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Where products get naked.
Here you will find a variety of videos showcasing the coolest products on the planet. From the newest smartphone to surprising gadgets and technology you never knew existed. It's all here on Unbox Therapy.
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The Levitating Sneaker
The Levitating SneakerPřed 2 měsíci
My New Cheese Grater
My New Cheese GraterPřed 3 měsíci
iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing
iPhone 11 Clone UnboxingPřed 7 měsíci


  • i know i can almost fold all my fingers the other way. folding humans

  • Ngaf about you boiii😎

  • This man has pewdiepies number of subs but with iPhone 11s

  • “They offered me 1000 dollars not to open this” I’m pretty sure that’s called a price

  • Mé regalas uno

  • I honestly like the design of the Galaxy Fold better

  • Watched

  • I look like the first iPhone and the 11 phone 11 pro put together

  • Imagine if it just popped

  • Completely rigged, buy 10 then I'll beleive

  • The fact that he is eating this isn’t stressing me out, the fact that he did dip it in lemon is pissing me off.

  • I just found a security flaw with this phone.. I can bypass lock screen passcode and fingerprint easily, in fact too easily, with no tools... Contacted Huawei, bitches better pay me or the world gets to see how

  • Yeah the crease is definitely there. But I could get used to it. I'd like to see this one being used in MOBA games. Would the fold actually affect the game's graphics and all.

  • I switched from my s9+ to the 11 pro max and I love it, before my s9 I had an iPhone 6, I kinda always switch back and forth. I think it honestly doesn’t matter, a phone is a phone and it’s all up to what someone wants

  • I'm still using a galaxy S4 mini

  • This guy has no common sense. I think so. Just watch closely on the thumbnail and u will know why. He is holding the phone upside down.😂😂😃

  • You forgot pro buds

  • Mark my word next year the whole top section will be cameras, now that would look sick.

  • Man... Wish I could ever afford to get a monitor like that. 😓

  • My god whats next - a phone with the entire back covered in camera lenses and sensors smh 💀

  • Could you do a review on the Lenovo yoga A940

  • *all thanks to gregcyber111_ on insta for unlocking my macbook*

  • *My macbook got unlock through gregcyber111_ on !nstagram that guy is a pro hacker am so happy😊😊*

  • Now you are considered rich if you have a flip phone

  • *My macbook got unlock through gregcyber111_ on !nstagram that guy is a pro hacker am so happy😊😊*

  • What is this? A phone for ants??!!

  • Imagine helping one guy who doesnt has a bad income instead of people that actually need help

  • 1400 for a camera 🤨

  • When will Samsung stop copying lmao

  • Only video of his I disliked, shame.

    • ordering and then calling american express amex platinum after getting a pair of underwear for money back lul

  • The shutter sounds like a firearm

  • Ha when its 2020 and people make fun of your small pixels

  • They forgot x-rays exist

  • Vatican wather nah...sorry is ok... 🥶

    • 1,000 for a box... lmao come on and wather..


  • If you buy a thousand dollars worth then wait it out..... then boom you are now 10,000 dollars richer

  • who's getting this recommended almost every 2 months.

  • Send me a link for where you found it

  • Eat your cereal

  • Not glass

  • Me:I would like the iphone 11 pro please Apple:that will be 3000 plus tax Me:What why this price APPLE:SCREEN AND BATTERY SOLD SEPARATELY

  • My question: why would you run the 100m in Air Maxes?

  • Japanese people:how cutee Meanwhile somewhere in japan:hmm this puppy taste DELICIOUS 🤦‍♂️

  • literally thought that was drake for a sec lmao

  • Will: shrugs Anthropologists: Ladies and gentlemen here we are witnessing history

  • Mizzy bealinda

  • So what happens if your wallet if stolen? and has no WIFI how can you find it/get the images?

  • "I kinda juss thought it was a nothing thing"😂

  • So like... what if I bought 10.... and sat on them for 100 days... you think they would pay up?

  • Or y'know, you could strap two water beds to your feet.

  • Didn't we see all this on the Palm Pre back in 2009? :D

  • I just wanna know how is it surprising that its heat coming off flames

  • I miss proper unbox therapy 😔

  • U just brought back so many memories of the movie air bud

  • When TVs start getting packaged in tubes so I can roll them and put them on my wall then I will be impressed

  • It’s crazy people go crazy for shirt in a phone that’s wild

  • I miss these types of unboxings

  • @9:40, his answer is EXACTLY how I feel. Currently holding a Pixel 2XL, and I want the ultra for the features but what's holding me back is the size. I do the like the small form factor. Its a tough decision, I don't know if I'm going to like it.

