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I post short magical videos!! I hope I added a little more magic to your day!
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  • No one can slice a watermelon that easily.

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  • For those who paid more attention, you might have noticed the shadow

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  • If you look in the mirror when he’s taking the watermelon to the cutting board, it’s not in his hands

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  • Zen

  • This zach king make second edit to it This really second to made it I don't think really made so good Not a magical 👀 A ..really screenshot of this.. Zach king she made screenshot on this! Control second a this? Is maybe second minutes ago Like that? Maybe? How fan zach king say; How do u like that? That impossible!💀💀 When me: that not impossible dude💀💀 Fan zach king: bro that impossible man. Me: that made minutes second f### Fan zach king: NO DUDE UR LIAR💀💀 She never impossible dude Is really not impossible is easy💀 I not liar guys, is really easy Zach king: yeah is really easy dude something wrong with it Me: BRO WHAT? DUDE....U MOTHER F###@$&+)(_") fan zach king: IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE edit mama I famous: LIKE OMGA 3.6M?? LIKE ZACH KING?? WOW THAT FASHION BOY? I'M JUST NOT COOL FASHION 😒

  • Quiero un cuchillo así de afilado 😂

  • After he picks up the water melon the mirror of the water melon is gone 😂

  • "For Me l really like corn" Me: What do like about corn? "IT'S POPCORN"

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  • This one was disappointing, the editing was a bit rough but still cool

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