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Feed your competitive spirit right here on the Lolesports CS-tv channel as we bring you the best that professional League of Legends has to offer. Here you'll find live streams from major leagues, including the NA and EU LCS, the NA and EU Challenger Series, the LCK, and the LMS, live in HD. Stay for the action, but stick around the Lolesports channel for additional video features and interviews to help you get more familiar with your favorite League of Legends pros.


#LEC Legends: Rekkles
#LEC Legends: RekklesPřed měsícem
#LEC Semifinals Tease
#LEC Semifinals TeasePřed měsícem
EAT LIKE A PRO | TeaserPřed 2 měsíci
EU Rising: Splyce
EU Rising: SplycePřed 2 měsíci


  • this was the shittyest opening ceremony what i ever see... (i liked the dragon and the map...but ot remaining..)

  • Its Tarzan's fault right there. How can jungler tries to gank enemy top when ur top denies it by using AA on minions

  • Dude has a bad game, and everyone is up in arms about it. It's na did any one really think we'd get out of these groups this year.and even if we did no chance in winning.

  • 5 plays, 3 from LMS Interesting

  • กุคนไทยคนเดียวใช่ไหม

  • poor kiaya, try his best but useless because of a brainless coach

  • Really like this video format

  • The only reason why mages appear in botlane is marksmen are too weak Xayah: good Kaisa: average Ez. : Only appear when kaisa and xayah are banned Other marksmen : trash

  • Nice stats but this is not called league of legends. Adc's are playing bot. What is this meta of mages adc I can't understand. In the end Adc's will be done.

  • Mages have good poke early but that poke has cool down and low movement speed while ADC have good movement speed and their poke has no cool downs

  • Rip critical champion

  • Stay with Hong Kong

  • HKA won The Penta

  • No the shy 1V5 with DWG?

  • Great fake laugh, Shokz :) 6:25:13

  • Cancel Rift rivals from next year. Meaningless

  • Ayayaya

  • We are VCS

  • Pick/Bans: -2015- BKT / SKT 25:05 AHQ / IG 1:45:27 TL / DG 2:43:42 TL / AHQ 3:39:43 DG / IG 4:34:58 DG / AHQ 5:29:20 IG / TL 6:21:33 Game: -2015- BKT / SKT 32:42 AHQ / IG 1:51:22 TL / DG 2:50:34 TL / AHQ 3:46:48 DG / IG 4:40:21 DG / AHQ 5:34:14 IG / TL 6:29:15

  • Ah how I am so very happy rereading this EU fantards all praising to g2 overhyped team haha

  • We thought g2 would be stronger.. Hahahaha.. Owned by Tarzan..

  • Naga indosiar :v

  • I learned that I shouldn't look at how the seed are so I shouldn't underestimate damwon for being the third seed but I think they are very good

  • Có kiaya của nước mình kìa tự hào ghê

  • They did not put clid's gragas ult near first mid turret in the top 5? This is how junglers are treated huh?

  • Me: picks Syndra botlane My jungle: WTF why there's no ADC? STUPID! Me: Dodges the champ select

  • Is that Albie

  • G2 best team in the world LUL

  • Kiaya just number 3 why is he standing on the screen

  • I just watch these to listen to Riv's voice

  • And yet, they don't actually work in bot lane as is evidenced by their pathetic win rate.

  • There are actually people on that virginfest? Can not believe that people are going to watch this, it is hilarious XD Cthulhu pls end this world. Or just LoL.

  • Anyone in 2019?

  • By Ysmir, is that a Dragon? The legends were true?

  • It's only a matter of time before pro bot laners pick up Azir and make this argument irrelevant.

  • 2:48 LK


  • The Best Final 😍😍😍😍😍

  • LuckyKT

  • Sword canceled autos, but gj 3z

  • Akali với Nocturne đâu :)))

    • akali với nocturne đâu á??? tiễn VCS về nước rồi nhé

  • This is unacceptable. There are much more great plays better than these.

  • We are VCS !? We will be back !?

    • Who are VCS?I m new on game

  • Perkz left the group

  • We miss your commentary Miller!

  • This is actually stupid fire. So much flow

  • Admit it. You people at riot hate ADCs

    • it has always been like that. riot favors mages over any other role, especially adcs

  • What about the insane Akali play by Faker where he lived through a 4 man gank

  • Việt nam

  • There are a lot of people saying that either there should be two The Penta's or more entries in this episode, but tbh The Penta showcases more individual outplays than team outplays so I think this episode wasn't too bad. Yes, there were still many individual outplays, but The Penta is a show that only displays 5 of what they thought were great (plus maybe trying to not show just one region too much)

  • Grasp op.

  • Well this didn't age well for TL

  • 4분대부터 나오는 bgm 이름 뭔지 아는사람?

