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  • Are his actions not reportable for animal abuse?

  • I would feel terrified if my name was Louis after watching this guy.

  • classic british cooking!

  • What do you mean his slapping the adams apple you got me there HAHAHAHAHA

  • We're all bamboozled. Like if your inner iq woken during the end of the video.

  • Bruh

  • Charlie is like the jesus of the 20th century.

  • You would collab with scrubs

  • Senior in highschool: nobody cares how many followers you have lmao the only ones that do are the overdramatic stereotypical ghetto bitches

  • I think that mop is smarter than me...

  • This video is cursed. I was halfway through when I noticed a cockroach chilling on my ceiling.

  • Whitney Wisconsin grew.... by being a dog fucker....

  • i dont know if you know this, but the guy that called the police was sentenced to 20 years, and the guy who called him to make the false call was sentenced the 15 months

  • You are a funny dude

  • I watched this in the bus and had to tilt my phone so that nobody can see what im watching

  • Every time he says weebshit it reminds me of that video he made where he dubbed his voice over that one anime. Found it :

  • I don't have hatred for this dude, just pity. He needs to delete his channel and get therapy.

  • u know what i thought condoms were before , like u know those condom challenges bakc in the day ye i thought that was the only use

  • I struggled to see this all the way through, Charlie, not gonna lie

  • Anyone else remember Stanley parable? You should play it Charlie!

  • But....those are separatable chairs

  • Us in the UK love our plates of dog shit, although, mom doesn't like it when I call it that.

  • “ the slap that can overthrow an empire “ Can he overthrow every communist country ?

  • 0:32 yeah that happens. No one gets swirlies tho, just tell you don't matter and you should give up on life

  • This could be used as evidence for animal abuse

  • Yeah no TikTok is for nerds but there is a side to it of comedy, you have to dig deep, and find them though. Usually in the ‘ironic’ tag

  • It is said that Peter Francisco can 1v1 Silverback Gorilla Easily

  • Cheesus christ

  • They never knew that you can just sit on the chair designed for women. No one's going to stop you to sit on it because comfortable chairs are for everybody no matter the gender and the race.

  • Please change your dumbass profile picture

  • This content is very good

  • As a Britain man I am disgusted.

  • Nah, tiktok is worse than reddit. I laughed at like one thing from reddit when I was 11. Not for tiktok though

  • You think you are the only powerful man to eat onions? Ha! So can I sir, so can I

  • Its so weird like her recipes are bad but they shouldnt be THAT bad like everything she touches honestly looks like ass

  • 3:56- Chris Farleys reaction to the columbian coffee Crystal's.

  • I hope you realize people low key just want to see the video without you in it, your existence and presence is insignificant.

  • Kill this man

  • Can't believe this degenerate is staining my surname.

  • Doodle bob 🤣

  • 0:30 *Sweet home Alabama*

  • Poor woman is sick and old and now a bunch of retards going to go to her Chanel leave hate comments n troll 🙄 not Charlie's fault but please don't go talk shitbto the old lady

  • Did you mukbang on your fucking camera or something?

  • He looks like Jared Leto's joker got divided into three parts and he's the shitty part

  • The "pasta" looks like an image from a gore site like Documenting Reality.

  • Buckets can hold two tears, too. Carry them, even.

  • Moist meter: battlefield V plss

  • But secretly, the lady was female weak palpatin from starwars

  • I never felt more uncomfortable in my life

  • The loading screen should be "you are an idiot hahahaha" on repeat

  • tf is wrong with your camera?

  • He looks a bit like jacksfilms

  • I wouldn't go against him... But i can deliver more force than what they did... They don't use body force...

  • This guys narrating is so fucken annoying

  • Charlie please do a video on Bart Baker. He lost whatever clout he had here in the ol U.S. of A. Now he lives in China and gets paid to shill propaganda in the form of songs about how much he loves China.

  • how to hide corpse

  • And of course it’s some soyboy... that was pretty disgusting

  • The saying “ any publicity is good publicity” came from the press because anything the press could find to report on was good enough if it pulled in views

  • Dude if they let you commentate on this live I would totally PPV stream it to my tv

  • I love your hair so much pocket Jesus

  • Charlie what the fuck did you just show me

  • Snorting straws... Is he making fun of turtles?!

