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  • lol is that thebackyardscientist?

  • This....this is beautiful.

  • what every man is afraid to talk about

  • What was the name of the second game?

  • i just kept skipping through every moment of him on the screen. I can't watch the disparity of him trying so hard

  • why is there a black screen in the last minute?

  • Charlie should make a series where he plays 360 classic games

  • 100% runs be like. This is wild

  • Didn't handle it in the best way, but seriously. try performing to a live audience with heavy cans tossed at you after traveling and being on the road for hours and performing the same shit over and over and still sounding happy while singing all star

  • It's not that bad IMO. Jeff is the reason William Shatner got to go to space in the first place. And he didn't really interrupt him, just spent a few seconds celebrating with the other people who made it possible.

  • now i can safely say that i've made characters better than this

  • When I first saw this title, I thought it was an actual real-life incident that occurred.

  • I checked out his response video *Got an ad for food* "You don't win crowds with salads" hhahahaha oh fuck

  • Player 4 literally payed $20 just to get swept

  • I think most of the pacing and reveal issues come from it supposedly being written as a movie, then taking this long to even happen, so I doubt the change to netflix helped, nor the worry of even HAVING a second season.

  • If he keeps on eating he’ll be on my 600 pound life, people need to stop encouraging him to eat so much food

  • Is looking around like DJ Khaled during the EVO awards

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This was so cringe it hurt me to watch

  • Rex has to much power 😂

  • Well that's because the city council members are trying to figure out who let the town nut in to the meeting

  • JimWool is a tank.

  • There’s a certain level of humor from watching older people not understand new trends, but snow has commodified that to the point of killing it. Thanks I hate it

  • 😭😭

  • holy shit kenneth Copeland legit looks like devil, the way he froze at 4:09 was scary

  • murbles is just shitty petang

  • I wanted the dude with the mask to lose

  • I feel so bad. To have that once in a lifetime experience is really emotional, I know I would cry of pure happiness if I went to space for the first time. Then you have Jeff Bezos who needs to act like a high school douche ruin it all.

  • I fuckin CREASED.

  • i don't know what's going on but this is fuckin impressive

  • squid game (real)

  • I think we all knew Charlie wasn't the main character as soon as we saw that handsome, 8ft tall adonis of a man Jim Wool

  • That was so much fun! Best collection! I will save this video so I can come back and admire the cards whenever I feel the cravings.

  • finally, someone who agrees

  • How is five guys not on here they practically give you a free blowjob with every order of fries and there’s no need to order a large fry because they actually fill the bag with fries along with the full container of fries

  • The happiness this man felt when he saw Jimin's nipples is something else

  • Actually, r/politicalhumor is

  • Fanchen now has more views rip

  • Missed an opportunity to call your group "the moist men"

  • Agree 100

  • no ghost rare dark magician girl? plebian.

  • How about you send some of those duplicate cards my way

  • Anyone has the timestamps where jim wool in is?

  • why didn't they hire these guys to make CATs the movie.

  • I believe Nick's response to you is a true exhibit of his persecution complex.

  • Charlie does an incredible job critiquing. A true talent

  • Better watch out for Kaiba lol

  • Saying it's gross but eating like the whole thing lol. relatable about the McRib tbh

  • That “oo” sound effect makes this so intense

  • This trend is starting to leak into my school. I hate Freshmen

  • this guys forehead said “:”

  • Charlie and Tiana together is the most wholesome thing i've seen in a while

  • Mike!!

  • I kinda… I kinda wanna play the game now

  • Sue origin would fit into this

  • Just to let you guys know this actually can happen and if possible to happen

  • Man's should talk about and maybe make a video about magic the gathering I had no idea he was interested in the game

  • You're like those guys that do Madden ultimate team and pay $1000s to get good shit and flaunt like it's cool except you don't do it ina video which I guess is cooler since you could actually make money off of it but still you had to pay so much money to get these not really impressive if you've got the money anyone can do this

  • whats up everybody its critikal, today im playing pepsi man for the playstation 1. lets do this shit

  • What is annoying is when the opposite gender starts going off on what it is like to be the opposite gender and all the troubles they go through. 🤦‍♀️

  • Did the wildfire people face any consequences?

  • he could totally be a family guy character 💀

  • Masks are worn way to comfortably nowadays

  • That was one of the most passive aggressive opening to a CS-tv video....I fucking loved it

  • 8:26

  • Why and how did god left that "cough on me guy" still alive..

  • who’s hyped for skate 4 ?

  • "ive done it but at what cost" little kids christmas

  • I thought he was going to say he was addicted to pussy, but I guess that's a normal addiction and it's a forever addiction

  • Charlie could beat irl squidgame without breaking a sweat.

  • He looked absolutely disturbed. It's sad

  • The confederate flag in that womans background really shows how down south this shit is lmao.

  • Now time to get double s

  • Oh boy😂

  • He's like the people from Wall-E now lol

  • man this guy disgusts me :/

  • yo she has too have the updated milano class