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Hi beautiful! I'm Brad Mondo, a second generation hairstylist. Subscribe to my channel if you want to laugh, have fun and learn how you can make every day a good hair day!
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  • As far as shine, the best thing you can do is vitamins. Now, I use a really good brand BUT the **best drug-store brand my son loves is L'Oreal sulfate free Ever Pure** (repair/defend w/Goji) - it's light and rich and smells like waking on Christmas; minty and like, "GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE, WE'RE GONNA HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER!" His hair is so blonde the sunflowers turn toward him away from the sun and nod their heads at him in a praising wave. it makes his hair shine so much makes dolphins jealous. like, really he was swimming with a dolphin called Stella last summer and she was like, dude, how do you get so damn shiny? Then she took him for a ride holding onto her fin. Really. This all happened (I mean, she spoke in little cute squeaky noises, so most people probably didn't know what she was saying, but I can assure you that's what she said).

  • The foam is moose

  • That’s not wax it’s a product that makes hair straighter

  • I think cutting your hair with fire is a crazy idea too. But people have burned wounds closed. Idk I saw it in the new american horror story, 1984. But I think people do it as an alternative to stitches. I mean that does mean it closes the ends of your hair, I have no idea. I'm a stoner so I have burned my hair before and I know other people who have too, and they ends of the hair usually looks like shit.... so I would never cut my hair with fire.

  • "You know this moment when your hair is done and you're like 'I'm so beautiful, look at meee!'" - sadly I never had that moment in my entire life... thank you for nothing, hairdressers...^^

  • I love Batiste 😅 especially the original, lightens my roots and makes it look full and clean

  • 5:29 you can see what she would look like bald.... which is going to happen soon if she keeps up with the extreme ponytail.

  • Does the first girl have a youtube channel? Know her name?

  • The guy isn't entertaining, he is annoying.

  • I actually am planning to dye my hair half a different color 😅 thing is I have bangs so would it look weird?

  • OMG! this is exactly every day of my life 😂 i think only hairstylists will understand this video like 100%. btw, this girl's acting skills are lit!! 😉

  • Omg, that girl is my Fav on YT (Easy Breezie) next to Slayed by Jordan ❤

  • A year and a half! I've been growing my hair out from shoulder length for 7 years and its only just reached this length! Maybe my hair is just crazy slow lol

  • The Asian guy is so freaking HOT 🔥

  • Shownu also looked really great with the ashy blonde brown hair too 😍

  • Do ppl still get perms in 2019

  • I have to wash my hair everyday since it always gets super oily after 12 h

  • Omg I love him!!! I agree with the previous comments! The fact that he’s showing knowledge and respect towards our natural hair is astounding!!!!

  • I haven’t started this video, I just hope he says something about why white people should not have dreads plllleeeaaaasseee

  • Currently brushing out my top half of dreads and it’s such a process. I’m impressed they brushed theirs out in the span of time they did.

  • I am in middle school and it is not that bad but i had a couple of issues but i got through it cause i stood up for myself

  • Is it wrong to have hairline like that ?at least she brushes her hair to make her own hairstyle ..i think she is perfect in the way she is ..her unique hairline make her different than others jojo

  • Bruh, Eric knows how to operate that round brush better than I can 😂😂

  • I enjoyed your video

  • Brad: "You're here for some hair dresser reacts." Me: No man I'm here for that jacket! Damn that looks SO good!!! :|

  • I don't know what was more satisfying. Your reaching to the straightening process or the straightening process itself. ❤

  • That Simply Nailogical peel porn music during the lime green one 💖💖💖

  • I dyed my hair that shade of blue and now it's brown because I have a grown up job and this makes me so sad that my hair isn't blue anymore

  • You, young man will become very well known in the business because you're open and have a beautiful attitude . But wise , be informed , take your time and GROOOW. Take care.

  • fly and have you use your new techniques on my hair a girl can dream 😅

  • Pleaseee make a wig. The first wig I made turned out so sooo good. I’m sure you will get it down first try.

  • Had to subscribe brad is off tha chain ❤️ ❤️.....

  • I was thinking about going in the blue area but with a warm skin tone, I 'm rethinking it.

  • Beautiful!!

  • Cream of nature organ oil hair moose

  • As for "you look so much younger and healthier" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hi. I just want to say I love your attitude and all of your comments. You seem to love your profession. I love your attitude towards this type of hair. I have 3B hair and I went to a place where I live and the lady said out loud and I quote. "Ive never done this type of hair before" which was very insulting. Like my hair was disgusting. It took me off guard. She should have kept her mouth shut. Take care.

  • The hair makeover. Omg. Super gorgeous!

  • Lol WEN is good as a deep conditioner period. If you use that only, overtime the build up is disgusting. Please shampoo your hair at least 2 times a week if you use it....just saying.

  • That laugh at 5:10 is everything 😅🥰🥰 Ok but 6:30 😥🥰 I can’t do this, I’m too young ya’ll 😥

  • 😂🤣😂

  • With all due respect, black hair can get “greasy”. Usually our hair can get greasy when we apply too much oil or too much of moisturizing cream based product, or maybe a combination of both but it can get greasy.

  • You’re actually the cutest!!

  • Love u baby!!

  • I'm gonna say it. Are you seriously saying an egg is an unhatched baby chicken. Are you really this ignorant!? How are people listening to you, believing you. There's so much BS coming out of your mouth! I can't believe it. Also saying that oils and stuff don't work is just BS. A lot of people have proven that it does indeed work. I have used the Hair Jazz shampoo, mask and spray for a couple of months now and I can honestly say that it does really work. I've grown 5 cm (2 inches) in 7 weeks! Usually ( before the Hair Jazz) my hair only grows 1.25 cm (half an inch) per month. I'm so done with people claiming to know about hair, claim all sort of BS on the internet. And you have a lot of subscribers... How!?

