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  • Instead of "Murphy's Law", it should be changed to "Woody's Law"... If it can go wrong, it will

  • This take is absurd 😂

  • Hate to break the news to you Jason but Joey didn’t know what your father was talking about, who you were, what SNL stood for or even where the F he was.guaranteed he forgot the conversation 2 seconds after it happened

  • Bring in a black qb and watch the wins stack up. Cam Newton or Colin Kap to the rescue.

  • Joe Namath what the single most overrated QB of all time who won a rigged ring?

  • In the words of Jason Kelce, if you don't like it, then learn to stop it. It is not impossible.

  • Not a great way for a new, highly paid, recently injured player to ingratiate himself to the city.

  • The niners miss you heim. Dam y we got rid of him. He's better than cmc.idk

  • Why are we interviewing former cast members of “The Real World”?

  • Rich, we're going to call it the "Brotherly Shove" from now on.

  • Snoops my N... Snoops my MAN! 😂

  • Love the shaht aht to Ty Schmidt

  • Quit or not, they didn't have any answers on D.

  • We should have went for the ALL TIME RECORD!!!

  • I think the punter should play QB. Also, what is Aaron supposed to say? Everything he said was basic leadership. Hes not saying everything is rainbows and butterflies and that everything will be ok. Hes saying that this is a really bad situation and the media is making it worse. Which is true. As a Bills fan, im enjoying watching the downward spiral.

  • Where is AA Ron

  • F it what’s Sanchez up to these days. Throw him out there

  • Yeah, the Jets did everything right - except put an elite O-line in front of Rodgers....

  • Let's castigate innovation and rugged manpower. Stick to ballet😂

  • This is an L take. If it was so unfair why isn’t every football team doing it. If they don’t want to risk there started put your back up in. This play is fine and it’s football get over it

  • I really enjoy Rich and his content but I can't agree with this take. The Eagles innovated, how its up to opponents to stop it.

  • Best rant ever!

  • Bet if the kid had an average ol he'd be doing better. How the o-line is getting a pass is crazy. They are the reason arron is out and a big part of why Zach is straggling.. the kid is probably an average starter but this ain't on Zach. The jets don't deserve good things lol. They are like the spoiled brats of the league

  • Please Please stop with the Jets, enough already. 32 teams in NFL!

  • Cardinals are on the up . Looks like Rams heading for disaster...Niners Top dawg . Seahawks wait and see

  • It may not be well received, but Rodgers is right. It isn’t helpful to tell your only option at QB that he’s garbage. Especially when his biggest issue is obviously a self-esteem/confidence barrier. Maybe the Jets don’t win because they are self destructive

  • Bryce Young with his 10th touchdown being thrown through the air..... 🤣🤣

  • Joe Namath proved himself enough to walk in with that fur coat. Zach Wilson has not.

  • A reminder, American football has it's roots in Rugby!

  • Shannarat and brock purdy looking good now lets see if pretty makes it till playoff time w/o being hurt. Hard to call him purdy sounds like a hick saying pretty. I know its his name but....

  • Eagles fan. I’m happy they won. It wasn’t clean, but they still won. If they do tighten up, they’ll be scary. Not to mention, D’Andrew Swift, my god the guy can book it.

  • I think this organizations fans need to take a step back. Every year, every new QB, every early pick, it’s the same story. How many QBs can you blame before you understand that it’s not the QB. Look under the hood, fellas!

  • Everyon slow way down with jordan love. Im not convinced he wont be crying by november. Got lucky derrick carr got hurt should be 1-2. We will see if he is any good

  • Remind me to lose some weight!!! Good luck to this machine guy

  • Dude was based.

  • RIP Brooks, really enjoyed this

  • Everybody quit your whining…enjoy the game

  • Michael Kay is an idiot. Most jets fans alive today understand just how overrated Namath is, he does not have stroke to say whatever he wants. It was great he finally went away and stopped giving his bad takes for awhile but now he is back showing again what an ignorant bum he is. As a life long jets fan, 40+ years I can promise you joe is only beloved by fossils like Kay, otherwise we know he’s a bum with a career losing record and more picks than tds and should really just shut his dinosaur mouth and let the adults run the team

  • We need a manger with experience Boone never had experience we need a veteran old school manager not Giardi more like Willi Randolph why can’t he get a shot

  • I need a dude in the dolphins side line holding a sign “We Want Salty Tua”

  • Just because a guy is good in practice and has an arm does not make him a nfl qb the timing touch and quick descions making and accuracy. Drew breeze had it year one, brady year one, Brock purdy year one, or they get up to speed very quickly. Most can’t make it no shame

  • Namath had more interceptions than touchdowns. We’ve had a ton of joe caliber players 🤣

  • They haven't been themselves and they are still 3-0

  • just cause 1 team does it successfully and the others try but can't seems people need to get better

  • "it's not just 3's after 54 years..." 😂

  • 🐬🌴🔥

  • "You shouldn't have anybody pushing anybody." Rich, it's football. Football isn't pretty, it's tough and physical. The eagles sneak is one of the purest plays in football.

  • I'm with Rich on this one. It's the most boring and annoying play in all of Football.

  • Wagons east! Worst john candy movie ever unfortunately it was his last. This might be how sean payton finishes up w/o drew breeze has he won anything after Breeze? Im sorry im not blaming everything on denvers defensive coordinator. Im tired of tomlin getting none of the blame year in year out for the offense underachieving he had big ben for christs sake and badly underachieved there for years