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  • next time you're going down into a spare, weirdly-lit basement, Paris - at least bring a chain-saw. Minimum chain saw for a cellar like THIS (4:54).

  • Never in a million years I would think Paris was in a Psychiatric treatment in a specialized school as a teen.

  • Sounds of toilet flushing that homophobic pile of crap down and out.

  • She is so annoying. She even previously admitted she only did the show Paris Hilton's bff to help her fame grow and that she never cared about the people on the show or her BFF from the show...

  • Notice how her mom didn’t day sorry it was more of “oh boy” just sad

  • I always thought I did want she wanted to do whenever she wanted to go do it !! But WOW her voice sounds like a bar fly Just saying 😂

  • "Had I known this, you know that dad and I would have been there in one second." Yeah, I call bullshit on that. I've heard that before. Paris nodding to that is just her way of trying to keep the peace after all this time. "Yeah, mom, whatever - I'm not going to fight about it with you now; but you're a liar. So I'll just sit here and nod like I agree."

  • He needs to understand what it’s like to be with and independent strong woman, can’t believe acted like that. Love you Paris!

  • Wow I like her now , this documentary.. just wow .. Paris wow ..

  • I love her .Shes such an Aquarius,I’m an Aquarius also and it’s kinda cool how much I can’t relate to her . Just bc she’s a fast passé person and fast thinker etc doesn’t mean she likes drama and that’s drama bc it’s not

  • Freddy Krueger should come back. People should be like you're over, Krueger - you're yesterday - the has been's on has been's. So Freddy takes his supposed revenge at a Camp Lake site - but it doesn't impress the cynics. "Jason's death count woulda been TRIPLE - ye let at least THREE teens get away. The old Freddy wouldn't have done this." .

    • "The Has Been's Has-Been" (what they started to call ME the day after my college hoop career ended on a sour note - like the sour note of a sitcom - wa-wa-wa-waaaaaa.) .

  • Thank you for sharing. I like the free spirited authentic smart Paris a lot better. Hopefully she'll feel safe enough to come out and take your brand to the next level. Best of luck.

  • I just watched your video, as someone who has been through emotional, physical and verbal abuse, I am so very proud of you for sharing. And talking about it will help with time. I hope you continue to find the light within the darkness that you have dealt with for so long hun.

  • Her sister and mother are narcissistic bitches

  • Paris' mom: "Fear is the most powerful thing there is". Yup, she went through MK ULTRA programming (fear-based trauma). Look it up.

  • Paris lookin' kinda hot in this green cement cellar (4:54). @ Like the opening of a new Halloween movie starring the then Drew Barrymore (who shoulda done ONLY horror after this - she was ELECTRIC). Girl bound in a cellar surrounded by Green Light - that's either a Green Lantern comicbook/movie or another Freddy comeback.

  • Somehow with all the people in the world surrounding her and all the chaos it seems so lonely. I feel exhausted and depressed watching.

  • Thank you so much for speaking out against the troubled teens industry. Thanks for sharing your story. You are loved and im so sorry for all you have been through.

  • I always thought there was more to Paris. This was very well made. Much love and respect Paris

  • Why is this kind of school is allowed to continue to exist?

  • So her mother said had she known what happened at that school her and her dad would have been there in a second to get her out of there but they were there when they allowed those men in their home to kidnap their daughter did they not think she would be traumatized for the rest of her life behind that, then she puts her head down like she's going to cry when she lifts her head back up nothing that woman has no emotion she has ice in her veins Unfuckingbelievable!

  • I am sorry that you suffered sweetie!! Youre doing great!!!

  • We should all hate thos woman. And conrad should be ashamed

  • WOW! So the big takeaway is that she doesn't like the world she's created. SO is she gonna change?? Drop the girly glamour and be a more "real, exposed" Paris? The ending answered that question at 1:41:22. . .

  • This is just a glimpse, an edited version of her life meant to humanize her. I respect her, but I've always suspected there was a darkness that follows her. I didn't like how many hints were dropped in the beginning about her abuse. Don't click bait with shock and abuse stories. It's very wrong and manipulative. I think paris is honest. But still, take this with some salt. We weren't there, we still don't KNOW her.

  • this is like what i imagine Serena Vanderwoodsen went through! how crazy!!!!

  • My way of seeing Paris Hilton after seeing this has totally changed. Behind so much party and fun there was a dark past that none of us knew about. Without a doubt, Paris is a warrior and a woman who despite everything had the strength to go ahead and build her own empire. I would love to have the opportunity to meet her because the truth is she looks like a great person.

  • I hope her parent's realize the pain they caused her by sending her to Provo

  • How sad she never had a piece of her life to herself not even the most intimate moment .


  • i want 2 hours of my life back.... she needs a licensed psychologist, not a documentary.