  • More white hairdressers need to be like him. He showed love to all types of natural hair. He wasn't downplaying or degrading 4c hair Also he was willing to learn. I love it 🥰

  • Okkie Brad 12:12:

  • A moment to appreciate that beard phase😌

  • In the mornings I have 30 minutes to get ready, and this girl, right here got thicc strait hair....... sooooooooooooooo

  • Im laughing evey time he says "Right up to the root"

  • She looks fabulous!!

  • Nope. I don't trust sew ins. The name itself turns me off. You aren't sewing anything into my hair. I had a big braid once and that was all she wrote...

  • It was so sad they cut off all her hair, I remember this too when it aired because it wasn’t a good look on her either, they so did this on purpose! I bet they get together and say “Who will be the most upset to chop off their hair?!”

  • I remember watching this season, I was crazy for Kim!

  • Come to India to see thick hair Brad

  • 2:10 when they both scream lmao

  • It was very satisfying watching his reaction from the 3 outcomes/transformations.

  • It's more of.... when a black girl does it, it's not "professional " "neat" ect. It's against some school codes but not when it comes to white people. I got fired because I have natural hair and the main way to keep my hair protected against damage and breakage is braids. I was told not to wear braids. Came in the next day with a fro and was still sent home. For 1 week I tried different things done with my hair and eventually got fired because they thought I was being rebellious. But nothing was said to the white girl who came to work after a workout in braids. Her hair was considered "chic"

  • If i have that much agression on my hair, that you are displaying on that head, ima end up bald headed. 😑 maybe blowouts aren't for me 🤷‍♀️ cute tho.

  • I wonder why a round brush isn't a preferred tool to blow dry with, especially when the results of roller sets are so beautiful I'd skip the iron personally. I've got fine straight hair and my ceramic round brush is a game changer.

  • would let straighten my hair anytime ;) although not 4C here XD

  • Fuck i love ur fashion!!!

  • Ahah my friend tried to ombré her hair with blonde roots and brown ends. It did not turn out the way she wanted ahah

  • I actually loved it :D

  • my 1st time watching 1 of ur vids; SO funny! I'm a Hairstylist too & a majority of my clients have all types of curly hair. But your reactions were the same as mine; isn't it so satisfying seeing beautifully finished hair? When she trimmed the ends & u almost gagged, I was laughing so loud! So, thank youuu

  • According to your question of wh ok feels like their hair is clean without a lather... I do an acv (apple cider vinegar rinse) and it literally gets squeaky clean

  • Did anyone else scream when they saw jin? Someone show him the jungkook half/half look.

  • ok so i am from pakistan and i cant find pink dye here and most companies with permanent hair color doenot deliver here someone help me out :(

  • You can feel the hair texture from Brad's voice

  • Smh who’s disliking his videos 🙄

  • I have watched soo many of your videos n I keep hearing you say Roman noodles to puffy lose wavy hair like 😅 a lot of spanish girls actually hair "Roman noodles" hair okay. N it is beautiful n full of volume. But yeah don't buy from wish they cell cheap cheap stuff lol

  • WOW! This makeover was insane, she looks so much happier. I'm so happy for her xxx

  • Lucille Ball used henna to get her famous red hair.

  • Hey would you do a review on Man bun hair unit install by Mickeydabarber. You will find it extremely satisfying!

  • the first girls eyebrows are so nice i’m jealous

  • lol, I'm watching this video as if I have the option *not* to wash my hair everyday. We love swimming in chlorine

  • I love when you do videos with African American women in it bc it makes me feel included! Lol love you!!!

  • Tomatoes have bleeching proporties so ketchup does work to some degree but leaving it on for 5 min is obviously doing nothing

  • Why is his dance to the theme song litterally me half the time

  • ngl, I thought he was gonna say ignorant things about black hair, but he's very educated. I set the bar low for hair stylist bc a lot of them won't know how to do my 4c hair, so it was very nice to hear him give good commentary. you've gained a new subscriber brad!

  • You are so cute! I would love for you to do my hair.

  • O Brad what did you do. This is horrible!!! HORRIBLE

  • I don't know about that... I'm pale and cool toned. I look horrible with dark brown or black hair. It completely washes me out. All pale cool toned people I've seen with those hair colors look washed out and ruddy.

  • Sweety The hair I usually soft before the spread out.

  • Yaaas brad mondo!! Please find a way to do her hair!!! Loveyou!!!

  • Brads coocky energy is my therapy 💆‍♀️

  • i cut 15 inches of my hair and it was one of the best moments and feelings EVER. it was such a change that my neck crampedddd lmao

  • I think the first girl should have sued the hairdresser. Not to get the money, but to bring awareness that the hairdresser shouldn't be trusted.

  • I love u so much

  • I feel like this is going to be problematic

  • I have extremely long but extremely curly hair, tight ringlets. If I put any form of heat on it my curls are destroyed for like, a month or two. I am not black though so my hair may be a little different (not that it is, but people are saying it's different).

  • We call those foam rods you were talking about “flexi rods”

  • So not true about the baby hair some people naturally have them like my daughters who are in their 20's! #notifications

  • You should check out lauraisa Andrea. She is FIRE

  • When is the best time to brush my hair? When it's dry, in the shower, after the shower?? I have tried it all and have no idea what is best for my hair.

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • I don't know how I ended up here but I now love this guy...

  • Can you make a video on how swimmers could protect their hair?

  • Jordan used dye in that video... black, I think. adore black.

  • I love Brad Mondo honestly. He has priceless reactions to hair and I relate to that so much. I love hair so much, my mom is a hair extension stylist and I worked for her for a few years and it's so satisfying when it looks so amazing at the end.😍🔥