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Minecraft is love. Minecraft is life.
Crazy Craft 3.0, Shadowcraft, Minecraft, Mini-games, Minecraft mods \u0026 Random indie games!
I'm Let's Play Gamer called Lizzie!
I love cats and anything cute :3

P.S. Sorry I don't have an upload schedule! I try to post frequently but I've found that the best videos are made when I'm inspired and motivated. Trying to stick to a schedule drains away all the spontaneity and excitement from making videos. I still want to keep this as fun as possible for me so hopefully it's more fun for you to watch too!

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  • My brother said you’re not a good Minecraft girl

  • How did lizzie fly is she creative?

  • Why aren’t you posting

  • My favourite friend is called Evie

  • spawn egg

  • LDshadowlady thats called a playful panda

  • Lizzy are u ok? If ur posting atuff on insta, snap or eannything elss i cant see but i hope ur ok😊😊😭😭❤️❤️

  • no one ldshadowlady: “can we come back- yes”

  • Ama👯‍♀️💗 Lizzie i Lav uy

  • 01:01 DANG IT! I only got 5 points for Ravenclaw.

  • What mod do you have

  • Lizzie I’d love it if you came to redecorate my house 😁

  • Cool

  • My favourite is the mo creatures because of the wyverns but how do I get the mod?

  • Foxy!!!

  • Hi

  • did she even realise she killed 🍪

  • Drakyjr

  • "Can I have Nuggies!?" So cute!!

  • I feel bad about the creeper, he was just trying to read... Or enchant.

  • the villager who kept turning into a fisherman: i just wanna follow my dreams

  • Its pronounced slithe . Io

  • Can you name a dog 🐕 neco

  • 11:35 me as a german: **dies of laughing**

  • I love the stable, it's just perfect♡

  • 3

  • Hereditary room light personality because I'm from Mexico and I live in Los Angeles now

  • go to the good path

  • Does anyone else think lizzy died after she posted this video...

  • I’m your biggest fan in my opinion can you do me a favor and play mc with me

  • You cheat

  • Lizzy do you actually know that turtle eggs have to be in water with their perents

  • ,💗💗💗💗💗

  • Lizzie[ill kill the ugly horses first] Winter[my minecraft horse] how could u that was my family

  • Wow the room are so nice because they are helping each other awww that's so sweet of them they are the good boyfriend and girlfriend.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊

  • You know when you dyed the sheep rainbow colours well you can do Jeb_

  • yess

  • Why isn’t lizzie recording anything on twitch and CS-tv

  • i love your videos you know your very creative

  • I have the cammira.

  • Lizzy pls notice this i want to know how to install a mod on the ps4 for Minecraft pls it would really help🥲🥺

  • Ååååååååååiiiiii

  • Skilpade

  • So CS-tv recommended this after 5 yrs?

  • What feature pack is this called?

  • You can see my video too if you want guys

  • I am gaccha tuber too

  • Happy birth day lizzie

  • YEAH I SAW THD Girl/boy monster bear blink too it was so scary

  • Can you please me Minecraft video of you making a unicorn world in and thousand days in Minecraft!? Pretty pleases!

  • I love this so much

  • What mod do u use? Please bc I realy want to by it with my minecoins please

  • I new all of them

  • uhh lizzie has seem been for a long time

  • You are so talented and creative I wish I can be like you 🥺

  • 9:00 *dumper flashbacks*

  • Me too 😂

  • Omg you sound like yamy

  • My fav room was the pig living room ...It was kinda cute...

  • You shold break up with Joel

  • Can’t you make a home for your gf's

  • LdSadawlady nina for the librarian villager

  • Me:me hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaah Lizzie:mw hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah I did it at the same time 🤡😅

  • CH0c0bO!

  • I do not think people will be able to find the chest

  • Who else is sitting here in April waiting for lizzie to posssstttt S'ok tho, ily lizzie

  • strawberry, olive, orange, juicy.

  • aww ty

  • u forgot the wishing well

  • 🌹❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌺

  • did you say diamonds O.o? its EMERALDSSS

  • I don't know you know Lauren Seaside describe to her and you're best friends with her or you guys real though?

  • I want to play with your

  • I just wanted to say hey aphmau 😁

  • 20:50 You have just refreshed a mending trade from the villager🤦‍♂️

  • Wow

  • Wow

  • Or not did this chalage

  • 2021 🦋