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We are Roy and Charlotte, we are a small family farm in Cumbria currently beef and sheep and going into dairy transition shortly. If you are boring and have no sense of humour don’t watch this Chanel I will NOT be your cup of tea! You can expect comedy cows sheep and misbehaving animals, running a Valtra, case, new Holland and two bobcats. This is our only farms daily diary.

🤭farm education with a touch of satire🤭

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Jerseys and robots coming soon👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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7:24Silage preparation and feeding the youngsters
Silage preparation and feeding the youngsterszhlédnutí 7KPřed 7 hodinami
8:27John Deere 8500 forager how cool 👌
John Deere 8500 forager how cool 👌zhlédnutí 6KPřed 12 hodinami
12:08Diesel prices and pressure washing
Diesel prices and pressure washingzhlédnutí 4,8KPřed 14 hodinami
16:1015 May grass day COWS ARE OUT
15 May grass day COWS ARE OUTzhlédnutí 4,8KPřed dnem
10:08New phone YES LIFE Valtra wash for the dyno day
13:48How do you make a cow take a tablet??
How do you make a cow take a tablet??zhlédnutí 4,2KPřed 14 dny
9:57Sheep rustling and a missing body!
Sheep rustling and a missing body!zhlédnutí 6KPřed 14 dny
14:15Cows away to auction the end of an era.
Cows away to auction the end of an era.zhlédnutí 10KPřed 14 dny
9:00Get that roller ON
Get that roller ONzhlédnutí 7KPřed 21 dnem
14:06Fixing the failed barley, bobcat driving lessons.
13:28CROWS OH NOO! and rough muck problems
CROWS OH NOO! and rough muck problemszhlédnutí 6KPřed měsícem


  • CHAZ to my town ill keep an eye out for him on my wanders

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  • happy birthday charlotte you are not old very good video ❤😊❤️👍

  • Happy Birfday Mrs!! Hope you had a great day x. So pleased Chas got to a nice home, I hate putting them through the auction and never really knowing.... big, fat, hairy arsed farmer that's soft as sh#te! 😂

  • Birthday greetings from here in Australia young lady 🥰🥰🥰

  • Happy Birthday Charlotte ❤ Glad you got the coo,s home 🤣

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  • Great video Charlotte. And Happy birthday. 🎂

  • We did the same with a lim bull called Nat. He was a super breeder and quite. Heifer's made amazing milky cow's but couldn't use him any more as his daughters were in the herd. Sold him to a family for half the price so he'd be happy. They had him for 6 year's and built up a herd of super cow's.

  • Happy Belated Birthday 🎉Charlotte ❤

  • Happy birthday Charlotte 🎉🎂, hope you have had a great day despite chasing cows 😊 and glad Chas has gone to a good home 👍🏻

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  • Happy birthday Charlotte....enjoy!

  • Happy birthday boll 🎉 My silage clamp got filled today minutes 1400 litter of fuel 😮

    • ​@Charlotte Ashley Farm I made 600 big bales last year with the clamp I'm lucky I got all the kit for making round bales.

    • Thank you! We went from making about 1500 bales so they saving on plastic can burn a bit of diesel! It’s sensible money again now, won’t see 38p a litre again tho 🙈x

  • How's your head from your birthday . A belated Happy Birthday to you kidda 👍👍

    • Don’t drink just need sleep and these past days have been manic 🙈 Thank You x

  • Happy Birthday,

  • Happy Birthday Charlotte, hope you had a lovely day and Roy spoilt you rotten🎉

    • He was as pleased as I was to see Chaz land on his feet and find a new harem!

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  • Happy birthday Charlotte from Ireland

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  • Happy birthday! 🎉 Glad chaz went to a good home 👍 I bet you can't wait to see the back of the bullocks after all their antics😂 Got plenty of grass for your first cut, the weather we've had so far this year seems to have been good for grass at least... every cloud and all that 😅

    • Ohhh the weather has been good for grass I’ve not forgiven it for the wet lambing mind you x x

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    • @Charlotte Ashley Farm so not Friesian cold then 🤔

    • It’s the Holstein that makes them so naughty, I’m sure of that 🙈😂

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