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Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.

We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

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- We do the videos with After Effects and Illustrator.


What if We Nuke the Moon?
What if We Nuke the Moon?Před 10 měsíci


  • Be careful! Jar Jar Binks could watch this!

  • Lizard People: Duh!

  • 這麼多人想要摧毀宇宙是嘛哈哈,這觀看數有點高哦各位地球人

  • why is wave particle duality a lie?

  • Health is not only being ok physically but spiritually mentally also That dearrangement in health only homoeopathy can heal You go to doctor and u say am not feeling well even though physically you are alright they do all the tests nd say no pblm you have can they give you a suitable remedy ?? NO but homoeopaths can give

  • I think the true great filter is achieving the ability to actually move to other systems. Once that happens and we are able to settle at other planets, it would be virtually impossible for us to go completely extinct. Considering we are on multiple planets.

  • No one has an answer? Thats not correct. The bible has the answer.


  • What omg

  • Or perhaps space travel and energy sources as seen in science fiction are not actually viable or practically possible, and all life is limited to their home planet and system?

  • How many?, That's only one Creator

  • 0:29 yall just ignoring that theres a literal pokemon in the top middle circle lol its called magnemite, steel and electric type.

  • "We want to talk about stars, Not failed wannabe stars" Me: *Taking notes*

  • Still a lot of wrong information. Homeopathy is much more than what you just said.

  • only the quiet kid would search this


  • Skilled burger flippers watching like 👁👄👁

  • You can only debate what matters is results

  • I liked how that girl aged so fast she simply turned into a ghost, hehe. And to think I've just begun the "soul crushing period of my life", things can only get worse from here

  • Title: Quickly Video: 7 thousand years

  • I want to mention the view rate of yt videos, Musik videos or cat videos get more views than Dokumentation how tos and so on thats also a problem that most people not interested in changing his mind by learning some of the trouble around them

  • Amazing story ❤️

  • So 21M people wants to destroy This universe

  • Aw man.

  • So who in your team is the pokemon master? Lol

  • I like how there’s a big “NO*” on the thumbnail.

  • The only way to destroy the universe is to get shaggy and tell him to use 3% of his power to eat the universe

  • Isn't this kinda similar to a big bang?

  • Him:"We humans feel so smart smart with our romantic novels and crossword puzzles.." Me: Closes romantic novel..I should probably burn these novels and concentrate on aliens

  • As ever, the doomsday narrative ignores a key economic reality. If lots of people are out of work, then the businesses and services don't have as many customers. If that happens, then those businesses shrink or collapse, too. A strong problem with this video, and most analysis, is that it ignores the economic cycle. I am aware they do, albeit very briefly, mention this at the end, but there is no analysis. Furthermore so much of this video is hypothetical scenarios; when one even glances at the reality of what is happening, you begin to realise that a lot of so-called AI is not what has been promised. Deep learning is here to stay and things will change, but the predictions are largely marketing by big companies, as opposed to what is really going on. Best, L.

  • what i learned. Gold = bad

  • 아니 구독자 1660만명은 처음봐ㅅㅂ

  • How about the whole world according to per capita?

  • When you reqlise the sun is gonna die and will kill earth and venus at the same time

  • this is probably your best video about climathe change i love it

  • My brothers do not fear trust Allah

  • bro i love that they put meme in there videos it make it so much nicer

  • use the moon as a place for factories and Mars and earth are for living

  • Let's teraform Venus now

  • Пошёл проверять

  • One of my favorite thing I learned about ants is that some release a pheromone for other ants to follow and then those ants release a pheromone for more ants to follow. Sometimes the ants will walk in circles following each other until they die.

  • Very naive and careless approach. I wonder how could a content creator be so irresponsible. Homeopathy works for sure and on case to case basis it's much better than allopathy, but it will be nightmare finding a capable homeopathy doctor. I know one such doctor, out of many I visited. His medicines do work.

  • It feels good that i have a army ready to help me!

  • I don't know why but unexplored deep ocean is one of my favorite mysteries. As scary as it is, I want to explore it someday.

  • What is full explosion need all 😃😄😁

  • The human race is pretty stupid still (just some, most people are actualy doing things which is nice), like imagine launching nuclear weapons at someone because you simply disagree with them, and brainwash your own soldiers to believe you're always right.

  • Can’t believe you predicted Squid Game at 2:12

  • I think the problem with drugs is the fact that they try to restrict it, the reason there aren’t drug problems in country’s like Switzerland because why they do t encourage the use of it, they help the people that use it and it’s amazing how country’s in the west havnt taken note

  • When it comes to finding solutions to such complicated problems, all I see is hypocrisy at every level. Individuals will blame politicians or other countries without introspecting at their own makings and govts will try to circumvent these problems because it doesn't earn votes. People know it very well that the only viable solution right now to the climate change problem is rapid de industrialisation and going back to primitive life stye but are they ready? No! Go to the poorest countries and try to make the people understand that they need to remain poor to cut down on emissions produced by the rest of the world. Fucking hypocrisy. The problem is we want both the problem and the solution to co-exist. I'm ready for a climate catastrophe and so should you, f*ckers.

  • 3:03 Brexit visualized :D

  • 4:13 , I’m a little confused. What if humans developed a way to travel faster than light as well? Would that make interacting with things that pass the cosmological horizon plausible again?

  • Remember when there was only 200K cases

  • 5:10 I choked on my juice Worth it

  • Ngl your vids and a joint is the one

  • We only have a long way to go if you use your imagination. Otherwise, we are where we are...

  • mt bom

  • Technology has me frightened and excited at the same time

  • If it is curing its going why do measure quantity when it is giving quality

  • Just think, the idea of aliens, is literally our idea.

  • Galacduck is my God.

  • I occassionally feel sad about the fact that I will never be able to see anything past that isn't recorded. Thank you for putting it in a video.

  • Christians hate him, find out who he is!

  • If we conver dollars to rubles, this calendar will cost about 1900 rubles. Sh*t.

  • hey ferb i know what we’re gonna do today

  • 4:00 well, are we suuuure, that money is not popping out of printers by now globally in minor but acknowledgeable percentage?

  • real good character design

  • What if AI is the great filter

  • I say we should definitely invest more into nuclear technologies and efficiency, nuclear power in my eyes has to be the future

    • We could also maybe try particle smashing and taking advantage of the God Particle for energy.

  • DHMIS reference

  • very funny when virus says nope nope nope also very good video

  • I am italian but i lived in sweden many years, I love european union

  • I need to ask my mom if can i destroy the universe. No i can't do it without my moms idea.

    • She said okay but be quite beacuse my dog is sleeping

  • Do nothing, enjoy until everyone burns or drowned