  • Another reason we still see alot of ADCs are simply the fact that the player most likely have 1000+ hours on Marksman champions than mages and therefor feel more comfi playing them. Awesome video!

  • Why am I only discovering this now. I mean I know I wasn't even playing League at this point but I thought the video might have come up once in what's soon to be five years for me.

  • When are the Finals?

  • 10:13 la legendaria rompe columnas

  • 2:38 - 3:34 very emotionnal, EU representatives in semis but falling in front the korean gods. What a throwback

  • Nyahf! Muhahahahahaha!

  • #1 sktt1 and their rng vs skt backdoor

  • Showmaker’s akali triple kill should’ve been on there

  • i hate this meta so much.

  • I got lost when they included Kai'Sa as an ADC when she usually buys Nashor's Tooth, Guinsoo's, Zhonya's and sometimes Lich Bane

  • VietNamese

  • Weren’t there 96 unique champs not 86? Or did I hear quick shot wrong ?

    • @Phillip Ward ok, but why do they show it when stage 2 has happened xd, i mean riot is a big company not like they cant

    • This video was taking stats from week one of the group stage.

  • Optional title: "ADCs are broken"

  • Where is the moment when chovy kill caps?

    • Why would anybody wants to see that? People wants to see faker walking and aa in pro view xddddd

  • Ofcourse because u ruin every adc only xayah and kaisa have been playable for so many patches..

  • #1 was more of a misplay from the enemy.

  • THIS is 100% live without autotune. Now think about all the other music artist's stage performances when walking, dancing or moving. ;)

  • and yet even knowing this stats u people want to make 1v1 laners get more exp then the 2v2 laners

    • actually mages are more xp dependant than adcs, who are mostly item dependant (ofc everyone is happy with gold or xp) so it would help adcs bot

  • who pick the penta i cant understand

  • Sooo... when we gonna get rid of this abomination so we can start playing league again?

    • @Phillip Ward i remember learning ashe and played her mid nonstop in season 1

    • We have already gone backwards. ADC in mid lane was standard in Season 1

  • Vcs not bcs

  • If Jteam had beaten gam or fpx the 2nd time they played, the lms would've had more representatives in playoffs than na. But this is despicable. Can 2020 be EU vs KR vs CN in RR and have NA play taiwan and vietnam?

  • Lol even mithy made it to worlds without TSM HAHAHA

  • Kiaya ❤️ from Viet Nam with love ❤️❤️❤️

  • Worst The Penta so far. Full disrespect about Faker.

  • So put two Mages on the bot Lane and 1 AD carry in the Middle Lane and you might have quite a handful.

  • So Hash was right. "Mage items are OP"

  • And then there is Kayle, the consistant damage magic damage powerhouse with an ult that makes her invunerable...

  • 1vs2? Uzi actually 1 vs 9 tho

  • I mean we haven't seen an Ahri bot lane yet. We seen no teemo Ahri Master Yi

  • You forgot the biggest reason for why adc's are still played the most: Because botlane players can't play mages!

  • Tự hào VCS

  • Botlane mages have been a thing for the past 8 months. NA finally catching up shows why they are out already.

  • 담원경기랑 슼백도어 쵸비이렐이런거 셋중하나나올줄알았는데 아 ㅋㅋ

  • Were adcs ever good after season 7? I dont recall any such thing?

  • Idc if the meta already evolved and this video got obsolete, I still loved this explanation. Really love this kind of content :) And his voice, and that awesome background music really made me chill

    • I'm sure they will come back in Bo5s


  • People acting like the Heimerdinger in the FNC vs Clutch game wasn't OP. Cody Sun was carrying the entire game with him. Also Perkz Syndra is OP. Garen Yummi is pretty strong as well, with Yummi being a mage carry.

  • Botlane Heimerdinger is my spirit animal


  • NA why so quiet xD OMEGALULW

  • 15 were NA players you mean?

  • I've discussed this as a viable strategy back in season 6 and have talked in length about how this is not only viable but more preferred. The main thing is you have to stop looking at the game in terms or AD and AP. The importance is consistent damage vs burst damage. This is where getting machine-gun mages like Cassiopia or Ryze is very useful as they provide that conisistant damage you lose from the mage going bottom. On top of that we are seeing tankier top lanes like Gnar when the team has drafted a consistant and burst damage choice. Also ADC type's like Ttristana and Jayce going top lane more often. All of these factors are opening up room for mages to take the spot in the bot lane. If we see a jungle shift to tanky junglers again we will also probably see more support mages like Lux in the support role.

  • Adc on mid. It will be more hard play adc

  • riot: makes video explaining why mages bot are valued in pro play and gives specific examples as to why youtube: MaGeS aRe 1-13

  • Everyone: Where SKT backdoor vs RNG Me: Where CG backdoor vs FNATIC? lul NA better than EU they said