  • She had me until she said that she could only stop working and feel secure when she's made a billion dollars. Really? So, should all of the other 99% of the world feel insecure???

  • I like the real Paris.

  • Fame is horrible and toxic and we need to focus on lifting each other up and respecting and loving each other as individuals, instead of capitalizing on people's identities and building phony parasocial relationships with celebrities. This here shows that Paris is just like us, just like every other celebrity and the things I see in Paris in this that I love and relate with are the same things I love and see in myself and my friends.

  • One night in Paris mmmm.

  • Love you Paris x

  • She’s a dumb blonde. She hasn’t been “acting”. If anyone believes her they are just as dumb.

  • I absolutely love this! She is so brave and strong for putting this out to the world. I've always loved her and I'm so sorry that this happened to her. I wish we could apologize for other people.

  • Paris: *invites over her bf* *5 mins later Also Paris: ok bye see you in a bit *goes to work*

  • This is so heartbreaking , I hope she finds someone that loves and her and make her own family which would hopefully help her heal

  • Hopefully after this she can feel free

  • Kim Kardashian took her spotlight.

  • All new insight... Loved it! Inspiring...

  • "If Dad and I had known we would have been there in a second". I think the parents wouldn't have believed Paris, and would have stood behind the idea that she was a lying, troubled kid, and sided with the school. This is how destructive abuse is perpetuated through time. I am proud that Paris took the chance to confront her past and cleared the way for a world of happiness for herself. Find your happiness, Paris!

  • Lol she claims she was a dumbass as an act and thinks that lowering her voice disproves that. She's a vapid dumbass through and through.

  • Spirituality is all these famous people need. Putting yourself first. Life can be beautiful.

  • Wow 😳 this was crazy

  • Very well done documentary. Thank you, Paris, for letting us in a bit while also bringing to light a very important issue of these "schools".

  • All of the build up with the darkest situations... I can’t imagine being in her shoes. I never really grew up as an ultimate fan, because I was just so little to understand anything. I just thought she was living such a huge and lavish dream. Respect for her flew through the roof

  • I cried , to me you are loved

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  • I been through it had nightmares 40 years I beat it you can too there is but 1 way that works.

  • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Non outside of the pathetics cares to know who you are. You are as bad as those "influencers." Once you became an adult, you were free to leave. We have all had tragedy and trauma, but we don't all have millions of dollars to fall back on. Toughen up, sweetheart. The whole world doesn't need to know your business.

  • Her mom is like never there 🥺 it’s so sad but yet her mom still gets treats her like a 12 year old when she is around

  • Rill problims

  • Te felicito. Eres una mujer valiosa. Me conmovió tu focumental., Eres muy valiosa ,no interesa q tengas dinero, lo más importante es tu valor, voluntad para expresar ante el mundo esa violencia q te generaron. Me cambio el referente hacia ti. Eres muy valiosa. Desde Colombia , mi admiración. María Fernanda

  • Are we not going to talk about the fact that her own mother didn’t apologize or seem remotely remorseful that she did this to her child?

  • Ngga salah kalo ngfans sama ini orang

  • I love this woman

  • She picks losers!!!! She needs to be alone for awhile and concentrate on herself.

  • Look at Kim's humble beginnings.

    • And her ratchet witch looking face lol

  • Her sister really asked if Paris apologized to her parents?????? Her sister and mother seem souless

    • The sex tape DISGUSTED them.

  • Guys, I just googled the school and I'm reading the reviews. They are horrible. You should check it out

  • I'm a 36 yo straight woman and can be a much better boyfriend to Paris. That guy was a prick!!!

  • hmmm... her mother seems clueless to what's going on with Paris, who seems obviously troubled and sad, still resolving trauma. It's sad to see it. Paris really seems alone.

  • Love you Paris!

  • This feels said

  • Geez. She's been partying for 25 years. No wonder she's tired.

  • Is This the Sequel To A NIGHT IN PARIS ?

  • ❤️😢❤️

  • One doesn't handle an animal while in the kitchen, before working in it

  • Ee vaga teamukal Asheyyy

  • She’s a washed up unattractive bimbo airhead with no talent. I’d rather watch Kim kardashian than her and that’s saying a lot.

  • white privilege problems <- sheds tear ;(

  • Her boyfriend making her cry before she went on stage was just sickening

  • I've always loved Paris. It was nice to see the real her. She's very smart and admirable! She has the connections and the $ the get great therapy for the night terrors. I think the brand can take a rest and she should nurture her soul 💓

  • Wow what load of crap

  • The fact that her mom barely reacted both times the abuse was brought up makes me feel like she already knew about it. I obviously don't know her mothers intentions or how she truly feels about Paris but I highly doubt she would've saved her from that place if she knew about the abuse that was going on every day. Her body language throughout the documentary speaks louder than the words she preaches. Makes me wonder if Paris believes her words too

  • Does it show titties?