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What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email:


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  • I love your story we have the same type of story my DSI changed my life as well best Nintendo handheld ever you are the best

  • I was Watching this at 2:40am

  • Actually, they are called "Killer Whales" because they were discovered in a different country in which they were observed hunting Whales. They were named "Whale Killers", but when translated into English, they became known as "Killer Whales." They are actually the largest of the dolphin species and will treat you with respect if you do the same towards them.

  • Mah boi just want his chocolate maaaalllkkk!

  • 1:00 its cute ╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭

  • Now. Am. Gon. Hart. You. For. Real >:€. 👎🏾😡🤬

  • Stop. Heat. Her. For. Really am. Gon. Heat. You. For. Really. Am. Leave. Am. Gring. In. Reall. Life. :(. Foor. Reall. >:(

  • Am. Your. G.....I....r.....l. :>. Am. Hot Heave. Bobs ......

  • Русские, лайкайте коммент)))

  • Ze. Is. Idiot. Heat. You. R. Girl. Like. Loser. B*

  • Really. ‘ like. You so much really. Want. To. Be. Your. Sisser :3. Pls. :3. :3 :3. ,e

  • :3. So. Good. Like,,You. So. Much. Blushes*

  • The answered questions on the top left of the screen at 1:31 is only partial credit because he did not show the full method of the equation .

  • what happened to your hand


  • Happy demon

  • The dictionary definition of fame is "the state of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements"

  • This is my favourite song. 😍

  • if you said youre only afrain of whales sea cucumbers and hights how about orcas?

  • Hey Read More


  • you sound so much like markplier

  • I just watched a man eat a burrito

  • I had a nightmare when I was really young where I went down in an elevator and was dropped off in a room full of those statues in clothes stores, I couldn't go back up as the elevator had no buttons (I started in the elevator). As I went into the room and the elevator left. I look back to see a room full of these statues looking at me now with really creepy smiles. Then they started moving towards me until I'm cornered and the second I get skin contact I woke. I didn't sleep the rest of that night as I was fairly young and didn't have a full sense of "it's not real" so that was fun.

  • SomeThingElseYT Title: I'm Something Else Chorus: ha look at me I will do and will succeed If i don't, I don't care I'll pull down your underwear Me Title: I'mJustNothing Chorus: don't look at me i will do and won't succeed If i do, I don't care I'll just quit anyways

  • I love this song

  • How did he blow up the building when that wall is still their... 5:22

  • ill play but you need 60 cards

  • DAmm

  • why u do dis to me im about to sleep 😭😭

  • Dude, did you not schedule apt to check out the apartment first?

  • the guy singing: hel- PRRT


  • Wapo zaludame

  • I really hate when people do that I mean who calls u into a room that's like far out of ur comfort zone just to tell you to bring something that's like a few steps away Like who does that?!

  • For a second.... no joke ...... I thought I clicked on a markiplier video

  • I SHOULD DI THIS ESOECIALLY WHEN we are making hw that I haven’t done so no day :)))

  • This is why u don't interest ur kids (who r less than 5) to stuff that could cost u "money", and when I say money I mean stuff that can make them annoy the heck out of u until u get them what they want

  • oh ya I remember the giving tree, the boy always visiting the tree and the tree will always give a free apple to the boy.. when the boy grown up with a lot of difficulty, the tree will sacrifice by letting the boy cut off some of itself until the only left is literally nothing but the boy is happy with his life (plus married) and the tree die

  • Maybe the guy who was saying “ITS GAME OVER” Maybe he was a fan of saw (the movie)

  • Adam: *being bullied* James: *The Truth About Life* Jaiden: *Anorexia* Me: why do i see a pattern @-@

  • it like sad eminem song

  • hecalledmarkiplierdaddy *w h e e z e*

  • “ I know what the words.”

