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  • No non Kenyan has won and there not about to

  • In some areas, masks are not required when eating dinner. The attendants would have been wise to put them back on after eating, but plenty of people forget to put them back on while interacting at dinner after finishing meals. I can see how the participants let that slip, but they must remember to replace masks immediately when not eating.

  • PFT is officially a joke

  • Were going to be in last place anyways let's re enact the handoff so we get it next right time "Showing why their race unfolded." Definitely not the time for training lol

  • this is idiotic that it is even a problem........ they were basically at a restaurant because they were served food and it is just stupid this is even an issue. lol

  • One thing is certain. Chiefs #1!!

  • Character.

  • NO TESTOSTERONE >>> she could not hook up a supply in France so, no nada

  • Nice try, Arizona 😭

  • Not a fan of Dak (and hate the Cowboys), but I like how he takes responsibility for his own shortcomings.

  • Nick Foles looks like he’s 16 years old

  • Even if they win the superbowl Dak wont get the credit... jerry is gonna come out an say it was a total team effort..

  • I’d definitely give Green Bay the edge over the Seahawks because I have more faith in their defense

  • Get rid of Florio & others. Anti Americans making money in our country as the horrible athletes.Supporting violence & disrespecting the USA. Hope they all go to Canada or Europe 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • nfl did not respond to u cuz your show is a joke haha

  • The points the Dolphins & jets scored were garbage time points at the end of the game. The Rams have a great offense. OurDefense is still solid.

  • So trump shouldnt have events? Oh now its a problem

  • Bills, "Superstar Offense" - dreams can come true

  • Florio couldn't wait for this to happen.. tool

  • I feel like the Karen on the left is very happy that it was Derek Carr

    • This is a perfect example of good vs evil right here.. These 👬 guys attacking DC a Christian during a fundraiser!🤯

  • No love for akeem Hicks

  • Fool in black needs to get off patriots nuts! Nobody roots for the raiders if your not a fan.

  • I love it when people say I don't know the facts but you know what I'm going to say your bad anyways 😂

  • Are we surprised ? Ken Norton is the worst DC in the league. He was terrible last year and nobody knows why he kept his job

  • It's sad but this whole CV19 thing has gotten political. It's a real thing and people older like me it's not good at all but the death rate has gone so far down because we understand it more now. Yes we need to be safe but I don't think it's as bad as they thought it could have been. It's just into the hand of the politicians and government and when that happens it becomes a game to the Dems and Reps at the cost of the American people. Just IMHO

  • All sport commentators and media are cowboys haters their are other teams worst why not talk about them and not just cowboys

  • Karen Florio only singled out Carr because he's white. He doesn't have the guts to name and criticize the black players who did the same thing.

  • Why is he having a charity event during a pandemic? Excellent question. Why were there mass protests in the streets during a pandemic? Another excellent question that you never addressed.

    • And those maga rallies too

  • The Bills D dealt with some notable injuries the last couple weeks. They still did very well against the Rams in the first half and helped set up the 28-3 lead. They’ll improve.

  • “When you believe the other team has a super star offense you have to keep them off the field” Bills Mafia, am I dreaming?! 🔥

  • I thought you guys are supposed to talk about football now you look like idiots hating on charity.

  • Is this not a charity event? I say good for the Raiders, no reason to live scared. Sets a great example...

  • Oh stop being hyperbolic...it was a charity event. Mike constantly hating on this team and DC.

  • If...DK had just finished the play it would not have been close at the end of the game. If Flowers had held on to the interception it would have not been close at the end of the game. If, if, if...

  • Yo Chris, get me some of them tops you're wearing, pretty fly, look comfy. Hook a brother up, we look like the same size.

  • 2016: Peyton Manning gets accused of pulling his junk out in front of a female trainer in 1997 while in college. *Florio - Peyton Manning is a National Treasure 2020: Derek Carr throws a football at a charity event. *Florio - Derek Carr is a bad guy and the Raiders have packed it in for the season being at 2-1 with an easy back 10 game schedule.

  • Seattle has these next 2 weeks too figure out this defense Dolphins will be an experiment game vikings will be a determination game after that it's all or nothing either the defense will find their groove or continue to suck. The run defense is top 2 right now holding like an average of 3.0 yds per carry

  • Antonio did anything he wanted on the left wing

  • Karen’s

  • You can risk your health to play a football game but you can't for a charity is the stupidest thing I have ever hard.

  • ... nilsen looks like flojo...

  • Patriots as 3?!? That’s more of a joke then the debate lol

    • Patriots fan here 👋 I agree. They’re actually underrating the Bucs, and overrating the Patriots. Shocker.

