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Highlighting the joy of spending time backpacking through creation.


5:49Climbing Mount Baker in 2 Days | Easton Glacier Route
3:49The Enchantments | Washington’s Most Famous Hike
12:21Hiking Hut to Hut | Italian Dolomites | Alta Via 1
2:41A Perfect Day in the Cascades | Big Craggy Peak
A Perfect Day in the Cascades | Big Craggy Peakzhlédnutí 119Před 10 měsíci
4:41Backpaking 14 Miles to Navaho Peak
Backpaking 14 Miles to Navaho Peakzhlédnutí 171Před 11 měsíci
5:18Backpacking the Chelan Lakeshore Trail with a Puppy
4:14Remembering Vesper | Our Adventure Puppy
2:372022 Polar Plunge
2022 Polar Plungezhlédnutí 108Před rokem
1:23Beautiful Snoqualmie Pass
Beautiful Snoqualmie Passzhlédnutí 78Před rokem
4:24Fall Backpacking to Thunder Mountain Lakes
4:32Hiking in the Clouds, Alpine Lakes Wilderness


  • Hi! What happened to the people who got turned away? DId you encounter people camping out or is everyone using the refuges? Unfortunately, space in the refuges looks quite limited for our dates...

    • Those turned away had to hike to another Rufugio that night. There were a few people we passed that were camping, and they were strategic about it, as in some sections there was no camping allowed.

  • You just went at the wrong time is all coming outta winter the rivers get flushed does the same here in Michigan should have went few weeks maybe month later then you did sorry for your experience

    • I agree, now we know! A lot of people cancelled their trips but we thought we would get lucky.

  • This is just... It's really cool. It makes me sad that I'll probably never do something like this. Thank you for documenting it. The world appreciates it. Edit: Actually, how would you recommend someone get into this? I've always been fascinated by climbing and traveling, but I don't know where to start.

    • Thank you! First off, start with some simple hikes to see if it’s something you enjoy. From there, see if you can do a five mile hike, then ten, then fifteen, then try with a backpack on. If you’re still feeling strong, you can do it! There are a number of groups and companies that take folks up Mount Baker, so if you didn’t want to get all the gear you can sign up and they’ll help you with the training and preparation. We saw Alpine Ascents getting ready while we were parking.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for picking up other peoples trash ❤❤❤

  • Nice work guys. What time of year did you do that?

    • This was the end of September, just before most places were closing up for the season.

  • This is great! Getting me so excited for my trip in July this year! Staying at almost the same huts. Thanks for the recommendations not to bring protein bars :)

    • @John Albert Thank you!

    • Have fun! The food at the Rufugios is way better than anything you could bring anyway 😀

  • That was such a great hike. Miss Washington!

    • I remember thinking “if Yuriy can do it, we can do it” on the hike 😂

  • Looks fun!!

  • Enjoyed your video! This is a great place to visit.

  • Saw you guys on Saturday! Great job and cool video! It was reassuring to know I wasn't the only one who brought snowshoes haha.

    • @John Albert Yes! I love the red and blue OR gaiters from a few seasons ago

    • That’s awesome! Just curious, were you wearing red gaiters? If so I think I remember seeing you as well 😀

  • Yowsa 🤌🏻💥

  • Glad the dog made it! That little clip at the beginning had me having flashbacks to when my partner and friends (and friends' dogs) and I were dropped off on a sandbar in the middle of a rising tidal river in Alaska after camping on an island. We all came very close to not making it and watching the dogs getting swept away was the worst (but they made it!) Our other friend was like Jesus waiting for us on the shore. Apparently the guys who dropped us off who said it was an easy walk to the shore from the sandbar were high on acid, which led to their miscalculation as the water was chest deep and we had on big ol' xtra tuffs and overnight packs that I don't know how they didn't get bogged down with water to drown us. We weren't as familiar with the area as they were--nor did we know they were high at the time--so we trusted them. The lesson for anyone reading this far is always insist on being dropped off at the actual shore (and make sure the operators of your boat are sober!)

    • @John Albert At least now we both have some exciting stories to tell! haha

    • Wow, what a story! Actually gave me some flashbacks of when we were staying on the Amazon river in Peru, our guides had a little too much to drink on a boat trip and I thought for sure they weren’t going to be able lead us back to our lodging while driving the boat after the sun went down. Fortunately, we made it back!

  • I think you’re supposed to use a sled😂

  • My daughter has to do this volcano for her school project

  • Wow, it's interesting that you guys were stuck on the other side! It was equally crazy stuck on the campground side...

    • @Jacob Dong And the whole time there was another trail just off the main trail with a route around the flood...

