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my first win :)
my first win :)Před 5 dny
my battle..
my battle..Před měsícem
TRAIN SIMULATOR 2020Před měsícem
*WTF* Minecraft Mods
*WTF* Minecraft ModsPřed měsícem
The Best Update EVER!
The Best Update EVER!Před měsícem
fortnite memes are back
fortnite memes are backPřed 2 měsíci
Club Penguin is BACK
Club Penguin is BACKPřed 2 měsíci
i saved SEASON 10
i saved SEASON 10Před 3 měsíci
MEMES in SEASON 10Před 3 měsíci
this gun is cursed
this gun is cursedPřed 4 měsíci
sorry ninja
sorry ninjaPřed 4 měsíci
i beat NINJA in fortnite
i beat NINJA in fortnitePřed 4 měsíci
this weapon isnt fair
this weapon isnt fairPřed 4 měsíci
Using CHEATS in TAG MODEPřed 4 měsíci
dumb memes in SEASON 9
dumb memes in SEASON 9Před 6 měsíci


  • I was raised in 80's

  • Humans are becoming apes again man...

  • lazarbeam isnt funny anymore

  • Change your name Lannan æøåæøåæøåæøåæøå

  • Dont do that please that dog is so cute

  • if you are immortal you live forever and never get hurt. shop youre arm off and it grows back cool. get crushed and youll come back

  • I heard Muselk did level 6 first attempt

  • yeet

  • Get a plane outside the barrier drive into the water Knen jump like your a dolphin

  • Wanna know a glitch

  • The children would have died on the next Bridge

  • 12:57 when its Friday

  • get your dad a chair ffs

  • Yes

  • 😢😢😢 Nobody watching my videos 😂😂😂😂

  • lazarbeam you are the best youtuber ever

  • lazarbeam you are the best

  • I'm in 2019 Irland

  • That was a spitting image of what their baby would look like

  • 5:56 fresh killed use code lazar

  • What's that song

  • I play monsters ihawe 30 legendarys n more i dindt count

  • Hi YEET

  • Oof

  • 7:05 4:16

  • More red dead vids

  • Big For that guy

  • Quando la mia isola è ancora più fantastica che mi fa male il collo di pelliccia e non ho capito bene come si chiama la canzone che mi fa male il collo di pelliccia e non

  • The first girl was on crack

  • 8:35

  • What’s the game

  • Yeeeet

  • Test to by fresh

  • In 2019 you can’t identify what you want its fucking male or female 1ina billion heterosexual

  • Lion cat

  • In 2019 you can’t identify what you want its fucking male or female

  • I would rather be laserbeam

  • Quote Vick It's about to be like mount st Helens in hear

  • Play this game till u die plzz

  • All I can smell in the morning is dog shit and weed.

  • Noooo ittttt noootttt

  • Lazar called the bulls cows bulls:am i a joke to you?

  • If you subscribe i will make a singing video in front the hole school if i hit 1000 subs. Thank you:)

  • Racist

  • You is the is the can is the the the can can tin can die

  • Laughs in Ryan’s toy reviews

  • When I played a prison game on Roblox I always was a cop because if their team was full I would simply report someone and then join the police team

  • if you look closely the shark is actually a vodka bottle

  • F

  • He was one hit bitch


  • I think loserfriut is better than you I doesn meen bad I like you

  • Remember when lazarbeam made good content?

  • Att 5.13 he forgot to close door

  • Body’s a gamer

  • No nut november taken to literal

  • lazarbeam- omg that was a dog that was a dog me- no that was a fox that was a fox

  • Grab a plane outside the barrier and drive into the water it sends you right down and also dive in the water when your in the water

  • I found a glitch on fortnite

  • Make a video that tour big enter key is the shoot bind and then ownly grenades

  • My brother has a challenge for u it’s called blood trail every time u get a kill u must drop a weapon have fun ur my fave utuber:)

  • W

  • I remembered when lazar only had 900/800 thousand subs

  • shoutout my channel please it was my birthday on the 16th of november i am 12 now

  • I’m 9 and I watch you

  • Lazarbeam: Ok lets spawn some animals of this cliff Also Lazarbeam: spawns a bird

  • Like if lazarbeams dog is cute

  • plaese become Christian

  • You should play the story

  • 3:58

  • 3:23 that ain't my countries national anthem its way different

  • Chase is gay


  • Lazarbeam =bot master 2000

  • Rip gg

  • Can you make a vidioe on the FTC

  • Lazarbeam u should go back to Whistler to ski and film a blog about it


  • Is this click bait

  • i um... i want that house....

  • Lazarbeam talking about content "hold on a second, there is a deer there" *shoots deer* continues talking about content

  • 7:28 when he tried spawning crabs in for a bodyguard 🤣🤦

  • or just shoot the train driver

  • Use code: lazar

  • Atleast the gameplay looks better and cleaner(but not the fights

  • DO U KNOW DA WAY ("")

  • 3:18 🤣

  • you gay shit

  • Nice Bro when is dssa merch coming

  • Content Is Cool !

  • Now is was going to sub to lasarbeam but I prest on a different vid then I see two whales mating. The thing you see on the lasarbeam channel😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍

  • These people need help! *One like = 1 pill for each*

  • that first clip was on the news for like three days in a row

  • 1:25 yet

  • goddamn gta 5 all over again

  • Surfing is actually terrifying if the waves get too big I speak from experience

  • 2:58 *Are you sure about that?*

  • Oh you sometimes vlog

  • fuck me in me ass your the fucking best LAZARBEAM

  • Exactly it doesn’t show blood and guts