  • She's a steroid cheat and she should be banned and all her trophies she stole should be repossessed.

  • Florio so happy he finally got the chance to talk down on Derek for blocking him bruh shut up florio

  • Florio so happy he finally got the chance to talk down on Derek for blocking him bruh shut up florio

  • Mike YOU ARE A DUMBASS SIR!! I see a major lack of IQ in the two people talking.

  • You guys are crying bitches. Wear your mask sheep

  • Raiders lose 1 game They're throwing the season

  • How do they know people weren't tested before this event?

  • Bills were in nickel defense the entire game.. Taron Johnson too small. probably a bad call on their part, who knows

  • Steelers should be ahead of Titans, Packers should be ahead of Patriots, Bills still have more to prove, and Bucs come on man really.

  • Capi’s Top 5 for week 3 1. Chiefs 2. Ravens 3.Packers 4.Seahawks 5. Bills Just for the First 3 weeks!!

  • Seahawks should be at 3 I’m not impressed with their defense and the packers could probably beat them

    • Exactly. Let them play a team with a defense. The offense gets stopped a few time and their defense won’t stop the other team.

  • Spent 40 years backing this team and got nothing to show for it.. spent money to go to the games and buy jerseys and still they could not win.. But happy to move on.. my decision thankfully.. now I get to start over.. Jets will most likely go 1-15 or 0-16 in 2020.. next year and the year after that will be the same.. been there done that!!!

  • He didn’t waste his talent at Madrid , if anything that made his career more of a success. “Should’ve stayed at the Prem” but answer me this.. why didn’t he ? HE WANTED TO WIN TROPHIES 😂

  • Why should coaches wear masks? Idk, maybe to make it seem like there’s still an ongoing pandemic going on and the season could end prematurely. This is what happens when you act like this China virus is fake and will go away.

  • tyler lockett :D

  • I hate when they say what you shoulda done in tha heat of tha moment after tha moment has passed. Hindsight

  • As a long-time Jets fan, I'd love Rex under JD.

  • now THAT is badass

  • They had all of their tight ends there, a corner, a couple of wide receivers, the QB and the backup QB. Plus Mariota is hurt but there is DeShone Kizer on the pratice squad. Florio is still hurt and in pain over being blocked on Twitter by Derek Carr and proves it every chance he gets. It's not part of this story or discussion so why bring it up. Clearly Chris Simms is biased with his favorites in the league because he flipped out when Florio mentions Jon Gruden reeling his players in and not allowing them to go outside.

  • Unfortunately the next game after this video Joe got sacked 8 times. Man they need O line help NOW.

  • seattle's passing defense is the only issue here. buffalo defense will come around. only an idiot would compare buffalo's d to seattle's. seattle's legion of boom is over.

  • My Cardinals don't get any respect in the power rankings. Despite the close loss to the Lions, they should be cracking the top 16.

  • The GOAT! Wish her a speedy recovery. She’ll be back :)

  • Florio will always be happy to hear anything negative about the Raiders. Such a hater. He a B***H haha he sounds so salty he is the biggest Raider I have ever seen. Is it cause he could never make it at any level of the NFL ? hahaha sit down florio

  • Normal special team's play and it's 38-13, which is closer to how the game looked than 34-20

  • Manchaster City has been hit with stagnation. This is Classic Peps teams. He ran those guy into the ground, now they have nothing left. Next Pep decides to leave after another poor season finish. The players started to over complicate the game, just like Pep over thninks everything.

  • The players are tested every day jfc you tattle tells

    • Yea players are tested but all those people that were there aren't tested everyday

  • Really, JJ said that Dak ain't Patrick Mahomes! Well, no one else is either!

  • Good good

  • You're analysis is not taking into account what #3 and Shotty are doing. They are spreading it around successfully and nailing explosive plays on the random, winning with big plays which you never know when they are coming, like a cobra's strike. In the meantime, it's ying yang, balance, they score we score & pull ahead at the end, expending just enough energy & effort to win, maximizing health, minimizing revealing cards to opposing vultures. It's ALL and ALWAYS ONLY about W's & L's when you're playing and winning this way.

  • 6:55

  • They want to have fun come on it's the raiders

  • Nick Chubb

  • Sergio Ramos and David Luig will foul the living daylight out of someone and tell them to stop diving

  • Pats defintely have struggled vs Mobile QBs. Watson, Lamar and Cam all come to mind immediately

  • Bills 3 or 4....4 is good...

  • I don’t think Nee England should be on top five

  • Vardy keeps showin' out. People need to start respecting this man's game.