    • @John Albert Yeah we hiked around the main bridge via the side-route, it required some scrambling, then got helicoptered out of the village

    • We were actually wondering about that, we only saw about ten people make it across that day, and otherwise it was the helicopter flying overhead all day!

  • I’m so sorry to hear this experience! We just got back and lucked out with the best conditions possible

    • When did you go ?

    • That’s awesome, we will certainly want to try again! These things happen, certainly no one’s fault

  • Hey John, I loved that shot at 1:43! Beautiful larches and clouds rising up through the valley! Just gorgeous! I was wondering if you had a photography page?

    • Hi Evan, thanks for asking! Right now our photos are just on our Instagram page, but that could change this year 😀

  • Please tell me that puppy was carried the bulk of the way. A puppy that young should not be walking for more than a half hour a day, unless you want to look forward to seeing her hiking career cut short by hip dysplasia. Her growth plates were not closed yet. Especially in labs, this is a risk.

  • That shot at 3:08 is pretty epic. Nice video!

    • Thanks Travis, nothing like the mountains in Washington.

  • Shots are phenomenal my friend! 🔥🔥

  • *Promo SM* 👍

  • I like the first

  • Third, and I gotta say turquoise was a great choice of color for the roofs.

  • Such a bum deal! I’m booked for November….of 2020!!! Jeeesh! It was moved three times. 3rd time’s the charm? This video gives me hope(lessness). Haha.

    • It will be worth it, so I’ve heard. We just got unlucky.

  • I'm curious if they do refunds for things like this? I'll be hiking in for my 3rd and final time in May.

    • @caitlyn mooney Very good point - we should have listened to the suggestion. The reservation and the tribe are not to blame, we just got unlucky with rain just before our hike.

    • trip insurance though would reimburse possibly in this situation . reservation recommends purchasing !

    • That’s the way they handle things. Sucks.

    • No, unfortunately no refunds, just "apologize for the inconvenience". Hopefully your May trip is great!

  • Man, this late season scree scramble doesn’t look like fun…. I’m thinking I’d go early season

    • It was challenging indeed, and I’m glad we didn’t go down that route. On the glacier route, recent snow melt exposed some pretty serious crevasses, so a lot of day hikers turned around that day.

  • At least you got a pretty cool looking shot as everything hit the floor lol

    • Yes, usually the camera just faces the dirt and everything goes dark! I had to swap out the lens cover once before because it got scratched on some rocks

  • Dang !! I’m booked for Oct.

    • You should be just fine, have fun!

  • Have you been to the highest points in any other states?

    • Mt Rainier

    • @RailfanEric Thanks! Erin has been to Mauna Kea and loved it. We will have to check out Mt Elbert next.

    • @John Albert Mauna Kea is a neat state high point that actually starts below sea level. They have a Visitor Center & a gift shop. Mount Elbert is also another state high point that’s also worth checking out. Its not technical at all.

    • Actually, no not that I can think of, can you name a few you’d recommend? We live in Washington, and Mt Rainier is pretty technical.

  • Looks awesome, were you out there recently? Are the roads any good or mudded out?

    • @John Albert thanks !!!!

    • We were there last February, all the roads were great! You can ask the folks at the hot springs how the roads are on the playa

  • Great pooch.

  • Sucks bro!

    • At least we made it out safely, hopefully next time!

  • We have trip booked for 4/11-4/14 😢

    • You should be fine on those days! They said it took about a week for the waters to turn back blue.

  • Oh no!! What days you were there exactly?

    • We went March 16-17. There was a heavy rain just before our trip, but not while we were hiking.

  • Awww she looks so comfortable!!! So precious ❤❤❤

  • Sugars

  • You captured the breathtaking landscape. Of the tree line hike before Outpost camp. Best Video of Whitney Ive seen so far. Did you position your camera on a rock and recorded yourself hiking??? How??

    • Thank you! That’s pretty much what we did, but with a lightweight tripod.

  • Wow, they went to Mars

    • That’s how it felt, so much red rock

  • fantastic video walkthrough of your experiences on the AV1!

    • Thank you! The video doesn’t even come close to capturing the feeling of being in the Dolomites though ☺️

  • I am soooo ready for backpacking season. It's been a long winter in Toronto

    • @John Albert For backpacking and paddling Algonquin Park is my first choice. its a special place

    • Me too! What are the best backpacking trails near Toronto?

  • You are already there why don’t u just take the stuff you would normally take

    • @John Albert alright thanks for answering

    • We only had a few hours, not the whole weekend to spend. In a few months when the snow melts it’ll be great

  • Nice drone, shots. And nice dog cam shots…

    • Thank you! Not sure who loved it there more, the dog or me.

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    • But is it biased because it’s sunset? 😂

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