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Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.
We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.
Currently we make one animation video per month. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get notified when a new one comes out.

- We do the videos with After Effects and Illustrator.


Overpopulation & Africa
Overpopulation & AfricaPřed 7 měsíci
What if We Nuke a City?
What if We Nuke a City?Před 9 měsíci
The Egg - A Short Story
The Egg - A Short StoryPřed 10 měsíci
LonelinessPřed rokem
What Are You?
What Are You?Před 4 lety
What Is Something?
What Is Something?Před 4 lety
What Is Light?
What Is Light?Před 4 lety


  • This ugly thing killed satoru iwata

  • 4:28 I haven't heard any reports of people dying from Septicemia caused by Covid-19. Where are you getting that information?

  • Can we increase our intelligence ?

  • What I’m taking from this is a lot of glass + black hole + space travel = huge bomb or INFINITE ENERGY

  • The only life I got and wasting it because I have to do things that other want me to do... It's a crime to give birth to someone without their consent... I am Nihilist, Anti-Natalist, and Irreligious... and people want to make me the opposite of myself... I was free before birth but as soon as I got fertilised, got bound to religion, race, caste and other chains of life... Set me free from this "ever/never" ending cycle...

  • You are from which planet?

  • I love these videos, any chance you guys would make a video explaining psychedelics????

  • I'm high and ready to destroy ny existence through this video

  • So basically nothing would change in South Africa

  • I'm all for it, but my only issue is ZOMBIES!

  • Would like to see your World Map poster updated to include Tibet please.

  • Rich kids are probably hackers playing the unlimited money version smh

  • this video been made in 2014 and there is like everyone in 2020 watching this

  • is it me or am i watching a adult thing even when i am a child i think some adults have a lower intellect than me

  • Yo mama so fat, that she's immune to cancer.

  • This is a very fine , well researched and beautifully animated video. We really need such type of creators and support them.

  • Why nobody is talking about the badass background music

  • Genuinely one of the most interesting videos

  • 1:22 i though he was going to smack her lol

  • where sare the birds?!!!!

  • Well you explained Spirituality very well.

  • And this is why I fucking hate socialites who say "just learn to love being with yourself".

  • No one will enter the zone.. you are on your own if you were in there

  • It's sad but happy

  • Because of you I have trauma to the coin now I will just keep the tickets

  • There's another new virus it's the Hantavirus and guess where its coming from china.

  • Wait, it's all me Always has been

  • Good now show this video to that Robot Girl who found trump an idiot😂

  • Kurzegesagt: Three ways to destroy the Universe. 15M poeple: Imma watch this

  • Kurzgesagt, I’m writing this from Turkey. Could you also make these posters in other languages like Turkish, German or Spanish. Those posters would look great in our classrooms!

  • i cant sleep now

  • If people with covid exploded when they died then selfish idiots might actually pay attention.

  • Nice Gromit cameo.

  • Comment section in 2075: WhO's HeRe AfTeR wOrLd WaR ThReEeEe??¿?

  • Well, I now know nothing and everything and that everything is nothing It's the same as saying Yes is no, but no is yes, and no means no and yes means yes

  • *Angry Karen noises intensify*

  • I had a dream similar to this where the world was ending and I got sucked up into an alien spaceship to be saved and when I started panicking about the people still on earth they told me that they had put everyone’s souls into my body so nobody was left behind and technically I was everyone. They then said they were gonna reincarnate me until all the souls where back in the new world. It was really trippy.

  • Make video about pact with devil to become rich

  • The bridge is only 99.99% safe, instead let’s swim across the shark infested waters

  • Amazing how everything can appear from literally nothing.. Like imagine seeing a house appear out of nowhere. How?

  • Peto means dick in Spanish

  • Who is here before Corona wipes out?

  • Discovering aliens would be a really bad news because we all know what happen when an advanced civilisation meet a less developed one with examples here on earth...

