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The First Cut Golf Podcast takes you inside the ropes of the golf world, on the PGA Tour and beyond. Tournament previews and picks, deep dives into the players and storylines that matter in the sport of golf. Rick Gehman (@RickRunGood) and Greg DuCharme (@therealGFD) join us every week for PGA Tour DFS, betting picks and information you need to know to win your 'One and Done' pools. Kyle Porter (@KylePorterCBS) and Mark Immelman (@mark_immelman) bring you the news to know and expert analysis on the world's most elite players.


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1:14This is the greatest
This is the greatestzhlédnutí 583Před dnem
1:18Can’t believe he noticed the difference 😳
1:12Watch out for these guys at The Open Championship


  • Very Fussy 😒

  • Wow 😮😂❤🎉

  • Tyrrell is a great fella

  • 한국에서 이렇게하면 손님하고 직원한테 개작살납니다 ㅎㅎ 그리고 뽈맞아요 ㅎㅎ

  • Is there a more environmentally destructive sport out there?

  • This is art...😂😂😂😂 wtf

  • Ah yes artificial grass , so pristine so fresh especially in the mornings.

  • Детская игра для напыщенных взрослых людей

  • Ball feels the peer pressure and fall.

  • :33 ↘️😱👍😎🤣

  • Luckily big man slowed down or buddy would have been sent to the moon

  • Wind has helped the ball.

  • The art 😂😂😂 i use to do that shit when i was a kid bro

  • Fat chance that will ever happen again.

  • Love Tyrrell!

  • Leonardo eat your heart out!

  • Pga is the no fun tour. Guys on LIV would have fun with this.

  • Ahhhhhh u missed a bit bro😢

  • That was funny. Too bad Rory has no sense of humor.

  • Ha! Take that Judge Smails!

  • That’s a crap of poop 💩 😅

  • Missed a spot with the paint

  • So what is the deal here? We were told that due to Tiger’s physical condition he couldn’t be part of the Ryder Cup. Well obviously he wouldn’t be playing but why couldn’t he be a Vice Captain and drive around in a cart? I mean all he would be doing is sitting. I’m going to put my conspiracy hat on for a second, but does Zach Johnson have some sort of beef with Tiger and he just doesn’t want him there? If that’s true then fine, but don’t make up story about him being physically unable to attend.

  • WoW nice

  • Ammidurr

  • It may not be art but that's a beautiful sight. 😊

  • Теперь я видел всеее!!!

  • Could teach a dog that

  • The art of turning a hole in the sod into a dbag sport

  • прям целая индустрия

  • Bro how you going to miss a spot painting

  • Он забыл балончик потрусить 😂

  • Interesting how the ball goes over his hand. Obviously this is fake and the ball is added afterwards

  • Art... really😂😂😂

  • Actual golf analysis! Rather than just reciting stats. Great stuff

  • what art ?

  • It’s game for gays

  • Bhai mere jaise berojgar ko gift krdo ko chota fone Samsung ka...

  • Fantastic❤

  • I wish I could hit a shot like that without shooting the ball over the green haha

  • Wow. I didn't know that. It looks like it's not so simple, for if the slightest thing isn't book-correct, the PGA will kill you.

  • Have a laugh, sour

  • I don’t care how visible it is, I’m still not going to get down in two 😢

  • Вуууфффф

  • Why no have korea?

  • Never thought a hole being cut out was ASMR

  • 💯

  • 😂😂😂

  • All these single-function custom tools and still using a plain old spraycan. classic men lol