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Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.
We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.
Currently we make one animation video per month. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get notified when a new one comes out.

- We do the videos with After Effects and Illustrator.


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What Are You?Před 3 lety
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What Is Something?Před 3 lety
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  • Not safe in 🇰🇷

  • Europe and USA, that's main reason of instability of middle east.

  • If this is true reincarnation would be real because when we die we go back to the start

  • What the fuck humans are retarded

  • Lol, the guy on the window taking a picture

  • Metro 2033 helmet.

  • Please please make a video on Loop Quantum Gravity, Abay Ashtekar and Carlo Rovelli made such a fantastic work on that theory !!! Moreover on contrary to string theory it can be demonstrate experimentally :D So please make one of your fantastic video on the most advanced and wonderfull Quantum Gravity theroy !!! A huge thank you beforehand !! ================================================================================================= S'il vous plaît je vous en prie faite une vidéo sur la Gravité Quantique à Boucles, , Abay Ashtekar et Carlo Rovelli ont fait un travail tellement fantastique sur cette théorie !!! De plus contrairement à la théorie des cordes elle peut être vérifiée expérimentalement :D Alors s'il vous plaît faites une de vos superbes vidéo sur la plus avancée et merveilleuse théorie de la gravité quantique !!! Un énorme merci d'avance !!

  • and us= birds

  • This would be a fun tycoon game

  • "Not answer when your friends call" No of my friends is calling me...

  • in conclusion: must educate people about proper sex ed and use of birth control.

  • Reading the comments on this video makes me so sad. It shows that Anti-Intellectualism has dominated science education. It's deeply disturbing. I see so many comments where people have proposed some fantasy weapon, or where their nationalistic impulses have overwhelmed their ability to think about... well, anything else. It's deeply discouraging.

  • "5.55" humans included

  • Yeaaaa... Explosions... Michael bays wet dream

  • next: what if a meteor hits a city (100 meter wide - 1000 meter wide - 10 km wide)

  • The calculation for the amount of computing power needed to simulate humanity makes assumptions that inflate the requirement. There's no reason why we would need to be simulated in real-time or even faster than real-time. We currently have simulations where each generation passes in seconds or minutes, and they're still enormously useful or at least entertaining to observe after the fact. It would still be a lot of computing power compared to what we possess right now but not quite as ridiculous. Several orders of magnitude less.

  • Big crunch of course because the everything works in cycle our life too.Our life will end in water at last

  • If we throw an elephant off a skyscraper, it will die.

  • Speaking of different sizes, do you have size 42?

  • *cat walks on keyboard*

  • Damn *_*

  • 听起来像庄子的学说

  • Fuck marijuana, pothead users can go to hell, i dont want to breathe your shit ffs

  • "Something new and unexplored" Humans: Let's nuke it

  • All the booms in the water

  • So thats why monsters die with just one stab

  • Thats fucked up

  • Isn't this story just a little too simple we're born we do nothing except to live then we die and we do it again in something magical future we end up being a god a good Tale to to tell small children how to be good to each other should not be on a scientific factbase Channel honestly can't decide thumbs up or thumbs down maybe I was expecting too much from this channel

  • Agane you should study Quran and Sunnah

  • My parents said I should be featured on this list ... the description fits me perfectly.

  • Kurzgesagt: we make science videos and promote STEM education Also kurzgesagt: WORLD PEACE IS NEAR JUST HUG IT OUT WITH TERRORISTS

  • You've started this video from the assumption that the universe created by itself. There's not enough evidence provided in this video for me to belive that everything started from nothing. If there would have been provided, then I would belive that. I appreciate your work though.

  • 13:53 김정은... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ한국이 여기에서도 Hahahahaha

    • What? China?? Hahahahahahahah

  • all my thoughts of what would happen if i die is shown in here and btw my name is Andy lel the name of the creater of this videi

  • But why simulating whole civilization? It could be possible that only me is in the simulation

  • We can still use bacteriophage to destroy superbugs

  • Hey kurzgesagt is there any problem if we collect and use them again or we can throw it into sun

  • And luckily our country doesn’t have Nukes

  • It's DUST!

  • Ummm, did not realize the Azerothian Old Gods were on Earth...

  • What if we detonated all nuclear bombs in the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

  • Wenn du nach dem Video eine Ameise über deinen Tisch laufen siehst Keine Schwäche zeigen

  • I hate you

  • Sounds Like an Anime

  • European Union has mainly helped Muslims to enter your countries. God bless Europe. Visas shouldn't have been common.

  • Just collect the shit and put it in a gun.

  • Let’s Never do this to anybody ever. And to Japan I am sorry

  • Ebola:HELL YEAH WE'RE ALMOST GONNA WIN Immune System:*Realizes he has a nuclear bomb awaiting* Immune System:TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING!!! Ebola:Oh Crap *Everyone dies* (This is referenced to MW or BO Franchises)

  • Noooooooooooooooo

  • So having sex is ... Masterbation ?

  • Legalize marijuana!

  • So cool

  • Don't just think Go Out and call your friend or anyone who is there make him/her your friend

  • I came here for A crisis I was not disappointed

  • That gives me creeps... we will finish dead probably

  • This is more in the 21st century and also most in the TEENAGE

  • Looks like good eating. Also good RTS.

  • Everyone: Rip universe... me: Did I see the Death Star?

  • See Hiroshima and Nagasaki ah! and also Fukushima

  • Ah yes forget the hundreds of thousands of dead brown ugly foreign people the most damage done is Americans in prisons ! Really Kurz ? I didnt expect you to be like other americans placing so little value on the lives of foreigners but hey, I should have expected it.