  • Despite what the self-help industry expounds and what the Prosperity Gospel preaches, life is not primarily about ego fulfillment. The universe isn’t set up to flow toward you, you egomaniacal spirituality freaks. How about deflating your egos? You can’t have everything you want. Meditate on your egos.

  • 나 우유 조아하는데

  • The "strong drug" arguement is bullshit tho cuz strength increasing in modern times is a good thing cuz u need to ingest less for desired effects...

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    • I thank Mr Larry a lot, he has raised the bar pretty high for traders around the world with his strategies, making 97% winning he's no doubt the best thing that ever happened to the trading community as a whole.

  • So we are doomed basically

  • I laughed so hard at 1:28

  • 2020: write that down write that down!

  • Anyone interested in this topic, just watch the anime: Planetes. It depicts the life of one of the space scavengers that comb all the debris from orbit after a lone screw destroys a passenger shuttle. Not interested? Still watch it, it's that good.

  • Off lazy ass humans don’t wanna clean it uo use the Canada arm to clean it up or some shut

  • Oxygen kills you slowly

  • Make it Washington and it’s a deal!!

  • 2020 be noting this shit down

  • Love this channel

  • Can I exist in this game instead?

  • Intelligence went the way of the dodo over the last decade.

  • 오 내용 진짜 좋다. 나 자신을 괴롭히고 나 자신에게 친절을 베푸고.... 확 와닿네

  • “Cancer kills Cancer” There’s always a bigger fish

  • Entonces.... Los que tienen una vista deficiente, que actualicen la tarjeta de video :v

  • Kurzgesagt: We can make a video game, we just lack funding *Invest*

  • That was... beautiful.

  • Aww it's ok we'll find out next time

  • Porquê a legenda está em português????

  • 4:26 made me depressed when I thought about it. I have 0 people in my life that I can a close friend. I spent some time thinking about it, and I don't. I kinda feel most people just politely tolerate me until I go away honestly

  • i guess it seems that saying that legal drugs are as bad as illegal and so we should act is quite dangerous statement. i agree that treating people as a disease is a better approach, but this does not mean that it should be legalized. it depends much on the conditions of public health system of each country. also some cultures does not obligate responsibility. inho, where i live, people are irresponsible and it would cause all side effects. it may be some kind of prejudice, but many of my friends who got involved lost interest in school/university and caused other problems to their (healthy) families and so i guess im biased towards this subject

  • So nothing about artificial intelligence? Nothing about algorithms, pattern recognition, in general about processing those information that you gathered and stored? It feels like one of the weakest clips of this wonderful channel.

  • I remebered the whole thing. I dont even know how

  • India's flag is wrong at 4 min and 8 sec

  • God damn cancer racists

  • Staying at home is the absolute best foolproof way, but no mention of masks for when it's necessary to go out?

  • First Kurzgesagt video I disliked.

  • Oooooooooooo, dll rrrrr beeeee, pögiff, kwii Ee.

  • You basically went into creative mode.

  • Or a gay priest could speed up the Universe until it resets.

  • The remain question is: how we will avoid prices to skyrocket? We've seen a similar experience is taxes cut. For example, when reducing the rate of a certain product, from 20% to 10%. What usually happens is that the price of the product remains untouched and the company increases its profits by 10%.

  • CS-tv comment section is literally the worst comment section.

  • Lmao in class I called it a phagey 🤣

  • So: if killing people seems fun to you, do it, you anyways have no way to be certain they are in fact conscious... (Please don't do that)

  • why would an educational video claim such astounding and false claim, that money is not made by printers

  • For a lot of people it never begins in the first place apparently. Also self awareness is not something every human being simply develops. Most don't and never will.

  • Omg, recently I was on a restaurant and I heard a couple next to me saying that they WON’T VACCINATE their little baby because of the risk of side effects, unless it catches something super bad like lethal...

    • Vaccinate your kids people!!


  • I love your videos! Thank you for explaining so well!😻

  • Burn them all with fire

  • Tokepi

  • I am speechless about the the animation. Whoever does this, hats off!