  • Twitch streamer man realizes he eats in shit places.

  • Why the fuck does he snort the drink. Like geez. Then he continues by DRINKING the drink instead of snorting it. Damn.

  • maybe we should loosen up our assault charges cause someone needs to deck this guy in the face

  • The grandpa of the baby can easily be younger than the fsther of the baby. Wtfuck

  • What the hell, was he just getting home from subway at 2 am? Too bad he ain't black or gay otherwise he would have been on national TV...

  • That is some good looking firewood

  • He should be a pornstar fan arts critiques

  • Remember Kero the Wolf... Yea


  • 1:43 close your eyes What do you think it sounds like? you already know :|

  • I'm going to be sick

  • There are worse things

  • Onions are ez

  • Why i got it on main wall.. Deamn

  • 5:20 hit a little close to home famolam

  • Me Nd my boyfriend are 17 years apart’s the sex 😭😂😂😂🤣jk I love him 😫😍

  • As the draws to a close we realise 2019 was the year of abusing pets

  • A Nassim and his son walk through town with their donkey in tow. The people of town laugh out loud saying "look Nassim and his son don't know the purpose of a donkey!" So the next day when Nassim and his son walk through town with donkey his son is now riding the donkey. The people of town exclaim: "look! Nassim's son has no appreciation and respect for his father!" So the next day Nassim is riding the donkey through town and his son is walking along. The people of town exclaim: "Look! Nassim thinks he's a big shot riding the donkey!" So the next day Nassim and his son walk through town carrying the donkey.... ... ... Just replace "The people of town" with "penguinz0". I don't know if penguinz0 is having pussy falling out of his pockets (Eddie Murphy; Delerious - " ... Too much pussy; pussy be falling out of my pockets and shit; walking down the street I'd be 'watch your step, excuse me, that's mine'"). But these folks are sure givin' some lovin' to that pussy :) @4:55 "The best part for me, it's the sex" - penguinz0 - "why do they always say that?" - Because when folks follow their hearts instead of listening to what others "think" then the sex is usually good. Is he/she of the age you approve of? Is he/she of the race you approve of? Is he/she of the sexual orientation you approve of? Is he/she in my league according to you? Do deserve him/her according to you? Is he/she ... Am I ... [insert an infinite amount of ways others criticize out of jealousy that has already grown into a full-blown inferiority complex, while in complete self-denial... "I would never do this, see I judge and look down upon them]. @5:05 (can't hear it clearly cause penguinz0 is babbling) "We do it - Middle of the night, afternoon, before dinner, after dinner"... penguinz0 is trying to make himself feel better by suggesting some BS about colonoscopy and other retarded shit "... on the balcony, on the floor wherever..." ...penguinz0 is still talking about catheters and shit.... ... ...

  • Imagine those bodyguards throwing hands.

  • Wtf happened to your bitrate

  • Millions of good people die annually, but this sick fuck is still on this Earth

  • This man should get killed i have never been more disgusted

  • Fucking homosexual

  • I know it's horribly bad on my part, but I really wanna just hunt these people down and wack them with a red hot stove poker. Or maybe shove the same poker so far down their throat that their ass feels like they ate two million bags of hot cheetos.

  • "You don't grow for having a reputation as a dog fucker" That dog fucker leafy made a video on : excuse me

  • I'm a better cook then a 47-year-old like GET A COOKBOOK your eating raw meat And is she the person in the vine that set water on fire

  • ricky rubio?

  • Damn i want to join the contest

  • I love how this guy has been around for a while but creators are so devoid of creativity they all talk about him at the same time. How many times are we going to hear from different CS-tvrs "Oh wow this guy is shitty and makes out with his dog. Cringe." This week?

  • Hilarious!!


  • I used the sexism to destroy the sexism...

  • Death sentence

  • Plot twist: the tortilla wraps are paid actors.

  • Gross


  • Yeah disliking every video is pointless, but how about reporting for animal abuse? I think that's a good idea.

  • y did i just find that you made this, omg even the 420 remix lol