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We’re a team of illustrators, animators, number crunchers and one dog who aim to spark curiosity about science and the world we live in. To us nothing is boring if you tell a good story.

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...And We'll Do it Again
...And We'll Do it AgainPřed 9 měsíci
Is Meat Really that Bad?
Is Meat Really that Bad?Před 9 měsíci


  • Dose any of this actually really exist. Just saying

  • I think skin of P 🐖I 🐖G looks 100% similar to that of evolutionists. What does science say about this similarity?

  • I learned from the video not to let Medias fall

  • 9:33 is Attenborough, right?

  • Eugenics

  • كان آدم طوله ستون ذراعا نههههه

  • Kurzgesagt in 3259: LIVE STREAM🔴 Terraforming Venus!

  • A black hole seems to be a rip in the 3rd dimension of reality, gravity so intense because everything is rushing into an infinity of nothingness and is less dense and would rush to fill the gaps like water. I bet on the other end of a black hole is another dimension starting its "big bang" event and matter just explodes into it and the edge of that new universe would not connect to our own but be a new as a black hole is a one way road, only.

  • Hala Madrid

  • Yes indeed the sun is a really strong laser although this could possibly happen to earth but the chances are a bit low but it’s never 0 for a chance

  • Human to meat: I hate that I need you

  • urdudubbing

  • In my opinion i am grateful to everybody i know but i'm still not happy, I don't have many friends (like 2), I'm sleeping very bad and it almost feels like i actually am suffering from depression, addiction and burnout. The only thing i'm good at, is dealing with traumatic events. isn't it kinda strange?

  • Never thought this video will become useful to prepare for potential future XD I'm from major city in Ukraine

  • 2:02 shell

  • The Iraq terrorists would capture people and brutally torture them. The torture can include taking people and cutting all there skin of and then burning them all while they are alive! It’s brutal!

  • Please put an Arabic translation Your channel is very interesting and useful 😊

  • The actual problem: we refuse to let go of rockets. These things are already obsolete, but we still rely on them for space travel even though their high fuel needs cause so much pollution. What we need is an electromagnetic launcher, basically a giant rail/maglev cannon. These things are powered by electricity, not solid fuel, so even without nuclear fusion they can still be used, albeit less often. With the right specs, these launchers would shoot passenger and cargo capsules into orbit, and with much higher regularity too. Electricity is way easier to access than hydrocarbon-based fuel and doesn't pollute the atmosphere. For travel in space itself, the solution is also simple: all spaceships would contain biofuel farms, growing crops specially GMO'd for making biofuel and which would also act as an unlimited oxygen generator as long as humans or CO2 are around. The only problem left would be the travel time between Earth and the space mines, but the first asteroids should give us enough time and materials to find a solution for that. So, there's absolutely no excuse not to want such a wonderful thing to come true.

  • I'm gone for a couple days and Oscar declared me dead. Lmao, I'm very pleased to live rent-free in his head.


  • bingo, the video is screwed by putin now

  • I don't know.... and also don't know where to start from... I'm suffering through a lot but now I'm just quiting and sitting and leaving rest to fate.....but thought when my fate will hit hard ...that time to say a goodbye 🫂 ....

  • 3:19 Amongus

  • Hybrid methods of warfare - such as propaganda, deception, sabotage and other non-military tactics - have long been used to destabilise adversaries. PeAce instigated by all our leaders is in all our interests

  • Key Points  methane is a colourless, odourless, highly flammable gas  it is the primary component of natural gas and biogas  methane is used in homes for cooking, heating and generating electricity  it is also used as a power source and to produce other chemicals in industry  it is produced naturally from the decay of natural material such as plant and animal matter  methane levels are generally low in the atmosphere  methane is the second most significant greenhouse gas in the UK  high levels of methane can cause mood changes, slurred speech, vision problems, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, facial flushing and headache  skin or eye contact with liquefied methane released under pressure may cause frostbite 🥶

  • 🗿🗿🗿

  • why do you take Darwinian Evaluation as a concrete fact? many many scientists and evolutionary biologist disagrees with Darwin's idea of evolution and the tree of life... and Darwin himself never claimed his theory as a fact... so why you take it for granted? and more importantly why you speeding something as a fact while was never proven?

  • Kurzgesagt is postmodernist propaganda.

  • Evolution = fake theory of science in de-population. Evolution = eugenics Evolution = de-population Evolution = FAKE GLOBE 🌏🌏🌎