  • So once I whas at the beach and the biggest octopus I've ever seen strandet they're... It whas​ scary

  • why are all his haters willne

  • My p three teacher forced me to do something I didn’t want to do and shouted at me in front of the class

  • Y would u guys use permanent markers

  • 0:29 the girl is drawing Adam’s pee pee

  • adam:bullying Jayden:anorixa James:depression as a whole Boyinaband:school Can’t believe they all sang about my life in a nutshell

  • rip ikea table and ya i’m kid but i know about bills i’m not fucking stupid

  • Not gonna lie...........I thought you were mark at the start

  • Keep scrolling through the comments.........

  • those guys are assholes

  • Anybody got this song already memorized? No? Okay.

  • I’m actually worried about what will happen to him and odd1sout after C.O.P.P.A as they look like kids channels but sometimes they swear.

  • I actually thought I went from Adam to mark in one button click.

  • Dude ur parents are sooooooooooooper dumb

  • i just rewatched this video and honestly it’s a big part of the reason i’ve been able to be myself the past two years. thanks adam

  • I stopped imaging at 7

  • I am the only person that thinks that the security guard sounds like Kermit??

  • I like to eat butts

  • Lol i think it was something to do with the pokemon "evolving" n being religious they probs didnt want anything going against their beliefs (but even the pope said it was a good thing (i think that might have been in like 1999 though so maybe it was before that lol))

  • This makes me a little more comfortable with having to get the surgery....

  • James: Depression Jaiden: Anorexia Adam: Bullying Altogether D.A.B

  • 0:00 mega mind reference

  • Yo ur cool as F

  • Cruise ships aren't dangerous

  • Have you guys heard that when you create a fictional ritual to evoke an entity, if a lot of people do it, it becomes real? Why don't y'all try it :)

  • Dat a lot of views

  • Lol xD

  • Im a12 year old that almost got run over by a car


  • Hey my school schedules just like yours :D and I hate geometry -_-


  • I was literally confused when markiplier was on my screen

  • I'll pull down ur underware

  • How old is Thurnis? He looks old.

  • Bruh your childhood is the same as mine😅

  • I used to play a tuba it was a brass instrument and I hated it so much I wanted to quit for the 2 years my mom forced me to go and after a while I just started to skip for a whole year and then I got kicked out and I’ve never picked up an instrument since this happened years ago btw and as well this wasn’t school band because we didn’t have one 😂

  • Nest Eminem ur a legend bro

  • Adam: makes a demon character Mom: wait that's illegal

  • Bruh I drink boosts every morning. They are kinda like chocolate milk.....BUT ITS TOO DUMMY THICC

  • Bagelman should have his own show on cartoon network

  • Big brain IQ grape.

  • Dude! You guys are awesome! ^^ i enjoy your videos because each one of you have a different spark for entertainment. You guys rock!

  • 3:17 *Very neat writting there*

  • 😂😂😂😂 sorry i. Siting in the tollet

  • 6:21

  • Why does the viewers voice sound like the one from shreck

  • I like my hero academia The main Character is Izuku/deku and his rivle is whatever bakugos first name is and IceyHot guy I don't remember the name bye this is long

  • I’ve flown on at least 500 000 000 planes

  • People should watch this while in a high jump aventurine cuz I juped like 10 feet in the air and I watched like 0.1 second of the scare!

  • I’m here because of peer Pressure

  • I’m stead of heights I get to her I am going to ball and I have out of overthinking things I want you want to go in for my last test but Selena that’s not my real name is real name is Helena 💋♥️ sorry I missed it up really good videos they’re pretty cool I’m entertaining for my mind by

  • Do you think you are a crazy kid I’m so can I’m not that crazy anymore bananas also this rain is going to be a little outside my name is laine when I was a kid I did anything but it’s OK though but are used to jump of counters like a dog or a cat and my friend Emily is both arctic fox is not crazy are used to have one but you can’t come to be enemies because sheShe’s a arctic fox and because I take fox live in the cold down because this is a little hard to write I think it’s a little too much so I’m gonna go now my name Selena name is Old bye


  • It's white you say? Well maybe it wasn't paint🤔

  • I just realized that you have a bakugou post

  • i love nightmares and peachy your right xd