  • Al Capone proved that Prohibition serves only to make criminals rich For those of us with PTSD and other similar issues, Marijuana is often the only relief we can find

  • Thank you for making our society more aware of this problem in youre's way. Your films are always popular and intresting also in my school we are watching your films to practise our english in intresting way ( I'm from Poland). It makes me more hopefull for humanity when I see someone trying to tell people the truth about how they acting ,what they are doing and consequences of aur actions.

  • How do I place a question mark???

  • I’ve watched this about 5 times now. Every time I watch it I get deeply emotional, and I don’t entirely know why.. this piece of media has changed my perspective of life more than any religious text. Thank you

  • Prohibition makes it more likely that the people selling it to you are criminals.

  • If a video like this needed a whole team to make it, and the deep sea? How can people believe that the "simple evolution" created everthing that exists? We can see that have a brilliant mind behind all those amazing things!

  • This is awesome


  • The line about the world being closer to nuclear catastrophe is explored in depth in George Beebe's "The Russia Trap: How Our Shadow War with Russia Could Spiral Into Nuclear Catastrophe." WW3, he points out, won't be like WW2, but more like WW1, with a series of seemingly rational actions and responses escalating into world-shattering disaster.

  • It would go 🅱️🅾️🅾️Ⓜ️

  • Since when does science have anything to say about morality? It's the other way around, morality has something to say about science.

  • What if we found a cure for cancer could that help deal with the radiation

  • Gaaaaaaaaay

  • homeopathy is kinda like vacccines ? since it involves like a small amount of stuff in hope thats the body can fight against it ?

  • I recommend that you replant your opinion since the poor are the ones with more children and more than half of the countries are poorand I also remind you that the poorest countries have the most children per family, so everything could get worse the infant mortality rate is very low and the poor still have too many children

  • Nuclear weapons are a strategic need to keep peace, since there conception, they’ve essentially ended large wars like WW2 and WW1

  • nukes are still cool

  • start with Mecca and end with Islamabad

  • I'm alone but at the same time busy screaming at some random online game with some stranger

  • mfer i cried watching this

  • I just watched the film 'Threads' last night, which is supposed to be the most accurate depiction of radiation/this kind of catastrophe. Basically everything in this video happens in the film. If you've not seen it, you should.

  • Mercury:hey hey hey what are you doing? Kurzgesagt:Taking the planet!

  • The ant are like hitler and his nazis

  • this video make me cry ):

  • Pork meet is 'haram' you must dont eat . do you knew it eat have pork ok lets do an experiment get a coke and pour it on to pork steak and watch it eat goat cow etc. its better than eat pork Sory for bad english

  • Well I have studied for hours on end and I have come to the conclusion that vaccines cause some very serious effects! These include having a healthy human body, resistance to serious lethal diseases and maturing to average age! Please inform people of these effects!

  • I appreciate the technical accuracy you put into your nuke animations.

  • I feel like our doom is inevitabe

  • Banning nukes? Seriously? That's just a more expensive version of banning crime. We tried that and it works perfectly as we spend our days in our crimeless utopia. Wait, no the other thing...

  • its just ur claim that its not all about us , i dnt know why people think they are living in utopia , this world is a test and is not utopia , u can believe in whatever you want regarding nihilism and anything , but you wont find peace in all that temporary stuff. so i would advice everyone to stop fooling around , we are made with a purpose so we search purpose , life is not that meaningless and dead anyways , a person can never be happy as an optimistic nihilist , its impossible ..u can distract urself and lie to yurself but aint nothing changing the truth . people blame religions for everything , for their ignorance , when we all know how hapy our granny and grand daddy's were with religion , now we have just become machines with depression arising and suicide rates going up like crazy . mmodern human consider themselves more rational , but it is they who are rationally bankrupt , this is what hjappens when you leave the religion , you wander in the world hopeless.

  • Thank you , this really helps me I was depressed thinking about death but this got me out of my depression it makes me happier about life.

  • This makes a little more sense actually! I mean, why should ateists and other non-christian people count the years starting from the birth of Jesus Christ? 🤦‍♂️ We don't even know if the Bible is true at all, or if it's just a fantasy-book! xD And It also feels strange to celebrate Jesus birthday on Dec. 31, if he was actually born on Dec. 25? What..? 🤨 Or perhaps I just slept through all that nonsense in school and missed the point.. 😏 To be even more correct, we should rather count from the Big Bang, but removing the billions and the millions to make it shorter to write out :P But I'm not sure when we will be able to measure the exact date of the BB =/ So until then, the beginning of our era makes more sense as year 0, than the birth of that wine-making magician/possibly mythomaniac Jesus that eventually was sentenced to death for some reason... 😂 (DISCLAIMER: Everyone has the freedom to belive in any religion, and I respect everyones beliefs. I just don't believe in them. So please don't feel like I'm hating on Chrstians!)

  • When the productivity gets too high that not enough consumers will be purchasing things: *Communism: May I introduce myself.*

  • Your god, ha your just a man that is Jimmy Neutron that is smart brA

  • 0:27 There are tardis EVERYWHERE!!

  • Ukraine gave away all nuclear weapons in 1994 in exchange of guarantee of sovereignty (Budapest memorandum was signed by leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain and USA). 20 years later in 2014, part of Ukraine (Crimean peninsula) was occupied by Russia and war against separatists armed and supplied by Russia started in Eastern Ukraine. What was the reaction of countries who signed this memorandum? Miserable. Result: War is going on in Ukraine already 5 years, more than 10 000 people killed, more than million people are refuges, Russia continues it's aggression, European leaders want Ukraine to recognize Eastern regions as autonomous regions and it will only increase the Russian pressure on Ukraine

  • Yep. This is where fallout starts

  • This is like European History but ants.

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