megaman X series? These are the holes capcom left us...