  • Nike really having a collaboration with the bible

  • What about the double-tap feature? Does it still work?

  • P A P E R C L I P

  • Ugh idk about y’all but you could make bank off this Step one: spend 2 grand buying boxes (20 boxes) Step two: wait 100 days Step 3: return and make a profit of 18k and repeat

  • CS-tv offers you more to open them for your audience.

  • Watching on Android doesn't have home button 🤣🤣🤣

  • The life of a shill. 40 years ago this guy would have been in a Mad Men office, selling cigarettes and laundry detergent.

  • Anyone who has a friend working at the Port Authority or at a Radiology clinic will have access to an x-ray scanner to take a look at what's in the box without breaking the seal..

  • You got my attention at 16g ram.

    • Soon the world will have to decide whether to buy a car or a phone 🤣

  • But hold on! What are you supposed to tell the people at the post office when they ask "So, whats in the box?" Something smells fish market.

  • 7:30 I own that phone and I use it not so often. And I would go 2 days and several hours without charge.

  • Nooo bro delete it. You'll have to make an apology video later.

  • Hey I checked out the wifi and i was wondering is there a monthly bill?

  • With the amount of phones he has, will we ever know which one he actually uses?

  • If you turn on captions and go to minute 1:54 it says kkk😂😂😂😂

  • They are from Apple, nobody can fix this :C

  • Dude , you talk more than actually showing snd reviewing the actual device

  • I was really hoping Samsung would do away with the hole punch this time around. Guess my next phone is still a Note 9.

  • Comment if you are Samsung user😍

  • stick with note 9 or s9 plus & save your money & give the money you save to your mum

  • Buy 100 of these boxes and you'll have $100,000 in 100 days. Sounds good to me

  • Does it make sense how fast your phone is charged,when you can't use it more than 8 hours..? Btw.maybe that why they did it 🤪

  • Unbox Therapy

  • This is a variation of the famous Ponzi scheme (Pyramidal scheme), but I'm sure it's legal considering they're based in the US...

  • No shit! this is good...

  • For the people saying "X-Rays" - they could EASILY include some X-Ray sensitive film inside hidden somewhere in the cardboard and they will be able TO TELL if you did that!!!!!!!!

  • Walk on the table

  • this would be amazing with a DAW

  • The pen tech is not good for artists, unfortunately. If they make a new version with Wacom EMR pen tech, I'm SOLD 100%

  • I've always dreamed of having that drone 😔

  • Me: buys Beats Solos 3 Apple: Releases Beats Solo Pros

  • ordering and then calling american express amex platinum after getting a pair of underwear for money back lul

  • The Beast

  • just saw this at Office Depot and I didn't want to leave the store, damn it's there now just doing nothing. I miss it so

  • If this company is legit I'm gonna buy 10 boxes and get $10'000 in about 3 months.

  • Real quick doesn't mean the same as Really quick. You're saying the quickness is real :-/

  • If you made one tower, and not two, it shows your lack of priority to sound quality. Diamond boxes would smash these

  • I'll buy 10 of these, wait 100 days and pay off some bills.

  • This is a Drop CTRL keyboard which costs 200$. It uses the Drop X MiTo GMK Laser keycap set which costs around 200$ It has 16 artisan keycaps, that are beautifully handmade on the f row with 8 extra's. ... That's the keyboard. So artisan keycaps are handmade keycaps, that you will normally use on your f row. Because you don't use your f row very often, it's completely fine. Artisan keycaps are also very expensive keycaps, hence the expensive price. people normally either buy artisan keycaps as a nice looking escape key, but some people collect them too. edit: If you think that the Drop CTRL keyboard is still expensive then remember: -It has very good RGB shine-through and underglow -The PCB has hotswappable switch sockets, so you can change the switches if desired. -The keyboard's build quality is pretty good. -It has magnetic feet.

  • Not paying $1400 for a crease.

  • Shame the wired speeds weren't shown :/

  • These people MUST have done A LOT of social experiments before this - have done the math - and determined that ENOUGH people will open the boxes to the point where they will either break even or make a profit. THEY HAD TO. OR this is just one GIANT social experiment and they know they are going to lose money.